Must Watch: Tremendous Trailer for Lee Daniels' Precious

May 13, 2009

Precious Trailer

Lionsgate has debuted the trailer for Lee Daniels' Precious (on today), the Sundance sensation that is bound to gain even more acclaim in the next few weeks at Cannes. This is one of the most emotionally draining films I've ever seen, but it is a tremendous work of art and definitely worth seeing. This trailer is actually one of the best trailers for an indie film I've ever seen, it does such an exceptional job of showing only enough, but not too much, in order to get audiences in theaters. Precious stars Mo'Nique, Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey, and one of the most amazing first-time lead actresses you'll ever see, Gabby Sidibe.

Watch the official trailer for Lee Daniels' Precious:

[flv: 598 336]

If you didn't catch it, that social worker was Mariah Carey - I didn't notice it the first time I saw it either.

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire is directed by Lee Daniels, of only the film Shadowboxer previously. The screenplay was adapted by first-time writer Damien Paul and is based on the novel titled Push written by Sapphire. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, where it won both the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award and was one of the most highly praised films of the entire festival. Lionsgate will be releasing Precious in limited theaters starting on November 6th later this year.

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  • Boxoffice Marco
    Weird, Lionsgate had a similar version of this trailer in theatres last February. It's interesting they held it from the internet until now. I'll say it again, Mo'Nique steals this movie and is gonna surprise a lot of people.
  • Looks fabulous!
  • Christy
    Holy crap, Mariah looks like a different person! The trailer made me tear up a little. Looks FANTASTIC.
  • Lego
    wow wow wow and look at mariah. wow
  • teyhtr
    Ladies and gentleman, Mariah Carrey's true face hahaha. This movie looks great. With the whole fascination with Susan Boyle, I wouldn't be surprised if the lead gains some popularity with the mainstream,
  • Fisherr
    I'll definitely...definitely watch this movie.
  • yuck
    Wait, in what way was that "one of the most amazing first-time lead actresses you'll ever see"?? She just brooded and stood around the whole time!
  • Richard
    It looks good but like I've seen it 100 times before and really don't see why I need to see it again. I mean yeah it looks well done but its another, the ghetto sucks movie, why do I wanna see that? I already know it sucks.
  • Darrin
    i almost cried man, that never happens to me.
  • Diana
    Wow =/ I'm speechless
  • PJ H
    Not to be mean but did anyone else notice the unintentional pun in the title of this article.
  • 2+2=4?
    I don't get it, is this some nature movie about whales?
  • dan
    i gotta side with richard at comment #8. i've seen this type of movie done too many times. and i'm not clear on why alex thinks this woman is "one of the most amazing first time lead actresses"??? she seems very mediocre to me. don't get me wrong..........the movie doesn't look bad - it's just is a rehashing of subject matter that's been done to death. i don't get why there would be any buzz on this flick. and by the way.........not every movie "hope" and people searching for an identity needs to be located in the "ghetto". that's so stereotypical. "Ready? OK!" is much better movie as far as showing characters struggling with who they are and where they are headed in life.
  • mcgruff
    it sucks that they had to change the name from Push to Precious just because of the superhero-ish movie called Push that came out earlier this year. this one definitely deserves the recognition over that. either way, should be an amazing movie- i heard lee daniels speak about the film and from what he said, Im excited.
  • Dan W
    Looks like a pretty touching movie.
  • whomever
    This sum exploitation flick?
  • lindsaylo
    You gots 2 know da blaks to be understanding the whole thing if you don't you ain't goingsta get it being in da ebt/bet video be all dey be caring bout
  • Msurfy
    This is why I love peeps on the net, You've got to Give it to commenter "12" and "17". Jeez!! Ignorance at its' best. Enuf said.
  • Janny
    good ol' blacksploitation movies.... but this one doesn't seem like a comedy ...her second child thought... the physics of her copulating and the math behind her finding a willing partner are mind boggling could be the type of date movie to show your 'sensitive side'... or at least fake it
