New Terminator Salvation TV Spots Packed with Finished FX

April 27, 2009
Source: TheMovieBox.net

Terminator Salvation TV Spots

We've seen numerous trailers and even a few TV spots previously for Terminator Salvation, so at first glance I wasn't expecting to feature these new TV spots. But after watching them, I noticed that Warner Brothers is really trying to get people hyped up and they're trying to get them to forget about the PG-13 rating. And most importantly, all of ILM's visual effects work is finished, so it looks exactly the way they want it to look. There are some huge improvements in this footage visually over almost anything we've seen previously. And for that reason alone, these deserve to be seen. Check them out and look for differences.

You can also catch the two previous TV spots that we featured a few weeks back right over here. Enjoy!

Watch the third TV spot for Terminator Salvation:

[flv:http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/terminator-salvation-TVspot5.flv http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/terminator-salvation-TVspot5.jpg 580 252]

Watch the fourth TV spot for Terminator Salvation:

[flv:http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/terminator-salvation-TVspot6.flv http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/terminator-salvation-TVspot6.jpg 580 252]

After Skynet has destroyed much of humanity in a nuclear holocaust, a group of survivors led by John Connor (Christian Bale) struggle to keep the machines from finishing the job that they began.

Terminator Salvation is directed by McG, of both Charlie's Angels movies and also We Are Marshall previously. The script was written by writing duo John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris, of Into the Sun, The Net, The Game, and Terminator 3 previously. Additionally, Christopher Nolan's brother Jonah Nolan helped rewrite the script before shooting. This marks the awaited return of the Terminator franchise after Terminator 3 hit in 2003. Terminator Salvation arrives in theaters on May 21st this summer.

