Must Watch: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time First Trailer

November 2, 2009
Source: MySpace

Prince of Persia Trailer

Disney has finally debuted the first trailer for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, based on the video game of the same name, on MySpace. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Prince Dastan alongside of Gemma Arterton as Tamina, Alfred Molina (who we get a brief glimpse of in the trailer), Ben Kingsley, and Toby Kebbell. This looks pretty frickin' awesome, I must say, even despite all the concerns about Gyllenhaal playing the lead, it looks great. I'm a sucker for these types of epic adventure movies and anything Jerry Bruckheimer produces and this certainly fits the bill. But of course, I'm not the one it has to impress. What do you guys think?

Watch the first official trailer for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time:

You can also watch the Prince of Persia trailer in High Definition on MySpace

Follows a prince who must stop an angry ruler from unleashing a sandstorm that could destroy the world.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is directed by English director Mike Newell, of Donnie Brasco, Pushing Tin, Mona Lisa Smile, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire previously. The screenplay was co-written by Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard (The Uninvited, The Sorcerer's Apprentice) and the story was developed by Jordan Mechner, one of the original creators of the video game. Disney will be bringing Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time to theaters everywhere starting on May 28th, 2010 next summer. Will you be seeing it?

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  • David Banner
    I'll watch it on Blu-Ray sometime next year
  • Kevin
    Good, as far as a trailer goes. If it can keep that kind of thing going for two hours, then that's something else entirely. I will say, Bruckheimer sure knows how to make these kinds of movies, doesn't he?
  • Brandon
    I believe the words "hell ya" are appropriate here
  • nelson
    also the early review says the ending is the same as the game which is great
  • xerxex
    awesome, looks like they put some effort into it. biggest concern, will they show him die a few times and use the dagger the reverse time? I HOPE SO!
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    Its going to be a fun ride, Bruckheimer knows how to produce these movies
  • TTop
    Looks OK, nothing special.
  • Looks like the Mummy. Not necessarily a bad thing. Looks fun. Gylenhall is perfect aside from the accent.
  • Blah. Way way way too much dialog. No good indication of how the action is presented. Horrendous trailer.
  • PJ H
    ehhhh looks alright.
  • Rashad
    The movie looks amazing!!
  • Shige
    So basicly, bloodless CGI crapfest.
  • klaus_komix
    What is that font they use? Its awesome. Yeah the trailers good, too.
  • wrongturn687
    Alright I'll admit that it looks pretty generic and cheesey, but for a videogame adaptation it looks awesome. I'm getting that same dumb fun vibe from this trailer that I got from those Sherlock Homes trailers and I'm pretty excited for that one as well. I mean come on this might be the best videogame adaptation we will ever get from the looks of it, so I wouldn't be expecting so much. And believe me when I say that thats saying alot when it comes to this genre.
  • LC
    i saw the movie without seeing the movie. lol...
  • charlie
    its not bad but not good but i still want to see it
  • tazz
    of course we all going to see this movie, doesnt matter how many people say they wont watch it they are mostly likely will be first at the opening of the movie LOL. anyway the trailer seems alright but Jake Gyllenhaal doing humour in this movie seems off to me. in the trailer he has not got a relax charisma about him. but im hoping when i see this movie he prove me wrong.
  • Man With No Name
    Disney is swimming in uncharted waters... who knows if there will be sharks? Best bring yee harpoons, Walt. Very interesting.
  • Bladerunner 2
    meh whatever
  • Cmurder
    This looks alright, but come on now, we all know what the best vido game adaptation movie is.......... MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!
  • David
    This looks very good! Just a thought: Is this not supposed to be the Middle East? Then why are the main character White, and have English accents? Other than those to questions, I can't wait to see this.
  • Verno
    agree with 1
  • Jay
    Meh.. Hope the Uncharted Movie is better
  • dan_the_man
    @#20 yes i great Mortal Kombat is the best video game adaptation @#21 the reason why the main character is white is because its Hollywood. but you got to remember not all Middle East just got brown or black skin some come out looking white too. plus why everyone has a English accents is because everyone is English from the director and actors i.e. - the director Mike Newell is English - Gemma Arterton is English - Ben Kingsley is English - Alfred Molina is English - Toby Kebbell is English Jake Gyllenhaal trying to do a English accent lol.
