Rumor: Mad Max 4 is Live Action, Scouting Locations Now?

May 18, 2009

Mad Max

A few months ago, I caught back-to-back-to-back showings of all three Mad Max films, which I had never seen before. It was quite an experience and I have since become a fan of, well, all three of them, although I prefer Road Warrior the most. One thing in particular that I noticed is that all three of the films are vastly different from each other. The craziest of all of them is Beyond Thunderdome, which is just a wild adventure that makes no sense and doesn't end the series that well. We've been hearing rumors for a while now about a Mad Max 4 from George Miller and The Herald Sun newspaper in Australia claims to have an update.

The Aussie newspaper claims that "scouting for locations is under way for the movie" and that it "could go into production later this year." But wait? Didn't George Miller say he was planning on making Mad Max 4 as an anime just a few months ago? What gives? Either this newspaper is shilling some bullshit (which is, sadly, the more likely answer) or they've got a juicy update that no one else knows about yet. The paper doesn't credit any sources and otherwise provides no other new information, so we're not sure if they're digging up an old story and claiming it's new or if they've got something real. Anyone know anything else?

Suffice it to say, after that Mad Max marathon, I'm actually starting to think that maybe Mad Max 4 could be kind of cool to see? If the differences between Road Warrior and Thunderdome are any indication, I'm curious to see just how much will be changed. How much crazier has George Miller become this time?

Update: Harry at Ain't It Cool News posted another update today from an anonymous source in Australia. Apparently Miller "has already had the various vehicles built for years now - as they were built for the doomed Fury Road shoot." Word is that they've brought some of these cars out of storage and are preparing them for this new sequel. "There will be a new Max as this isn't an Ethan Embry story," he claims. Who knows whether we can believe this or not, but it is another interesting update on Mad Max 4. Hopefully it's all true, because if it is, then that means that this sequel is much farther along than anyone of us knew.

