Rumor: Another Mortal Kombat Movie Shooting This Year?!

July 7, 2009

Mortal Kombat

Wait, when did this happen? Yesterday, Warner Bros announced that they had bought most of Midway Games' assets, the big video game corporation responsible for a number of hit games, including Mortal Kombat. It was big news, but no details were disclosed, so no one really cared. Earlier tonight I was sent over a link to an article in the SGV Tribune, a newspaper out of California. In it, they talk with former actor and karate teacher Chris Casamassa, who played Scorpion in the original two Mortal Kombat movies. "According to Casamassa, he's set to start filming the third Mortal Kombat film in September." Really?

That statement just comes out of nowhere. They mention that he starred in the Mortal Kombat movies and then they have this quote. "Now I do maybe one film a year because I'm helping my dad run our company and it's kind of a full-time job, which I love." Then they drop that bit about a third Mortal Kombat movie. Is it a coincidence that this story and the Midway news hit within days of each other? I'm not so sure. We've heard that they've been trying to reboot the franchise, ever since Mortal Kombat: Annihilation tanked, but to no success. Maybe that Midway deal was the final piece of the puzzle. But shooting in September?

After Fox's Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li made a measly $8.7 million and was hated by almost everyone, I don't know how Warner Brothers could think this was a great franchise to bring back from the dead. Of course, there's always the possibility they could just be developing a low-budget straight-to-DVD sequel of sorts. Who knows what's going on. And who knows if this is even more than just a rumor. For me personally, the first Mortal Kombat is a cult classic, I love it for what it is, but the sequel was pure crap. I don't think this franchise is completely dead, but I don't think this is the time to bring it back. Do you?

