Must Watch: Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox Trailer

July 30, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Fantastic Mr. Fox Trailer

Fox has debuted the trailer for Wes Anderson's stop-motion feature Fantastic Mr. Fox based on the Roald Dahl classic. This features the voices of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Willem Dafoe, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman, Brian Cox, Michael Gambon, and even Wes Anderson himself (as the Weasel). I really want to like this, just because I love well-made stop-motion animation, but I can't get entirely into it yet. It looks very quirky and very fun, literally like a Wes Anderson movie that was made live-action that someone decided to make a stop-motion version of separately. Anyway, check this out!

Watch the trailer for Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox:

[flv: 596 322]

You can also watch the trailer for Fantastic Mr. Fox in High Definition on Yahoo

Fantastic Mr. Fox is both written and directed by the fantastic Oscar nominated filmmaker Wes Anderson, of Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and The Darjeeling Limited most recently. This is based on Roald Dahl's classic children's book of the same name. Fellow indie director Noah Baumbach also helped co-write the screenplay with Anderson. Fox Searchlight is bringing Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox to theaters everywhere starting on November 13th this fall.

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  • Timothy
    Come on, it looks like Oceans 11 except stop-motion and by Wes Anderson. It looks like great fun to me - beautiful, funny, and quirky.
  • I really like the charisma that comes from the characters and how well written it seems to be, but the visuals are easily the worst part. It's incredibly unrefined and the FPS seems to be very very low. I can't imagine this being a must see on the big screen, but it'll probably have a cult following.
  • Dude, I love it....funny! Not to mention I'm a sucker for Stop Motion anything:)
  • I gotta say, the animation is incredibly disappointing.
  • Tra la la la la di da
    I was going to say the samething #1. Is there a movie that Owen Wilson isn't in with this guy? Seriously...i love the statement, "Based on the book written by the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Reminds me of Spaceballs, "I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate."
  • PJ H
    I dont know....
  • Al
    #1 said exactly what i was thinking
  • Mattie
    Hesitant...hasn't piqued my interest on the first try/trailer
  • Voice of Reason
    #4 I think the rough approach is kinda where he's going. But even still, it throws me a bit too. However, shit like Coraline was WAY too polished for it to be called "stop motion." I have faith in Wes Anderson but this doesn't have me counting down the days until, unfortunately.
  • zach s
    looks very good. very surprised
  • -Peter-
    I hope this odd animation style works out... because this seems like it'll be funny in a real quirky way. The dialogue seemed pretty funny.. I hope this all comes together well.
  • morville
    It looks Fantastic!!! So much cooler than all the Pixar's idiotic stuff.
  • Quanah
    #9 Agreed concerning your comment to #4. This "Must Be Refined and Polished" concept bores me to death. Seriously, art isn't always about seeking some person concept of perfection. This is art, with a hint of silly. Love it. I love the "outside-the-box" concept...Which is really how it use to be done. (refering to the old stop motion Christmas cartoons: i.e. Rudolf)
  • Brian Barajas
    very unsmooth stop motion, reminds me of Wind in the Willows. Maybe thats on purpose. There also seems to be a lot of echo on clooneys voice, like he's talking in a big room. But, all the same, very very very wes anderson. Ill be seeing it.
  • real talk
  • Dan W
    At first glance I didn't like the way they did the stop motion, but once you get used to it it's actually quite different and really interesting. This will be good.
  • b
    @14, I read Anderson recorded the actors all over, attics, cars, closets, etc., to get a realistic sound and to avoid a "recorded in a studio" feel.
  • real talk
    also, "The following preview has been approved for APPROPRIATE AUDIENCES" i dont think i've seen 'appropriate' before, maybe thats just me
  • Xerxex
    schwartzman's lines are great. "I don't have a bandit mask...but I modified this tube sock." "I can fit through there, know why?" "No" "Cause I'm little." The film has me pretty much sold.
  • movie mike
    Looks great. Better than expected. Stop motion looks really fluent.
  • #14 I thought it seemed like Wind and the Willows too. However "rough" the animation may be, the superb voice acting more than makes up for it.
  • Fantastic
  • Richard
