Original Roger Rabbit Writers Are Back to Write the Sequel

October 30, 2009
Source: MTV

Roger Rabbit

If I were Robert Zemeckis, I'd take this as a sign that I should stop making CGI motion capture movies and go back to live action. The Zemeckis-related news story that has been talked about the most this entire year is the Roger Rabbit sequel that he's been dropping hints about since April. Our last update was back in July during Comic-Con, where Zemeckis confirmed that "the 2D animated characters will remain 2D" if it ever happened. Now Zemeckis reveals to MTV today that they've actually commissioned a screenplay and they've brought back the original two writers, Jeffrey Price and Peter Seaman, to write it. Very good news!

"There's a script that's being developed," Zemeckis said. "We've got the original writers that are working on it now - Seaman and Price." He also went on to hint at why this sequel is actually coming together, and it's not that he just thought one day that it would be a good idea. "I think there was a time right after the movie came out that the Disney regime at the time… It was a point in the life of the studio where if you made a successful movie they could no longer afford to hire you back," he explained, implying that it sounds like Disney wanted to make a sequel, and even started working one (or a few), but it just never came to fruition.

So now they're back at it, with the original writers and (hopefully) the original director, to give it another shot. Let's take a minute to ponder this crazy possibility though. At Comic-Con, Zemeckis said: "[The 2D characters] will not be dimensionalized, but that doesn't mean other parts won't be in 3D." What if, and this me being completely hypothetical, but what if he's considering combining 2D Roger Rabbit characters with 3D motion capture CGI characters. Could it even work without being a mess? And would anyone want to watch that? I'm not sure, but it's good to know that they've at least got a script. We'll keep you updated!

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  • xerxex
    gives me some hope, and as long as he doesn't go 3D or use new CGI that he seems obsessed with.
  • FilmMaker2003
    Bringing on the original writers is going to make it so much more awesome. I love the original so I'm excited to see the sequel on the big screen.
  • troy
    if its motion capture, forget it, it will be worthless. everyone wants him to go back to writing real movies and this would be a great place to start.
  • Madnezz344
    wonder if it still takes place in the same era as the first movie ?
  • Castro
    man i was so worried about this being another one of those hollywood fuck up sequels. but as i opened up the page to read the rest of the story i read it was being written by the same WRITERS and possibly the original director!!!! this movie sequel might kick ass after all....but im not saying its gonna be better then the first. and it would pretty much put the icing on the cake if they start this one with one of those mini extras at the beginning..... i loved this movie as a kid, it'll really fuck me up if they mess this up
  • Dan
    This better not be one of those ugly PS2 quality motion capture films or I will be really pissed!!!!
  • Alex, you may recall that Beauty and the Beast used CGI for the ballroom sequence. Although mixing 2D and 3D animation may be a challenge, it does offer some interesting possibilities.
  • Fuelbot
  • Fuelbot
    How involved will John Lasseter be? I mean, I'm not expecting Pixar level involvement but more along the lines of TRON: LEGACY. Knowing that he's somewhere behind the scenes would be nice.
  • El Hoopso
    So long as Mrs. J Rabbit is still in that red dress I don't think anyone care how it ends up!
  • What the technology means is that they don't have to recast Bob Hoskins or make the character twenty years older. He can still play the role but look exactly like he did back in the late 80s.
  • "What the technology means is that they don't have to recast Bob Hoskins or make the character twenty years older. He can still play the role but look exactly like he did back in the late 80s." In a sense, this is "Roger Rabbit" meets "Benjamin Buttons".
  • Professor Brian O'Bilivion
    I must confess that I am experiencing a HUGE internal struggle with this potential project. Normally, I just ignore the re-make machine Hollywood has turned into for the most part. But, this is interesting because of the idea of a carefully approached sequel. On the other hand, it has been over two decades since the original was released and A LOT has changed in film. I hope Zemeckis and crew don't go over the top. I hope to maybe see a scene with "Buster Bunny" from Tiny Toon Adventures still in 2-D, running amok with "Rex" from Toy Story as a 3-D model. Maybe like a new wave of ToonTown. But, then again, that raises the question of do you modernize the times from the 1920's to say the 50's with current aged Bob Hoskins as Eddie Valiant? I still just don't know what to expect here...
  • Last Son
    Robert Zemeckis was one of my fav director's until he went with animation motion capture. I don't like his animated films. Zemeckis leave animation to the folks over at Pixar. Go back to making classic films again! (Back To The Future/Forrest Gump/Contact/Cast Away).
  • Voice of Reason
    He wont abandon the 3-d kick he's on. Theres just no way, and as a result, this movie will blow for it. At this point, I dont think he knows how to go back to making the movies that (once) made him popular.




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