Rumor: Wait, What, Seth Rogen as a Jesus Clone?!

January 20, 2009
Source: SciFi

Seth Rogen

Will Seth Rogen undertake the role of Jesus Christ? If Alexandre Aja has his way, this may just be the case. Aja, writer/director of gore-filled films High Tension and the remake of The Hills Have Eyes, is looking to adapt the bestselling French novel The Gospel According to Jimmy, a comedic departure from his usual bloody fare. Aja described the premise to SciFi: "A few years from now, the Republicans want to get back in the White House, and the only thing that they find is like an old cloning project… to clone Jesus from a blood cell on the Shroud of Turin. And one subject had survived, and he's fixing pools in LA, named Jimmy. And they're going to find him and ask him to come back and help them to get back to power."

From that description, it sounds like Rogen would be perfect for this. I can already picture the high-concept comedy mixed with the required pool boy visual gags complete with Rogen in swim trunks, his pudgy, hair-covered stomach rolling over the elastic waistband. Sweet, Jesus. No matter how interesting this project sounds in concept, I can't help but be skeptical of Aja's ability to tackle anything beside horror. And what of the possible, no, probable negative reception from the likes of the religious community? As it's all just rumor and speculation at the moment without even a writer attached to the project, there's no point in writing your local Congressman quite yet. So, for now, is Seth Rogen Jesus-clone material?

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  • Tim
    eh seth rogen is all skinny now
  • Seth Rogan has more range than any actor alive or dead, he could play anything he wanted to and I'd go watch it. Just kidding, but he'd be a funny Jesoos.
  • max
    Seth Rogen would do a mad jesus act, im sure!
  • I like Seth Rogen, but Seth Rogen is only capable of playing one character and that's Seth Rogen. Sorry, but it's true. As long as the script calls for a pot head or a sarcastic slacker, Rogen is your go-to guy.
  • Marcus
    Im sure this will get just as much, if not less, an outcry from the religious comunity that YEAR ONE will.
  • Agreed, Tom Brazelton. I like Rogen, but I've never seen him play anything but Rogen. Could go for seeing him do some character acting; I think that's when guys like Sandler and Stiller are at their best, and it probably will apply to Rogen as well.
  • "Red" - "Button" - "s"
    I think he would be a pretty cool jebus, doing miracles and doesn't afraid of anything. 😛
  • Hopefully Rogen will start to branch out from stoner flicks, which are funny, but can get old. I Mean the guy is talented, and he could do more than the typical stoner comedy. He is a gifted writer and perhaps he could pen the screenplay, and make something out of it. As for the director I don't know, he could do good, or it could be a Epic Fail, never know.
  • Joshua
    That's blasphemous. Jews have better be careful!
  • D-9
    Xerxex- C'mon Man, you cannot be serious. " I mean the guy is talented" I cannot fathom how this incredible Hack BEYOND Hacks has a career. There is no timing, acting or comedic, no talent, and the screen presence, well......let's just say he is a perfect example of how NOT to act. And writing, I will leave it alone. The mere fact this worthless slob has a fan base is astounding to me. Accepting mediocrity should be a crime. C'mon ALex and others, you better than that are you not? I am ill to my stomach.
  • scm1000
    Wow. That is a really offensive description for a movie. More offensive than Life of Brian (which I found funny). I can't believe they would make something that would insult such a large section of their audience so blatantly.
  • Kail
    @#11 - It's about as offensive as a giant bird being taken away by child services and then he runs away to try to get home to his neighborhood.
  • "Red" - "Button" - "s"
    This movie isn't offensive enough.
  • Xerxex
    D-9 He is talented in the genre of druggie comedy, in others not so much. I'm saying that Rogen needs to branch out before the window of opportunity closes and his Status Quo never changes and he commits queer suicide. But we're all entitled to our own opinions, and yours in valid. Wrong, Right who knows...but I like Seth Rogen and his WRITING, he's a funny guy.
  • Silver
    Seth Rogen isn't funny and it frustrates me every time I hear some new movie news with him involved. For me he was at his funniest in the 40 year old virgin and has gone down from there. And no he is not even talented in the stoner genre. Chappelle and Franco maybe
  • Conrad
  • harrison
    i think he would make a perfect jesus clone, and yes its not offensive enough but im sure that will be fixed soon enough, will he turn the pool water into wine?
  • jman571
    This is the kind of story that I think has HUGE potential. I don't usually think about whether or not a movie will be good or bad based on such a vague plot this early on, but I think this sounds hilarious, and combined with Seth Rogen, and done right, could be a very successful comedy.
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    I agree #15 and 10. The End is Near if the public supports this total waste. Rogen is the worst.
  • Red Color Buttons.
    Rogain for Prez
  • triangleofhorror
    Rogen is a classless "actor" ( as I use the phrase lightly) and just an awkard turd on screen. I agree with Tim, Silver and D. Shame on you Brandon Lee!
  • D-9
    Silver for President, Clover for VP and Buttons for Jester at Arms.
  • triangleofhorror
    Akward Turd I mean.
  • Rediculas Buttons
    What about at legs?
  • whowatchesredbuttons
    Hate Hate HATE HIM!
  • trent morgan
    I love Seth Rogen, but if I see one more movie, clip or short that slams or makes fun of Jesus, I'm gonna scream. How about a funny movie that doesn't try to offend people?
  • Rediculas Buttons
    Is it even possible to make something doesn't offend everyone.
  • Nut-Meg
    First Green Hornet and now Jesus!? OMG! How can this happen?




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