Pineapple Express 2 Might Still Happen, But Superbad 2 Won't

November 19, 2009

Pineapple Express

I often get tired of writing about sequels that will never happen, but just because people want to see them, they always continue to exist as rumors forever and ever. Comedian extraordinaire Judd Apatow recently appeared on the Funny or Die Writer's Room live stream (found via The Playlist) and talked ever so briefly about two sequels to movies he produced. The first is Superbad, which has had sequel talk since the day it came out. And the second is Pineapple Express, which wasn't as big of a success as Superbad, but has also been talked about for a while. I'm down for seeing more from either, although I liked Superbad better.

"I can't get [Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg] to make the Superbad sequel. I begged, but they don't want to ruin it. They think it's a gem of a movie and they don't want a crappy second," Apatow said. That actually makes sense, especially because it was such a great movie. And as for Pineapple Express, he seems more optimistic. "There's a little talk about a Pineapple Express sequel if that's your cup of tea… your bowl of smoke. You probably have a better shot of seeing that [then any Superbad 2 or any other Apatow sequel]," he said. Although it sounds like they aren't doing a crossover sequel either. Damnit, I wanted to see that.

So there you have it. I'm not sure why they think Pineapple Express has some potential for a sequel and yet Superbad doesn't, but either way, I'm down. And while we won't get that crossover sequel, I can bet that if they do make Pineapple Express 2, Officers Slater and Michaels will show up at some point. Sound good?

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  • Shane
    Kudos to Rogen and Goldberg for not forcing a Superbad sequel. I watched the Apatow live cast, and although he didn't answer my question it was still hilarious and worthwhile.
  • Cody
    I can see he said superbads a gem, cant ruin the intergrity...but Pineapple express its a great movie but not as distinct as superbad therefore I can see an actual good sequel to that. Also Superbad is really hard to top when it comes to that type of comedy but Pineapple express not-so-much.
  • They aren't saying a Superbad 2 won't work Alex, Seth and Evan just don't want to risk it. Because they loved Superbad so much.
  • Shelby Hemstock
    Rogen played three characters in Fanboys. I could see Slater and Michaels
  • Sean Hunter
    Superbad 2 is a terrible idea. It just would not work, plain and simple. The story worked for ONE movie but doesn't lend itself to more. Pinapple Express, on the other hand, could work as a sequel for the same reasons Cheech and Chong sequels worked.
  • luke
    you got to admit though, super bad two based in the final year or first year of college would be funy as hell!
  • Janny
    there have only been a handfull of sequels that were near or above the quality of great original films... now superbad was the funniest movie of a great year for funny movies and although having the characters come back into new shinanigans would be hilarious it might take away from the first and good job for the actors for saying no... but i guess we can't be against it until its made and it blows
  • Madnezz344
    hmmm? if pine apple express 2 does happen, please make it funnier :}
  • Greedo
    Superbad 2 would be like American Pie 2.... they're in college, so getting the 3 of them together would be kinda forced. Well, maybe not since McLovin and George Michael are roommates, but that's freshman year. Most people don't care for Jonah Hill, especially in that role. McBride, Rogen, and Franco are buddies by the end of PE, and they could really go anywhere with the story.
  • Jeff
    How could slater and michaels show up in the sequel when seth rogen played 2 of the characters??
  • xerxex
    Superbad 2? Really no reason for another one, as for Pineapple Express can they really do it again? The first trailer for PE was so awesome, and the full film didn't disappoint, it was awesome seeing Franco playing that character, McBride was a delight to watch because well...well...because he's fucking funny, and Rogen was just awesome, but can they bring us another one that will be funnier than the first?
  • Colt
    I would be down for a superbad sequel if it happened. It'd be like the movie version of Undeclared with jonah hill thrown in. it's a shame it wont.
  • Phil
    I really want a Superbad sequel. Just imagine, Fogell and Evan in College, and somehow end up with Seth, and the cops hang out with Fogell for one last time and get into heaps of shenanigans.
  • Fierce
    I was really looking forward to Super Bad 2. The first one was hilarious and my friends and I have watched it over and over again. However, we are now bored with the first one, so I think next year is a perfect time to release a second one with them in college. Regardless what others and the actors think...we want more! Just don't over do it like American Pie...and all will be good. So get on that second Super Bad movie ASAP....
  • Big Vinny Diesel
    I watched Superbad for the second time last night and oh my god, I can't believe how much I was pissing myself throughout the whole movie even the second time around. I would love to see a Superbad 2 even if it's not anywhere near as funny but I think Rogen, etc have made the right decision by letting it be one of the greatest standalone comedies of all time.
  • k money
    umm pineapple express sucked a fat d!@k superbad is outragously funny... i smoke hella dank an funnier events take place in my living room than suck express ohh by the way an im medicnal patient with the stuff that puts high times to shame so if ur in oregon near willsonville.... u could follow the aroma to my homa ya dig
  • Gundog
    Here's my 2 cents, Honestly I've watched Superbad like 10 times and still continue to like it. Like I will be with my firends and I and I have the urge to watch Superbad like everytime. I think I'm addicted to watching it haha. Because everytime I watch it, I want to be in the movie and it makes me think how much fun that would be do have an experience similar to this. Sure a couple of the times when I'm watching this movie we will be ripped, but that just makes it 10 X better. I would be 110 % for a sequel even though I know it would be tough to live up to the original. I think that even if it isn't all that great, it would still make a lot of profit and would not ruin Superbad 1. I know this because with the minds of Judd Apatow and Evan Goldberg, there would be no way they could screw up the sequel that bad. It would at least be funny. If the sequel is not going to happen, it would at least be cool to get most of the same actors and make a different party movie because you cannot go wrong with these actors I'm telling you! So please, take this into consideration as it would be very smart.
  • D2
    superbad 2 could work!! just follow up the rest of the weekend and they throw another big ass party
  • brownie-p
    People are saying Superbad was more distinct than Pineapple Express, but I think its the other way around! Superbad just didn't have a purpose. It was predictable, awkward, forced, and the acting from the two leading characters was terrible. Lets just say one of them can't act and the other talks so loud, which is annoying! Who wants annoying and Mr. boring to ruin Pineapple Express? Show of hands? 0 people!




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