Shia LaBeouf Says Spielberg is 'Gearing Up' Indiana Jones 5

June 16, 2009
Source: BBC

Shia LaBeouf and Indiana Jones

We all knew it was going to happen - Spielberg would make Indiana Jones 5 whether we wanted it or not. But we haven't heard much about it and I think a lot of people were hoping that they would've just given up by now. But that's not the case. In a recent interview with the BBC, Shia LaBeouf says, "Steven [Spielberg] just said that he cracked a story on it before I left and I think they're gearing that up." He doesn't say much else, except that there are "definitely no special effects in that movie," but it's enough of an update to remind us that this is indeed coming soon, whether you like it or not. Let's hope it's better than the last one.

Even if you enjoyed Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I think we've all come to admit it was quite a let down, somewhat of a big mess with monkeys and nuclear fridges. But maybe it's the Temple of Doom of the new Indiana Jones generation - that is to say, it could be the worst of what's yet to come. I'm optimistic because I love Indiana Jones, I love Steven Spielberg, I love Harrison Ford, and yes, I like Shia LaBeouf, too. And as long as Steven kicks George Lucas out of the office, maybe this story, that Shia already said Steven specifically has cracked, could be a vast improvement over Crystal Skull. We can only hope!

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  • zach
    i heard harrison ford will NOT return for indy 5 in an interview after the last movie came out, i heard Shia LaBeouf will be the star of it :/ i want harrison! well as long as they dont direct this as a kids movie again and make it R rated i'm sure it will be much better!!!
  • Al
    Give me Indy 10 over Transformers 2 any day. Skull wasn't near the other Jones films, but it was still enjoyable.
  • Pete
    I have to say that I pretty much hated the Indy 4 when it came out. But once I got over some of the ridiculous stuff in it (the fridge, the aliens, etc.) I enjoyed it much more. I wouldn't even have minded another one. But no Harrison Ford? Forget it.
  • Matt
    If this is going to remotely be like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, they need to shit-can this ASAP. I trust in Spielberg, but that last one was unforgiveable. If there's less special effects and no fencing on tumbling jeeps, a monkey-mimicing Shia LaBeouf, chessy comedic quicksand scenes, and nuclear-proof refrigerators...maybe this will be good. I can't wait to see "Indiana Jones and Seriously, We Mean It, The Last Crusade".
  • Matt
    Please god ... no.
  • dan
    i hope not. the last one was pitiful.........forced, terrible acting(including ford) and a TERRIBLE story. that series needs to go away.
  • zach
    oh just found an interview on time magazines web page with lucas about harrison Lucas REJECTS the idea of passing the torch to the character of Mutt Williams play by Shia Lebouf. However, Shia could be use for a future project such as The Chronicles of Young Indiana Jones. HOWEVER, as Lucas says he wants Harrison Ford to remain Indiana Jones. "He is Indiana Jones," Lucas said of Ford. "If Indiana Jones wasn't in it, you'd have to call it Mutt Williams and the search for Elvis. ... "Yeah, it's Mutt Williams and the search for Elvis." sooo good news if there is an indy 5 harrison is in it 😀
  • Al
  • Aaron
    And shortly thereafter, South Park will debut THEIR follow up to the Crystal Skull episode.... ha ha. Seriously, no Harrison, no deal. As long as they get a good writer (bring back Larry Kasden!), they can keep making these until Ford has to carry around a colonstony (sp) bag.
  • Bryan
    Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is what they get for dumping Frank Darabont's script. But all seriousness, keep George Lucas AWAY from this project as much as possible. It felt more like one of his films than Spielberg's.
  • jelipe
    just do not wait another 19 years.
  • sdsdsds
    Steven Spielberg can be blame just as much as Lucas, considering, you know, he directed it, signed off on it...
  • Shawn
    Maybe or hopefully after the reaction to the last one Spielberg was like "Screw this, Im fixing this and doing it myself"
  • Luis M
    No special effects? What will it be about, "Indiana Jones and the Old Folks Home"?
  • Timothy
    I really liked Skull, actually. I know I'm in minority, but it was a fun popcorn movie, and only a little bit below the bar the first three films set. And I like Temple of Doom the best, Alex, it's such a weird, shocking, scary (and good) sequel.
