Sam Rockwell Confirms Iron Man 2 Casting Details

January 15, 2009
Source: MTV

Sam Rockwell

When the news first hit last week that Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke had been cast in Iron Man 2, Marvel started contacting various news outlets (including us) telling us that it hadn't been announced by them and thus wasn't confirmed. In addition, the conflicting reports from both trade magazines made the whole situation quite confusing and no one was sure whether or not the two had actually been cast or whether it was just an early announcement. However, MTV has confirmed today that at the very least Sam Rockwell will actually be joining the film as a villain, although he isn't too sure about Mickey Rourke.

"They were like, we don't have a script but this is the deal and this is the character," Rockwell told MTV. His character is that of Justin Hammer, a multibillionaire businessman and a rival of industrialist of Tony Stark. Rockwell did also confirm that "he's a money dude" and that "he takes over all the weapons stuff after Tony's left." Does that mean he takes of Stark Industries? Not sure, but either way, I'm very excited to see that Rockwell is actually in the movie - he's an incredibly underrated actor and I always love his work. As for his potential co-star, Mickey Rourke, Rockwell leaves us nervous - "Is Mickey cast yet? I hope so."

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  • midnightlight
    awesome news i love sam rockwell, and i think he is a perfect enemy for tony stark, as well as evolving into one for iron man as well.
  • Josh
    I love whoever made this decision. I love that they went with the good actor, not just a popular one. Rockwell is one of my favorites. Amazing in "Assassination of Jesse James". I'm very excited.
  • Darunia
    Hey Numero_Uno, cmon. Why is there always some retard that thinks "First" is actually something worth posting? Anyway, i guess this villain's company takes over the arms stuff because Tony Stark probably shuts over the arms research and production department of Stark industries.
    sorry.... FIFTH, SUCKAS!!!
  • Black Guy
    Well played, NUMERO. :) Anyways, Alex, "Does that mean he takes of Stark Industries?" I don't know, I've never heard of anyone taking of anything in that context. As always, your archnemesis, Black Guy
  • Matt
    long time listener, first time caller... Couldn't agree with you more about Sam, Alex. He is a great actor with an incredible body of work! Underrated is a fair word... he can do comedy, drama, chrachter, etc. he can play the victim or the aggressor... you name it, the guy's acting skills have the range of Steven Tyler's vocals... this is incredibly cool news to get a conformation on if for no other reason, this amazing actor needs more exposure!!
  • Angelo
    Awesome. Rockwell is steadily becoming one of my most favourite actors. The guy has seriously never disappointed me.
  • Fisherr
    Can't Wait to see Rockwell and RBJ at the same scene, were they confront each other.
  • Knight Rider
    "he's a money dude" and that "he takes over all the weapons stuff after Tony's left." Does that mean he takes of Stark Industries? I bet that means, he starts making a shit load of money after the fact that Stark Industries stops making weapons, as Tony declared at one of the press conferences in the movie.
  • Wondering
    All the this good news of iron man 2 i was just wondering if anyone has heard anything new about hulk 2 or any other avenger characters.
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    ummmm...... even Galaxy Quest ?
  • Mike McRorey
    he was a red shirt in Galaxy Quest!
  • Shige
    Loved him in Galaxy Quest just as I loved him in everythng he made, yes even Zaphod.
  • Matty
    Rockwell's Zaphod was fantastic. Best part of that movie.
  • fanboy d
    i don't think he'll take over stark industries, probably just be the go-to guy now that they're outta the weapons biz
  • Bogart
    Love this casting choice! Rockwell is the charasmatic Yang to Downey Jr's Yin! This is perfection! Screw Iron Monger, I can't wait to see these two have an epic battle of supremely witty repartee! Two cashed-up, fast talking, charming mother f#*kers!




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