Rashida Jones Joins the Cast of David Fincher's Social Network

December 9, 2009

Rashida Jones

Although they're already shooting this, they're not done casting. Variety just has announced that Rashida Jones is the latest to join the young cast of David Fincher's The Social Network, more commonly known as the Facebook movie. They don't reveal what character Jones will be playing, however my guess is that she might be playing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's girlfriend Priscilla Chan (seen in this photo). More on that later. In related news, ComingSoon was notified that The Social Network has been set for release on October 15th, 2010 next year by Sony. I guess it won't take too long to find out who she's playing after all!

The Social Network stars Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew Garfield as the other co-founder Eduardo Saverin, Justin Timberlake as Napster founder Sean Parker, and Rooney Mara as a girl named Erica. The story follows the creation and development of the popular social networking website Facebook. I asked Carson Reeves of ScriptShadow about who he thinks Jones might be playing, and he said she might be the girlfriend of fellow co-founder Eduardo Saverin instead. Jones, recently seen in I Love You Man, is a very talented actress and I'm excited to see her join the cast of one of my most anticipated films.

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  • But she's likely playing Mark's gf. The other girl is in college, which Jones is too old to play, right?
  • Dirty Dutchman
    This movie is destined to be a failure. I can respect the synopsis and the majority of the casting, but any film with Justin Timberlake is doomed to fail. I am not disputing his successful music career or his ability to conquer women sexually, but the curse of Justin Timberlake's will destroy any chance this film will have... his track record of films speaks for itself, for example: 1. The Open Road (2009) Production Budget: $8 million > Total US Gross since August: $19,348, then to DVD in 11/09 2. The Love Guru (2008) Production Budget: $62 million > Worldwide Gross: $40,863,344 3. Shrek the Third (2007) Production Budget: $160 million $9 million (US Gross) 5. Southland Tales (2006): Production Budget: $17,000,000 > Worldwide Gross: $374,743 (Biggest Financial Flop of the year) 6. Alpha Dog (2006): Unknown - estimated at between $30 and $40 million > Worldwide Gross: $28,220,442 (Delayed a year form original release date) 7. Edison (2005): Straight to DVD in 2007 (Originally set for a US theatrical release in 2005, but did not see the light of day) 8. Model Behavior (2000): TV Film 9. Longshot (2000): Straight to DVD He should stick to music and only making singing cameos on Saturday Night Live.
    • athena
      well obviously this movie didn't fail
  • Dirty Dutchman
    Sorry, but when posted before some info was not included... here is the included informtation: 3. Shrek the Third (2007) Production Budget: $160 million $9 million (US Gross)
  • Dirty Dutchman
    FYI something is faulty on this website when posting. Last information: 4. Black Snake Moan (2006): Production Budget: $15 million > $9 million (US Gross)
  • Dirty Dutchman
    3. Shrek the Third (2007) Production Budget: $160 million < $798,958,162 million (Worldwide Gross) Only received role because of dating Cameron Diaz at the time.
  • #2 - I can't believe you really think this is gunna fail just because it has Justin Timberlake in it. That's astonishing, but I guess we'll see next October. Also, let's stick to the topic at hand and keep this about Rashida Jones' involvement in it.
  • Robby
    #2. Wow thats dumb. A movie about Facebook just seems like it would be boring. Rashida Jones is hot, BTW.
  • Dirty Dutchman
    #7 Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you want to disagree at least provide some decent information of why "thats dumb" because a retort like that speaks for itself. I have figures to back up my opinion. At least we agree that Rashida Jones is hot.
  • Ant
    Firstly, Rashida Jones is hot and a interesting casting choice. Secondly, #2 strange, but compelling argument and I agree that this film will need to market itself a lot to have a chance and Lastly, #7 your response is... if I may "Wow thats dumb". If you want to engage in an argument explain why and not respond in such "Forest Gump" like manner.
  • joey
    rashida jones is great i hope this movie is really good since i love fincher and all of his films i think he is a great director that knows what hes doing so hopefully this wont suck although if fincher was not directing i would not be interested AT ALL in this film
  • Six Three
    Rashida Jones was ok in The Office and I'm not really that interested in her other stuff. Mabye this will change my mind but I doubt it. The whole idea of a movie about a website just doesn't interest me. Alex, I can't see why you call it "one of my most anticipated films."
  • ed
    i'll tiger wood her.
  • SlashBeast
    It just keeps getting worse.
  • Duir
    A Dirty Dutchman comment page!! Noice!! I still think it's kind of weird to see internet history or an internet related subject become a motion picture. I am, however, often guilty of declaring that everyone hack the planet.
  • Sumit
    Are these haters crazy? This is a DAVID FINCHER film - therefore it will be awesome. Don't get fixated on Timberlake, Fincher is the key ingredient not to mention Aaron Sorkin. Also let me tell you this - the Social Network will have a lot more of a Fight Club anarchist vibe than you may think - i van see this movie surprsining a lot of people.
  • SlashBeast
    Fincher is no guarantee of success. He's had his fair share of crap.
  • 59392a
    Way late to the party, but... Did you really think they would cast the 34-year-old, half-black Rashida Jones to play a college-age Chinese girl? That is bizarre.
  • Fullofgrace79
    Anyone else think its interesting that Rashida was cast in a movie where her best friend(in real life)is involved in the controversy of knowing the main character at the time of the alleged dispute of ownership? Nah. I won't go all Smoking Gun on Aaron Sorkin...who lied...I mean implied...about himself having a romantic involvement with Natalie Portman, just for a chance to get an inside spin from an A-Lister who just happend to be attending Harvard at the time. Natalie may have been the only individual mentioned in the film who was attending Harvard for an education. Go figure.  




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