  • zetsu
    please don't fucking make this film,raiders of the lost ark = excellent,indiana jones & the temple of doom = very good,indiana jones & the last crusade = good it had it's moments,but the crystal skulls was a bag of shit it should of never been made,it had piss poor cgi & a really shitty ending.
  • Trey
    I hope not...
  • sd
    Ok opinions are like....we all have them. However, to say that one 'liked' Indy 4, what does that say? You don't know what a good movie is or it takes nothing to entertain you. :) No offense but Indy 4 was so bad, I mean Spielberg really really needs to redeem himself with tintin for that one. Hes done so many amazing movies that it made it even more painful to watch, i wanted to pretend this movie was never made. Besides not keeping Lucas locked in the crazy house the 2nd biggest mistake was to bring in the next hack, Shia. Everything about this movie was bad. Not even williams score could save it. I still cannot believe Spielberg signed off on this pos. So please...NO 5th movie. Let it rest.
  • Michael Field
    Uh...I liked Cyrstal Skull. As long as Indiana Jones is in the 5th movie, then I'm cool with it. If it turns into a vehicle for the son and we see a cameo of Indiana then I will not be cool with it. This is one of the few times I agree with Lucas.
  • Cinemassiv
    Please, Spielberg, stop the pain. While you still have a shred of legacy left.
  • Betterchill
    NO! Speilberg is not going to ruin my childhood just once but TWICE now! By the way Alex, Temple of Doom is not bad at all! Come on, shankara stones, SHORT ROUND, anything goes! That movie is great and is certainly nothing like Kingdom of the Crystal Letdown!
  • Spider
    "Indiana Jones 4" was cool too, although a bit of a letdown. True, it doesn't hold a candle to the previous 3, but I enjoyed it too. Here's Spielberg's chance to totally redeem himself. This franchise needs Harrison Ford just as the "Terminator" franchise needs Arnold-- as the box office receipts indicate. So please Steven, do the right thing and please don't surrender the franchise to Shia.
  • xerxex
    indy ended for men after The Last Crusade. The new one was not good, The others were about relegious themes...the new Aliens! ALIENS! WHY!?
    Please Mr.Speilberg don't bring that big fat A-Hole of George Lucas in to the mix this time. I agree with number 11 it felt like a Lucas film, actually Indy 4 reminds more of the star wars prequels. What a shame.
  • AllmightyKeim
    IJ4 was awesome. What was hard to beleive? The aliens or The cup of Christ? Or the pulling of hearts out, or all the Nazies dying like they did in Raiders. Come on people. Harrison has said he wants to do another one.
  • DinoChow
    So there's a consensus that 4 was a letdown? Excuse me, Alex, but lots of us liked it. I, for one, loved it. Was it as good as Raiders of Last Crusade? Heck no, but that didn't mean it was a disappointment. It was a BIG step up from Temple of Doom and a fun, well-done throw back to the original trilogy. Plus, why does everyone hate the aliens? Sure, it was a little odd, but aliens are in fact more believable than exploding head nazis or an immortal knight. This series has always dealt with the supernatural, and aliens are actually rather tame, all things considered.
  • xerxex
    don't blame it all on GL yes he has let a lot of people down, (like me). But I forgive him besides Aliens are one of Speilbergs favorite things so...
  • Dan Walimaa
    Go Indy! Yay! Hey, I liked Crystal Skull, and I'd like to see another Indiana Jones adventure. How about an adventure in Mexico, or Ireland?
  • dave
    Why is Steven making another Indy instead of Jurassic Park IV??????????????? Oh #22 i agree with you about the whole terminator and indy thing, that they need the original actors in them ( Arnie & H. Ford ) but lets face it, Indy 5 would make far more money if Shia LaBeouf was the lead role because younger people, girls and Megan Fox would go to see it because of him, but i really hope it dosnt happen like that.
  • sd
    #26, LOVE? Explain to me what you loved so much about it? Was it the awesome acting? The awesome story? Or the amazing acting by Shia? What about the awesome monkeys? Yes the Aliens theme sucked. Let me explain The Reason why Indy 1 was so good was it was not all pure scifi. Some of it was mythology, other facts based on history (even tho some of that is theories not facts). The ark is not scifi. Its in the Bible: The Ark of the Covenant is described in the Bible as a sacred container, wherein rested the Tablets of stone containing the Ten Commandments as well as Aaron's rod and manna. WWII ring a bell? Nazi's were as real as it gets. Sure there heads weren't melting or exploding but they were pure Evil. Locating was authentic. Tanis, Egypt is the last thought place of the Ark. So mix these elements with a tad fantasy and fiction, thats Indy 1.
