New Full-Length TV Trailer for Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes

October 20, 2009
Source: TheMovieBox

Sherlock Holmes TV Trailer

We haven't really seen new footage from Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes since the first trailer debuted way back in May, but that changes today. TheMovieBox has premiered a new TV trailer for Sherlock Holmes (as in, shown on TV, not in theaters). It's two minutes long and it definitely contains a lot of great footage we haven't seen before. The closer we get to December, the more excited I get for this. And this new trailer definitely gets my blood pumpin'. It looks like it has a great mix of action and intensity as well as comedy. Warner Brothers may have the next Pirates of the Caribbean on their hands! Check out the trailer below.

Watch the newest TV trailer for Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes:

[flv: 598 336]

You can also watch the new TV trailer for Sherlock Holmes in High Definition on YouTube

Detective Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and his stalwart partner Dr. Watson (Jude Law) engage in a battle of wits and brawn with a mystical occult evil nemesis whose plot is a threat to all of England.

Sherlock Holmes is directed by British auteur Guy Ritchie, of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Revolver, and RocknRolla previously. The screenplay was co-written by Guy Ritchie, Michael Johnson, Anthony Peckham, and Simon Kinberg, and is based on Arthur Conan Doyle's characters first introduced in 1887. Warner Bros is bringing Sherlock Holmes to theaters starting on Christmas Day, December 25th.