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    Who gives a shit....fuck Street Fighter , fuck DOA, fuck Mortal Kombat....make a KILLER INSTINCT MOVIE, Now !!!
  • rob
    yes, that would be awesome..what about you alex? do you want it to come back?
  • when i was younger i wish a Parasite Eve movie got made but now that im older im glad it never happened. it woulda been butchered.this has potential to suck or be ridiculously horrible
  • Sabes
    I do admit, I liked the first one. I don't mind it coming back I suppose, but I'm really skeptical about it.
  • Otacon
    You know, if done right it might not be too bad. Street Fighter (Which I love), has the problem of the story not being there until after the games are made. Mortal Kombat, though not much different, at least has a FULL and LUSH canon to build from
  • Pun
    Yes, yes and fuck yes.
  • movie_boy
    I personally think these kind of movies are outdated. Look, Hollywood can bring anything to the big screen... Relatively... But I don’t see this making a mark where big earning movies are predominantly target younger demographics with extremely disposable 'income' and knowing all this the studio’s want to attract an audience who more than likely never lived through the impact of these games or aren’t even aware of them. Putting this brand out of context. Superman, Spiderman, Hulk etc etc work because they are timeless but Mortal Kombat is niche compared to them If this is going to work, which I’m highly skeptical about, they need more than what is on the plate... Whether it be a star studded cast, big budget, Michael Bay (lol) or whatever
  • before anyone calls me an idiot about what i said about the parasite eve movie,i forgot theres a japanese movie but i havent seen it.but if anything america does,that has to do with video games being put into movies will and has always sucked...comic book movies come out good though.atleast sometimes
  • Dave
    Do it! And put the theme song in it.
  • link1983
    I have desperately wanted this to happen for years. Bring back lambert, Wilson an Shou. Don't complicate the story you have the good guys and the bad guys. Let's upset earth a bit more have shao khan and co destroying france??? seriously lets do it properly. P.S. 50 million isn't enough of a busget. This needs at least £100m @1 I agree killer instinct would be awesome!
  • Anwesh
    They should rope in tony jaa.......that wud add an edge to the reboot.
  • DoomCanoe
    I've been fallowing this for almost a year and a half now. I got on a chat with Ed Boon about 2 years ago and he talked alot about this project. He said he wants it to focus more on the Re-birth of Mortal Kombat as a film, and apologized for the second one entirely. like the hulk he says just pretend it never happened. there talking about making it around the Deadly Alliance story (which is amazing because that means Quan Chi!!!!!) great news is that Christopher Lambert's back Robin Shou is back Chris Casamassa is back and I've heard talk about Bridgette Wilson and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa returning as well and hey just as long as Uwe Boll isn't involved in anyway I'll be seeing this. MK1 was the movie that made me want to be involved in film. Not only did it change my life it set my profession in stone. I would watch it almost 3 times a day as a kid, when i woke up, when i ate lunch, and when i went to bed. i can recite every scene and every word said still to this day. Then MK: Annihilation....(like all of the tremors squeal's) was so bad i just blocked it out of my mind and believe it never really happened. I'M STOKED!!!!
  • Bruce Darren Acosta
    So this is just a rumour that Karate fighter Chris Casamassa was just saying that mortal kombat 3 movie will begin filming and I tdon't think it's true but there is no news from Larry Kasanoff,director mink and others. I would like to see new actors in the mix like Shin Koyamada,Jon Foo other young actors also original actors also in the mix for this reboot. So I think Warner Bros and Midway sort things out then it might work on other things on MK. Thank You. BRUCE ACOSTA AUSTRALIA.
  • dylan
    omfg number one up there had the best idea i have ever seen in my life. props
  • He tries so hard…
    Killer Instinct, Primal Rage, CLAY FIGHTERS!!! They have other fighting movies to do before reboots. lol Mortal Kombat actually has potential to be awesome to the nth degree, but they always want to make it so campy and lame.
  • Nick Sears
    With 'how cool we'll think it will be', all the ownerships toward the label is going to hold it back from being legit and continue to make it lame. It'd be pretty wild if they made it Rated R
  • Fearl3ss
    I would agree and part of me wants to disagree prob depends on the director. I want to see another Mortal Kombat reboot, and must be R-rated with extreme fatalities etc. After in the franchise have better chars eg. Smoke, Baraka, Striker, Kabal, Nightwolf, Shiva cult classic ones lolzz. Also depending on story line it better be good and for the mass audiences, it cud b huge, unlike SHIT Street Fighter Chun Li crap!!
  • Cody
    True, the first MK is my second favorite video game movie, first being Silent Hill. However, they have a lot to make up for from Annhiliation. I still have hopes for Tekken (Lateef Crowder = PERFECT EDDY), and where's our Soul Calibur movie?!? I do agree with 1 and 10, but I'd rather see another KI game first.
  • Frame
    The reason franchises like Street Fighter turn into such trash is because the game is a Japanese property and the game developer typically doesn't put much input into the movie's development which is why all potential goes down the crapper. On the other hand, in the case of Mortal Kombat, Boon and Tobias make considerable effort into having their property handled with their opinions in the mix. I think what happened with Annihilation was, with the success of the original film, they gave Anderson too much creative freedom as producer. The franchise really has potential to be as epic as any Lord of the Rings chapter if done correctly... I have my doubts about Tekken but their casting work has been more than exceptional. I just hope the writing is up to speed as well. As for Killer Instinct... why? Hardly anyone remembers the damn thing and those that do remember how shallow it was compared to Tekken and SF. Hit 3 buttons and do a 64-hit combo? Please...
  • TigerClaw
    I'm all for a 3rd Mortal Kombat movie, Let's just hope they make it more dark and mature. :)
  • S
    I wouldn't be oppossed to them just starting over with this. The first one was great for it's time but I think they could do it better.
  • Dresden
