Must Watch: Second Full Where the Wild Things Are Trailer!

August 6, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Where the Wild Things Are Trailer

Warner Brothers has debuted another full length trailer for Where the Wild Things Are today on Yahoo. As you already know, this stars Max Records as Max as well as Catherine Keener and Mark Ruffalo, and features the voices of James Gandolfini, Catherine O'Hara, Forest Whitaker, Paul Dano, and Tom Noonan. I really can't say enough good things about this - it looks wonderful, like one of the best movies left this year. We've already featured one trailer for this back in March and a featurette from Comic-Con as well, but this is best trailer yet, without a doubt. Even if you're not really that interested, you still need to see this trailer!

Watch the second full trailer for Where the Wild Things Are:

[flv: 596 248]

You can also watch the second trailer for Where the Wild Things Are in High Definition on Yahoo

Where the Wild Things Are is directed by visionary filmmaker Spike Jonze, of great films like Being John Malkovich and Adaptation previously as well as numerous famous music videos as well. The screenplay was co-written by Spike Jonze and author Dave Eggers, a former editor who also wrote Sam Mendes' Away We Go this year. This is based on Maurice Sendak's beloved children's book of the same name. Warner Brothers will finally bringing Where the Wild Things Are to theaters everywhere in October 16th.

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  • tankmaster
    Very well done!!!!! It makes me want to be a kid again!
  • achilles21
    Sends chills down my spine. Looks so good, a movie for all audiences.
  • Marc Giguere
    love it. can't wait!
  • Nino
    Wow!!! This trailer makes me fill warm all over
  • josh
    cried a little awesome
  • Xerxex
    hahaha What's happening to me...I feel...I a kid again! awesome trailer!
  • ray
    lol wow looks awesome!
  • robert
    Doesn't impress me at all.
  • Cody
    Best part for me is still the song
  • I never cared for the book, and I just can't understand what all the fuss is about this movie. People are literally flipping out and going crazy over how good these trailers are, and I just don't get it.
  • I'm actually looking forward to this movie more than Avatar now.
  • PJ H
    I shed a tear. This looks amazing.
  • JimD
    Wow. Im 7 years old again.
  • felix
    The third time footage of this movie has made me cry. I absolutely can't wait for this movie.
  • Jeff
    anybody know the name of the song?
  • Alex
    Still in love with this movie. As you guys mentioned on the Most Anticipated Movies of 2009, this film is really touching and fills me with old memories.
  • Jimmy
    #10 You have no soul.
  • Xerxex
    #15 Jeff its Arcade Fire's Wake Up but the Acoustic is hard to find!
  • JimD
    @10 I dont know how old you are, but when I was a kid this book was insanely popular. I loved it so much Id sometimes carry it to bed..reading and flipping through the pages. I think for many kids they didnt neccessarily pickup on the deeper story. It was probably the illustrations in the book that initially caught your attention. The imagery of the secret place, your room turning into a forrest, all the beasts. The illustrations in the book along with the story just stoked any kids imagination. Like a memorable song these trailers invoke all sorts of childhood memories.
  • Jake
    Amen, JimD.
  • Nick
    Um... #s 8 and 10 you have no soul or childhood do you???
  • MaX
    #8 and #10...I think they're parents used to roll up the book and slap them to sleep every night with it. Hence their comments. Beautiful trailer by the way.
  • miracle disease
    @#21 i think #8 & #10 still gets the rolled up books hence they're that... nice! definitely will watch it... will torrent it for my son for him to watch when he's old enough (he's just 6months now)... LOL
  • Mark Drennan
    My eyes are misty. I read this book to my 4 year old son at night. We will see this together, and we will feel warm inside.
  • riva
    looks REALLY well made
  • Fenris
    Awesome ... Nuff said !
  • SuicidalOptimist
    This trailer gives me such a warm and fuzzy feeling inside (not to mention the lip quiver and teary eyes) that I wanna run and buy the DVD right now. It's not even in theaters yet, and I am already absolutely sure that this will become one of my favorite movies of all times. Mmm, bittersweet childhood memories.<3
  • Jeff
    #17 I've read that the acoustic version used a lot in the last trailer is one recorded for the film itself so hopefully once the soundtrack makes it's way it that version of Wake Up will be on there.
  • Jay
    REALLY looking forward to this!
  • Kevin
    This looks so good. I don't think I've ever watched trailers for a movie as much as I have for this movie...I just watch them over and over again...they make me so happy.
  • 1001
  • Jonathan
    At the very least, this will be the year's most visually fascinating movie. But from the looks of this trailer, it will be so much more than that. I can't wait. October is shaping up to be a pretty great month for movies, especially family films, what with the re-release of Toy Story 1 and 2.
  • mat
