New CinExpo Posters: Up in the Air, Iron Man 2, and More!

June 23, 2009

New CinExpo Posters

Cinema Expo International is currently being held in Amsterdam as we speak, and not only was there a presentation for James Cameron's Avatar including the first ever footage shown to public, but a few new posters have popped up online from the showfloor. CinExpo is the European equivalent of ShoWest (which we cover every year). It's an industry event which means it's not meant for the public, but photos like this always leak out anyway. has our first look at posters for Jason Reitman's Up in the Air, M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender, Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island, and Jon Favreau's Iron Man 2.

Jason Reitman's Up in the Air PosterM. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender Poster

Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island PosterJon Favreau's Iron Man 2 Poster

I wasn't even going to feature these at first until I saw that Up in the Air poster. I just love the look of it and add to it my incredible excitement for Jason Reitman's latest feature film and there's no way I could resist. A reminder that these are not official posters by any means. They're simply display banners that were created to advertise these specific movies on the showfloor at CinExpo in Amsterdam. I would hope that Paramount uses that design on the Up in the Air poster in the end, but I wouldn't be surprised if this is the last time we ever see that exact poster. You can also see one more extra poster for The Lovely Bones over on

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  • Henry Jones Sr.
    From the director of Juno... I've lost interest.
  • Boxoffice Marco
    Very cool. I dig Up in the Air and Shutter Island posters the most.
  • Yonix
    Oh my God! The creativity is lityaraly drooling of these posters and I espacially like the Iron Man 2 poster. The way it doesn't ''say'' anything. I am stunned! ... Let's look a the poster for ''Cold Souls'' again, now that's creativity!
  • DoomCanoe
    wow they really worked hard on that Iron Man 2 poster. I got to say the one for "Shutter Island" is the best, only because it looks like the cover of a book that you would be able to pick up at your local Wallmart for 7$.
  • Yonix
    Okay kids, let's not drink alcohol while typing a comment on First Showing. It affects your spelling. What I meant to say was: ''The creativity is literally drooling of these posters and I especially ...''.
  • cat
    why even make a poster for Iron Man 2 if you're not going to put any creativity into it? show the armor or something.
  • Darrin
    iron man 2 poster looks kinda dumb
  • Squiggly
    @#1: Juno was a pretty well directed and acted film. The story might not have been everyone's cup of tea, but the way it was shot and the performances he got out of his young cast were great. Don't knock a film before you see it, a trailer or even know what it's about. However... these posters are all crap, though "Up in the air" is at least appealing in it's pattern / style. It's pretty bare, tho. The "Shutter Island" poster is hilarious. LENZ FLAIRD!!!1
  • Bryan
    I find it shameful Dicaprio get his name in bigger bold and text than Scorsese. If any Scorsese should have his name plastered all over the poster haha
  • Caitie
    #8: Juno was awesome and the best part of it though is the writing. I don't care about taste people just need to admit that Diablo Cody did a awesome job of writing for a first time screenwriter and even in general.
  • wm
    wow really go all out there for iron man 2. don't hold back, now.
  • felipe
    any chance we get to see that Avatar footage that was presented on the event? no hidden cameras providing leaked material for youtubes alike? about posters, up in the air only. last airbender too amateurish, shutter island too "dicaprio-sh" and iron man 2 is as good as myself writting it here at the comments.
  • Faust
    F##k the posters... I wanna see the avatar footage!!!! Why couldn't someone leak that shit out. epic fail imo!!!!
  • dexter
    shutter island poster looks much better compared to the first teaser poster.That was plain ugly.
  • i am very interested in this ....! cool
  • zetsu
    iron man 2 poster looks pretty fucking lame.
  • captain subtext
    "Up in the air" looks kinda cool. "Shutter Island" will probably be great, but this is just some lame "Look, Leo's got a new movie" poster. So far there is really nothing about "The last airbender" that excites me, this dull poster doesn't help at all.
  • Yawn, yawn, yawn and yawn.
  • Squiggly
    #10: I loved Juno, but a lot of people were turned off by the plot (mainly older people). There was a lot of church-going people who were mislead by their churches into thinking the film was "pro-abortion" as well (whatever the fuck that means) so a lot of people hate the film without even knowing what it is. My parents fell for that, and my mom thought the film was about a girl who gets an abortion. I've tried telling her it's about a girl who DOESN'T get an abortion, but she refuses to believe me, because apparently I'm not as good a source - having seen the film - as her pastor - who obviously hasn't. #1 might not have even seen the film for all I know, and since the film mentioned is from the director of juno, I focused on what the director's job is, and while there may be some altering of dialogue here and there, largely a director won't re-write much of a script.
  • juno, blah, worst movie ever!
  • Dresden
    the Iron Man 2 poster is INCREDIBLY crude. Can't stand leonardo dicaprio, don't watch most clooney films and love the last airbender and plan on seeing the film, but this poster is also crude. In fact all of them are crude.
  • Frame
    Wow, I could have made the Iron Man 2 poster with Windows Paint.
  • BinYe
    I seldom come here to complain about anything... but that Iron Man poster is pure shit (i'm just too flabergasted to fake something sarcastic in remark). WTF?! I believe that is the studio's attempt at teasing us (feeble at best). Really want to toy with us a little bit? Have a portrayal of Iron Man's fist blasting at the silhouette of antagonist of said film (whatever, anything, seriously). They're just getting really comfortable right now. Maybe they'll hit us with something remarkable in due time. Ironman Dos better be something of the ages (but i'm hopeful as I am optimistic about better posters).




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