  • nelson
    on accent people please play the games first god lol he sounds like the prince go watch the sands of time intro and listen to the prince they are almost identical
  • Stevo
    That was surprisingly not horrible. Maybe it will be alright? Does remind me a lot of Pirates. Also to answer the "British Accent Question", I guess you don't remember Troy and Alexander. Apparently if you want to sound mythical you do it with a British Accent. I'd almost say that Jake's accent is a little better than Brad Pitts, but that isn't saying much.
  • M-Cat
    Must watch? lol bad acting and weak story.
  • Brendan Fraser sure looks a lot like Jake Gylenhall here. But why are they calling a Mummy sequel "Prince Of Persia?"
  • dave13
    the humor falls flat. but looks like a fun ride for sure.
  • Warren J
    Lame. At what point in the film does Jake Gyllenhaal pout and cry? Any takers? Let's start the money pool. I say 17 minutes in and it never stops. "I wish I knew how to quit you"
  • Filmfan1111
    lol. Pretty much expect a subpar movie. Looks like thats exactly what we will be getting. Also.Less mummy reminders please.
  • Richard
    This looks pretty fun, I think it has good potential, plus its Disney and did anyone play the game? What are you expecting? Kingdom of Heaven? lol. Is there a real High Def trailer somewhere?
  • HunterDuke
    Disney movies scare me now, You never can tell if they'll be worth something untill A. you go and, possibly, waste time and money to find out for yourself or B. someone else goes and sees it for you This movie has a great concept and story to work with, just as the video game did. Let's just hope that the idea doesn't get fall flat from bad execution. PS. If anyone's ever played the actual game, they'd know that no real blood was involved, the opponents just dissolved into dust. Which could give the mouse an advantage in twisting around his kid-friendly ultraviolence. Or it could just make the movie even more of a pain to watch, in the long run. Just have to wait and see.
  • So people are either comparing this to Mummy... Or Pirates of the Caribbean? Why are people knocking it so much? I think it looks awesome, a great adaptation of Prince of Persia, a video game. What more did you want to see that you aren't getting in this?
  • Patrick
    Mummy 4, there it is.
  • Icarus
    Meh... but I'll still see it.
  • Vic
    Wow... I was hoping this movie would be decent, but the trailer looks pretty horrible. 9 out of 10 times games make terrible movies and vice versa, but I figured Prince of Persia: Sands of Time had such an original and entertaining plot the movie might just be decent... Wrong.
  • Nethanel DeCarmo
    This probably looks like the best adaptation of a video game yet. And it looks like a fun movie so I'm there.
  • CL
    looks entertaining. borrowing a lot from the mummy and pirates. Gemma Arterton is definitely channelling Rachel Weis' mummy character. should be fun.
  • xerxex
    Alex I can answer that...wait no I can't. well anyways I'm psyched!
  • dan_the_man
    @ #34 we dont know if its a great video game adaptation yet until we see it in the cinema. Mortal Kombat is a great video game adaptation, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time we still dont know yet. anyway i think everyone want too see a dark edge to Prince of Persia movie that dont feel like the Mummy or Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • nelson
    i agree with alex on everything i dont see what people like vic see lol
  • ishteaque
    I'm in with it, staight to theatre
  • Raunak
    My only problem with this movie is the change from the original game storyline, but that said, the game story does not make a very good MOVIE story. If any1 has played the trilogy, u can see them hinting at The Dark Prince when he uses the dagger, that's something the gamers will really appreciate. I assume Warrior Within ( in which i hope they maintain the darkness, even though its DISNEY ) and Two Thrones wont be far behind. All in all, this trailer was fantastic, reminded me a lot of the game, and Gyllenhall suits the role, altho Hritik Roshan would have been perfect.
