One Very Flowery Poster for Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno!

April 24, 2009

One Disturbing Poster for Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno!

Universal has just debuted the official poster for Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno and it's just about the most disturbing poster you'll ever see. Obviously, that's exactly what they're going for, but wow, this is even just hard to look at. Everyone I know around the US is buzzing about Bruno. I've heard some great things from test screenings - mainly that it really is so much more ridiculous than Borat. I can't wait to see the reactions to this poster once it gets put up in theaters. I'm sure there are going to be a lot of double-takes and I'm sure there may even be some protests. Did anyone seriously think Sacha Baron Cohen could pull this off twice?

Bruno Poster

Bruno is directed by Larry Charles, of Borat, Bill Maher's Religulous, and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" previously. The character was created by Sacha Baron Cohen, the comedic mastermind behind Borat, Signor Adolfo Pirelli in Sweeney Todd, and, of course, "Da Ali G Show". Cohen and his cohort Dan Mazer are credited for the majority of the writing in this. After the huge success of Borat, Cohen sold the distribution rights for Bruno to Universal for a reported $42 million and began production last year, prey on more unaware Americans and other idiots. Universal will debut Bruno in theaters everywhere on July 10th.

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  • Brian
    I don't understand what's disturbing about this poster.
  • uh, cause I don't ever want to see a guy dressed up like this giving me a look like that... but I changed the title of it anyway...
  • Scott McHenry
    I'm appalled
    Sacha is the shit.................. Hope they cut down on the penis shots this time......
  • real talk
    it looks like an american apparel ad
  • Andrew
    DEFINITELY not what I was expecting to see as the poster for this film... I can't wait! The trailer was great, though it definitely felt like they were holding back the best stuff for the movie (which is uncommon for most comedies).
  • Great poster, i love it! Sacha doesn't care what people will think of this film, he just does it and i think thats great. He's one of the funniest actors in the world and he wil certainly pull it off again! I'm looking forward to this film. It will be hilarious!
  • xerxex
    what ever floats you're boat...
  • SillySil
    Disturbing? You mean hilarious! 😀
  • teyhtr
    hahahah that's the best tagline ever. The poster reminds me of yes man
  • Leo
    This should be the campaign for Abercrombie & Fitch!
  • Hercie
    I work on an oilrig full of macho men, so in the event of being ridiculed over lunch...I quickly and quietly moved my laptop toward the wall... so nobody would see the 'disturbing' poster that would unfold. Gee you talk some crap Alex, it's a tame as poster. It's great too for the record.
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    #1: The fact that is so heavily Photoshopped, lol. I like the tagline but hate the poster.
  • DCompose
    Seriously, though, could you sound any more homophobic? Is this really so disturbing that you find it hard to look at? The poster for Bruno is worse than all 5 Saw posters, with teeth on strings and face masks and severed heads? Furthermore, how is he looking at you? He's not licking his lips or putting a dick in his mouth. Heaven forbid someone look at Billington with a straight face.
  • werdnafaz
  • Kail
    This isn't really disturbing, I've seen worse.
  • I have see the trailer, very nice.
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    No....please no. Some of us don't like this guy.
    Hahaha...this is a freaking hilarious poster. Very Freudian how you found it disturbing, Alex. Does it make you feel funny, turned on? Just kidding! I think it's funny how it's going to elicit so many of those reactions though. It'll show who's really secure in their sexuality.
  • Conrad
    I love those shorts! what a joker
  • Salber on Cinema
    The more publicity i see for this movie the less i want to see it. Stick with voiceovers sasha, your act is also so 2006.
  • Barby
    I love the poster and you sound like a homophobe. Get over it. No guy dressed like that will ever look at you that way. Your just not that interesting...or attractive. So don't worry, it will never happen.
  • Ajax
    Shrudder, shrudder, shrudder, shrudder.
  • Mister_Bubbles
    Hmm yeah, tread carefully with this one Billington 😛
  • viral
    the picture is hillarious... this is going for the squirm in your seat humor... this is not meant to be sensitive to the gay populace... Sasha might be controversial and what not ... but that does not take away from his comic genius... i still havent been able to watch borat in one sitting ... its just tooo much... and i dont expect anything different from bruno... but i think this is going to be hillarious... i dont find the picture disgusting... a little unusual YES... but by no means disgusting... it would be disgusting if he had hairy legs 😉 or there was a naked fat man around... go Sasha go... think abt it... Sasha... its a Fierce name 😉
  • SuicidalOptimist
    <..> How is this poster disturbing? I can only see this be disturbing for homophobes who call gay people fags and are always afraid of surprise buttsex. I just think it's funny. Maybe it's because I am a woman and don't feel threatened by men with shaved legs in reeeally short pants. Plus, this is by far nicer to look at than the very hairy Borat wearing a banana hammock. >.<




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