  • Joe
    Assuming it has Harrison Ford, I'm actually looking forward to it. Indiana Jones 4 had it's problems but I thought it was fun at least. In my opinion, when a bad sequel is made by a team that is proven to be able to do good work, the cure is for them to make another movie and deal with the problems of the last one. That's why I'm looking forward to Spiderman 4 (and that's why I STILL wish they had made a fifth ST: TNG movie. Sigh) - Joe
  • lando
    #25, I too tried to make those comparisons as a way to give Indy4 the benefit of the doubt, but the truth is, after all those years of seeing Indy 1-3, those little things still work, the beating heart, the holy grail etc.. BUT NOW, nuking the fridge? two car fencing while holding a split? it just doesnt hold up, and while technically the new one has most of the elements the original 3 had, it lacked a certain sense of MYSTERY that the previous ones mastered so well, that and it relied WAY TOO MUCH on CGI, I mean for fReaking crying outloud Steven, do you even have to CGI area 52's sandy parking lot? I mean, you cant step out on the studio and shoot? I think Indy needs to be left alone or rebooted by someone other than George or Steven and for someone my age (37) to say that is near blasphemy!!!!!!!!
  • Bryan
    I agree with #29! Steven needs to come back and give us a proper finale to Jurassic Park instead of tampering around with Indiana Jones some more. Take us back to Site A!
  • mxr5150
    I ignore crystal skull, to me it's not canon to the 'real' Indy movies. This should probably fall right next to crystal skull, espeically if INDY 5 is missing one thing... INDY.
  • w00t!!!
    Love the 4th one till the end. That was so horrific.
  • Bash
    To correct you Alex, when Shia says "definitely no special effects in that movie", he is referring to the Wall St sequel, Money Never Sleeps and NOT Indy 5. The reality is, Indy 5 will go into production due to the fact that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull made $750m worldwide which, due to the deal that was negotiated with Paramount, was split (after costs) between Spielberg, Lucas & Ford. It will also definitely star Harrison Ford as he earned $65m last year, the majority of it from Crystal Skull. Source:
  • m4st4
    I hope it gets made... Spielberg will do Tintin in a month or two (Jackson is doing the effects), and Indy 5 could be next, shooted in Avatar technology... Also, Kingdom was a fun ride, i liked the monkeys, I liked Irina Spalko and yes, I liked UFO, so what???
  • I agree #22
  • Drived
    After see the last movie I decide that I'll keep the trilogy and avoid any new ones. The first three movies are classics. They just won’t be able to recreate that magic, even if Harrison is involved. “Kingdom” was a piece of crap, they almost killed everything I loved about Indy.
  • russell
    Enough LeBouf.
  • Nick Sears
    Harrison HAS to be in it. That's why we all LOVED the Indy movies. LeBouf is not funny, he does not have flaws we can appreciate, he's overall not a tough, intimidating guy. He's the comic relief! If its about passing the whip down I'm going to be extremely disappointed.
  • You mean Lebouf isn't backing out due to the similarities between the 'Mutt' character and his character from Transformers, like he did with 'Y?' Huh. I kid. But in all seriousness: really, George Lucas? Nothing better to do than rehash your old ideas along with the rest of Hollywood? No creative drive left? Not rich enough to retire?
  • I want Harrison Ford in it too! - I he wants too, of course :)
  • theotherbluth
    I am surprised that so many people whine like babies about Crystal skulls. all of the complaints are pointless,(aliens are too far fetched! waaa waa!) If most fans hadn't been 12 or younger when the first three came out you would have noticed the same amount of flaws in those. Biblical ghosts are ok with everyone, just not aliens?? the fucking fridge? that was less believable than falling out of a plane with a fucking inflatable boat and traveling across every terrain(ice, dirt, water,rocks) imaginable with no injuries whatsoever?? If you hoity-toity snobs would realize you are watching a fantastical story for adventures sake then you might enjoy yourselves a little more. Eat fucking popcorn, laugh at corny jokes, and root for Indy! that is all that is required while veiwing these movies.
  • theotherbluth
    The ark is not scifi. Its in the Bible: -sd hahaha! That has to be one of the best statements I've read. If it's in the Bible it has to be based on facts right?