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  • qweqwu
    smells like crap
  • From what I've gathered around the internet, they are scouting background locations - either to use as backdrops for the animated scenes, or to combine digitally in some fashion (either as plates or possibly even a cool "A Scanner Darkly" style). I have a feeling they are going to try to be as cutting-edge with the animation as possible. No one has given any indication that they've changed it to a live-action project, so until then I'm going to keep with Miller's announcement that it's going to be animated.
  • Stan 'The Viewers Choice' Morrow (Facebook me!)
    Battle Creek, MI.....go out there for looks like a place noone gives a fuck about!!!!
  • Fisherr
    I was clips of the movies but haven't watched them in their full versions. I'll try them soon.
  • cat
    Live action? what does that mean?
  • say no to animation
    Mad Max isn't a film suitable for animation. It will probably suck if they do it that way, especially if they user Scanner Darkly as a reference which is pretty unbearable film to watch. Just put Mel Gibson back on the part, he can still handle it Max part.
  • Nick S.
    ive got some high hopes myself
  • Nuno
    Jesus... but am i really reading a post, from some1 who DID NOT see the mad max before the rumours of a 4th movie?!? CHRIST!!!!!!!!
  • Cody
    Like someone said I really think they should try to get Gibson back on as Max he can still handle it and seeing him come back with his sawed off and pimped out avenger for some awesome badassery would be soo sick....also where the fuck has Gibson been since his little drinking incident.
  • You guys should all be satisfied that I sat down and watch all three of them... Get over it, I've seen them now, it's no big deal, goodness! There's a lot of people who still haven't seen Star Wars out there, go complain about them instead!
  • Richard
    Um.. if Mel Gibson isn't in it, then its not a Mad Max movie, right? RIGHT! If Gibson is out so am I.
  • Northdude
    No Mel Gibson - sounds like another Hollywood reboot.
  • Last Son
    Mel is way to old for the part now and he said that he has no interest in the next film. I usually hate reboots, but this has reboot all over it. The 2nd film was the best of the original trilogy anyway. The first film was just ok and I the third left a bad taste in the mouth. I haven't seen Terminator Salavation yet, but I believe Sam Worthington would be perfect for the part of Max.
  • Apple Store
    Eric Bana for Mad Max.
  • filmfan II
    "The craziest of all of them is Beyond Thunderdome, which is just a wild adventure that makes no sense and doesn't end the series that well." Quote Alex Billington Are you even serious? "There's a lot of people who still haven't seen Star Wars out there, go complain about them instead!" Quote Alex Billington Ok, name one.
  • bozoconnors
    @Alex - lol, true true, we're not complaining per se.... it's just kind of like seeing an albino midget. :) Also, there may be people who haven't seen SW... but finding one of them that runs a great movie blog... well... you get my point. 😉 As for the series... if it does get animated, I'm giving it a miss.
  • This is all well and good, but myself, I'm more interested in Happy Feet 2, if only because it's not a sequel to a film series he did twenty years ago. That, and the first was an amazing film, but that goes without saying. That's not to say this doesn't excite me, however. Thunderdome still remains one of the most vastly underrated sequels to anything ever, and if it continues from there, with a careful blend of the stylistic approaches from it and The Road Warrior - or something entirely new, even - I'll be there with the bells on. From what I've heard, the screenplay they're working on is almost a silent film.
  • avoidz
    Get someone else to replace Gibson. He's too old now, not interested, prefers his booze, and is busy poking his Russian mistress. I don't want another Lethal Weapon 4 abomination. (Harry Knowles will boycott this movie if he's not invited to the set or the premiere.)
  • DieHard Indy Fan
    @16 "OK name one" the Duggars. (: Road Warrior was the best. Still has some of the best car-based action scenes in film history IMHO Not really in agreement with the animated approach... but will wait and see...
  • Toecutter
    3 Seconds Break Neck! That movie sucked. A cartoon after Thunder Dome? NO-WAY! Mad Max was dubbed for us "Yanks" thinking we wouldn't understand their accent. Still watch the dubbed ver. Was introduced to it, I stay with it. But... I'm not going to throw down money for a cartoon.
  • Lane
    Other posts on other stories about Mad Max 4 say Max's character has already been cast with the Aussie actor Steve Innes, who is about 40, playing. Sam Worthington is just too young. Mel is not too old but I can't see him coming back for this, though he needs the money now!
  • >>>>>
    I loved the series even if the third one was a bit iffy I really hope they can manage it as a live action film, but they've run in to budget issues so its almost set to be animated The cars and locations may be used as models for animation so don't get hopes up too high Mel is not interested in this role and besides he's pretty much dropped off the radar, it's probably his time in movies to end or at least take a different direction Many long time fans are most likely going to find some other action chase scene based movies to fill the void left by Mad Max Have I pretty much summed up everything here?
  • Sir Richard
    Mel is Max, he can pull it off. Hell I'm his age and I can still do enuff to pull that off..the hardest part would be getting up early in the morning. Plus let his company produce and distribute in return for a lower payday upfront. Besides he "needs" a big movie to get back in the mainstream, if he plans on acting again that is. MAX would be the part.
  • theheklor
    Waddaya mean Mels too old?? Its an animation, they dont need him to do the stunts or anything, just a cgi suit to get his body motions in, then mask it over with a younger look... Remember when Gollum was played by that dude Serkis?? He doesnt really look like that you know...
  • Amonnel
    Mel is not too old and if you want to be accurate, he is younger than Max is when Fury Road is suppposed to be set, which is around 2040. Max is supposed to be about 60 then. So give Innes another role as he just too young to be Max. Worthington is too young for anything but the feral kid, and he's not even in the story. Bana is too old, same age as Innes. It simply has to be Gibson. He looks older than his years in any case.
  • Daniel
    I personally hate animations. As long as it keeps it's style (by style I mean not adding any of those crappy japanese things eg. bouncing off walls, jumping twenty feet in the air without even trying) I think I can put aside the fact that it's a cartoon and go see it. It had all of the makings of comic book when it first came out. It's a wonder it didn't venture further into this field. And as for Mel, I don't think that he should be in the fourth film. All those people saying Mel made Mad Max are wrong, it was Mad Max that made Mel.




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