Natalie Portman in the Running for Marvel's Thor, Too?

March 16, 2009
Source: Deadline Hollywood

Sif and Natalie Portman

Now here's an interesting bit of news to discuss. Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood ran a story today addressing the recent Thor casting rumors. She confirms that Kenneth Branagh is looking at Alexander Skarsgard, who we mentioned a few days ago, as well as at least four other unknown actors for the role of Thor. The problem is they need some big names to actually sell this as a big summer tentpole movie. Well, there's Josh Hartnett, who IESB scooped last week and will probably play the evil villain Loki. But then Finke also mentions Natalie Portman, who she says "is in the lead for the female lead." Could it be?!

First things first, since I'm not that familiar with the Thor universe, I had to figure out what lead female characters there would even be in a Thor movie. I asked around on Twitter and it seems most people are guessing she might play Sif, Thor's wife who is also a goddess in Asgard. As much as I love Portman, she doesn't exactly seem like the goddess type, but maybe I'm just jumping the gun. A few other people ventured a guess that she could also be playing Jane Foster, who is the girlfriend of Thor's modern world altar-ego Donald Blake, but we're not exactly sure how much Blake is even in this movie to begin with.

Getting back to the idea of Natalie Portman joining Thor, I'm all for it. Though I've got a bone to pick with Finke, because she says "so I guess Marvel wants a wooden performance." Are you kidding me!? She was only "wooden" in the Star Wars prequels because she was playing against Hayden Christensen, who is a piece of wood, and because Lucas ain't great at directing. Anyway, as much as I know Portman will probably end up being cast as Sif, I'd rather see her as Jane Foster. Either way, I'll be glad to see Portman in a high profile superhero movie, because she'll be in the news more often, and I always love seeing more of her.

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  • ?????
    I LOVE NATALIE PORTMAN! The caps werre supposed to emphasize that love. Also, I think she would be great in a Thor movie and I hope she does it.
  • LOKI
    What the HELL is this about Josh Harnett as LOKI??? I mean really???? I'd pick Robert Kneppe from Prison Break and who played the bad guy in Transporter 3.
  • LOKI
    I meant Robert Knepper. Spelled his name wrong.
  • Bo
    Natalie Portman as Sif is awesome, however, Josh Hartnett as LOKI? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • miracle disease
    Tea Bag Rules! Unless they'll try a Heath Ledger-Joker out of Josh-Hartnett's Loki then maybe.. just maybe... JH is too boyish and it's really hard to picture him as mischievous as Loki should be... but then again, let's wait and see...
  • harrison
    shes certainly goddess material but i dont know if shes norse goddess material, and nikki finke is an idiot as for josh hartnett as
  • The Rambler
    Crispin Glover as Loki is what I'm thinking.
  • Daas
    Its funny, whenever I think of Natalie, I think goddess.
  • Mike G.
    Finke needs to watch "Closer." Great performance by Natalie in that film. Wooden my ass.
  • imarapyeyermom
    Natalie Portman is a goddess in real she's perfect to play a goddess on the screen.
  • Hahaha, I agree with everyone about saying she is goddess in real life, that was EXACTLY my point. But like #6 said, she's not Norse goddess, she's kind of petite, and cute, and gorgeous and...
  • xerxerxex
    Good pick on portman. and as for the rumor on Hartnett, you know I've always liked him since his portrayal of Staff Sgt. Matt Eversmann, in Ridley Scott's "Black Hawk Down." So here I am, the guy with the stupid name that probably no one can pronounce, I'm barley a blimp on but still I'll post my comment anyways, and say Hartnett would be a good choice for Loki it may be a chance to set himself apart, from the new generation of actors, out and about. But still this is a rumor, so this comment is a waste of my time...but i'm still hopeful! As for Portman hell she's got the look of a goddess, and HELL YEAH LET'S SEE HER IN THOR!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Timothy
    Dude, I can totally see her play a goddess. I, like you, aren't familiar with the Thor universe but I can totally seeing her have this sort of prideful, elevated goddess look to her.
  • Dan
    Can thank me for the Alex Skarsgard referral. I really hope he gets it! 😀
  • Daas
    As much as I love Natalie, I think Rhona Mitra might be perfect to play Sif. She's the beauty from Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. She's tall, beautiful, dark-haired, athletic, and a good actress. Um yeah...
  • Daas
  • grham
    yeh, portman, i dunno first word that comes to mind is always cute, don't see that 'cuteness' encompassing a goddess, most especially a norse one. McKIDD FOR THOR!!!!!!!
  • Banthas
    I don't want to see Robert Knepper as the bady in every movie. He won't be able to play other characters because of your idiotic thoughts. ... and well Loki is'nt that "ugly" looking. He is slim, big ans sly. Hartnett could be perfect, if his acts right.
  • zetsu
    natalie portman was good in the classic leon,but i don't rate her in much else.i'd rather see some one else in it.someone much fitter would be nice big fucking tits,a body of a goddess.
  • imarapyeyermom
    Rhona Mitra does look like Sif. I don't know...maybe I'm biased since I love Natalie...but I still think she would be great, perhaps it's because I want to see her in another movie where she's not completely covered up (like she was in The Other Boleyn Girl)
  • Whenever I'm asked my favorite actress I immediately think of Natalie Portman. Between Closer, Garden State, Cold Mountain, Heat, the Star Wars saga, and V for Vendetta I'm completely amazed at her range as an actress. Her being in this will totally change my entire perception of the project and would be an indication they're heading in the right direction. I agree that she's got a more modern day look to her so playing a norse goddess could be tough, but if anyone can pull it off she can. For gods sake, I even named my dog after her character in Garden State. Oh and Finke can suck my balls.
  • LW
    All of a sudden, her rap with Andy Samberg dressed as a viking suddenly makes sense :)
  • Fisherr
    I would love to see her show up in a super hero movie is is a goddess in real life but acting or pretending being a goddess in the movie will be pretty lame if she will be Donald Blake's girlfriend that's fine with me no prob. at all but if she is Thor's wife...I mean come on! James Preston Rogers would be an AWESOME nomination for Thor although he is not well known but he will look pretty bad ass.
  • Seems a little too soft to play Sif, but if cast who knows, she can prove us wrong. Michael Keaton did, Heath Ledger did.
  • plasticmerman
    Could Natalie Portman be assigned to play LOKI? as Loki is a female in the current Marvel Universe?




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