  • tazz
    do anyone knows the music used in the trailer
  • PimpSlapStick
    Looks good, but they couldn't find a actor of persian descent? Theres gotta be some Turkish guy just waiting for his big break and they give it to brokeback cowboy
  • Prestron
    Alex/34: We're making those comparisons because it's our nature to compare the unknown with the known. I'm going to try an ignore this movie because I'm making the same comparisons and I hated Pirates and The Mummy. I also can't think of any video game adaptations that I liked. (It is true, I'm a really picky snob and this point of view doesn't usually matter when talking about summer blockbusters)
  • harrison
    looks okay, better than expected atleast
  • movie mike
    looks fun, but very cheesy
  • lo
    LOOKS GREAT!! I gotta say when I heard they were make the Pirates of the Caribbean ride into a movie I thought it was gonna be shit so I have high hopes for this one! Don't let me down Jerry..
  • Ron
    is it me or did anyone else find Gemma Arterton's voice over annoying? Alex - American actor, British Actress, Fantasy with Action, Desert/Sand = Mummy; it is first movie that comes to your mind. The visual effects and action looks good. I think it did justice to the games, but I need to see a better trailer to convince me to watch it.
  • -Peter-
  • blaze
    @ 44 i looked at the rest of the casting list and it seems the people who have a persian descent are freaking extras. plus they even got a Turkish actor in the movie named Umit Ulgen his playing King's Guard
  • Phil
    The lead female is totally unrealistic. If a female of that time talked to a male like that, he would have beat her silly or sold her to some other man. They might as well have cast Charlize Theron and just told her to act like her normal manish self.
  • sean
    Sooooo... these people are supposed to be Persian??? All I see is Caucasians in Halloween costumes. Let me check the score... [White People]: 583,938,395,721 - [Minorities]: 6 Honestly, this doesn't look bad, but it's nothing ground breaking or really impressive for that matter.
  • Sanspaper
    @50 - The plot is about destroying a dagger that has the power to REVERSE TIME. You're seriously going to nitpick the lead female for being too sassy?!
  • Buggy166
    this will be Disney's new cash cow after the pirates movies fizzle out and it'll end up with at least a trilogy. It's coincidentally also what The Mummy series aspired to but failed to achieve even with the first movie (entertaining and fun as it was). it'll end up with a 7.7/10 imdb rating or higher if the acting stands up properly. The vfx and score will surely be there, as is the directing and editing.
  • Raunak
    seriously, is it some sort of a new FASHION trend to overly criticize every trailer and movie these days? it happened to ROTF (altho i agree it was terrible), is happening to the Avatar trailers and now this..
  • Cutty Sark
    Remember playing the game as a child up until the recent releases on the xbox 360. What turns me off is they have some blue-eyed white dude playing the main character with some blue-eyed white chick playing his love interest. Boring, boring and boring. Get a f'n grip movie industry there are plenty of better options out there for a cast. I will be DOWNLOADING it if that.
  • Ajax
    Well, it does look good, and it will probably make a hell of a lot of money, but I'm not entirely convinced...
  • Film Fan
    "National Pirates: Book of Mummies". Pass.
  • Colin
    I'm surprised how good this looks. Damn.
  • Luminaire
    #55, check out the cover to the game. He HAS blue eyes. I don't follow the fact that the lead HAS to be some unknown persian guy, but whatever, you already said you stopped following it recently. As far as the trailer, I think it looks decent. I'll probably see it in a theater just because it'll probably be ten times better than anything else. To each his own.
  • Joey
    It looks good.. I love these types of movies. They always come out as they should, good family adventure fun. There are always laughs and action. They're silly, but well made and I think they are keystones for Hollywood. This may be a typical blockbuster film but I think it will be good fun like Pirates, National Treasure and the first two Mummy movies. it looks exactly as i would have imagined it to look and to me, that's perfectly fine.
  • Collin
    Doesn't really seem to capture the essence of the game. Also, Gyllenhaal can act, but he is failing to do so in this trailer. This is about what I expected from the trailer, and its not enough for me.
  • vegasdanny
    maybe its just me but the trailer bored me to tears...imagine what the movie will do!!....seen it all before...The Mummy mixed with more than a touch of Pirates....does not make for a great film.