    I shed tears every time I watch one of these trailers. This one's not as well-produced as the last (the audio is lousy) but it's great to see more of the movie.
  • PxlPusher
    Chiming in with my "Absolutely can't wait for this" also. Love the fact that Sendak and Jonze are on the same page with it, too. Sendak's a big fan of his interpretation. Btw, I get why some may not like this, maybe it's just not their thing, but I don't get the "Doesn't impress me at all" comment by 8. It's a faithful, respectful, interpretation (as I say, even according to the Author) of a world renowned children's book that also, from the trailer at least, appeals to adults. It's also illiciting a significant number of positive comments on here which doesn't happen often. Even if you don't like it, that is a somewhat impressive feat. What on earth does impress you then?
  • giraffic
    seriously, the trailers give me a warm fuzzy feeling. im so excited to watch this!
  • Korm
    The visuals are AWESOME! How can it not impress #8?!
  • Chris W
    Can you say, "Movie of the Year Oscar Potential?"
  • Cannot wait to experience this movie
  • box3r
    Looks kinda cheap for me. I must say i did love this trailer more then firstone, but still. I might rent it once, but it doesn't look that much to me now. Maybe because i never read the books or so, that i'm missing something.
  • Terry the saint
    You can find the song on youtube here for now if you find it for download please let me know
  • brat
    guys, everytime I see one of these trailers I get the strangest fuzzy feeling in my butt and tears in my eyes, how about you?
  • And the reason why this trailer looks so great is that even in 2 minutes and 30 seconds, it still shows us how far apart from being children we really are. And the song is perfect as well. "The children, get older, the bodies get bigger but, their hearts, get colder." Too true of many of us. :( Sadly.
  • Sabes
    The movie looks well made. I remember reading the books when I was little, but not at all what they were about. I have a terrible memory. :(
  • Angry Chief
    I am not merely excited for this film, I am not merely loving what I see. There is something here that cannot truly be described. In these troubled times, it feels so warming, so calming, so pure to slip back into a childhood we all once knew. Like wrapping up in a warm blanket in winter, this films will prove that it is a cozy place to rest the soul, if only for a few hours. Even if the film does not deliver past what the trailer has shown us, there is still that sacred glimpse of what we all once held so close to us. Everyone remembers those times when you were a child when you were totally lost in your imagination, playing on the carpet, but seeing and feeling a world that belonged only to you. A perfect world that is as far from the real world as you could make it. To all of the naysayers, I am unfathomably and profoundly sorry that you cannot feel the same literal magic that the rest of us feel. Your lives are duller for not being part of this, and as I said, I am sorry for you. To the rest of you, spread the word about this film so it gets the recognition it deserves. This film will save the newest generation of children from the tidal floods of garbage entertainment. Cherish this, everybody, because nobody knows when this sort of treasure will appear again.
  • Taylor
    Two thoughts: 1. The short little snippets we see of the interaction between the mother (Catherine Keener) and Max feel so warm and genuine. Keener may not be the star of the film, but she is acting gold in my opinion. Every role I see her in feels real. Honestly, I feel it will be the exploration of the mother-son relationship in this film that will really affect me (in a good way). 2. Love the PG rating. I knew it would be PG a long time ago but I just really really appreciate it. And more so, I appreciate everyone's comments and enthusiasm here for a film that is going to be rated for kids but obviously will appeal to us adults. It shows that great clean material, I mean really solid heartfelt material, can be made into a fantastic film in the right hands. Jonze shows fantastic restraint by not making this a movie for him or even the fans, but for the ideas it contains...ideas that are rating-less :)
  • L
    #39 If you havent read the book (which is extremely short btw) then you dont really know what you are looking at. Spike's look at the book nd characters are exactly how the artist render's them.
  • robert
    Gave me chills
  • Sho
    looks super lame. a movie for emos..
  • Nick
    #48 if this were a movie for emos, I'm absolutely POSITIVELY sure that you would be super excited because the only people that I see thinking this movie will be lame is someone who is an insult away from cutting their wrists.
  • I can't wait to see this but I thought Del Toro would be the wild thing that hangs with Max through the whole movie not Gandolfini. I have nothing against him but I prefer to listen to Del Toro. Minor bummer.
  • Matt
    #49 Haha!
  • C'mon
    Firstly, all those making outright claims against this movies apparent greatness are trolls. Don't pay them any notice. Secondly, #50, are you talking about Guillermo Del Toro?! Really? He has a ridiculously thick Spanish accent! What are you talking about?! Haha
