Russell Brand Headlining Universal's Drop Dead Fred Remake

April 27, 2009

Drop Dead Fred - Russell Brand

Another day, another remake. Universal (didn't we mention them yesterday?) will remake the 1991 comedy Drop Dead Fred, but of course, they're modernizing it. British hotshot actor Russell Brand is set to headline their remake, in the role of the havoc-wreaking imaginary friend that British actor Rik Mayall played. The 1991 original starred Phoebe Cates as a wallflower who loses her job and is forced to live back at home, where she's reunited with her childhood imaginary friend, who promises to help but causes more chaos. Dennis McNicholas, one of the writers of the upcoming Land of the Lost remake, will pen this.

This new take on Drop Dead Fred will be more in the tone of Beetlejuice, with a world set around the concept of imaginary friends. Someone at Universal really loves Russell Brand, because not only did he star in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which was somewhat of his breakout role in the US), but he's set to star in his own spin-off Get Him to the Greek for the studio. While more remakes are never good, and I won't be supporting this one, I'm intrigued by Universal's fascination with Russell Brand. Do people really like him that much? He was fine as an asshole in Sarah Marshall, but I don't care to see more of him. Do you?

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  • Bo
    GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY, why remake this movie, Drop dead fred was a favorite of mine growing up, but it is not worthy of a remake, nor one starring that dousche bag from forgetting sarah marshall!!!
  • mike brown
    We absolutely do not need a remake of this great film.
    • d
  • Chuck Norris
    One movie with Russell Brand was enough.
  • Hey Ya
    Wow...this is the epitome of an unexpected and unwanted remake showing Hollywood's true desperation.
  • Kaiser
    Is there nothing they won't remake? I could not believe my eyes this morning when I saw this, I am genuinely shocked that this was even in the pile marked 'to be re-made'. Also I cannot stand Russell Brand, he has plagued our TV over here for some time and he stinks, the sudden interest in him in hollywood is beyond me.
  • Xsyco joe
    i dont really want this movie remade but if russell brand is in it ima see it. hes one of the funniest people around right now.
  • Fuelbot
    Go to hell, Russell Brand.
  • L
    So many great and original story writers out there across the world that could easily be reviewed on college campuses etc. Many students who would love to just have a script looked at. But no, some tool thought that Drop Dead Fred was a good movie. So much so, it warranted a complete remake. Every writer in the world should be ashamed that they want these people as their employer.
  • Hey Ya
    I'm confused. If they are so strained in the budget area why not take a look at student's scripts and what not? They would have to pay them even less than these idiots revising movies that have already been made. I'm waiting to the announcement of a new Ferris Bueller. It'll come my friends, the day will come....
  • My stomach hurts
  • goliad
    i think tim matheson should get another opportunity to play the boyfriend.
  • Dolly Dahmer
    "...but of course, they're modernizing it." Opposed to what? Setting it specifically in 1991?
  • Didn't the original only come out last week? I heard they were doing a remake of the Dark Knight too, it's been out for over a year now, REBOOOT time! Russell Brand is funny, sometimes he says stuff that is so out of order it's hilarious, but he can get a bit samey, it's whether the bigwigs in cinema can take things like the 'Retarded Cowboy' statements out with of the films.
  • Fuck the fucking Drop Dead Fucking Fred remake in its fucking shit ass. Of course if there's a scene involving Phoebe Cates and a selection of sex toys, I may reconsider. No, this remake can still go outside and play hide and go fuck itself. I never saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall, so I have no exposure to Russell what's-his-nuts, but based on the picture used for this post, he looks like a douchenozzle proper. Profanity in this post brought to you by the letter Fuck. By the way, I'm all over the remake for Transformers 2. I think enough time has passed. Huh? It hasn't been released yet? Why should THAT matter? Chuck D said it best, Fuck Hollywood. But I'm not bitter.
  • sumonesumtime
    Fucking seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not exactly the next film I thought Russell Brand would be in...................
  • John
    British Hotshot Actor? Where the heck do you get your info? He's actually a bad (or rude) comedian who's given lots of girls the clap (or crabs I think is the more american term) He's shite. Are sure couldn't beat Rik Mayall in any kind of smack down.
  • russel brand is the funniest man on the planet rite now.i never saw the original but i bet the remake will be good.
  • T Double
    Russell Brand is perfect for this role; eccentric, loveable, wild, and with endless wit and perfect delivery. Procrastinate all you like over the validity of such a remake, but Russell himself will be fantastic.
  • grace
    i LOVED!! that movie as a kid i'm glad there remaking it, better than some of the crap they have remade in the past!! i find russel brand to be a hilarious comedian and think his work should be more appreciated, this role totally suits him infact when i first saw him in forgetting sarah marshall i was like he so looks like drop dead fred and what do you know.. stop dissing the poor man i'm sure he's got alot more going for him than any of you! well done russ can't wait to see it...
  • Anthony