  • joe
    Looks like a good movie will wait for it to come out.Thanks for the trailer man
  • Nicholas J
    Wow just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, here comes this movie to remind me that the cinema truly is dead. All you fan boy assholes out there can eat me. Is it possible to have an original movie for once. Thats not a fucking video game, re-boot, comic book, or a fucking remake of some 1970's b movie that wasn't good in the first place. Forgive me for my bitterness and language, but I am so sick of this shit, I may just go drink a bottle of scotch.
  • Holy Moly first dissapointment for start making a movie without telling the beggining first. cos sands of time is more spectacular? sheesh. yes i will go to see this get a kick out of it, but it's far from the epic stuff it was meant to be. /sigh
  • Sabes
    I am a bit surprised. I think this looks pretty good. 😀 I'd definitely go see it.
  • yojoe
    looks perfect to me and i played every damn episode!!!
  • xerxex
    wow #54...just wow. Are you blind? The female lead is a love interest, and Charlize Theron mannish? yeah your insane.
  • dqniel
    Instantly reminded me of Pirate of The Caribbean :( Looks like another mindless CGI piece of garbage. Too bad, a gritty, darker approach could have made this a very atmospheric and interesting movie.
  • Dark Fist
    Looks great! To the naysayers who criticize it by comparing it to other movies: If you're going to be consistent, you'll need to reassure us that every single movie you have enjoyed is entirely innovative and beyond comparison to other movies made before. In other words, you can't have enjoyed a single movie which is neatly shelved in a genre section, unless it was the undoubted pioneer of that genre, without being a whiny hypocrite. Ugh.. as for the redundant complaints about Gyllenhaal not being Persian. Repost: In terms of the story of the game series upon which this is based, the Prince isn't necessarily Persian: "The Prince appears in the early Prince of Persia games as the protagonist and sole playable character. He is an adventurer from a foreign land who has never experienced royalty, but wins the heart of the Sultan's daughter on a trip to Persia." Note "from a foreign land".
  • Dark Fist
    Oh, and since when was the Prince of Persia series supposed to be historically accurate in any sense? Just how realistic is it supposed to be? I wonder. Criticisms of this sort are hilariously simple-minded to me... Just how many movies are realistic enough not to insult these supposed purists of historical and scientific accuracy?
  • JimD
    Looks decent. A fun popcorn flick
  • Nicholas J
    Dark, I have to agree that most movies on our shelves are directly influenced by other films made before it. However can't we all agree that lately there have not been any films that come from material that has not been a comic book or a remake of something else? This film looks like another piece of CGI trash that we have seen a thousand times before. Nothing new or exciting. I have never commented on any web site ever before. But this trailer angers me because it's nothing we haven't seen before.
  • zeldaprimed
    They should make a Film about the Recent Prince of Persia..on 360 and PS3...and make the plot equal to when you collect all the light seed thingys...(1001 methinks??)(can't remember) the ending would be epic...I thought that was the best ending to a video game ever...
  • It's looks like good movie but story is not different I think ..any how stunts are good, Let us wait for release ..
  • Angry Chief
    It's like National Treasure, but older...and more popcorny. I'll see it, if not just to blow off class for an afternoon.
  • usonnychiba1
    CGI Does not make a movie. Most people know this and so the bulk of people going will be adults taking their kids.
  • Nicholas J
    Fuck this movie
  • Matt P
    @77/82 I agree. First of all, Disney, you go ahead and release this movie. But i swear to God, if you screw Warrior Within and Two Thrones because you won't make it "dark" enough. Ill rip walt disney's balls off. The corpse AND the company. I don't think they'll live up to an 18+ rated movie. Meh, we'll see. For now, what they did with Sands of Time is just a repeat of all the CGI crap they're always doing. Can't wait to see how they ruin the next Marvel movie 😀
  • mmm
    Wowww! Now that's freaking mind-blowing! It's very Pirates of the Carribean as usual, we all know why. Jake is looking absolutely yummy!! Sounding yummy too! Good job with the accent, sounds exactly like the one in the game! Although he could do without the senseless humour...gets kinda Brendan Fraser after a while...