    Wow, thats not my thing at all, looks horrible to me, just my taste I guess.
  • Fed Up With Hollywood
    Huh. I was sort of looking forward to this movie. Now that I've seen the trailer, not so much. I'll eventually catch it on rental, but meh. I'm incredibly underwhelmed.
  • Marty Martin
  • Antioch
    The cast and script sound great, but I think watching a whole movie of stop-motion would really annoy me
  • Bob
    Looks like Wes Anderson robbed a taxidermist.
  • Chris
    These comments that the rough look is intentional all sound a little 'tripping-and-then-saying-oh-I-meant-to-do-that', if you catch my drift.
  • DoomCanoe
    #26 some of the best movies you have ever seen are in stop motion #12 how dare you insult the god Pixar! so im going to take some shrooms and go see this movie. i recommend you do the same
  • Jonathan
    The visuals look great, the writing seems good, but the celebrity voices are a little bit distracting, especially Bill Murray. When I hear his voice, or Clooney's, or Streep's, I think of the human body that goes along with the voice, not a badger or a fox. But it's just the preview. If the performances are good enough, that won't be a problem in the movie.
  • Nick
    REALLY #12 ?! Really?! I couldn't even finish watching this trailer it was so bad. It's for one demographic and one demographic ONLY, a 2-4 year olds!
  • Tristan
    It isn't as refined looking as Coraline, meaning it isn't hiding the fact that it's stop-motion. Looks great to me!
  • Tra la la la la di da
    Rudolph had better stop motion...I've seen better with lego shorts. Netflix. Next. #31, I agree a big. Clooney I saw Ocean. Murray, wouldn't have known if they didn't tell me. Owen Wilson, I just see a nose.
  • Brian
    the animation is not that great but honestly I really dig it!
  • Dark Fist
    Perhaps we should let the director speak for himself: "In animation, the tradition is to make everything smooth and beautiful," [Anderson] says. "That wasn't my instinct. Using puppets with fur appealed to me. It's why I wanted to do the film in stop-motion. Usually fur is considered bad news. But I liked how it moves around by itself. It's funny."
  • leiner
    Obviously the animation isn't meant to be super-awesome-in-a-pixar-kinda-way, i think the point here is mereley the fun of it. Remember the rest of the Wes Anderson body of work: the little sea-horse in a glass in The Life Aquatic, or the tiger hidden in the woods in The Darjeeling Limited. This has the same vibe and it has the same intention. I really liked the trailer. I'm looking forward to see the movie!
  • captain subtext
    I LOVE Wes Anderson's movies, but I really don't know if that one's going to work for me.
  • Kevin
    I think the "look" of this is amazing. Very stylized and original. Can't wait.
  • Syphous
    Looks like shit.
  • LW
    Ladies and gentlemen. If you watch this movie with your kids. Keep an eye out for anyone dressed in a 'furry outfit' and sit away... especially if you hear grunting.
  • morville
    #32 Yeah, you're damn right it's too bad... too bad for you! l mean Pixar is the worst thing ever happened to cinema. So plastic and empty inside with absolutely no sense of humor. Rubbish!!! Cheers to all of Wes Anderson's fans. :)
  • Jaf
    I get this highly self-aware vibe from the trailer, it really isn't trying to push boundaries but is instead just having fun
  • Alexander
    Is there any chance this is the sequel to Sophie's Choice Part 2? (I asked Meryl for the follow up and she promised me animation).
  • joe
    what just happened? i just heard woo haha woohoo for 2 minutes
  • Daryle
    This is going to be amazing, I remember reading the book as a kid. Roald Dahl is just amazing when it comes to writing children's books, he had such an imagination. Looks like Wes Anderson is going to pull this off. I was skeptical at first, but this trailer looks and feels great.
  • Sabes
    I giggled at a few parts. It's cute. I wasn't turned off the animation. *shrug* If he does that clicking/whistle thing throughout the entire movie a ton...then I might end up hurting someone.
  • Max Fischer
    I may or may not have been at an advance screening of this film a few months back... And let me just say, as a huge Wes Anderson fan, I was THRILLED with this film. It is unmistakably Wes throughout. And I honestly think it may be one of his better films. The trailer, however, doesn't do the film justice, as they are clearly aiming for a more mainstream audience and hoping to get kids and parents excited about it. With any luck, they will. It's got tons of charm, and although the stop-motion looks a wee bit herky jerky in these clips, it is beautiful to behold. Just my opinion.
  • DoomCanoe
    KILL THE NON BELIEVER!!! (I'm referring to #12/41 and his hate for Pixar)
  • SillySil