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  • K
    Really looking forward to this! Will be a fun ride for sure.
  • DOGG69
    looks good, but... i dunno, something not right about it
  • geneguru
    rachel mcaddams thats all i hav to say
  • D.
    2# It's something not right? What could possible be wrong with it? Amazing, comedy, adventure and Rachel Mac Addam's. Perfect!!! A great Christmans gift!!!
  • CatieLee
    rachel mcaddams - too bad she has to open her mouth
  • With this, Avatar, and The Road it's gonna be one helluva Winter!
  • fojlz
    Looks fun, but Downey Jr.'s British accent is horrendous.
  • Collin
    @2 I agree. Maybe it's #7's comment. But I still want to see this, I'm a fan of RDJ. I also agree with #5.
  • #8 - Collin.. I have nothing to say in addition to your comments... spot on... I am excited to see it though... somethings just seem a bit off though
  • kitano0
    The "something that's a bit off" that everyone keeps referring to could be Guy Ritchie's direction. Never been a fan...however, this does look like fun.
  • cineprog
    looks like Guy Richie got a hit Robert Downey jr give a good English accent to say he is American. sherlock holmes looks aperiod Drama with atouch of upto Datness about it.
  • dannyJ
    Snatch, Lock Stock, hell even rocknRolla. i love introducing people to Ritchies movies. I got faith in this along with RDJ and f-ing Mark Strong!! I agree with the whole accent now that someone has brought it up. i go to the movies every Thanksgiving and Christmas regardless... this is just the icing on the cake
  • splinter
    it looks fun!!!!its Guy Ritchie,cant be bad!!!!...but i hope it wont be the next Pirates of the Caribbean,cos only "The Curse of the Black Pearl" was OK...others???total crap!!!(except Johnny Depp)
  • M-Cat
    Looks like a paycheck to me for rdj and Jude law.
  • Madnezz344
  • JeepFu
    I will be seeing this. Not on Christmas Day because that's just stupid. But I will be seeing this.
  • Zac
    I want this to be more like National Treasure and less of an all out action adventure like it seems to be. I hope that I'm wrong.
  • I saw this trailer in front of "Couples Retreat" last week. Therefore, it is in theaters and not just on TV... anyway, looks fun!
  • Sabes
    I'm looking forward to this!
  • beavis
    i enjoy downey jr. very much, but he shouldn't be doing holmes........he just doesn't pull it off very well....... like woody allen doing the lead role in braveheart. i'll probably see this when it hits dvd due to the amazing visuals of the period. it looks like they did a great job capturing the "look" of the era.
  • Mark
    ...Is anyone else frsutrated that Hollywood seems incapable of doing Sherlock Holmes faithfully? And why is it always Holmes with a supernatural twist?
  • tazz
    sorry but Robert Downey Jr British accent is bad #4 Sherlock Holmes aint a comedy it should be taken more seriously then a comedy adventure. #21 Mark i agree with you Mark. but Young Sherlock Holmes starring Nicholas Rowe seems like the closes that we get to a good Sherlock Holmes movie.
  • am i that thinks they completely missed the point of making a movie about sherlock holmes? action's fine, but i'd like to know what the mystery is.
  • cornholio_by_the_sea
    I must admit that RDJr has come a long way... he seems to have matured and found his stride...I think he is going to add that "golden touch" to anything that he plays a role in from here on out...
  • El Guapo
    i must admit that this looks like a hell of a good time. I just wish they would have created a new detective icon, not Sherlock Holmes. Nothing in these trailers looks anything like the Sherlocks Holmes grew up with. But eh, it will still be a good time anyways.
  • wygit
    Does it seem absolutely ridiculous to anyone but me that Warner Bros would pull the high def trailer off youtube? IT'S A FREAKING AD, PEOPLE! WITH FREE AIRTIME! THAT WARNER BROS DOESN'T HAVE TO PAY FOR! idiots...
  • giraffic
    i'm excited! i love robert downey jr., jude law, and rachel mcadams 😀
  • Fisherr
    RDJ & Mark Strong are the stars as usual.
  • Henry
  • Nick
    it seems kind of homoerotic
  • Roberto Dinamite
    Is it just me, or do more than half of these comments look like they've been written by 9-year olds? And where have i seen that one scene where Robert Downey Jr. is fist fighting that big dude... Hmm.. Oh yeah, they used the SAME EXACT SCENE in Snatch.
  • pipo
    Sherlock got into Indiana Jones skin? C'mon!
  • moif
    Looks like a tracesty to me
  • moif
    ....or do I mean a travesty? Need coffee!
  • Jos van den Atmos
    I could really see this becoming sort of a modern Indiana Jones. Action, adventure, humor, ... I'd sign up for a series based on these trailers alone.
  • meeroy
    Agree with #32
  • Russell
    This just doesn't seem right to me. I thought Sherlock Holmes spent his time solving mysteries, not fighting everyone in Britain.
  • D.
    22# have you ever understand why there is a Watson? Why he (Sherlock) use drugs? why the violin? why the Doyle's caracther have this funny look? Because it's a adventure with comedy!!! And to answer the Indiana c'mon: Read the book, he fight in it. He supposedly fell to his death at the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland during a fight with his arch-enemy Moriarty. It's a great trailer, probably a great and faithfull movie, of course with a little Ritchies touch!!!
  • Angry Chief
    What is with the smirk at the end (given by Law)? It seems childish. There is something amiss with the trailers. One could say that it is a MYSTERY as to what. Get it? GETIT?!?!??!111
  • Mercedes
    Well, so far the movie looks astounding and will more than likely be a hit. The acting and story seems very nice, and it's just sort of an upbeat Sherlock Holmes. I actually can't wait for this movie to come out, RDJ and Jude seem like they'll do a great job as a turn-of-the-age Sherlock and Watson. The comedy is a nice touch, though I'm sure that the film will have serious aspects to it. This is definatley in my opinion a must see movie of December. I can't wait!
    Another Kids movie. Got it completly wrong. This looks like an action comedy??? Where is the ESSENCE of sherlock holmes? mysterious? no, clever? no....cheesy lines? YES, stupid action? YES. I guarantee you the story will be awful, and no one will care because they liked the bloody action! Just like transformers, spiderman, xmen and all the crap.
  • Mark
    #25, I agree. I would be more interested in this film if it were based around an original character, not Sherlock Holmes.
  • max s.
    another reason to look forward to christmas thi looks awesome
  • xerxex
    Mark Strong and Robert Downey jr? 'nuff said. BEETLEB at least wait until it drops in theaters until you pass judgement.
  • n
    Where is Jackie Chan? Surely, they are missing the an opportunity to cash in on the Asian market. Why is Will Smith not playing Holmes? This is all so wrong.
  • Steff
    I feel like they put too much in the trailer. Its an awesome trailer, but now i'm worried i'll go and see the movie and just be like "hmmm i've seen this before."
  • beetle
    #44 ok maybe i should have said guarantee, but come on, i saw the transformers trailers and wolverine trailers, and thought all this action and no story, and what happened....poor films. i have read sherlock holmes novels and seen the tv show... i wish they approached it a bit more darker, maybe a little witty comedy not cheesy. with a "grey" sherlocks character character, not black and white. mix the feeling of the wolf man trailer with sherlock and it would have been interesting
  • Simone
    Getting kind of tired of Jude Law to be honest. Did I just see the gay Arab from Body of Lies?
  • This movie looks really good. I hope it is. I'm definitely going to be seeing it xmas day. I just have one complaint. Why is it they feel the need to show pretty much everything in the trailer? I kinda feel like I've already seen the movie. LAME.
  • FekketCantenel
    #38 makes me want to vomit. Yes, Holmes occasionally had to put up his dukes or tell Watson to get his pistol out, but only when a case had come to an extreme and lives were in danger. These trailers paint the movie as a buddy-cop movie in which the heroes go in guns (or fists-) -a-blazin' and solve a mystery as a side project. #45 hit the nail on the head. Maybe at the end we need to have Nick Fury show up and offer Sherlock Holmes a spot in the-- Oh, wait. This new trailer is miles better than the other one, but still reveals what a skull-humping nightmare of an adaptation this is going to be. If you pay money to see it, you're as bad as those (including myself, argh) who spent money to see Transformers II: Michael Bay Laughs at the Audience for What Feels Like Ten Hours. And if your comeback is, 'hey, Transformers II was alright!', you have no business being within a hundred miles of anything involving Sherlock Holmes. My conclusion is that, ultimately, Sherlock Holmes doesn't work in any medium but the original stories. Fan-written sequel novels (I enjoyed 'The Beekeeper's Apprentice' but not much else) can work, but movie adaptations of it always seem to have some glaring flaw. In other words, I give up.
  • arjones
    I agree with #47 that I think it should be a darker more mysterious film not a cheesy action film. Not to say some action shouldn't be in it, but the trailer looks like the Indiana Jones and Snatch movies had a baby together. I've read some of the mysteries and they were written for your brain not a roller coaster for your eyes. What's next? The pit and the pendulum by Michael Bay? Come on.......Although I loved Robert Downey Jr. in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. He is an awesome actor.
  • me
    This really looks like Pirates of the Caribbean. And Robert Downey Jr. really looks like Johnny Depp (at least he's trying). Hope there's much mystery and thrilling in it.
  • sherlock
    i went and watched the movie and it was AWESOME!
  • Happy to share your blog!




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