Must Watch: Thomas Jane's Give 'Em Hell Malone Promo!

March 21, 2009

Give 'Em Hell Malone Promo Trailer

Last December we put up a few photos from a noir crime drama called Give 'Em Hell Malone starring Thomas Jane and Elsa Pataky. Thanks to Trailer Addict we've got the first promo trailer and holy sh*t it's badass! I've heard about how crazy this was before, and I think I saw some footage already, but let's forget about all that, because this promo trailer below is frickin' awesome! Thomas Jane stars as Malone, a tough as nails private investigator who squares off with gangsters and thugs to protect a valuable secret. "Malone goes through hell to protect the information but he dishes some hell as well." You've got to see this!

Watch the promo trailer for Give 'Em Hell Malone:

Give 'Em Hell Malone is directed by Russell Mulcahy, of Highlander and Resident Evil: Extinction previously, and is written by Mark Hosack, of Hinterland and Pale Blue Moon. In addition to Thomas Jane and Elsa Pataky, Ving Rhames, Doug Hutchison, and French Stewart also appear. We don't know much about its release, although it looks like William Morris Independent is distributing this in the US. The release date is currently set for April 1st, but we're not sure if it will actually make that date or not. Stay tuned for more information. We'll try and dig up the details on its actual premiere as soon as possible!

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  • Allen L.
    Definitely a guy movie, nothing more.
  • Josh
    Looks very cool.
  • For some reason, I could easily see this becoming some kind of franchise. Something else I just realized... the trailer says the film is directed by Russell Mulcahy, the guy who directed Highlander. Is it just me, or does Thomas Jane look a little bit like Christopher Lambert?
  • Derek
    Looks horrible and dumb imo, and a poorly put together trailer.
  • Cody
    You know how much more fucking sweet that trailer wouldve been if that music WASNT going on, like fuck I wanted to hear the ownage cause that was so fucking badass and ive been waiting for action scenes like this. Hope te whole movies like thaT
  • theotherbluth
    I agree cody, the music was cool for the first little bit. It got annoying though. But, the movie does look awesome, I'll be seein it
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    Movie looks pretty cool, a movie definitely made for guys.
  • Evo
    Hm... I usually enjoy watching Thomas Jane. Not so sure about this one. Any idea what time period this is supposed to take place in? Certain costume/set elements might suggest the 1950's while the pink van looks circa 1980's and the thugs rushing into the building are wearing hoodies and at one point shades that look like their from the 90's. Just an observation...
  • Al
    wowsa 😀
  • Dude
    boogie nights style bubble letters FTW!
  • Oncomouse
    This trailer looks to me more like one of the trailers from Grindhouse than anything made for a movie that actually exists.
  • Remi
    #8 Agreed, the period in which the movie takes place is really really vague. Maybe that's intentionnal. There are also cars from 2000 or so in that trailer, look at that : :p
  • Stacia
    @1, I'm a girl, and I was just gonna say that "this is my kinda movie! Something to watch with the girls." And I'm not kidding. Stop the generalizations! hahah I feel like films get generalized and smashed into categories too much, like "good" or "bad" when really, most films are usually in both areas of the spectrum. Anyway. This looks like something I wanna see in threatres with a box of popcorn. And something I'll rent later as well, the buy when it's cheap. Yay! @11, Haha I kinda thought that too.
  • watcher
    I think they painted that van pink, so they would have something for a women to look at . Other then that it's sex and blood .
  • Fisherr
    The movie looks ok for me.
  • DoomCanoe
    YES! I'm so down
  • Michael Radley
    The Editing is horrible in that fight out scene. But I could see myself still going to the film. Who gives a fuck about the editing. Just enjoy the film.
  • Kevin
    Looks like it could be a cool cult classic in the making. Let's just hope they hire a real marketing agency to create a real trailer...or the people that made the Wall-e/Watchmen mash-up. Seriously, was that the official trailer? That was horrible.
  • DCompose
  • Emi
    Please boys and girls, i'm from Italy....can you tell me the name of the song of this trailer?
  • DarkRaven18599
    #8 and #12 I'm getting the vibe that Jane's character is probably a throwback who wishes he could of lived in the 40's-50's range of pulp novel private dicks and Mickey Spillane. I'm betting the movie is going to take place in the here and now. As for the van, I'm betting there wasn't a huge budget for this movie, so trashing an old panel van from the 80's is a lot cheaper than a brand new one. And for #20, the artist is George Thorogood, the song is "Bad to the Bone" from his 1982 album of the same name.
  • Bullets, blood, bodies, babes, bodegas, burning. Bad. Thanks for sharing!
  • Conrad
    Looks awesome! I love that pink van Bad song of choice though, the speed of the trailer conflicts with the sounds of the music
  • fucking awesome, can`t wait. Give 'Em Hell Malone =)
  • Movieraider321
    I don't know what you guys are talking about, this movie looks pretty entertaining, the editing isn't bad, what trailer honestly looks amazingly edited, it's the trailer deal with it. The song choice works really well if you piece when certain lyrics are sung with the action that is going on. Overally my expectations are that of any super action film, entertaining, not super intense plot, but enjoyable all the same.
  • SmartGuy
    Looks great, what period is this supposed to be though? set/prop/clothing wise, things don't seem consistent.
  • marty
    bad ass tune, bad ass guns and 1 great ass!!! Give me more! haha!
  • cracker
    Ya know, I was just asking myself when French Stewart would make his big screen return. Phew...
  • max
    Seems pretty violent! But I hate Thomas Jane, so dont really care about this movie.
  • AJ
    April Fool?
  • Syphous
    Sold. Hope this gets a wide release.
  • Jeff
    Give Em' Hell Malone I was told has been pushed back to May. The Final Trailers for the movie are being cut. Just waiting on Mulcahy to finish his cut.




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