Paramount Wants Twilight Actor Taylor Lautner in Max Steel

December 4, 2009
Source: LA Times

Taylor Lautner

It was first reported that Paramount had picked up rights to the Mattel's toy line Max Steel with plans of turning it into a feature film back in July. Boy, things move quick at that studio. Now, according to the LA Times, Paramount really wants 17-year-old Twilight star Taylor Lautner to play the lead character Josh McGrath, an extreme sports athlete. In the original WB Kids show (that was based on the toys), McGrath is "accidentally exposed to the unleashed power of nanotechological machines, which become part of him and give him increased strength, near-invulnerability and the ability to change his appearance." Sounds fun, eh?

According to the LA Times report, Lautner's agents want to line him up for a lead role following Twilight. He's not signed for the role yet, but Paramount wants him because "he can bring young women into theaters -- always a positive for any action picture." Of course. But do you want these screaming girls in your theater watching this with you? Well, I can already say that if he gets cast, I probably won't even be going to theaters to see this. I don't know about everyone else, but I haven't seen Lautner ever prove that he's a capable actor. Then again, he hasn't really been in much besides Twilight, give or take a role on "My Own Worst Enemy".

I don't know, I wasn't really excited for this when it was initially announced. And attaching Lautner doesn't help. In fact, it turns me off, but that's probably because I'm tired of all this Team Jacob crap. You as well?

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  • Shane
    Kill me now.
  • dex
    looks stupid with long hair, when he speaks in his film he sounds lie a news broadcaster.
  • Cineprog
    I agree with Alex on this one, were the proff that Taylor Lautner that he can act, it all about the looks.
  • Bishop8496
    Just the idea that they are casting him in an action film just to draw the female crowd is already stuuupid!!!
  • samuel j
    i like lautner. ill check this out. i think he will surprise everyone
  • SlashBesat
    Loved Max Steel as a kid, but keep this guy the fuck away from it!
  • SkaOreo
    Two questions: 1. Why Max Steel? 2. Why now?
  • Shane
    @ #7: 1) Because its a recognizable franchise 2) Because its a recognizable franchise
  • p
    @#7 @#8 1.Because it's AWESOME 2.MONEY 3. so We can keep doing numbered comments screw Taylor Lautner,pick Someone else. I'm surprised Alex didn't put Who He thought should play Max Steel I'd be genuinely interested to know .
  • nelson
    sounds like xxx with super powers
  • Governor
    XXX sounds like James Bond with more stupidity.
  • Cody
    Real answers: 1. Money 2. Money 3. Money Thats the only reason.....honestly max steel?? I am so sick of superhero movies..I mean marvels are great but even them to me are just beginning to be too much. Its the era of the superhero movie I suppose but man am I tired of seeing guys in tights with powers. Where are the original scripts and ideas?
  • PJ
    I remember watching Max Steel as a kid and Taylor Lautner is pretty much the exact opposite of someone I'd expect to play max steel. I just wouldn't be able to take him seriously in any action movie. He should stick to stuff he's good at, like taking his shirt off for no reason and smiling way too much. Sure the girls love him, but new moon has made him somewhat of a joke in the eyes of guys. If they go with him for this role, they're probably going to lose a lot of male viewers. Girls didn't see the twilight movies just for him, they saw it because it was melodramatic teen soap opera based on books they had all read. Girls didn't watch max steel.
  • Darrin
    the first transformers was pretty awesome, im willing to give it a go
  • history repeats
    that kid is a horrible actor.
  • SlashBeast
    If you don't like superhero movies, don't watch them.
  • Enterprise_J
    Give Lautner a chance. I'm no fan but most of you guys are already casting negative comments and the kid hasn't even been cast in the movie yet. I was forced to sit through New Moon and Lautner was by far the best lead actor in the movie. He was able to "act" out different emotions better than the other two leading characters IMO. I think before we start knocking his acting ability we should allow him to show us what he can do. Movies like the Twilight series hardly give an actor the ability to give and Oscar winning performance as well as Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Max Steel probably isn't going to be a winner either but if his body sells tickets than what would you do if you were running Paramount?! Most of us never thought Adam Sandler could do more than hokey comedy and then he gave a great performance in Reign Over Me and Funny People. Frankly, I think most of you guys with beer guts and receding hair lines are probably a little jealous of the kid too! LOL.
  • Momo
    God.. that kid cannot act to save his life.. but on the other end, I don't think anyone expects the lead actor to be an oscar winner in Max Steel... I don't think he's mature enough, even with this premature body he still looks like a 17 year old, Mand ax Steel is a man.
  • Clover
    $$$$$$ vs. Bad acting. What am I saying....?? This kid cannot act. PERIOD!!!!!
  • samuel j
    nic cage cant act either and look at his career
  • ronnia456
    Exterprise is Right! and Alex Billington sounds old as hell and sounds like a close personal friend of some the old farts that critized Twilight Saga: New Moon. If there is any movie that has someone in it thats under twenty-five then nine times out of ten. It is probaly not going to be liked by your grandparents! Taylor Lautner did some really good acting in New Moon, but I can name a lot of bad ass acting actors that's older than me that wasn't worth the ticket either! But am going to see Max Steel if Taylor's in it and taking thirty of my friends with me so we can scream all the haters out.
  • Yes, why not? I think Taylor Lautner has a great way to be a famous and successful actor. I like his performance with Jacob Black in New Moon.
  • rachel christine
    taylor lautner IS so hot. but i agree with most of you...THE BOY CANT ACT. i recently saw new moon and I WAS EMBARASSED FOR HIM. he's really young and he just doesn't know what he's doing. lol i still wouldn't mind dating adorable..
  • SlashBeast
    This kid can't act. Keep him away from movies.
  • stefani
    You guys are all haters! Taylor Lautner CAN act, I mean c'mon he outdid everyone else in New Moon, don't judge based on one movie, & yea he's hot too, so what, being hot makes you a bad actor now? Id rather it be him playin max steel then zac efron!
  • AntC
    I think Taylor is a good actor but for the role of Max Steel not so much. First of all he doesn't look a damn thing like him. Second the only reason people would want to see this movie just to see him shirtless again. I am giving him a chance though can't judge too quickly.
  • SlashBeast
    Outdoing someone in acting in New Moon is an accomplishment? Lol.
  • Jesepp
    I agree with SlashBeast-Taylor Lautner's only praised as a "good actor" because he constantly takes his shirt off for no reason and smiles all the time-not to mention he's the only actor who dosen't hate the movie and want out ASAP. I guess that gets teenage girls to watch it, but he's a joke in my eyes (yes, I am female). He should have stuck to either stripping or MMA, the guy just can't act. He needs to stick to his fanbase.




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