Rolling Stone's First Look at District 9 with More Details!

May 4, 2009

District 9

With the teaser trailer for District 9 now playing in theaters in front of Wolverine, audiences have started to become much more interested in the film. And of course, like Cloverfield, the big question everyone is asking is what the heck it's about? The good news is that we finally have some good answers straight from the filmmakers, courtesy of the latest issue of Rolling Stone. I was also told that there was a brand new photo from District 9 in the newest issue - and there indeed is a new photo. However, it's so incredibly small that even if we had a good scan, you wouldn't be able to make out much, but we do have other details.

The article (as seen below) is part of their Summer Movie Preview (which isn't online yet) put together by Peter Travers. The feature contains a few good quotes from director Neill Blomkamp and producer Peter Jackson, primarily about the concept and the story. Since all we have is this pretty rough scan (which we'll change out once we get a better high quality version of the new photo), we'll just run some of the quotes that answer the questions of what's going on and what this about. Jackson teases: "It's fun watching people trying to compare this to other films. Is it like 28 Days Later? No, it's not. Is it like Cloverfield? No."

Blomkamp explains where the idea for District 9 (and his short film Alive in Joburg) originally came from: "I was a science-fiction nut when I was growing up in Johannesburg. I just wanted to see that kind of imagery in a third world setting with the complex political history of South Africa." Keep reading!

Rolling Stone District 9 Article

Jackson explains the backstory behind what we're seeing in the trailer, to answer at least a few questions. "These aliens arrived 20 years ago in a dead, derelict mothership, which hovers above Johannesburg. It's enormous, like the size of 10 football fields. The aliens have ended up in a Soweto-style township beneath the ship. It's clear that they're not really integrating into society. They like to scavenge things, rip up train tracks. So the authorities shift them 200 miles away, into the African belt. They've built a concentration camp." And of course, that's when things get crazy. "The resident's of Joburg want them gone."

"The film has almost a disregard for visual effects. Like, the aliens are so mundane and so part of the geography that you don't really focus on them at all," which is what makes this so unique. "Neill has built these teasing glimpses of alien culture, like gangs that spring up among them. Part of the fun is learning how the alien society has taken its lead from Earth society and from its own original thoughts. The film has this documentary rawness to it. It's original, which is good, because the film industry today only wants to remake every 70's TV show and superhero graphic novel. District 9 is not your typical summer film."

Although it seems like they're explaining a lot, these are all just basic details, and there's more to the story than they're hinting at. For example, in the footage I saw at ShoWest, it looked like the aliens might be trying to do more than just live peacefully. We'll let you know the moment we have updates on District 9!

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  • xerxex
    This is becoming more and more exciting to hear about nearly everyday!
  • Liam
    I'm really looking forward to this movie, as i did with Cloverfield.
  • Drax
    Is this a joke? A fucking grainy photograph of a magazine article. This fanboy shit has gotten waaaaaay out of hand. As much as I loved the trailer - this is hardly newsworthy.
  • #3 - The photo was literally the size of a STAMP in the magazine... Blame frickin' Rolling Stone for making it so damn small and not putting it online at all... We'll have a better version for you soon, I just wanted to get the quotes up!
  • Dan W
    awesome. I like the idea that the aliens are taking hints from Earth society and traditions. Like the whole gang idea, that seems really cool. Having two rival gangs, one being of alien origin and one of human origin. This is right below terminator for me. And the guy above me (Drax) is an idiot
  • Dan W
    Sorry Alex, not you! You must have posted right before I did haha
  • wooooooooooooo
  • Ian @ MovieViral
    Awesome news. Can't wait for this.
  • Chris
    People have really got to stop B****ing about what Alex decides to post on HIS blog. I mean come on...if you don't like it go write your own damn blog... And as for District 9...this movie has gotten be very interested, cant wait.
  • Janny
    quite looking forward to something new (and sci fi to boot!)... if it is a hit i wonder how long before it has a sequel, prequel, reimagining, reboot, comes in a graphic novel and can be seen on smell-o-vision
  • JimD
    Too many people are already labeling this Alien Apartheid. I do hope there is more to the story then these assumptions.
  • Justin
    As a sci-fi fan I can't wait to see it. As a South African I can't wait to see a movie of this scale in our country. But as a movie fan I can't wait to once again see a unique story based on an original concept. You go Neill Blomkamp "jou lekker ding" (you good thing in Afrikaans)!
  • leo
    Reminds me a lot of that show, V ,years and years ago.
  • wetworks
    Reminds me of V a little, but Alien Nation a little bit more. Sounds good though. I'm looking forward to it.
  • Juliette
    i'm French and i live in Paris... And it's great to see how excited you are about this movie ! I can't wait to see it ! But in France people are not really interested and most of them think that the all viral campaign sucks... so sad !
  • macwanabe
    A friend of mine played the role of one of the "comandos" in the movie, I don't want to spoil anything but I can divulge a few details. It was shot with the RED Digital Cinema camera. The aliens have these "suits" that they get into and then things get interesting. All I can say is it is awesome, stands almost 2.5m high and looks doners cool. Expect more than just some "political" look at alien integration. I was able to talk to some of the fx team from The Foundry and you can expect some quality work.
  • macwanabe
    Some more tidbits, the shacks was filmed in a Soweto squatter camp (Not all of Soweto looks like this), they basically bought all the shacks from the people much quicker and authentic than building your own, and they helped the locals towards getting their own homes. A lot of old army equipment was used for props. Filming started just after some xenophobic attacks, this was not part or planned in the movie. There is some parts of documentary style and then you kind of go into whats happening now live. More as we get closer to the movie release.
  • It looks great. It's going to rule.
  • moldybread
    "...Is it like Cloverfield? No."...Cloverfield was a lump of sh*t...this looks like it is going to kick ass...
  • This flick looks intense! Can't wait for this one.




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