Paul Blart Director Steve Carr Hired for the Short Circuit Remake

October 27, 2009

Steve Carr - Johnny 5

This right here, this is when we know this movie is going to suck. Say what you will, but there's no giving Steve Carr the benefit of the doubt on this one. Besides directing the pile of crap known as Paul Blart: Mall Cop, his other credits include Are We Done Yet?, Rebound, Daddy Day Care, Dr. Dolittle 2, and Next Friday. Sure, the script, written by "Robot Chicken" writer Dan Milano, might not be that bad, but Carr is going to screw it up. This Short Circuit remake is going to go onto his filmography right there along with the others as yet another piece of crap. This finally confirms what we knew all along - this remake will suck!

Variety says that "the remake is a robot reboot that brings the iconic Johnny 5 into the 21st century." Built by the military to be a highly sophisticated weapon, Johnny 5 develops a conscience and personality after being hit by lightning. He befriends a lonely boy and his fractured family. Normally I'd like to be optimistic and say that maybe it has a chance of being fun, but this time I've just got to accept reality, and Steve Carr is not going to deliver a good movie. The original was classic because it's a campy 80's kids movie that we all saw as kids. But remade nowadays by the Paul Blart director, there's just no chance it'll be any good, sorry!

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  • Gabs
    I actually rather enjoyed Paul Blart en Dr Dolittle 2..
  • AwwMan
    Although I don't want to, I have to agree. This movie is going to suck, no matter how bad we want it to be good. I mean even the original sucked. It just sucked in that wonderfully humpty dumpty way that only 80s movie can, and we loved it for it. It was like Mannequin for kids with a robot. However, Paul Blart and most of the other movies on Carr's resume just suck, no saving grace, they just suck.
  • branden
    finally, with all the fluff and love you guys give to just about everything on this site I am finally glad you just outright say it will suck. I think Daddy Day Care was good, but that was mainly because of the kids and Steve Zahn.
  • Vold
    A little bit biased are we... You haven't even seen a trailer yet.
  • notes
    good to see you're unbiased on this one. Man, and I thought film journalism was losing its ways...
  • Oh come on, seriously, you're going to defend the guy who made Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Daddy Day Care and Dr. Dolittle 2? You really think he'll actually make a good movie out of Short Circuit? You guys are bias if you really think that's going to happen.
  • Link1983
    :'( Another memory ruined by a limited imagination at Hollywood.
  • DRM
    The thing about the original "Short Circuit" is that its the kind of movie where if you liked it at all, then you probably like it just as it is. It's not like the movie needs to be "made better" by modern technology. The original Short Circuit is about as good as the concept can really be. On the other side, there's plenty of people who didn't like the original, and probably won't have any interest in the remake. So the question really stands: "Who is this movie for?".
  • ElDeBarge
    The theme song "Who's Johnny?" will be covered by an all-star lineup including Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, the 5th runner up from the next round of American Idol and Carr's daughter who, like, totally wants to be a singer.
  • Breach
    Awesome, another one of my fondest childhood memories about to be raped beyond recognition. To hell with this remake.
  • Hattori Hanzo
    Steve Carr should make "Short Circuit vs. Paul Blart" instead. Just think of it; one movie and we'll get rid of one crappy director and two crappy movies.
  • JimD
    What? Hey Hollywood throw some of that waste money my way eh?
  • Mark
    Why are we remaking this movie? Hollywood can't come up with any novel robot films? This will probably be an alright movie for a new generation, but this generation already has Wall-E .
  • Negro
    I am part of the small amount of people that thought Paul Blart was rather decent of a film, not going to EVER own it but still enjoyable. However Short Circuit shouldn't get remade, period. It is going to be right there with Footloose, Fame, and all the other late 70- mid 80 movie remakes that shouldn't be made.
  • Will
    Daddy day care and Dr Dolittle 2 were alright. Not great but alright. But i agree it shouldn't be remade...
  • that guy
    Alex, I usually back you up but right now I'm not too sure. Johnny 5 was the best robot ever. He'd kick the shit out of R2D2 any day and he'd even make some campy one liners while doing it. Don't hate on it yet. I hated Rob Cohen with every fiber of my being after the first Fast and Furious movie but I still enjoyed XXX. The mere thought of a Johnny 5 in this era will be good. You can't sit these kids down nowadays and have them enjoy a good 80's flick. If it's not titties and guts, they don't want it. I say go for it, make the movie and lets see what the new Johnny 5 will look like. I bet it will be a CGI robot though, can't compete with them 80's prop guys.
  • Jeff
    I like Steves movies. Sit back, relax, enjoy some laughs. You try directing a movie and see how good you are. Jeff
  • Tim
    How can anyone spend millions on making a movie and hire great actors and sound track artists etc, and flunk out big time? The fact that it even sees the light of day must mean it's at least halfway good surely? I don't usually bother going to see movies or rent DVD but this is one I would definitely see regardless of what the critics might say, purely because I loved the originals so much. Hopefully they'll keep some of the best elements of the original in place and improve on any deficiencies.




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