Second Teaser Poster for Chris Nolan's Inception Discovered

December 21, 2009
Source: Nolan Fans

Inception Teaser Poster

Last week the first teaser poster for Christopher Nolan's Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio was found on a new viral site for the movie located at: The mini-game called Mind Crime allows users to make a maze and play through the maze in a virtual city. If you were to publish a link and then play the game through that link, you'd find that the "asset" revealed at the end was this second poster - but we don't have a high res version. This time there is only a smaller version of the poster available (see below) but it still looks great. I love the look and design of this, can't wait for the second trailer, too!

Inception Teaser Poster

If you haven't seen it yet, we ran the teaser trailer for Inception in August. It looks pretty awesome so far!

A thriller set within the architecture of the mind about a CEO who is involved in a blackmailing scandal.

Inception is both written and directed by acclaimed Oscar nominated British filmmaker Christopher Nolan, of Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, and The Dark Knight. Nolan previously wrote the scripts for Memento, Batman Begins, The Prestige, and The Dark Knight with his brother Jonathan Nolan. Warner Brothers is bringing Inception to theaters everywhere starting on July 16th, 2010 next summer.

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  • samuel j
    cant wait for this
  • Joseph S.
    Cool poster. :)
  • Voice of Reason
    getting better all the time....
  • Zachy
    There are rumors going around that Chris purposely wanted to leave clues regarding something significant to the film's story in each of his posters... So far theres two. I didn't notice anything in the first. However, in the one above it looks as if there's a cross beneath the title. Possibly pertaining so something religious i figure?
  • Craig
    So the first taken from Dark Knight, the second from Terminator Salvation?
  • Greek
    One hell of a cast. So apparently this movie deals with buildings...
  • Governor
    My most anticipated of 2010.
  • Sleepykid
    That poster doesn't do my vertigo any good. Still cool tho'.
  • Bob
    Is my mind the scene of the crime?
  • #4 - Where did you hear that information from? Or is it just a guess based on the poster designs? I think the first poster with the water and the building indicates something... About flooding or something like that... And this one is just furthering the idea of the "architecture of the mind" and the tagline of "your mind is the scene of the crime." Remember it's all about dreams and your mind being a maze.
  • Zachy
    Well. Water is supposed to be a unique element to the film. #10 To answer your question my neighbor is close friends to the daughter of Wally Pfister - who is the cinematographer of the film and all of Christopher's previous films. Wally had said that Chris is indeed doing "something unique in terms of advertising his newest film, especially with the advertisements". My friend who is also a big movie buff had heard from another somebody that the posters contain clues to something significant to the story. I figured he meant like a sign within the poster... IF YOU THINK ABOUT - its sort of a mind game, looking beyond what the poster displays, and finding a hidden message as if your solving a puzzle. Thats sorta what the film entails.
  • SlashBeast
    I'm getting vertigo.
  • Eric
    I'm wanting to see more and more, but at the same time I don't want to know anything about it going in to see it...Nolan doesn't disappoint
  • Jaf
    What a pedigree "From the director of The Dark Knight" So rhetorical...I think his name alone should attract audiences hahaha
  • jake the snake
    cool poster indeed.
  • crumb
    the more i look at this poster, the more i love it. What Cameron did for Cinematography and Visuals in 2009, Nolan will do with Story and Character in 2010.
  • They played the NEW teaser trailer with a screening of Sherlock Holmes today. It looked stunning!! Cities folding on to themselves, crazy explosions, trains in the middle of streets, DiCaprio falling into a tub backwards in slow-motion, DiCaprio chasing someone in a tux with a gun - some car chases. It was really good. Had the look of Dark Knight/Batman Begins (cinematography wise). The trailer had a voiceover narration by DiCaprio which went something like this: "What's the most resiliant form of parasite? An idea. An idea has the power to build a city... to change the world, and re-write all the rules... and that's why I need to steal it."
  • dan
  • Governor
  • Cody
    Wow I did not realize how big of a cast this has, this is going to be amazing.
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    a bit slow on this lads,seen the second poster for the first time,watched the teaser trailer for first time but i'm up to speed now.from the director of memento(excellent)& the dark knight(excellent)THIS IS GOING TO BE FUCKING HUGE.
  • Cineprog
    This poster is a Reprosentation of the channels of the mind, the difrant Routs the mind takes the buildings are the intersection of the mind.




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