  • allen sharpe
    dear shia the beef, stop being in my movies plz sincerely a concerned citizen
  • allen sharpe
    #45 regardless of whether its in the bible or not, its still not scifi. maybe high fantasy or something. also to everybody who liked indiana jones 4 youre dumb.
  • Ezza
    The Indy Jones movies should have stopped at 3. If I bought the movies tomorrow I wouldn't even have Indy 4 in the equation. My reasoning is that Indy Jones movies were originally based on a fictional historical past, which made it interesting and to some degree plausible. The fourth movie took the Indy Jones formula and went on a ridiculous tangent about spaceships, aliens and fridges that can also double up as a shelter for a nuclear blast! The later movie doesn't even fall in the same realm of it's predecessors and shouldn't have been made. It ruined what I thought was a good series of movies. Now that Indy Jones has seen space ships, I wonder if he'll go on another extreme and have Jones taken out of cryogenic freeze in the future and have him battle Aliens and laser blasts with his cracking whip and six shooter! Mr Spielberg let it go, don't make another Indy Jones movie, if you do then it will be obvious that you have lost your ideals as a creator of fine movies and now desperately just trying to bleed something dry when it should have just been left alone.
  • Fisherr
  • Mr j Money
    Hey great. A Harrison Ford-less Indy movie. Something could work if Shia maybe teamed with a now adult short round or something like that, but outside of "nam" what kind of "Macguffin" could you come up with in the 1960's?
  • Indyjack
    All right everyone, I've read your comments , and come up with a conclusion to all this mess. FACT 1: Harrison Ford will of course be in the fifth and final installment. ( George Lucas has said since 81' that indiana jones was supposed to be 5 movies) FACT 2: Indiana jones has always been campy fantasy popcorn entertainment. ( so quit bitching about nuking maytag appliances and monkeys with louis steven's personality.) FACT 3: every single indy adventure has been science fiction. ( 44 said it best. if you're okay with biblical ghosts, then aliens shouldn't surprise you.) FACT 4: We can still trust Spielberg. Lucas is a tool, but last crusade only rocked because spielberg was unsatisfied with " audience reaction". Be patient, and Indy 5 will rock as hard as raiders. I stake my novelty disneyland fedora on that. you don't think he's heard the nuke the fridge comments? he'll be back. FACT 5: Harrison Ford could still kick your ass. At 65 year's old he is still in better shape then you are. That's right, I'm talking to you! Look down at the flabby spare tire You've been carrying around your waist since jr. high. You will never be as cool as Indiana Jones on his worst day, so you're just gonna have to come to Jesus on that little fact. FACT 6: All you haters are bitching about shia for one simple reason. You're not him! You are all jealous, because no one ever asked you to be a part of two of your all time childhood fantasies. You don't realllllllllly hate him...... you want to be him. All of you would Jizz your pants if you so much as touched the animatronic hand of the indy robot at the temple of doom attraction, let alone been asked to play his son, so please stop acting like you could do one better. No one wants to see your lame, coulda woulda shoulda ass on the big screen. FACT 7: INDY 5 IS GONNA HAPPEN! So just embrace it. let's bring back the hat, the gags, the maguffin and for heavem's sake sallah, and we'll all be in for a hellova ride! bum ba dum daaaaaaaa bum badaaa! ( put on your fan boy hat's now)
  • IndysCGIhat
    it was very nice of Shias agent to write in like that wasnt it?
  • Hsa
    I really enjoyed the last installment of this series. Even though Harrison did look it decent shape for a guy his age, he is getting a little old to be doing some of the stunts he was doing.
  • xaviersx
    Enjoyment of the movie is individual opinion, it was fine by a lot of movie goers, so it's hard to absolute it that everybody was let down, not happy or even happy with it. Name your trilogies and you find a margin of 'error' on who liked 1, 2, or 3 in larger numbers. Some people looked at it in the traditional trilogy idea, and a 4th, 5th, etc etc was not necessary in their opinion. Others may treat it like an ongoing, something akin to Bond films except Indy doesn't get a new face every 3rd film. It's just entertainment, a culture event at the most. As for Shia, his 'honest' candid remarks about his films, with Speilberg and Bay, make it seem like he needs to find himself good solid indy projects, . . neither the dog nor the character. For the very nature, the summer blockbusters are the very things he'd have to rebuff and apologize for.




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