Rumor: Uh Oh, Warner Brothers to Revive Teen Wolf?!

June 19, 2009
Source: Moviehole

Teen Wolf

The rumor mill is a'spinnin' at full tilt today and we've got a hairy bit of speculation for you. The guys over at Moviehole are reporting that a remake/reboot of the 1985 classic (is it even a classic?) Teen Wolf is in early development. Yes, the story of the high schooler who makes friends and learns how to slam like Kobe after he discovers he's a werewolf (just like his father!) but ends up learning just who his friends really are is soon to be coming to theaters (again). Take note, though. By early development, they mean very, very early. Warner Bros. is currently shopping for a writer, but the studio isn't yet sure "which way [they want] to go."

Regardless of the direction, it's pretty likely we'll end up seeing a modern-day heartthrob (please not Robert Pattinson) deal with the logistics of massive body hair growth. The original starred the one and only Marty McFly - I mean, Michael J. Fox (though Teen Wolf did release the same year as Back to the Future, and only a little over a month apart!). And sure, no one's attached yet. Not to write, direct, or star - but what's the fun in that? Let's get to speculatin'. There are some easy choices here: Zac Efron, Shia LaBeouf. But how about making an awkward situation even more awkward with Michael Cera or even Christoper Mintz-Plasse.

And what if it's directed by Jon Favreau? Or written by the likes of Edgar Wright? Let's make this thing, if only through comments and in our minds. So who would you love to see be a part of this new Teen Wolf?

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  • You know, when I said I wouldn't mind seeing more werewolf movies, this wasn't what I ment!
  • reaperslogic
    Why do they need a writer? That script still holds up today!
  • nelson
    guarantee it will be Zach Efron lol
  • DoomCanoe
    oh god... i recall someone saying "you know hollywood will be dead if they reboot a movie like Teen Wolf" this getting rebooted is an on going joke... and its supposed to stay an on going joke... NOT A REAL REBOOT fucked
  • DoomCanoe
  • Mr j Money
    Saturdaynight fever worked because it was a 70's era movie. Teen wolf worked because it was an 80's-era movie. ConAir Worked because it was a 90's era movie. Ironman worked because it's a 2000's-era movie. I'm by no means comparing each but they tend to fall into their respective decade's movie representation. Leave Teen Wolf alone. It will be no better than "teen wolf too" and I just don't see our young people lining up for this like twilight. Doesn't have that "this would be cooler if it was updated (like Krull)" type of feel. ...just me.
  • Bry from Chi
    LOL! #1 :)
  • Xerxex
    come on this is a guilty pleasure of mine and It stays in the past!
  • Dan W
    Let me guess. That kid from highschool musical will be the wolf
  • M
    Oh Gosh, Here we go again.
  • CLZ
    @3 if it's F***IN' Zac Efron I'd be pissed
  • Kris
    Why do you guys really care and cry so much at these types of things...Just get used to it and stop crying!
  • dick donte
    They should remake CONEHEADS
  • I think Emile Hirsch or Anton Yelchin would be good choices.
  • Blue & Orange NY
    shit expect the Facts of Life and Different Strokes to be re-made into a movie as well.....
  • Syphous
    What the fuck man, this whole reboot remake fad wasn't really bothering me at first, but wow, this is really getting out of hand. Between the Battleship, Where's Waldo?, and Bazooka Joe movies, plus all these remakes, I guess Hollywood is really out of original ideas.
  • I have anxiety
    I wanna post some M.J.Fox jokes but it's too easy, and not ethical. Why is that werewolf squriming in his chair? I'm sorry. Seriously.
  • Bryan
    This is the final straw. How many 80's movie's remakes are they going to make? Footloose, Short Circuit, and now Teen Wolf??? I swear, if Back to The Future is touched in any way shape or form then I'm going to start killing people in Hollywood.
  • Fritz Blaze
    LOL @ 18 Seriously. Stop with the reboots. My wife said that Teen Wolf would be perfect for a remake thanks to Iwilight. I stabbed her with a fork.
  • Fritz Blaze
    err...mean Twilight, not Iwilight.
  • it's pretty likely we'll end up seeing a modern-day heartthrobdeal with the logistics of massive body hair growth.
  • Roberto Dinamite
    michael cera
  • Cinemassiv
    I hope that Soderbergh does this so that it's "gritty"! Or maybe Tim Burton so he can do that trippy weird thing only he can do! This one is going to be great!
  • sarahh=p
    i knew zac efron was going to mention n this. like, does ppl want zac to remake all of michael j fox movies? first, there was rumors that zac was goin to be in a "back to the future" remake. there werent gonna be any BTTF remake! god!!! now "teen wolf"! wat next? "Bright Lights, Big City" remake? zacs gonna play a crachead? and the list will go on................
  • JOE B.
    Wow! I'm surprised! Another 80's remake! How many are there gonna be? Footloose, Friday Night Fright, Short circuit, Robocop, Karate Kid, Red Dawn, etc........ and now Teen Wolf! When is this all going to end?!




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