Rumor: Johnny Depp and Sean Penn as Stooges?!

February 4, 2009
Source: Just Jared

Rumor: Johnny Depp and Sean Penn as Stooges?!

Please don't tell me this is true! According to the shoddy celebrity gossip mag In Touch (via Just Jared), the Farrelly Brothers want Johnny Depp and Sean Penn as Moe and Larry, respectively, in their Three Stooges movie. As huge as that would be, that news just sounds a bit too good to be true. Or maybe it's too bad to be true. I already think the whole Three Stooges movie is a terrible idea to begin with, and putting two big name actors like that in it is only going to make it worse, not better! I almost didn't run this because it was such a rough rumor, but I was convinced that there is a legitimate discussion worth having.

What I want to discuss is not whether those two could fit the role, but instead, whether big name actors like this could even work. Obviously back in the 1930s when the original Stooges first showed up, they were recognized more for being the Three Stooges than themselves. Now we're in a time where it's all about star power. We reported originally that the Farrelly Brothers would conduct an "American Idol"-like search to find Curly. If that's still the case, and they get a nobody to play Curly, and put them up against Johnny Depp and Sean Penn, I'm just not sure we're going to get that perfect chemistry. What do you think?

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  • Zso
    Will it be like a 2 hour episode of the Three Stooges, or a biopic about the actors who played them? I only see a Three Stooges movie with these actors working out if it's a biopic, but there have already been several biopics regarding the Three Stooges - we don't need another one.
  • Gosh! This movie shouldn´t even exist. And I don´t think these two great actors are going to risk their best moment in Hollywood to take such a dangerous risk. The last Farrelly Brothers´ movies were a huge disappointment.
  • skamps
    I agree i think it would make more sense as a biopic. However i think that it would be really interesting if we saw these actors return to some comedy instead of taking themselves too seriously. I mean Penn was the best part of fast times at ridgemont high and i would be really interested to see him in a humorous role not. and johhny depp obviously has a sense of humor and i think these two could really make a non biopic work! any one else agree?
  • Jordan
    The Three Stooges were never about the individual actors; it was always about the chemistry of the group as a whole. I think having big name actors would take away from the group and focus more on the individual.
  • Thea
    I can't see them playing two of the Three Stooges....however, I CAN see them playing Moe Howard and Larry Fine in a documentary-style drama about the actors, a la "Chaplin." I think a behind-the-scenes look at the Stooges would be far more interesting than a remake of the slapstick comedy they performed.
  • Sorry but they've already said they are going for a complete remake and everything. No biopic, no drama, nothing, it's 100% Three Stooges in 2009. And I just heard that apparently Benicio Del Toro is supposedly in the running as Moe, not Johnny Depp. What the heck...
  • Robert
    A biopic might be alright, if it was really, really well done. But it's the Farrelly Brothers, give me a break !!!!! For them to do this would be career suicide !!! I know I for one think it is a TERRIBLE idea !! I can't think of any reason anyone will be interested in the 3 Stooges right now, even if they are played by great actors. Stupid idea !!
  • Clamson
    Fuckin dumb. Not feelin it. Sorry Depp, Penn is light years above you.
  • Robert
    I just read the comment from #6... and if that's correct, that they are going for a full remake, the idea is even more STUPID than I originally thought. You have got to be kidding me. How LAME !!!!!! What in the world would these great actors be interested in some crap Farrelly Bros movie about the Three Stooges for? Very, very, very stupid idea !!!!
  • Buddah
    seriously does no body think it might work? i kinda would like to see it and i think they can do it
  • Zso
    Since it isn't going to be a biopic, this idea reminds me of Steve Martin's horrible Pink Panther remakes. Sure the hamburger bit was funny, but when compared to the originals it isn't even a rental. In fact, I think Martin's remakes were and are detrimental to the original movies. If this movie comes to light, I think it will also be detrimental to the original Three Stooges.
  • Dave Lister, J.M.C.
    Sean Penn should Larry, Curly or Shemp... he needs a beating.
  • Dave Lister, J.M.C.
    Sean Penn should be Larry, Curly or Shemp... he needs a beating.
  • Daas
    Philip Seymour Hoffman for Curley!!!!!
  • phoenix
    Why are these Hollywood folks doing so many remakes?! Is there no one in Hollywood that has an original AND creative thought? A biopic 'might' have a chance but since that's not the case then why would Depp and Penn do a movie like this? Terrible idea. I could see if the Farrelly brothers wanted to do a modern day stooge movie but use some other people say....Ben Stiller (Moe), Owen Wilson (Larry) and Jack Black(curly)! I saw this line up on a different page about the same topic here and I have to say, these three guys would be awesome if we MUST have a remake 3 stooges movie. Just my opinion.
  • cornoholio_by_the_sea offense but you must be kidding...the Stooges are literally sacred to some of even suggest that the likes of Stiller, Wilson & Black portray the Stooges is blasphemy....get real...they dont need to make any more tributes to Moe, Larry & Curly...its already been done and done well...
  • Ha, ha. When I first read the title of this article I thought it was about Iggy pop & The Stooges, thank God is not.
  • God, I hope this is a rumor all together!
  • Goliad
    Ok here are my submissions. Curley = James Gandolfini Curley Joe = michael chiklis Joe Besser = Louie Anderson Shemp = Josh Brolin curley was really a sad character in real life. he was a young guy that loved to have fun and lived in his brother's shadow. much of his inferiority complex came from him shaving his head for the character. there was a very good biopic on the stooges that chilkis was in and he played curley in that..
  • wm
    a real gritty bio pic would be cool. Grindhouse style...with chainsaws.
  • The Delightful Deviant
    something tells me we'll sooner end up with a Will Ferrell "Larry" and a Jack Black "Curly" with Jim Carrey as a possible "Moe"
  • John Scaman
    Perfect cast right here: Russell Crowe as Moe, Sean Penn as Larry, and Nate Torrence as Curly
    Here are my submissions: Curly = The guy from Smashmouth Moe = Kenny Chesney Larry = David Hasselhoff
  • RICK
  • Hammond egger
    when I read this I literally became consumed with rage! Why would the stooges estate allow such an open rape of thief classic works????? HOLLYWOOD NEEDS TO CLOSE UP SHOP AND CALL IT A DAY. Nobody in the entertainment industy has any talent or fresh ideas. It would be one thing were they attempting to make a biopic about the stooges lives,but to blatantly Prostitute the stooges name and attempt to "modenize" them for the brain dead idiots who skateboard and beat off watching video games is flat out enraging. I personally would like to gouge the eyes out of the homo who thought this up. And as far as depp and Carey are concerned I'd crack their heads open with a vise and use the empty skulls for urinals.




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