    I agree with you #48. Anyways, I'm sold. :)
  • Mark Drennan
    #5 Hahaha. Love ya just for the Spaceballs reference. Personally I enjoyed the trailer, and I was very pleased that this seems to be something different than the usual high-FPS CGI Shrek-fest crap animation we see constantly now. Like the new Ice Age that's eating up the box office worldwide but is worthless. This reminds me a bit of the Wallace and Gromit movie and I love the style. I can say I wasn't sure when this was announced, but I am very interested after seeing this.
  • TheManWithNoName
    #9 said: "However, shit like Coraline was WAY too polished for it to be called "stop motion." That's like saying an animatronic puppet looks way to real to be called animatronic.
  • Mark Drennan
    Watched again, this looks excellent.
  • nem
    Dumbest fuckin trailer I've seen all week. Pass.
  • Aaron
    I can't stop watching the trailer. XD Sure it's not the most polished stop-motion, but it sure as hell has style. I'm really excited for this. I LOVE Roald Dahl and need to pick up the book before I see the film. The dialogue nothing short of... FANTASTIC!
  • phlewf
    I will see everything Wes Anderson puts out there until one of us is dead!!! I can't wait to see this one!
  • F.C.
    looks amazing! I love Wes Anderson and will watch everything he has done and will do! I hope his next movie will have George Clooney and Meryl Streep (and not as foxes)
  • Squiggly
    The people running FOX Searchlight need to stage a violent coup and take over their parent company. It seems like any movie with the fox brand on it that's worth watching is coming from the Searchlight arm. Those guys need to take control.
  • jaja
    this is the worst stopmotion animation Ive ever seen.. the shots look great though. Too bad the animation will ruin the movie
  • Derek
    All this does is make me want to see Clooney and Streep act together....they haven't previously, have they?
  • MK-Ultra
    If what I think is happening is happening, it better not be. PURE WES ANDERSON!!! Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, and now The Fantastic Mr. Fox - a perfect fit. I can't wait, everything this guy does turns to gold. I'm counting the days. P.S. The animation not being done by Pixar, that's just Anderson. He can do it old school and still bring us a true classic. SAVE THE SUGAR CRABS!!!
  • MeMe
    Looks like a pretty good script. I laughed out loud twice so I'm excited! The animation isn't the greatest but the script should make up for it.
    What do you mean idiotic Pixar stuff? Toy Story was God back then, still is.They've shaped the field of animation and special effects in live action movies with their technology.
  • Sebastiaan Vos
    OH NO! poor Roald Dahl must be turning in his grave
  • swisschez
    purely fantastic. i cant stop watching this trailer. looks refreshing and new and i cant wait to see this movie.
  • Dusty
    Did it completely miss its mark with me AGAIN.. I saw a differen trailer at a trade show a month ago,,,, and still have no interest. But I want to considering all your positive commenters here. Found the dialogue of the trailer pointless, music annoying, and Clooney's voice a distraction. The Stop-Motion was gorgeous, but is all I can say about it that I thought was nice. What is wrong with me? Too much of a Transformers/Harry Potter/Ice Age summer to appreciate this art? I dunno, just didn't work for me
  • Mooshuf
    First off, I think it looks awesome! Secondly... I skipped 99% of the comments, so I'll just direct this at lucky #65, the last one to post as far as I'm concerned.... #65, what is with you and people like you who INSIST on making making posts which sole purpose is to bitch. We don't care. The internet doesn't care. If it doesn't 'do it for you', then turn the damn trailer off at :10 in and call it a day, we don't need to hear about how you failed to get a huge proactive boner over the trailer. It's like those damn christian Mom's who sit at home looking for 'unchristian' shit, and then when they find it they look at every single second of it, then QQ about how terrible it is. If it's crawling up your ass that badly then turn it the fuck off. If you went and looked at one trailer, didn't like it, then #1, why would you go out looking for another? And then, why would you waste your time bitching about it? Note: This is to 95% of these posts, not just #65.
  • laura
    This is what real stop-motion animation looks like!...everything we see today is computer generated...that is why it looks "poorly" done.
  • Pete
    I love every Wes Anderson film and most of the time have trouble picking his best. this is up there, if they had an animatiion category for him. i'll be seeing this on thanksgiving while i'm away from home since i don't have a dinner to go to.




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