    what # 1 said. Me and my family have played the Killer Instinct on the SNES sense I was 8 (yes, 8 years old) I always played as Cinder. MAKE A KILLER INSTINCT MOVIE! I ALWAYS EXPECTED IT TO COME ALONG, WHY ISN'T IT THERE YET? FOCUS IT ON JAGO AND ORCHID IF YOU HAVE TO. man it would be awesome to see Fulgore.
    FINISH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had to get that out. The first one was great the 2nd was OK and The 3rd will Be the Best I think they will have FATALITIES Galore
  • Spider
    I think it will be cool to revive the franchise. I do believe the time is right. The 1st one rocked. The 2nd, not so much. No one really seems to care about the "Street Fighter" flicks, especially the filmmakers-- so why should the fans! "Mortal Kombat", on the other hand, had an ambitious cast and crew who busted their asses to get it right! I recall producers Lawrence Kasanoff and Alison Savitch having the passion and determination to make the 1st MK flick otherworldly and special! If they return, well's a start! It's all a matter of getting it right because the only thing really needing an update would be the F/X! MK is a very popular game and could very well be the next big fantasy/action franchise alongside "Transformers"! :)
  • chrisUK
    There are plenty of up and coming action stars to get in a film like this. They should do another 'tournament on an island' plot but make it incredibly violent with a few fatalities. And Killer Instinct? Sweet. Give it to a crazed action director (think 300 meets Equilibirum meets Drive meets Versus) and let them unleash some variable speed 64hit ultra combos in glorious HD.
  • Dan W
    I'm down. I love the first one. I just hope they don't try and make it like the street fighter movie
  • movieboy
    i would love another Mortal Kombat movie but it needs to be an R-Rated and taken serious also i dont know if WB is going to develop this movie cause that i know Threshold Entertainment is only doing the movie they even hire MINK also know as (Christopher Morrison) to direct the MK reboot
  • subcelsious5g
    I think they need to make an actual good Mortal Kombat Game again like MK2 and Ultimate MK3. Ever since they left the formula of those games all the others pretty much sucked and tried to be more like soul Calibur and tekken with fatalities. Untill they get a new Mortal Kombat game right i think the movie will be destined to suck like the new MK shit. Unless they do a prequel or something involving the first Kung Lao.
  • DCompose
  • Xerxex
    "Your soul is mine!"
  • ferm
    what made the first mortal kombat good and the second one bad?
    • Jaime_Rivera49
      The story line...
  • AjiNn
    Mortal Kombat always was a sort of sinistar game, it was even revolutionary 'cause it was the first game with blood in it. So if they make the movie like that and let it have an R-rating, leave out the babality and friendship thing it hopefully will turn out for the better.
  • ray
    #1 should get an award for that comment! i agree with that!
  • DoomCanoe
    #31 a few things that made #2 bad the death of Johnny Cage the replace of Raiden the replace of Sonya The clay dragon fight Jax to many character cameo's not enough character development the over all story in general i couldn't tell you what made the first one good other then... everything
  • JL
    honestly i only liked the parts with the ninja's in it...what they need to do, is make the fight scene's more like the scene's in Forbidden Kingdom...also, they have to cut down on characters unlike in the 2nd movie where many characters got killed off before you even really saw them (i.e. stryker and kabal)
  • JL
    #35 O btw...did anyone see chun li..? or DOA...?
  • SkyNet
    For those of you who haven't been following the 3rd mortal kombat titled. Mortal Kombat: Devastation Chris casamassa And Chris Lambert (the original raiden from the 1st mortal kombat) have both been casted to the movie, As for previous cast returning. I dont think we will see any from the first 2 movies. Robin shou has aged significantly Tony jaa has been looked at for lui kang although his english wont fit the part, he is only an option. : /
  • SkyNet
    Also.... Hardly anyone played killer instinct, it was a decent game. but just another rip of mortal kombat.
  • Walker
    whoa whoa #13 tremors sequels did not suck i liked 2 and 3 they could have done better wit 4 but i liked them. as for mortal kombat i would love 2 see them make a 3 movie imma big fan of mk. if they do make it i hope they make it right.
  • Bruce Darren Acosta
    I think that Shin Koyamada would be a good for Liu Kang ,Jon Foo as Kung Lao,maybe other actors Cam Gigadet for Johnny Cage and Laura Vandervoort for Sonya Blade also Natalie Martinez for Kitana some actors maybe would be good for the MK film. I would like to see how Hollywood translete the World Heroes movie with visual effects,time travel storyline some Big Trouble In Little China bit with an Alien marrying two female fighters. So get Charles Stone and producers Rich Thorne Shawn Williamson to make the World Heroes movie. Thank You. BRUCE ACOSTA AUSTRALIA.
  • Pranee
    I am a fan of mortal kombat, I still have both movies on VHS. I don't know though, many movies nowadays don't really seem to be all that in to the plot, they want more CG because it's like sells. I just really hope they focus, pick a good director, pick good actors, make all the action real or as real as possible. NO REINVENTING please, like in street fighter legend of chun li...bison didn't have his classic red suit- not even a red suit.
  • Fisherr
    Annihilation have been placed on IMDB from ages to me this is not a kind of new.
  • legend killer
    CORNBOY asshole mother fucker Son of a Witch There are burnt, dead lizard eggs in the hair around your mother's ass.cocksucker suck my dick Mortal Kombat the best movie ever
  • MKfanatic
    I agree with almost everybody on here, but I'm nearly 21 and I've been a Mortal Kombat fan ever since 2nd grade. I thought the first one was the best. The second had a downfall, I won't deny that, but it was okay in my opinion because of 2 reasons: 1) My favorite character Sub-Zero is a good guy and doesn't die, eventhough he appears for a short moment. (He better be through-out the whole film in this one) 2) They got to show some other MK fan favorite fighters/characters like: Shao Kahn, Sindel, Smoke, Cyrax, Ermac, Rain, Noob, Motaro, Sheeva, Jade, Mileena, Nightwolf, Jax, and Shinnok. (Eventhough some of them only appear for a short time). So I give the first film two thumbs up and the second one two thumbs down. Now with this third film, knowing Warner Bros. and Midway's reputation. They might just pull it off and get good reviews. I'm really stoked to see it, if it comes out in the theatres I hope. CORNBOY, if you don't like it. Then you can just fuck off and roght in hell.




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