  • BVDR
    @#52 I'm pretty sure he was talking about Benicio Del Toro... Don't worry I always mix them up too. Also @#50, I think Gandolfini is a better actor than Del Toro. Although his voice may not sound as cool, he has more skillz.
  • This trailer gave me chills.
  • twispious
    if the film turns out half as amazing as this trailer, i'll be happy
  • Trey
    looks good...I never read the book
  • For some reason I really dont want to see this movie..
  • Vold
    Looks beautiful
  • nate
    Not going to miss this. Can't wait to take my son. His eyes were glued to the trailer. We'll both be in the theater with wide eyed, and jaws on the floor.
  • Caitie
    Beautiful and it's purely amazing Jonze's clear vision of the book. It sickens me the trash they call children's movies now a days. This will hopefully show other filmmaker's what it's really about to make a beloved children's movie that will live on in our hearts as we age. The Arcade Fire song was a great choice by the way. :-)
  • joe
    well, it looks amazing. unfortunately, the celebrity voices kill it - esp. tony soprano [james gandolfini]. they should've gone with unknowns - or lesser known voice casting.
  • Xerxex
    #61 I understand that complaint, but the actors playing the Wild Things grew up with the book and probably jumped at the chance to play a wild thing.
  • DoomCanoe
    this trailer gave 3 people the chills made 5 people warm made 4 people cry and made #41 gain a fuzzy feeling in his ass now that's what i call movie magic 😉
  • moviejoe
    Cant wait to watch this. Looks really awesome.
  • dave13
    could a movie look any better? any more true? I can't wait. that trailer gave me chills too.
  • marcos
    teaser was better. but i'm still looking forward to it :)
  • Mau-Dee
    Absolutely gorgeous. So can not wait.
  • Jo
  • Angry Chief
    #68 just revealed himself to either/any/all: a) be from 4chan b) a moron c) someone who doesn't enjoy movies d) an even larger moron
  • Dude
    I agree with 68, although I can express my opinions like I'm more than 10 years old. Movie = brutal. The book was lame, my imagination kicked the book's ass when I was little. No appeal, I had way cooler things to imagine about than some stupid jungle. I have no emotional attachment. Sure, the book apparently grabbed a lot of attention and the author did a damn good job. Many of you today realize that your life is filled with a lack of fulfillment, so I can completely understand your feeling of wanting to be little, filled with hope and dreams. I'm twenty, and still push for mine. I really don't see this whole emotional pull thing. I was shot in the face with The Underdog, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Rocky and Bullwinkle. So right now I'm still holding onto the Smurfs, and I haven't seen GI Joe yet (please be good). I hope you can see why I would be miffed at the movie representations of some of my childhood icons. Hopefully you all can enjoy this movie, and it doesn't stomp on your heart like The Underdog did to me!
  • Xerxex
    Dude Underdog reeked of fail when it was first announced, as for Alvin and the Chipmunks that was a let down, Rock and Bullwinkle was a kick in the balls, as for the Smurfs meh, but if you didn't like the novel perhaps the film will let your imagnation relax, and let you enjoy it! Jo why? why come here after nearly everybody has praised the trailer and bash hte ever living outta of it? Don't like it then don't click the trailer, don't read about it, and don't go and see it, that seems easier than typing negative comments with caps-lock on.
  • The awesome dude
    This movie does not look very good at all. I don't know why everyone is freaking out about this movie just because it is visually awesome... And anyways what is so awesome about a bunch of weird looking oversized stuffed animals running around with a kid in a costume?
  • Angry Chief
    Xerxex, you are my new internet best friend.
  • Xerxex
    @73 B.F.F.F?
  • george
    @ #44 you should be a writer! I got teary reading your comment! Cant wait! If you go to see this at the theatres, ill be the one crying the loudest.
  • Xerxex
    I can already see a buch of late teenagers, to late 40 year old people in theaters, and maybe one or two little kids!
  • Felicity
    I saw a brief preview about a year ago and I got all choked up. Then the first trailer came out and I absolutely cried (even with the second trailer) My 9 yo is so excited to see this movie, she has read the book a hundred times since she's been little. I am super excited to see this movie cause I loved the book as much as she did. This is gonna be one of the greatest kids (family) movies this year. I hope it wins a lot of awards come next years award season. OH and BTW the Arcade Fire song fits so well
  • Barbara
    I feel sorry for the people who don't feel the child still inside them. They have lost the magic in the world. It was one of my children's favorite books and I'm so looking forward to taking my grandson to see this movie!
  • angelina
    so awsome and sad=c
  • angelina
    so awsome and sad=c
  • Angry Chief
    @75 Thank you! I actually am a writer and director!




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