Must Watch: Red Band Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer Hits!

July 24, 2009
Source: ComingSoon

Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer

Oh hell yes! Another surprise trailer debut that I wasn't expecting to see for a while. ComingSoon has an awesome new red band teaser trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer starring John Cusack, Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, and Clark Duke. This is short 'n sweet and yet brilliant all at the same time - so make sure you watch it. It's worth it for the crazy Terminator time travel shenanigans that Craig Robinson spews at the very end of the trailer. This is something I've been anxious to see since I first heard about the concept - and this trailer definitely lives up to my nearly non-existent early expectations. So check it out!

Watch the red band trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine:

[flv: 480 270]

After a night of drinking Red Bull and vodkas, a group of guys travel back in time in their hot tub to when they were younger cads. This is actually still shooting up in Vancouver, Canada at this very moment.

Hot Tub Time Machine is being directed by Steve Pink, a part-time actor and producer and director of the comedy Accepted previously. The screenplay was written by Josh Heald, an up-and-coming screenwriter credited for the upcoming Mardi Gras. Yes Man writers Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul also contributed to this as well. MGM is bringing Hot Tub Time Machine to theaters starting on February 26th next year.

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  • real talk
    well i like hot tubs, so count me in
  • Rob Oh
    HOLY SHIT that looks funny... anything with Cusack generally works for me anyway, but based on this trailer Hot Tub Time Machine is going to be off the charts! ALRIGHT!!!
  • nate
    Wow. A trailer hasn't made me laugh like that in... Ever. I pissed my pants. Not going to miss this shit.
  • Jake
    Wow, you never learn your lesson do you Billington? Coming Soon has the trailer and an embed function, but yet you just take the video and upload the trailer with your video player and watermark. And you wonder why your the most hated movie blogger on the web?
  • Matthew
    "Stuck in the 80's, how am I suppose to get a job." Damn that was great.
  • Brian Barajas
    they just made a trailer out of two scenes. kudos.
  • rblitz7
    Rob Corddry does it for me!! He was one of the highlights in harold and kumar sequel. Of course Craig Robinson is great too. def gonna see this.
  • Rigo
    cause of craig robinson, im watchin this.
  • Xerxex
    #4 Jake what the fuck are you talking about? This website is the beez-neez of movie websites! I'm loving the cast and of course John Cusack! So count me in!
  • Itri
    #4 I love how you are clearly criticizing him and yet here you are, still going to his site. People like you will always amaze me. Anyways, pretty funny trailer but I want to see a bit more before I'm totally sold.
  • Paul
    never seen Cusack in a Comedy, But then Again he never did Action movies Either... (2012)
  • Black Guy
    Didn't the brilliant writers of Harvey Birdman do this already?
  • BVDR
    Hey #4 (Jake) make your own Movie Blog and we'll see how well you do. Clearly you can run a website much better than these guys can. Why aren't you the most successful movie blogger ever? Oh yeah, because your an asshole.
  • Ripper
    LOVED THAT TRAILER!! *SNORT* LIKE THE TERMINATOR! Classic #4 Why are you complaining hes Credits Coming Soon in the Sorce about the Trailer. You do know that almost every Moive Blog site does this right? You do know that people take Interviews done here and Use them on there site and credit him. And you wonder why you still live in your moms basement at 34.
  • phlewf
    Craig Robinson is going to take over the world!! The man is everywhere!!!
  • Black Guy
    #13 BVDR, #14 Ripper This is why I don't like this blog. Because it's supported by fanboys who use logic like "Why (insert)? oh yeah, because you're an asshole," instead of adding to a thread in a thoughtful way. And I'm not trolling, I'm pointing out the needless idiocy. Jake has a valid point about the "exclusive" FirstShowing trailers that get put up. Note: 1 I feel like this site attracts fanboys who yell words for no reason i.e. #2 "HOLY SHIT," because Alex writes and hypes like one. That's not a slight against Alex, It's just not my taste. 2 I could go to other movie blogs, and I do, so what?
