Rumor: Steve Miner Returning to Direct Halloween 3D in 2010?

September 1, 2009
Source: Bloody-Disgusting

Halloween - Michel Myers

So here's the deal. Over the weekend, the LA Times reported that The Weinstein Company was already starting development on another sequel to the Halloween series for the summer of 2010 that would be titled Halloween 3D. Even though the most recent Halloween 2 made $16 million over the weekend, apparently everyone hated it, mainly because Rob Zombie did some ridiculous things with it (here's a good 2/10 review). Now Bloody-Disgusting adds another detail into the mix - they got an email this morning claiming that Steve Miner would be returning for the sequel instead of Rob Zombie - which is actually great news.

Miner is an "old school" horror director responsible for Friday the 13th Part 2 and Part 3, Halloween H20, and Lake Placid back in 1999, but has most recently been directing TV shows and straight-to-DVD crap like Jessica Simpson's Major Movie Star. From what I hear, though, fans (and non-fans alike) would rather have a B-rate director like Steve Miner return for the sequel than Rob Zombie, who would probably make it even worse than it already is. Remember, this is just a rumor at the moment. And after that lackluster opening weekend and even worse reviews, TWC is still deciding whether they even want to make another anyway.

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  • Caleb
    I think i'd rather have zombie stick around and scrap the damn 3D...
  • Bruce
    Coming from someone who owns all 9 films and has dedicated his office to Halloween memoribilia, I think 3-D would save this franchise. I liked what Rob Zombie did, but it's clear TWC needs to give the fans what they want.
  • Scott
    Although H2's story may not have sufficed with many, I strongly believe that Rob Zombie delivered when it came to those disturbing kills. He has a way of making it look real and not so campy. The cinematography on the dream sequences with Laurie's character I thought were some of the most original shots I've seen in contemporary horror. I say let Zombie complete the trilogy. He's learned a lot from Parts 1 and 2. Lessons learned combined with experience, new characters and absolute creative freedom could give Zombie the leverage to pull out a great Halloween 3.
  • Al
    The thing is, Zombie's Halloween 2 is simply an old school slasher picture with current horror elements mixed in, where as Miner's H20 was nothing but dumb horror. Zombie is not nearly as good as a director as Carpenter, but i'll take him over Miner anyday.
  • Tra la la la la di da
    YEA!!! More crap!!!
  • m4st4
    #5 That's right...just keep it coming...WE LIKE IT!
  • Jeff Hunter
    I heard they hired Steve Miner because Zombie is buy writing the script for his remake of The Blob
  • beavis4play
    why are there so may "halloween" remakes? it's getting ridiculous. the original was a classic..............all these remakes are just classic crap.
  • Dr. Loomis
    This franchise is seriously dead. Steve Miner won't bring any decency to it - Halloween 20 was a bad 'Scream' parody. And as for Zombie, he's too obsessed in his own sick fantasies of rape and trailer-park trash. Why can't we get a sequel that is more in-line with the original? Halloween has become its worst imitator - Friday the 13th. Halloween was never about the gore; its always been about the suspence and atmosphere. Only one sequel achieved this, and that was Part 4. The rest are terrible.
  • tucker
    loved rob zombie first halloween not a fan off the second hated the ending,just hope they fix what they have done in the second one.
  • snickers
    More 3-D garbage. When will it end?
  • last Son
    I think that they should actually stop making these films. the orignial Halloween was a classic and the news of Steve Miner returning to direct after already doing Halloween: H20 is not good news. That film was crap. All these Horror remakes are crap. The first Saw was great because it was original. Stick with original ideas and great movies are sure to be made!
  • googlebearlol
    lmfao 3D is shit in horror movies these days and it wasent rob zombies fault for producing it was malak akkad's fault for fuckin halloween 2 over rob has everyright to do or not to a 3rd movie and as for stevd miner whoever the fuck that is lol h20 was bullshit i thought ressurection was better then h20 rob needs to finish the closer on the halloween series
  • chick
    i have enjoyed watching rob transform as a director. his origal ideas and creative outlook on the story telling process is so refreshing. I just want more original directors in general, everything being made now is a copy of something else, and granted were talking about a remake; but hes gone in completly different direction. he used the outline from the original but made it his that SOB! keep em comin Rob




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