Rapper 'The Game' Might Be The A-Team's B.A. Baracus?

July 2, 2009

The Game

I don't know why everyone is so anxious to find out casting on Joe Carnahan's The A-Team. This isn't the first time we've heard rumors about who might be playing the contemporary B.A Baracus. At one point it was rapper-turned actor Common who had emerged as the frontrunner. Now, according to our friend Wilson at, another rapper-turned-actor is being considered - The Game. I'm not sure where they even got this scoop, but they do mention that other possible candidates include Ice Cube and MMA fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. So it doesn't look like The Game has been given this role just yet.

The Game, also known as Jayceon Terrell Taylor, made his acting debut opposite Tyrese Gibson in Waist Deep in 2006. He also appeared alongside of Common in Street Kings but hasn't done much other acting. Okay, so here's the thing, I know he's not the greatest actor, but first off, at least he's better than 50 Cent. Secondly, it's obvious with the other "candidates" that they want to pick someone who is a gritty, thug-like guy who may not be a good actor but has some "brute force" to him. I mean, look at Mr. T! We don't need a great actor to play this role. So if it is The Game in the end, then who really cares, this will still be badass!

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  • rockfeller
  • Kaiser
    Who cares? The film will stink anyway
  • vlad
    i bloody hope not!
  • usonnychiba1
    Oh no, dear lord no. The man is one big cliche (and a really 2 dimentional one at that). I mean, he has tattoos on his face so he must be a bad man. And that pathetic snarl he always pulls? Come on really?! Please, whoever thought of this one, do us all a favour and fuck off out of the industry you uninspired clueless twat.
  • Luke Barnett
    YES DO IT!! game has shown promise in all previous films he's acted in, and this role would suit! Your not EVER gonna get a positive response when a BLACK MAN has been casted, especially for a BLACK ROLE
  • usonnychiba1
    Wow Luke you've clearly missed the entire point you dick. Try to read this very slowly in order to take in the info and I'll try not to use any big words for you. No one is angry that the Game is cast because he's black, they are angry because he's a bit of a wooden cliche (let me know if you don't know what cliche means). No one is turning the casting argument into a racial thing and if they are (Luke) then they are a moron.Last time I checked BA is black so casting a black actor is probably the way forward. I'm not saying a white actor couldn't play it but if you want to be true to the fucking kiddie show that was the A-Team then we should stick to the tested working formula. Again Luke try to read comments slowly and take your time to really think about what's being said before you reply. Have you considered the wonders of an education, it may help?
  • w00t!!!
    #2 said it all...
  • Smiley
    I would have suggested Common (Ving Rhames) for this role Sam Rockwell for Murdoch. Having said that I don't really have much interest in this, I used to like the A team when I was lot younger but now I think they'll have to 'serious it up' or it wont work I could be wrong though I'm rambling now...
  • I agree kaiser this movie will stink there is no possible way to make a movie even close to what the A Team was, all the characters were unique, and i bet they will try to bring the A team to the 21 first century when they really are veterans of war long time ago
  • I agree kaiser this movie will stink there is no possible way to make a movie even close to what the A Team was, all the characters were unique, and i bet they will try to bring the A team to the 21 first century when they really are veterans of war long time ago
  • BONO
    I would like to see Don Cheadle.
  • Pete
    Rampage Jackson gets my vote.
  • Dan W
    yup #2 said what I was thinking
  • Mr j Money
    I'm with #12... If they cast Rampage, He's gotta do that jumping powerbomb thing he does. well... maybe not. This was supposed to be Oceans 11-style right? Might not work then. My vote is Vin Diesel(Gruff and Buff), Ice Cube (unbeatable scowl) or an unknown. NOT Tyrese or Common.
  • Robbie
    What's wrong with Mr. T?
  • johnndoe
    Any suggestions? Well, i think this cast could work. Kevin Costner as Hannibal Bradley Cooper as Face Terry Crews as B.A. Sam Rockwell as Murdock Rachel Nichols as Amy Liam Neeson as Col. Decker
  • zach
    what happened to rapper common for this role?
  • Reza
    just so that those who havent watched the A-Team can know, when you post new stories about this movie could you post the pic of the actor who USED to play the character along with the actor who MIGHT play the character in the upcoming movie? sorry if that's confusing, but ya, thanks!
  • tankmaster
    Common would be a much better B.A....Or terry crews!!! When will people understand that cause people can rap doesnt mean they can act!!!
  • Farris
    Rampage Jackson looks the part better than anyone else in my opinion. His personality also fits the role, I just don't know about his acting skills.
  • CLAW
    Wow I guess this movie is going to be horrible I mean they can't even get an slightly bad actor no they want to scoop the crap from the bottom of a barrel ouch.
  • lui
    the game has done a good job in his minor roles, he is enthusiastic and talented dont get why everyones bagging him. i would see this movie just coz hes in it.
  • angryKid
    Rampage would be ok, but the only person I'd wanna see in this role, besides Mr. T, would be Kimbo Slice.
  • Andrew
    The writer misses the point when he says "you dont need to be an actor for the part of BA"??? Man, didnt you ever watch the show? BA had something (as did every other Ateam member) that very very FEW actors have today....its called CHARISMA! (not sure if i spelled it right!) But they had it!. The Ateam as a show had perfect balance of looks and chemistry. And that is what this new movie must live will be very hard, but heres hoping
  • Brian
    Folks brought up on cgi and mind boggling (mostly sucky) special effects dont even know a good film or tv show anymore. In its time the ateam was blasted for being an action flick and nothing more, but time has proved the critics wrong...the ateam had amazing actors who played off each other brilliantly. I dont see actors like these today anymore....good actors are becoming redundant, replaced by muscular bodies and pretty faces with nothing inside...thats the problem in hollywood today, all flash and no class. guys like Peppard were great actors and so were the rest of the Ateam. thats why this show became so huge, rising above all the other action tv shows of its time. The challenge will be to recapture that special ingredient....if they do it will be a smash....if not, this movie will suck bigtime....




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