  • Madnezz344
    meh looks like a maybe
  • TKaihea
    I don't think that this looks bad at all. I think that it has a lot of promise and people are RATING IT BEFORE THEY EVEN SEE THE DAMN MOVIE!! There is always bound to be people hating on it for the sake of...well hating on it. I for one can't wait to see this. It's a movie ffs!! Some people are analyzing this as if its a f***ing discovery channel documentary. So what if their accents aren't exactly middle eastern. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be speaking english all together and I'd rather watch an action movie without reading subtitles thank you.
  • DoomCanoe
    yeah ill see it. and i agree with with #20 MK all the way
  • Bo
    The trailer doesn't feel nearly as good as that PC game way back to me, I will pass on this one.
  • That looks like a great opportunity to pick something from my DVD collection instead. Honestly, that trailer looks like it was at least five years old. Cool pictures, yes. But a narrative that instantly puts you to sleep. Coffee anyone?
  • zz
  • splinter
    i want Half-life movie!!!!!!!!!!Edward Norton as Gordon Freeman!!!!!!!!!
  • Cineprog
    @#34 i think why people are have a go at the prince of persia trailer Alex is that it looks good, but like all movies that have been converted from a video game the movies seem to fall flat and don't have any resemblace to do with the video game take Tombraider and Tombraider 2. weather prince of persia will set a new trend i don't no but with Jerry Bruckheimer at the Helm i hope that prince of persia is more story oriantaited. p.s the CGI looks good.
  • bassbin
    easily digestible. i admit i know nothing about the game-but this movie looks like its for 5 year old kids. its disney guys so dont take the movie too seriously.
  • tony
    look alright
  • Hemipowered
    Where are all the Persian people? Did they all get killed in 300?
  • Drew
    Bubble Boy and Co. shant be getting my $10.50. Sorry, Jerry... loved Pirates, though.
  • Tset
    #77 "However can't we all agree that lately there have not been any films that come from material that has not been a comic book or a remake of something else?" No, we can't, because it is definitely not true. A few examples from 2009 alone: Inglourious Basterds, 9, Zombieland, District 9, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, Fanboys, even Avatar are not remakes or adaptions, and this list could be continued for a good while, especially if you include the years before 2009 in your "lately".
  • ben
    was the secret guardian temple made of cheese?
  • kevin
    this is white-washing at its finest.
  • Pete
    Gotta say the casting was one thing but the accents now being British takes the cake....weak. Won't be getting my 10 bucks in this day and age. There are plenty of actors with mainstream appeal who would have been more appropriate.
  • Robbie
    I like the 'Assassin's Creed' touch, but everything seems a little too much at the moment.
  • Dave
    Expect this to gross over $200 mill. This doesn't have to impress YOU, only kids from ages 6 to 16. Expect Hollywood to milk this franchise as much as possible.
  • F.C.
    well, i'll stick to my initial reaction when i heard about jake being cast as the lead... everything looks okay except jake. he just looks out of place! i'm not saying that they should cast some guy from the Middle East to play the lead, because it would be stupid to have a guy trying to speak with broken english... and i'm kinda from the Middle East... but at least be unique and generic about it! there are lots and lots of guys in hollywood who may actually look persian.... remember the guy with the face-tattoo from Mummy?? he was awesome.. but nope, they went with jake and made him even joke. i don't know, i may watch this when i'm overly bored or something. and also, what's up with the whole british accents?? i didn't know Persia had Brits in it... and yeah, even though it was rather horrid, Mortal Kombat will always be the best video game adaptation ever!
  • Tomi Lahdesmaki
    #69 I agree 110%!!!!!!!!!
  • splinter
    well after reading numerous crying over actors and its not like the game and how its like the mummy and so on and so on get over it. This looks pretty good actually probably one of the first game adaptions i have seen in a good while. Its business children, pretty much everyone in hear will see it and will probably leave watching saying ehh not bad , not epic but not bad count my seat in.
  • Truth
    What a bunch of crock.. The horses don't look CG like the horses in the videogame... I'm not going to see it now!
  • krieg70
    So.....according to Hollywood white male lead + white female lead= Prince of PERSIA? Okaaaaaay Anyway, looks as close to the videogame while still not breaking that elusive goal of being the first good VG adaptation. Gyllenhaal's hair looks god awful but his accent is spot on. Even the dry witty tone is right on the's got that going for him.
