Second New Full-Length How to Train Your Dragon Trailer

December 29, 2009

How to Train Your Dragon Trailer

DreamWorks Animation has quietly debuted a second new full-length trailer for their next movie, How to Train Your Dragon. This isn't available in high definition anywhere yet, but thanks to SlashFilm we've got a embeddable version for your viewing pleasure below. Is it just me or does it seem like DreamWorks is just a little bit worried that no one is looking forward to How to Train Your Dragon? Hence the elaborate intro with footage from all of their past movies. This doesn't look terrible, it just doesn't look great either. The voices seem off and the story just seems mediocre as well. Watch this and let us know what you think?

Watch the second full-length trailer for How to Train Your Dragon:

How to Train Your Dragon is the story of Hiccup, heir of Viking chiefdom and the most lovable, unlikely hero, and his quest to hunt down the fiercest dragon, bring it into submission, and pass his initiation.

How to Train Your Dragon is co-directed by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders, who together both directed Lilo & Stitch before eventually hoping over to DreamWorks. Voices in the film include Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Craig Ferguson, Kristen Wiig, America Ferrera. Paramount is bringing How to Train Your Dragon to both regular and 3D theaters starting on March 26th next year.

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  • I'll follow the director Chris Sanders to the ends of the Earth. So I'll check this.
  • After the first comment I had to IMDB chris Sanders and holy shit...This guy wrote Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, and The Lion King!? I'm not worried about this project at all seeing as those are some of the most cherished memories from my childhood. I don't understand why you chose Lilo and Stitch above those other legendary films to introduce people to this man's work, but I'm definitely sold now and very much looking forward to How to Train your Dragon.
  • nativebadguy
    Yeah this looks okay. I might check this out.
  • Van Castle
    Putting aside what Sanders has done before, I like the story for this film. I'm a huge lover of dragons, so I'll definitely be checking this out. Although I will admit, the trailer sucks a little bit. They're trying to make it look like an influential family movie, and it just seems sappy and mediocre that way. I prefer they present the conflict story and the potential danger of this young Viking uniting with the dragon. That would make things better, in my opinion.
  • michele
    How to Train Your Dragon is based a very popular series of childrens books and the first trailer was getting a negative response on the net from fans of the book. The first trailer really looked like they made major changes to the story. So, I feel they release this trailer to reassure fans of the book and since my boys have read the book, this trailer is more like it!
  • Xerxex
    I like it, but I won't see it in 3-D or in theaters for that matter, I'll rent.
  • Dreckent
  • Madnezz344
  • Outlaw
    I saw the first trailer in 3D before the Christmas Carol, and I thought it looked pretty good actually. I'm not familiar with the books, but you get a great sense of personality, humor, and heart from this and that's definitely a recipe for a hit. I'm even more reassured now knowing the writer of so many excellent, classic Disney films is behind this. I think I just might see this in 3D in the theaters. I hope they are able to get the word out to people though, because before I saw that trailer in the theater, I'd never heard of it at all.
  • Josh
    i dont care if the movie sucks, i LOVE the dragon design for the main dragon. absolutely gorgeous.
  • The Man With No Name
    The animation is great, and based on comments 1 & 2 I have high hopes for this movie.
  • suresh
    Is tat Gerard Butler as his viking father ?
  • Peter T'Sas
  • Matt
    is it just me or does the dragon look based on an axlotle?
  • Mark
    Don't get me wrong, Chris Sanders is awesome... but this is a DreamWorks film. Katzenberg is involved, and that guy has no idea what he's doing. There is a reason Aardman gave DreamWorks every single property they were developing (a mammoth sacrifice) so they could split with DreamWorks three films early... It's because Katzenberg meddles on a monumental level, and they desperately wanted to abandon that sinking ship. (Flushed Away was a living hell for the directors). Every now and then DreamWorks Animation makes a good film, but it isn't because of Katzenberg, it is in spite of Katzenberg. So, fingers crossed on this one.
  • bltzie
    #14 What's that? a Pokemon?
  • cineprog
    You have 28secs of other Dreamwork titles in this trailer, The Dragon looks like one of the charictors out of lilo and stich. not in pixars league, not that over impressed. :(
  • SuicidalOptimist
    The dragon looks like Stitch, but that doesn't really bother me, it's rather cute. What I have a problem with is Jay Baruchel's voice for the kid. It just doesn't fit the character, imo. I'm not watching this in theaters, but I am pretty sure I'll catch it some time later.
  • Jedijohnson
    /rant/ AHHHH! Why does everything have to be in 3D!? Stop with the 3D!? It doesn't make the movie better! Avatar was terrible in 3D. Stop the 3D!? /end rant/ On a different note. I think this looks cute. I read the book with my students for a fiction novel this year and it had a really fun and funny story. I'll check it out.
  • Lar
    LMAO. WTF is up with the music from Dinosaur in the beginning? XD The dragons laugh is cute. haha.
  • harrison
    nothin special, but not bad either. but like peloquin said, the guy brought us some of the most cherished childhood memories in the lion king and aladin, so maybe itll be worth it
  • Not impressed. Looks like yet another disappointing DW production. No thanks... and I love dragons. Ok, may watch it, but just for the fish cat dragon.
  • Lazarus from Sparta…DETHKLOK RULES!!!!!
    too much animation in 3D....not enough Anime!
  • David
    Why does it look so ugly?
  • Dude
    Lilo & Stitch was awesome.
  • gabs
    #12 Yes, I can recognize that voice anywhere. I'm mildly looking forward to this, could be a nice casual movie to watch.
  • Fisherr
    Looks like a nice movie.
  • arjones
    " Eh ". (shrug)
  • Fuelbot
    Dreamworks, please up your game or shut down your animation division. Thanks.




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