Olivia Wilde Talks Even More About Tron 2.0

January 12, 2009
Source: MTV

Olivia Wilde

Why has Olivia Wilde become the new voice of Tron 2.0? Because she's so damn beautiful, that's why! Unlike last time, we actually have a video of her on the Golden Globes red carpet answering questions about the new Tron. While she doesn't say anything new that she didn't already say before, it's a chance to watch one of the most beautiful actresses around talk about a movie that I am probably more excited for than any other movie coming up in the next 5 years. On a relaxing day like today, there's not much else you could really ask for, right? So without further ado, check out the new Olivia Wilde video below.

How many of you are just genuinely excited to see Tron 2.0 because you want to see Wilde dressed up in one of those virtual outfits fighting polygons and riding light cycles? She does a great job of hyping it up and making us all believe we're going to see something "like you've never seen before." And ripple effects into the fashion industry? Goodness, if she believes that much in the potential success of this sequel, than I'm very excited. I wouldn't say those outfits from the original Tron changed fashion at the time, but maybe we're living in a different day and age 27 years later where costumes could have that effect. Who knows?

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  • I humped her leg once....
  • Trevor
    Aneroxic much?
  • crAziemutant
    i'm sure she's slightly exaggerating to push the movie...but who cares? haha.
  • j.stag
    wait its in im a bit ify
  • ManBearPig
    This new media player you guys!
  • Richard
    So um your more excited for Tron 2 then any other movie coming up in the next 5 years, what the hell is wrong with you, dude sometimes you say things that really make me question your taste in movies. Did you ever see the first one?
  • shige
    Has to ask same thing as #6. Also, since when is Tron about some hot chick of the next 15 minutes ?
  • It's not about the first one #6... It's about the footage. I loved the first one, it's a classic to me, and seeing what they've done and the advancements they've made with the footage we saw at Comic-Con - THAT is what gets me so excited. I don't exactly know WHY I'm so excited for this, but I am... #7 - It was a joke... She was at the Golden Globes talking about Tron and today was a VERY slow news day, so I thought it'd be fun to post it... No?
  • jackburton
    tron is a geek classic..tron 2.0 could turnout to be very cool. don't knock the dude for showing some passion...#6 and #7 should go play in traffic!!!!!!
  • Matt Suhu
    yes the trailer was exciting to watch...but who the hell is Joseph Kosinski? imdb has him directing this film and it lists as him only having directed Logan's Run prior to this project. aside from actors, or actresses in this case, and the story or premise...the director is quite important in the story's vision coming to life on the big screen. and here we have a no name director? doesn't that NOT excite you but rather scare you and increase the screw-up probability? (unless i'm mistaken and this person has a longer directing history, or a different director is attached)
  • Same thing for the Halo movie Matt! But if you saw Neill Blomkamp's Halo shorts, you obviously know this guy could pull it off. But that's the problem... I have a feeling Kosinski will pull it off. Plus he's the one who made the test footage anyway entirely on his own (without actually having a greenlight from Disney).
  • Matt Suhu
    eh...the Halo shorts were of low quality and a bit inferior when compared to Tron 2 trailer. i wouldn't make future comparisons with the two. but i didn't know that Kosinski also pulled off the Tron 2 trailer. the visuals and concepts viewed look stunning, but it says very little about his story telling.
  • Ok I can see this possibly being an awesome movie, but this hype seems just a bit over the top. Regarding the effects on the fashion industry i can see it having effects on runway fashion cause they'll jump on any passing trend, and are willing to do crazy things. I can't see it having effects on everyday fashion. But then again what do I know?
  • Richard
    I'll play in traffic if I can drive my SUV and run you over, sounds like fun. Then my SUV will glow with neon lines and turn into one of the stupidest movies of all time, wait that sounds too familiar. Yes Tron is a cult classic, and I'm all for cult classics but I guess I'm not in this cult because I hated that movie. Anyway the new one seems like it could be kinda cool, definitely not the coolest thing to happen in the next 5 years but cool none the less, I'm glad you posted it begin a slow news day, but that comment just makes me lol at you.
  • "I am so very, very excited. Very excited. I cannot wait for this movie" has pretty much become my mantra before bed, each night. The Original 'Tron' movie I enjoy today as much I did when I was twelve (ish).... I hope this one rocks my socks just the same! (And I am not remotely jealous of anyone who gets to star, create, or even see this movie before me. Nope.) Mel.
  • Jimbo Slims
    I wanna slather my face all over her clavicle.
  • Steve
    Hey Alex, I too am looking forward to it. I still enjoy playing the video game. Plus, one of my best friends is cousin to the director so I am a little more intrigued on how it comes out. Can't wait.




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