  • craig
    people who talking about the accent is telling the truth its strange to hear Persians with a British accent. Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon both starred in a movie that is set in Africa and they made an effort to put African accents. anyway Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time will have some typical characters i.e. the two leads are been played by white actors who saves the poor ethnic people, the token black guy who is some type of wise man or a warrior and Middle Eastern or people who look Middle Eastern will be the bad guys.
  • Linkfx
    The fx look great and mike Newell did a great job with goblet of fire...Jordan mechner being the sole creator of the prince of Persia franchise I'm glad he was so hands on with crafting this story, who can see it's pretty true to the nature o the game...looks like they threw elements of warrior within in there as well...great way to build a franchise...I'll definitely see this film, but I'd much rather watch something new and original being made than another videogame movie...hopefully this can be the first good one although I doubt it'll be anywhere near a classic...sure it'll be successful though. Rather watch moon or hurt locker again.
  • Hellboy
    another masterpiece by the pirates team....frickin awesome!!!! BTW its still a teaser and the movie is still months away frm releasing....even avatar teaser got many negative sure it'll change when they'll release an international trailer!!!!!
  • Vincent Cipollone
    ok, first impression is. It's kinda like the first mummy, cheap fake accents, eh very similar to evee and rick o connel. ugh. pretty much a replicate of the mummy. The magi kinda resemble the sand ppl or w/e. eg the bad guys.
  • @110...Good call, I know a lot of people doubted Pirates before it came out. This could be a lot of fun. And just because it takes place in the desert, doesn't mean people HAVE to compare it to The Mummy. Also G.I Joe looked like absolute crap but was incredibly fun, so let's see what happens with this...for now, I'm quasi-interested!
  • Dark Fist
    @ 77, Nicholas J: I understand your frustration, but it's absurd to take it out on this single movie. On what basis can anyone say this movie is supposed to be innovative? It's an adaptation of a video game, and that's all we should expect. It's not supposed to be groundbreaking. If adaptations make you angry, don't watch trailers for adaptations. Same goes for CGI, it's easy to tell which movies are going to use CGI without paying much attention to them. I'm sure there are plenty of other upcoming movies more fitting to your tastes, and if not, make one yourself or stop watching new movies. It's as simple as that. But if you really feel outraged about unoriginality and CGI-overuse, write an essay about it. I'm sure it would be far more effective and anger-relieving than bashing Prince of Persia.
  • Why people do not learn a lesson ? I mean you just saw a teaser trailer and again all what you had to say is Jake Gyllenhaal and Mummy !!!!! Remember Heath Ledger when they announced he will play the role of Joker !!! What you forgot !? Remember not every thing about the words Persia ... sand ... Iraq ... Iran ... Arab ... means Mummies !!! I can understand people making mistake ...but I can't understand why they keep making the same mistake again and again !!! ? and once more ... Do not try to mix how the game was and how the movie looks !!! ... even if you make a movie based exactly as the game will still be difference from it .... I don't remember a movie that look like the game !!! Do you ? please let me know ! ( Sorry ... I didn't read all the comments ... But I am sure there are some who are agree with what I think .. Respect )
  • jack game.adaption.EVER: FFVII: Advent Children.
  • Roberto Planto
    There needs to be blood, PG:13 doesn't cut it for video game movies. Ex. Max Payne, which was shitty.
  • Dark Fist
    Good words, Shero.
  • alan
    i think i agree with alexx and # 3 i mean come on weak story where did u get that hello its a video game adption and it looks awsome for a video game adption oh and all these haters will go see this when may comes around and stop comparing to pirates or mummy its a video games adption for god sake!! i for one will watch it in theaters offcourse!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lars
    Now, I think this trailer is awesome. And if this is a true portrait of how the movie will be, I can't wait! But the only thing that I found odd is that Gyllenhal is speaking with a british accent... what's the point of that?