  • mrmr
    seriously. grow some some perspective. this movie looks good.
  • Nick
    HAHAHA She kicks the pan back at her fat mom. Awesome!
  • xerxex
  • Bryan
    Are you flippin serious?? This is the same old crap type of movie. Just because Mimi has no make up " Big Deal" and Oprah is backing it doesn't do anything for me. Very unoriginal been done over and over give me a break won't waste my money on this one!!!
  • It does kind of look like it's been done before, but for some reason I really got into that trailer. It looked great and was very well cut together in my opinion. I'll definitely see this, really excited.
  • deborah
    i like what seen can't wait to see the movie.
  • wtf
    what makes this so groundbreaking?
  • nktwrk
    23, 26 it's "execution" makes it groundbreaking. One word for you, Titanic. Who the hell wanted to watch the same ole love story and a story about a ship we know sinks..........Every damn body.
  • My eyes! My eyes! *tears own eyeballs out of sockets* But what has been seen can never be unseen...
  • Dean Amato
    Anything Tyler Perry puts his name on I refuse to watch. Therefore, I will not be seeing this.
  • ishteaque
    It Looks really great, i think the story gonna be real fantastic believe me.
  • nktwrk
    Where did you see T. Perry's name? Guess you didn't see Star Trek.
  • Richard
    And ots creeping me out that she looks like Biggie Smalls.
  • Tristan
    You can't judge an actor on the trailer alone.
  • SkyNet
    Honestly.... im rly sick of these movies aimed towards the black community to watch. rofl. Obsessed? Notorious? now this nonsense? they need to stop making all black cast and segragate movies for once.
  • paypo
    does anybody think the lead actress looks exactly like biggie smalls?????? lmao
  • Joe C.
    It's funny how some of you keep mentioning that this kinda movies have been done before. In some way it's true, but not every generations or age group has seen these kinda movies. Just say you are like 30, you must have seen this kinda of survival/hope in ghetto movie many times. However, for those who are like 14-17, this could be one of the first movie of this type they have seen.
  • Stu
    its a very interesting look, Alex is right that this is an incredibly well put together trailer and the acclaims from sundance help me think that this could be more than all of those other hope ghetto movies that everyone is talking about. and just because the actress wasnt going crazy or being loud doesnt diminish the performance, its about realism and subtlety. I thinnk she looked amazing as an actress and as much as i have always hated monique, she might b giving one hell of a performance. If it does well at cannes, this could be quite the award winner over the year, not oscars though cuz the people in it are black and not super popular at the time or getting raped....but i digress...
  • 2+2=4?
    Hey, "18". Take it easy and try find your sense of humor. It is probably stuck up your a$$ from all the amount of righteousness in your body. Give me a call when you find it.
  • SkyNet
    But honestly. Who pays 10$ or even more to see a depressing movie, in no way does it look uplifting at all, or inspiring. The only audience this is sighted @ is the same audience who watch every worthless and pointless non-funny movie by Tyler perry. I'm not racist. But tyler perry sure is doing a good job at making racist movies. Also Oprah? rly?
  • Syphous
    Well this looks... awful. Why would I want to see this? I've never been a big fan of creature features.
  • lady
    If you have to say "I'm not racist" before making a statement...then you probably are! If you don't want to see it, then don't! I like the is a different side of Mo'nique I've never seen. I'll watch it.
  • bella
    Hey #34 ... "Notorious" was a bigoraphical movie ... of course a certain ethnicity will be playing a big part becaue that's how it was ... plus if you want to stop seeing all-black cast, don't you mean you want the movies to "integrate"? Not segregate?
  • Joel
    @34 "they need to stop making all black cast and segragate movies for once." Wow, the level of ignorance in that statement is unbelievable. First of all, "segragate" means to force a separation and is what you are saying is already happening in this movie with it's mainly black cast. Second it's spelled segregate. 95% of the movies Hollywood has ever produced were segregated, featuring almost no actors of color. In those situations the actors were white because racism kept other actors completely out of the picture. The cast of this movie is almost all black because the movie is about a group of black people. Complaining that there are no white actors makes as much sense as complaining that there are no Latino actors in a movie about feudal Japan. In are an ignorant racist fuck.
