Please Steve Carell, Don't Star in Kim Barker's Hi-T!

March 4, 2009

Steve Carell

Let me preface this by saying that I do love Steve Carell, he's a great comedian, and even though I don't watch "The Office", I usually enjoy everything he does. However, this is a project that he should stay far, far away from. Unfortunately he's producing it, which doesn't help. Steve Carell's Carousel Productions will produce the comedy Hi-T, written by one of Hollywood's worst working writers, Kim Barker, who wrote License to Wed and the upcoming All About Steve. It's about a man who begins taking testosterone injections after an injury leaves him deprived of the chemical, only to find his moods swing uncontrollably.

Why do I have such a problem with this project? It's all about screenwriter Kim Barker. I can't necessarily say she's a hack, but I do know that the scripts she writes are terrible. Just read the rant I wrote for the All About Steve trailer and you'll get a good idea why I hate her. I can already tell that Hi-T has one of those ridiculously stupid concepts that just doesn't need to be seen on the big screen. Unfortunately some big Hollywood studio is going to give Carell all the money he needs to get this made. But if he's smart, he'll let this one go and let some other wannabe actor waste their time and respect on this pointless rubbish.

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  • Chris
    Have you read the script?
  • blasjd
    how do you not watch the office? At least the first couple of seasons you should watch
  • Chris W
    That is a bit of a bold statement saying Kim Barker is one of the worst, when she only one movie that has hit the theaters so far. Is one movie enough to determine how bad of a writer someone is? I doubt it.
  • Chris
    Yeah, but its typical Billington. He exaggerates everything.
  • Flame
    Who does not watched The Office ? If you are if any way a comedy movie fan you must watch the Office serials because it is the best comedian serial ever !
  • Pretty lame to judge her by only one movie. Should I cancel this feed?
  • Chris
    It's articles like these that make it hard to have any faith in your reviews.
  • bourneidentity
    How can you trust an article by a dude that likes Steve Carell, but doesn't watch the office? Besides we should all know by now, if it ain't DK to his standards then it ain't good. He needs to get off the jock of Nolan already and let it go.
  • Stylist Mick
    License to Wed went through more hands than needed be and Robin Williams has been known to completely crush a film just on his "act" alone. But to take a big stand against All About Steve only to show the trailer at the bottom seems a bit hypocritical.
  • amazing
    Kim Barker is the worst writer in hollywood, everyone who is anyone knows that
  • Wow, sorry guys, didn't realize you were SUCH big fans of comedic crap like License to Wed and All About Steve. I don't need to even see All About Steve to know it's another stupid comedy designed for middle America. I mean come on, how the hell are you defending her?!
  • Chris
    I'd like to think someone who runs a movie website, who insists on being taken seriously, would be a little more objective in an upcoming project, which correct me if I'm wrong, is only in the very ealry stages. To simply right off an entire project before its even in pre-production is crazy. It's posts like these that will never earn you respect.
  • stacia
    In defense of Alex, I love Steve Carell too, but I don't watch The Office either. I like it, but I'm not obssesed. I don't watch much TV in the evening anyway, that's when I watch my movies. Sure, I dont' agree with judging a writer based on one matter HOW shitty it was, and it was shitty, and I love my comedy and Robin Williams...but yeah. And attacknig an attacker really doesn't help anything, now does it? I enjoy reading Alex's posts becuase he puts HIS opinion and it's usually fiesty or at least interesting. It's his blog, let him rant.
  • Bob
    Funny. You really have no clue how it works, do you?
  • ps
    I've worked in both film and TV probably since before you were born. I've read a lot of scripts. I read Ms. Barker's original spec scripts of both "License to Wed" and "All About Steve". They were brilliant. In the future, if you don’t like a movie, instead of bad-mouthing a talented writer, perhaps you should blame the studios who often aren’t brave enough to shoot a writer’s original vision. You have NO clue how things you have any actual experience in this business whatsoever? Have you ever sold a script? I think not. You might benefit from reading William Goldman's books "Adventures in the Screen Trade" and "Which Lie Did I Tell?" before you go spouting off again about something you seem to know nothing about.
  • Sujata
    Um, hello! Kim Barker did not write the script, it originated with another writer, she is just brought in to polish it. Do your homework...




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