Post-Oscars Upcoming Movies First Look Footage

February 22, 2009

Oscars Credits Upcoming Movies First Look Footage

If you decided to turn off the Oscars before the credits rolled, you missed of the best footage of the entire night. Studios submitted a montage of first look clips from a plethora of upcoming movies, including: Sherlock Holmes, Funny People, Taking of Pelham 123, Public Enemies, Julia & Julia, The Soloist, Pixar's Up, Terminator Salvation, 500 Days of Summer, Amelia, Whatever Works, Inglourious Basterds, Night at the Museum 2, Monsters vs Aliens, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Angels & Demons, Old Dogs, The Boat That Rocked, An Education, State of Play, and more. Take a look at the full video below!

Watch the "Upcoming Movies" presentation from the Oscars:

[flv:http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/oscar-credits-spoiler-clips.flv http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/oscar-credits-spoiler-clips.jpg 480 270]

This is an excessive amount of new footage, so I don't even know where to begin! But I guess I've got to say I was most impressed with the footage from Public Enemies, Whatever Works, and Angels & Demons, but that's not to say that all of this looked really good. It's also great to see Fox Searchlight (who won big for Slumdog Millionaire tonight) putting their two big Sundance movies, 500 Days of Summer and An Education, out there this early, which shows they're incredibly supportive of their gems, which is why they're one of the very best studios around. What was the most exciting footage?

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  • Shane
    The footage from Public Enemies looks awesome. Can't wait.
  • Trey
  • wassssssuuuuuupppppppp
    Man that sucked. Public Enemies looks like an other gangster movie I care to see and wait for HBO. Only one I care to watch over and over is Last Man Standing.
  • Nate
    Public Enemies looks bad ass
  • kindbuddy
    well then watch last man standing over and over again wasssssssssuppppppppp...
  • Why do people still employ Eddie Murphy?
  • Boxoffice Marco
    That Sherlock Holmes footage kicked major ass. Anyone know the music playing during the whole montage?
  • John Travolta looks so bad ass... love it.
  • zetsu
    intrested in sherlock holmes,monsters vs aliens,public enemies(looks fucking good.)inglourious basterds(can't fucking wait)terminator salvation(looks fucking promising).& with watchmen,x-men origins wolverine(fuck em up deadpool) & tranformers revenge of the fallen it's shapeing up to be a pretty good fucking year.
  • kindbuddy
    Boxoffice Marco ... that song is "Leopard Skin Pill-Box Hat" by Bob Dylan but the version during the montage seems more upbeat though so it could be another version of the song
  • kindbuddy
    and crapola ppl still employ eddie murphy because he's still talented ... EVERY actor/actress has had hits or misses... and that movie that eddie murphy is in seems like a kids movie and besides meet dave he's faired pretty well in kids movies
  • Matt Suhu
    I'm excited for Michael Mann's Public Enemies.
  • Kenny
    Confused as to what ws impressive about the Whatever Works footage - dude walks in, woman falls over. Looking forward to Terminator, inglorious basterds and sherlock holmes!
  • JDG
    don,t worry post 6 he retire soon
  • Moviegimp
    Eddie Murphy can be great but he sure chooses some bad movies as of late, besides Dreamgirls. According to IMDB he has two movies this year and three next including a 4th Shrek and this thing Untitled Eddie Murphy/Romeo and Juliet Project (2010) (announced) comedy? drama? wth?
  • Voice of Reason
    Get in on the PUBLIC ENEMIES scoop, Alex.
  • James
    I think it's Beck doing the cover.
  • Voice of Reason
    I dont think Sherlock Holmes is going to be any good. There i said it.
  • mike
    harry potter was wicked!!, public enemies was bad ass as h@** can't wait for both. also for up, Taking of Pelham 123 & Funny People.
  • #13 - I guess that wasn't "impressive", but it's the first we've seen from it, and it just makes me excited to see it. I think Woody Allen has gone back and made something great this time.
  • Adam
  • bozoconnors
    I would watch it... but there are two REALLY ANNOYING low rent "windows" looking ads BEEPING and flashing "CONGRATULATIONS!! WINNER!!!" Ads aren't worth it if they're offensive enough to decrease your subscriber base.
  • John Servo
    @22. Get adblock plus, my friend. @16. Ditto. That brief shot of a tommy gun's muzzle flash (and thats bale behind the gun, no?) looked pretty amazing. I hope Mann can again pull of something frenetic and brooding in the vein of Heat and to a lesser extent Manhunter. However, some reviewer at IMDB who saw a screening said it was a big disappointment. who knows.
  • britain
    Public Enemies and IB definitely
  • rockfeller
    the songs by beck called Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat - http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=GB&v=3rnf74TPLaM
  • Brabs
    Public Enemies looks absolutely DISGUSTINGLY SICK NASTY!!
  • viral
    sherlock homes - RDJ looks great...and he will bring a wry sense of humor... this should be good funny people - Appatow is seriously ovrerated and i dont find sandler the least bit funny taking of pelham 123 - looks good. should be fun to see travlota vs washington public enemies - depp and bale enuf said. but hope its not too long and drawn out. julie & julia - Strep and Adams. Seriously ENOUGH SAID. love them both to bits the soloist - i only concern is Foxx taking it OTT. He was great in UP - should be good. but i doubt pixar can top WALL-E FAME - no idea what this is about. but Ballet and a symphony Orchestra? am hooked terminator salvation - pass... not a big fan of the series of robots hell bent on destroying earth. 500 days of summer - looks AMAZING and has that innocent and fresh sense to it. cannot wait Amelia - Hillary for the WIN.. Swank i mean. Mira Niar is an amazingly sensitive director whatever works - Woody and Larry David. oldest most overrated unfunny people Inglorious Bastards - the teaser trailer looks SICK and WWII on SPEED Night at the museum 2 - torn cause i hated the first one and love Amy Adams monsters VS aliens - Guess Alex was right ( this movie does look sucky) Harry Potter - looks Magical . plus Bonham-Carter as Bellatrix is my dream come true angels and daemons - better book. not so sure about the movie. old dogs - inexcusable... looked rubbish ice age 3- i love the franchise... i will be watching the boat that rocked - looks promising... an education - looks great.. plus the story line and the casting is fantastic. go Domini Cooper Go!! state of play - i love political thrillers and crowe was great in body of lies. imagine that - Eddie murphy pulling silly faces. Pass... G-force - could have its moments... dont know the hamster from Bolt was pretty funny.. hope these are his relatives. Nine ( the muscial ) is going to be interesting too.. also they should ahve included the 9 teaser... the rag dolls blowing up looks great.
  • bassbin
    #27 have you too much time on yr hands? id just like to know
  • @ 6 Didn't catch the title of the movie. But, looks like Eddie is going to play the role of *one* character in it. That in itself is a glimmer of hope it might not royally suck.




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