  • K
    WOW! That looks extremely intense and sad!
  • BK
    Amen Joel
  • movieboy
    @34 Obsessed is not aimed towards black community its for everyone they got alot of white actors in the movie anyway Ali Larter, Jerry O'Connell, Bruce McGill, Christine Lahti, Scout Taylor-Compton Matthew Humphreys, etc are all white actors in the movie Obsessed. Notorious is a bigoraphical movie most likely certain ethnicity group will be part of this movie but you can still watch it if you are white the movie never stop no white person from watching it. its aimed towards fans of Notorious B.I.G. that include everyone. you sound like an ignorant idiot you need to think before you speak
  • von keith edwards
    It is amazing what people say when they don't have to put their name on it. If you are that racist and want to make a comment, don't hide behind a fake name. Put your real name on it and back it up. At least we would know who you are! You don't like black films, then go take a nap.
  • Dean
    To #31, I don't know, maybe in the huge font that yells out "Oprah Winfrey & Tyler Perry Present" within the first 30 seconds of the trailer? And I did see Star Trek, which, as I recall, wasn't Tyler Perry Presents: Star Trek.
  • Precious
    Is this a remake of King Kong?
  • Firestar
    I just finished reading the book now its going on theaters. The trailer is great. And they have great actors in it. No matter what anyone says this is going to be a great movie.
  • splinter
    Actually this surprisingly looks good
  • I never ever like Mariah, because I think she is brainless, but I was happy to see her in a movie who talks about people struggling... I hope she do it well...
  • Mark
    I don't go for these types of movies often, as they so often portray poor black people in a completely unrealistic and untrue fashion. It often like a middle class white woman goes and "reads up" on life in the streets, and then makes a pure vanilla novel about it. However, as somebody that grew up in a neighborhood filled with people that looked and acted like this, it has a very real tone to it. I'll be seeing this.
    Mo'Nique not in a comedy.......................She can act?
  • Walker
    man no doubt this movie looks really good like seriously
  • I don't know if I'd call this movie a racist stereotype or just harshly realistic, but the subject being a sixteen year old unmarried morbidly obese girl who is still in junior high school and has two illegitimate children (by different men? just a guess there)...not a very flattering picture and you couldn't pay me to sit through it.
  • SkyNet
    Say whatever you want to make yourself look like the good guy on a forum. Find a white person who saw notorious? or obsessed. thx. Skynet is my name
  • SkyNet
    Also to 46. find a white person who watched obsessed. I assure you 99% of the audience saw it purely off the fact that beyonce was in it. No one really cares about a movie with some girl is trying to steal another girls husband. Watch Jerry Springer for that nonsense.
  • Sfah
    "School won't help none. Go to the welfare" Who else LOL'd really hard?
  • Batgirl
    I'm surprised those dudes didn't turn her 90 degrees and start rolling her down the street after they pushed her over.
  • Amber
    You people are some of the most ignorant and racist people,have any of you taken to time to read the book or even look into the story? I guess not by your dumb ass comments, the character is not just a ghetto girl having babies she has been sexually abused by her mother as well as stepfather and he is the father of the two children. But I guess when you only have the intelligence to understand a movie like "super bad" this is over your head.
  • brian barajas
    kinda teared up a little bit....
  • Susana
    i agree.. i kinda teared up just watching it!! i also agree with ppl saying mariah carey looks like a different person! almost didn't recognize her at first!
  • rickey
    wow this looks really good. i love all the actors taking roles that sits them out of their comfort zone...i really respect that. looks like a really sad movie
  • salgal
    everyone has an opinion. sometimes we agree with it sometimes we dont'. okay, lets just respect that and not be hostile.
  • teamsolovictory
    "my favorite color is flourescent beige" hahaha nice and yea, i would have never noticed that was mariah carey
  • TheJBJ