  • Black Guy
  • Sean
    damn, finally good comedy movies!
  • Cody
    Hey #4 why dont you do us all a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP!. What #10 said why the do you come here if you hate the main blogger so much...not to mention he has the best coverage of comic con on the net god I hate people like you with a goddamn passion. As for the trailer looks hilarious. Cusack looks honestly like the best part.
  • dan
    trailer is funny. i liked all of the characters. who knows what craziness these guys will fall into!
  • First, it's got Johnnie C., so it can't be bad. Then, it's got Sci-Fi ... another plus plus! And lastly, it's actually just friggin' hilarious. Forget the rest. LOL I gotta go see this one!
  • Oh look. Its one of the twins from transformers.
  • OJ
    Clark Duke and Alex Billington, related? They sure look similar, especially if Duke gave that mop a trim.
  • twispious
    im pretty sure the commentors hyping up this shit are the same two people. the four guys don't go together,at all.the inherent lack of chemistry is too obvious,and if these are the kind of jokes they've chosen to lead the movie-mm,questionable taste.
  • Giving up on this site…
    Wow! What the hell is wrong with you people? This film looks unbelievably bad..!
  • Paul Popadopolus
    That... Is the dumbest fucking thing... I have ever heard in my fucking life... EVER!! Sometimes unbelievably bad is unbelievably good... Can't wait.
  • nem
    Dumbest shit I've seen in a while.
  • Shane
    Whats the song that starts at 1:03?
  • blackgreensoul
    I think it looks dumb. Just another excuse for guys to stand around dropping the f bomb over and over and over and over.............
  • Chris
    @28 - Obsession by Animotion.
  • Sam
    I'm pretty stoked for this one
  • Mark
    This. Looks. Awesome.
  • lolololol!
  • Gonnarentit
    Hot Tub Time Machine I'm sold by the title alone. Seriously. Hot Tub Time Machine
  • Shane
    @30 - Thanks!
  • John
    That…Trailer Is the dumbest fucking thing… I have ever seen in my fucking life… EVER!!
  • Xerxex
    Hey John come on man give it a chance who knows it might be good in the end. And those bashing the "Stealing" of information on this site...who cares news is news is news, so it dosen't matter as long as fanboys and fellow cinephile's can know what is going on in Hollyweird now and then.
  • Soapdish
    #11, I don't think you've seen many John Cusack movies. He started in comedy (Better off Dead may be the greatest teen comedy ever made). And Grosse Point Blanke? Comedy/action.
  • Donza.
    Looks awesome cant wait. Oh yer by the way #4 is a cockhead.
  • tom
    i"ll think about seeing it but im not impressed
  • Andrew
    11 - you've never seen Cusack in a comedy? Grosse Point Blank, Must Love Dogs (ick), Better Off Dead -- that's just off the top of my head. Anyway, this movie looks like it's gonna be awesome.
  • Big Red Moose
    To #4 and #36, go away, you just ruin things for everyone. #4 If your going to critique Billington on useless stuff that no one cares about (we all just like the Movie news, trailers, etc), pull the wad from between ears out and firmly place in your uptight ass. Don't be so anal. It's just movies. #36 Well put, except that you suck because this looks awesome.
  • Luis M
    Wow. Stargate fanfiction... just wow.
  • clippers350
    That's the most I've ever heard John Cusack swear. Didn't know he had it in him.
  • yojoe
    i dont care about this insulting doodoo i just love john cusack and watch this damn movie!!!
  • I think we've got a winnar with this one hah
  • John Cusack must be one of my favorite comedy actors
  • Ha HA, plagiarism.
  • bubbua
    movie was awesome...what was that song that played when they were in the hotel lobby and they finally realized they were in the 80' was like just maybe 8 seconds but the tune has been driving me nuts...lmao...LOUGLE....
  • Good movie....Four guy friends, all of them bored with their lives, travel back to their respective 80s heydays thanks to a time-bending hot tub.
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