    please no
  • Lyndsie
    this is my FAVORITE movie, however remaking it just doesnt seem right. They are going to make it a totally different movie & there arent even enough people out there that appreciate the original. I'm really dissapointed. And I'm not going to see this movie and let it ruin a childhood favorite for myself or my siblings.
  • Christine
    I Love Russell Brand! Can't get enough of him. Not sure this movie will be great. But, I'll check it out.
  • avoidz
    This is the movie I least expected a remake of. Horrific.
  • Kelsey
    I liked the original movie, not in its own right but because my mom's friend used to have it on when we went to her house all the time. And I love Russell Brand. Hilarious. Pish on all of you naysayers. Don't see it if you don't want to.
  • Gemma
    DO NOT REMAKE THIS MOVIE! Why? It's a great movie why spoil it with another one of many pointless remakes? I don't like Russel as much as I used to and he's certainly nothing compared to the genius that is 'Sir' Rik Mayall. I think it's a big no! Stop spoiling great movies.
  • JAKE
    why Russel brand is a very funny comedian/actor but Rik mayall performance in the 1991 film is irreplaceable
  • Snotface
    Why are they remaking a movie that is so great when they could just make money by actually making the DVD available? Netflix had it at one time, but once the masses realized you couldn't get it in stores, all the copies at Netflix disappeared. Seriously. I would buy the original if it were available. By the way . . . you CAN'T replace Rik Mayall. Who is going to play the role of the girl??
    • Teesh
      @snotface I have been looking for this movie for years. Found if on a website called rarewaves... Hope it helps def one of my favorite movies
  • Russell Brand is a great actor and if you don't agree YOU can go to hell! HOWEVER, I do not feel this remake should be done ..still it could be awesome
  • Chris
    Russell cracks me up. I don't remember drop dead fred so I'm looking forward to this.
  • Holly Hobbit
    Snotface, Drop Dead Fred is a great movie, and though it did have a cult following it did not have much commercial success. I think by revamping it and having a hilarious comedian like Russel Brand star in it will bring a great film to light. By the way THE DVD IS AVAILABLE IN STORES; I bought it in Walmart for $10 and they sell it at FYE. If you do not have it in stores near you, I am sure it is readily available online.
  • Doodadotdit
    I recently bought the DVD and played it to my 6 year old son. He loved it as much as I did in the 90s. I don't think there is any harm in remaking the film as I'm sure the script writers won't use any of the original gags such as wiping boggies\boogers on people (which my son has taken to emulating). I just hope that anyone who sees the remake will seek out the original and get the best of both worlds. Any proposals for who would have been a better choice for the part of Fred? I think it may have been a good one for Depp to have a go at, just to see how wierd he can get... or is everyone getting tired of the exposure?
  • whatapileof…
    Honestly? Drop Dead Fred has been my favorite movie since I was 5. I think Russell Brand is very funny, and I'm sure he'll be very funny in the remake, but there is no way I will ever be able to compare one to the other. On the subject, I'm STILL pissed they cut Rik Mayall out of the first Harry Potter as Peeves. Some people just don't get it.
  • Taylor Neave
    I LOVE the original drop dead fred but you know what people.... IM FUCKING EXCITED!!!!! Russell Brand is so funny and hes an awesome actor im so stoked and i think he will add a modern twist on it!!! and you know what they say HATERS MAKE YOU FAMOUS! If you hate him so much then DONT READ ABOUT HIM AND DONT SEND COMMENTS ABOUT HIM AND DONT TELL OTHER PEOPLE ABOUT HIM BECAUSE YOUR JUST MAKING HIM MORE FAMOUS! Stupid people =] HOORAY FOR RUSSELL BRAND =]
  • OMG me and my sister were talking about how badly i wanted a remake of this fuck yeah!
  • Judi
    I think Russell will be lovely as Fred. I can see in me eyes. His perversion and humor will fit in nicely with this film. I own the original and can’t wait to own this refresher.
  • Pez
    I have a feeling that all you yanks may be a bit too thick to Understand Russells humour, he is so funny and is wasted on you lot....we want him back over here...The man is a genius and cant wait to see him in this film!
  • Mina
    would be interesting... i'd be interested in a remake...
  • Leon!
    Why the hell are you all saying dont 'ruin the original'....they arent touching or modifying or changing the original in ANY way, they are simply re-making it for the newwer generation, with a new character, russel brand is edgy, cool and hilarrious, nobody is forcing anybody to watch the movie, and stop slating russel brand, he's banging katy perry, surely he's a god to the eyes of all men like myself????
  • Amelia
    I think russell is funny but i don't think it will be the same :(
  • Bvaldez1981
    I loved that movie...and to see Russell Brand playing in it is spot on....come on people they are remaking everything if you dont like it become a movie producer and do your own sh*t. And Taylor thank you for those kind words loved it!
  • Jimmy562006
    I for one love Brand and think he's brilliant. I would love to see anything he plays in
  • i have to say i love the first one but russell brand i think could do a real good job at this part as long as they dont change it to much its perfect the way it is but there is always room for improvement
  • sugar
    dont mind that their remaking this movie i just hope they dont change where it was filmed originally




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