    Wow, I actually almost cried during a preview. I don't know if I could watch this whole movie. Looks moving though.
  • Ab
    Looks good.
  • brandi
    wow some of you are incredibly stupid. this is based on a book. the story is inspiring (if you'd read the book you'd know). you haven't seen the movie yet, so how can you tell it will be inspiring or not? its not aimed at black people, or whatever. the story is about a black girl/family, written by a black author so duh! vassal, how retarded are you? this girl has been abused by basically everyone who is supposed to care and love for her. she was sexually abused by her father who got her pregnant and gave her HIV. her mother is phsyically and emotionally abusive. did you skip over the trailer?
  • Breesasha90
    I think this is going to be another heart-wrenching movie like the pursuit of happiness, i want to see if precious gets away from her abusive mom, and has a good life with her child? I am motivated to read the book because I want to see if it goes along with the movie. I plan on driving to L.A. to see this movie. I am happy, because it's about time people see more of what really happens in life. Not everything is on happy and perfect all the time. I like realistic movies and this is one of them.
  • desiree
    the book was great, the movie looks good. monique seems like shes going to steal the show
  • desiree
    i wonder if the baby has down syndrome like in the book
  • Trina
    I had read the book and now i am ready to see the movie... When you thought your life is hard and unfair well think about a teenager girl that going through what this girl went through... I was one lucky girl in a single parent home with 4 older sister and was very much love by my mom and sisters.. I cried when reading this book and when i look at the trailer all i want to do is hug her and let her know life should not be like this.. and i love her because of every thing she been through she still is a strong person because i couldnt have done it. Go to school (learn how to read and write) and have my father's child not once but twice... I want her to come and be apart of my family... My eyes tear up when i even think about what she been through... i feel everyone should go home call their parents and tell them thank you. after reading the book i gave my mother a hug and kiss because she put us first. she protected us and thats what parents are suppose to do...
  • Sean
    WOW...there are some REALLY stupid and ignorant people in the world. I can't believe some of the comments some of you wrote. It's sad. Absolutely sad. But I don't feel sorry for you.
  • Stacy
    What I don't understand, is why isn't this movie being shown in Omaha? This is so unfair, people in Omaha go to the movies too. There are so many groups and clubs in Omaha that go to movie premiers and other social events. This movie was difinetly on the must see list of many of those clubs.
  • ken
    Just watched this movie tonight in limited release in Atlanta, all i can say is wow, and it grabs you from beginning to end, i have never seen anything like the abuse in this film..Monique's performance is Oscar worthy...Its a must see for all people.
  • Katy
    People who say based on the trailer it's been done before don't know what they're talking about. Get the book by Sapphire (Push, reissued as Precious, with Gaby Sidoure (sp?) on the cover) if you can't see the movie. Maybe when it wins a few Oscars it will finally get national distribution. I saw the trailer in my local theater recently so maybe they're planning to get it. It definitely sucks to have to go to Toronto or New York City to see a movie (the closest places so far, about 10 hours or 3 hours drive from here, respectively). It's limited release due to the "delicate" subject matter. For those of you who think this is just another uplifting ghetto story, afterschool special, here's a hint: the girl is pregnant for the second time at age 16. She's never had a boyfriend. The father is her father. For those who call this blaxploitation: As Sapphire said, in an interview with the New York Times, "abuse isn't Black." There's plenty of white girls raped by their (our) fathers. If we didn't get pregnant, maybe it was just because we were too young.
  • Max
    Wow, if this isn't a bit racist and arrogant, then I don't know what is. Fat poor Precious is saved by "caring" upper class people... Even Pursuit of Happiness was better movie as a role model and something new and intriguing. This is just sad and revealing of the elitist attitude going around rich circles nowadays.




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