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  • Mark
    Hmm, for some reason this looks really boring, and I loved every prior Terminator (even 3).
  • -Peter-
    the second one has been on TV a bunch lately. I've been watchin it every timeeee
  • Tom W
    hell yes cant wait
  • xerxex
    Sold again please Haters at least bring some valid points and not that McG sucks or bitch about the fact that it is PG-13, make it something that actually matters. To me this is the ROCKLOBSTER BEEZ NEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Villa
    For some reason this looks freakin' AWESOME!!! I can't wait to see it. I just hope Christian Bale avoids using the gravelly batman voice and annunciates so we can understand him.
  • Wow, you can actually notice a surprisingly large amount of difference between the trailers with unfinished shots and these two. Glad to see they also finished the color correction, that was probably my biggest problem so far. It also looks like there's going to be an endless amount of Transformers parallels being made once it hits...
  • harrison
    yea just saw the second one on tv and goddamn it looked good, and who cares about the R rating, ratings have changed since the first two came out, i try to block out number three because the acting or lack up truly made that movie something i wish i had never seen, you just cant unremember things that bad easily
  • xerxex
    The good news about the releases of Terminator and Transformers is that Terminator comes out before Transformers, so let's see what happens. THIS IS GONNA BE A HELLUVA SUMMER!
  • Curtis
    god i cant wait looks epic on so many levels!!!
  • vic
    THIS MOVIE WILL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wow! Visually its like the first time i say blue-ray. I had no idea had poor the quality of regular was until i saw the beauty of HD. Same thing here
  • Lazarus
    Hummmm...I believe this movie will make a crap load of money and actually be good...good as in better then the crap fest Wolverine will be when folks see it....
  • bassbin
    nice. i like
  • JimD
    Looks good to me. This and Star Trek will be awesome.
  • scar Sarker
    is it me ...or the morotcyle in terminator looks like the bat pods???
  • Jonny Diamond
    Bad-to-the-motherfucking-ass! I'm so there. McG rocks!
  • T900
    Fuck Michael Bay and his kiddie robot franchise. Terminator is the only true robot movie.
  • Bizzaro
    #1 this looks really boring to you (WTF). This movie is going to be awesome. Maybe you should go and watch a little kiddie film. I'm sure that will entertain you. Terminator Salvation has had the best trailers this year with Star Trek coming in second. How the hell can you say such stupid things.
  • dom
    Can't wait! This just looks so epic and rustic and woohoo..
  • sd
    #1 Sorry but what are you smoking? BORING? How the hell does this look even close to be boring?? This looks badass. You know you will see it anyways...:)
  • Matt Suhu
    @#1 if you say you liked 3, you're certainly NOT a die-hard fan.
  • Nothing worth viewing to be honest.
  • David
    I hope this is good because T1 T2 were Legendary and T3 was good ( I think anyway )
  • cine_phil
    Looks nice, looking forward to it. (Am I right that Terminator 5 is already planned?)
  • zetsu
    is just me or is that terminator music just fucking awesome,special effects look fucking good as well,can't wait to see this.
  • Bob
    this movie reeks of SUCK
  • Darrin
    i wonder how cameron is going feel after this film, cause T2 is really hard to top.
  • sd
    #27 Im sure he doesn't care. For one, You can't top T2. Period. And also im sure hes a bit too busy with Avatar then to think about what they have done with T4....
  • I like the Terminator films and the story, looks better than Transformers visually too. Look forward to watching this.
  • NeoSlyfer
    Now we will know what happened before the MATRIX was implemented.
    Not ok with the giant Terminators. Big thumbs down.
  • Sam
    #30 Haha, yes, I've been waiting for that! Joking aside, this is going to be badass.
  • Fisherr
    I love the series,loved the Old Trilogy and will definitely be there for the new one.
  • joe
    thanks Alex Billington will wait for this movie to come out steve collider hinted that this movie set"s up trilogy very nicely it would be interesting .If this movie is good i would"t be suprised for terminator 5 and 6 if they take the story ahead
  • Andrew
    I've declared this as my most anticipated movie of the summer (it was originally tied with Star trek, but I figured that i was always a bigger Terminator fan anyway), and it'd better not disappoint! They've succeeded in getting me supremely hyped up for this movie! On the note of Terminator, a note to Fox: BRING ON SEASON 3 OF THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES! YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS MOVIE AND GET THE BUZZ TRAIN GOING! DON'T LOSE FAITH! DON'T GIVE UP! RENEW IT OR I STOP WATCHING ANY OF YOUR SHOWS THAT AREN'T CREATED BY JOSS WHEDON! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  • Squiggly
    @31, they're large machines... there have been similar large-scale vehicles and 'robots' in every movie (aside from 3? were there any shots of the future in 3? I can't remember...). the first and second both had this sort of large machine. The only difference is that these have legs where other versions had treads. The trailers have stated that 'things were different' somehow... Personal opinion / idea: I think Skynet discovered the remains of the T101 from the third film... You can see that the head is still perfectly intact at the end when it 'dies'. I think Skynet finds that and is able to leap forward technologically with it. Anyway, as soon as I heard Christian bale was in this, I knew it would be something interesting. If there's one thing you can always count on it's Bale being able to pick the winners. Only very few of his earlier roles were in crap movies. Pretty much everything after American Psycho has been stellar. I see no reason to think otherwise with this one.
  • Tedious Ted
    I'm so hoping this will erase the bad memory of T3
  • Can't wait! Love T:SCC also!
  • john connor
    Ok terminator salvation is going to be great it has christian bale. Let's get Summer Glau aka Cameron on terminator 5 and 6.
  • David
  • David
    Why do people always mention T2, T1 is just as good ( Both Legendary ) And i dont see why people dont like T3, it wasnt as good i admit but it still had a good story to tell ( just watch it and forgey T2 for a while JESUS ) And T1 2 & 3 had something that T4 dosnt..................... Arnie
  • The question for me is if this can nail down a true "Terminator feel". Without question this looks like an incredibly well done film cinematically. Props to McG for that. But will it really feel like a Terminator film or just a very cool action-packed CG-laden summer movie? The previous Terminators (especially 1 and 2) had such a unique and intriguing feel to them. There was something always a bit disturbing about them. Maybe because they were set in present day.




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