  • Dark Fist
  • MFX
    I'm a huge fan of the franchise, maybe less of the PS 3 part 'cause it was toooo mainstream but cool look otherwise. And yes disney got it pretty well. Gyllenhall ist good in shape. And I want SAND, SOWRDS and MYSTICS. Pretty creative stuff and I think not final touched in color 😉
  • darkside
    #115 you are wrong, i agree FFVII: Advent Children is great but its done by the same people who created it. video game adaption is only based on other film studios doing the movie.
  • MFX
    Yes. That's right but FF AC is CGI 100%. Thats it. And SquareEnix did a god job. But that's not 100% CGI an 4 that, it's great.
  • Dean
    #115 I would say Advent Children is more of a sequel, it was set 2 years after the end of the game.
  • darkside
    #124 yeah i agree Advent Children is a sequel
  • Fisherr
    Great Movie, on my must see 2010 movies list.I LOVED this trailer and i seriously cant wait for this movie to be released.
  • bishopsring
    Looks alright, you put Brandon Fraser in it and it looks like another Mummy Movie.
  • Em
    That looked like one of the coolest movies in the past 10 years, IF it wasn't for the casting. I was pretty surprised to see Scott Stapp cast as the prince.
  • Tra la la la la di da
    so glad disney got a hold of this......................................... end sarcasm....
  • Aldonn
    Anybody else notice how much of that trailer was the princess talking. Like if you took all the lines in the trailer, Jake Gyllenhal had like 5%, other characters had 5% and then the chick had 90%. She just didn't shut up. Even Jake Gyllenhal is like "You like giving me orders don't you?" Clearly she does!!!
  • Hi, The new released trailer is deifnitely to be liked by many. There has been a pc game but this movie is certainly going to be one of the most awaited film of the year 2010. Thanks for updating about The Prince Of Persia.
  • :)
    lol jake gyllenhaal
  • arjones
    Since i'm #133 noone will probably even read this comment, but i'll write it anyway. I like Jake, and i like jerry so it'll prolly be good. 2 more things: 1) thank god it's not in 3 frickin' D! and 2) Americans doing the british accent gets on my nerves if i already know they are americans!
  • BigMack
    @ 133 Somehow I missed this trailer and just now saw it came out. So I read your comment!
  • pyromunky
    Why does every civilization on film have a British accent? It's really f'n annoying...
  • Seeing this trailer here now for Prince of Persia: Sands of Time pretty much tells me right now that we will not see a trailer for Pirates of the Caribean: On Stranger Tides until January 2011, which would be it teaser trailer and then a full theatrical official trailer for it will be out by may 2011, because then two months later on July 8th, 2011 Friday is when it finally arrives to movie theaters!!!!.
  • Lazarus from Sparta!!!!
    Hummmmmm....could this the film based on a video game that will bring salvation to fanboys world wide and remain loyal to source material...The last to do that was Mortal Kombat 1996...Hummmmm...I'm thoroughly impressed...
  • saveferris
    82 couldn't have said it better.... not impressed at all
  • jimmi allen
    disney is doing a lot this year ALICE IN WONDER LAND PIRETS OF THE CARRIBEAN 4AND POP SOT plus a lot more i cant think of BRING IT ON
  • jimmi allen
    i must say that the dagger looks the one in the game
  • EH
    JAKE GAVE GEMMA SOOOOOOOOO MUCH SHIT ON THIS FILM. Although it'll never be said in public but his behaviour was that of a spoiled insecure arrogant shit, good luck Duncan Jones.
  • I saw the movie about Prince of Persia but seriously it sucked!
  • This looks pretty awesome, I must say, even despite all the concerns about Gyllenhaal playing the lead, it looks great.
  • Hey blogger I discovered your blog when browsing google reader.. How can I do the same for my site?




Alex's Top 10 - 2016
1. La La Land
2. Paterson
3. Arrival
4. Captain Fantastic
5. 20th Cent. Women
6. Pete's Dragon
7. Jackie
8. Kubo & Two Strings
9. Everybody Wants
10. Wilderpeople
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Jeremy's Top 10 - 2016
1. Moonlight
2. The Handmaiden
3. High-Rise
4. Elle
5. Arrival
6. Kubo & Two Strings
7. 13th
8. Jackie
9. Toni Erdmann
10. The Witch
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