Sony Moving Forward on Developing Underworld 4 in 3D

August 8, 2009
Source: ShockTillYouDrop


I'm not a fan of the Underworld franchise at all. I was obsessed with the first one before it came out, but once I actually got to see it, I lost all interest, and I haven't seen either of the sequels (or the first one again) since then. I respect that a lot of people may still be fans of the franchise, so this news is really for them. ShockTillYouDrop has confirmed that Sony / Screen Gems is developing another sequel in the Underworld franchise and it will be shot in 3D. Their current plan is to have it ready to go by January of 2011, mirroring the January release of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans earlier this year as well. Any big fans out there?

If you're wondering why Sony would even considering making more, well, the last one actually made them quite a bit of money. It took in $91 million worldwide and was only made for $35 million. No word yet on whether or not any of the stars of Rise of the Lycans, such as Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy or Rhona Mitra, will be returning, or whether they'll bring back any of original cast like Kate Beckinsale or Scott Speedman (since that's the trend these days). As for the 3D side of this, it just means they're trying to get more cash in any way they can and it's, as usual, unnecessary, but since this isn't a franchise I care much about, oh well.

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  • Janny
    the first one was good... the second was ok... the third was meh... if the pattern persists then it doesn't look good for the fourth one.
  • Scott
    The movies keep going downhill...Im not much of a fan anymore...but it might turn out cool..?
  • dan
    4 underworlds??!!! why? i'm probably in the minority, but i'd rather see a sequel to "league of extrordinary gentlemen" than this.
  • LiquidSpark
    Whatever they do.... Just please keep Speedman out of it. His "hybrid" character is a joke.
    Should have only been 1 underworld............................... Keep it that way
  • SuicidalOptimist
    Why is everything in 3D nowadays?!? Ugh! I really liked the 1st Underworld. The 2nd was pretty blah, and the last one was terrible, imo. I think it's time to let this franchise die. Someone make another Constantine. Or a GOOD Dare Devil. And by good I mean, no Ben Affleck.
  • jay-z
    SWEET!!! Loved all of them! I mean they suck but they are fun to watch... PLEASE BRING BACK ORIGINAL CAST! but somehow keep nighy in it because hes always fun
  • Janika
    Well I'm a fan of 'em. And I hope they bring back the original cast, because the story could totally continue with them.
  • joebuck
    time to stick a fork in this one it's done...
  • DoomCanoe
    not fuckin needed
  • last Son
    I loved the first two films because of Kate Beckinsale. She is so hot and awesome in those movies. The third one sucked becuase we already knew the back story from the first film. Unless the continue going forward with Kate Beckinsale I won't be interested!
  • Buggy166
    the 3rd was better than the 2nd so...whatever...i like'em but thats because i have low expectations and consider them B movies about vampire adventures.
  • David Banner
    With so much crap horror out there, these 3 fang/furball movies are quite OK, check all out Alex, they're not a total waste of time, it's sorta refreshing with 'english horror' for once, but not a true 'Hammer feel' if you catch my drift :)
  • Short
    I like the Underworld movies. First one was a little slow, but loved the 2nd and how they tied the two movies together. 3rd one was ok but would rather have seen them do another sequel.
  • Xerxex
    first one is awesome Alex don't be so picky, but what is with this obsession for 3D? its not that great!
  • Cody
    ....O come on
  • harrison
    yea first one was great, second had some good ideas but just fell flat, 3 was boring. no need for the 4th
  • ImaginaryVisionary
    You know Sony's got to be thinking they can cash in on the Vampire craze created by Twilight. If they're smart, they should take a similar angle as Twilight but with more gore. The Liken-Vampire story line is actually really intriguing to me for some reason, and a similar plot line runs through the Twilight films that doesn't hook me the way these films do. If anything this franchise is Twilight for Dudes, which is why they need to go back to the original storyline (Underworld 1&2) and if they can bring back Beckinsale and Speedman for more of the romeo and juliet love story violence and gore that made the first two films work so well. Sadly, my guess is they're going to make this a typical 3D horror film thats all flash and dash with no story.
  • JL
    'rise of the lycans' wasn't all that great, but it was entertaining to say the least. the 2nd movie in the series (well, i guess the 3rd, but i'm referring to the one released a few years ago), was the best w/ all of the badass action. they ended the story perfectly right there. as for shooting a 4th my question is 'why?' there is no need to. and shooting in 3D at that? 3D hasn't won me over because of the price of the movies. i guess it's safe to say i will be looking forward to torrents if this releases.
  • somwerbtwnblungrn
    I like the movies because as mentioned - its vampire movie for dudes. Both 1 & 2 are not that bad & kick-ass (I like films with a good strong female lead). I am not a fan of 3-D(I blame the Avatar hoopla). There have been few decent vampire films as of late (with tweeny Twilight always on the lead), so this one wouldn't be that bad - but not in 3-D please, me think it is just to cash it & not to make a decent movie as it is.
  • me
    Underworld: Evolution was the best, then the first one and last the third. I really enjoyed this franchise and if Kate Beckinsale returns it could be a good movie worth watching.
  • SlashBeast
    The first one was okay, second one sucked, the third one sucked as well. No excitement for a fourth.
  • Cat
    3D? Lol
  • Jay
    I have never seen a more "middle of the road" and average film series get praised and appreciated like this. Look I understand Kate Beckinsale is hot but Christ that doesn't mean I have to love her movies. It is amazing how a pair of tits in tights can make us fanboys accept and make excuses for crappy films....' #9 & #10 had it write...enough already with these mediocre movies and put some financing and time behind a REAL vampire franchise!
  • David C
    hopefully the pvc suit comes back
  • gooner
    Will be looking forward to this. I guess I'm in the minority when I say I liked all three films. If Sony could put up some dough the way they do for other films this franchise could get a big lift. This is an alternate vampire story for those of us that don't follow Twilight.
  • John
    Ok... the first was good, the second was very good, and the third was almost as good as the second, the fourth should be good at least... #26, u are not alone haha..
  • Heat Mizer
    Should be interesting, to say the least. I like all of the Underworld's. I think that one of the reasons I like them at all is the same reason most people hate them; because they are so ridiculous. As to the 3D... fuck that. I Definitely agree with Dan though in regards to making a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen sequel.
  • Nick
    I hate 3D movies I dont understand why they would want to make it in 3D that is so dumb.
  • guy
    This is awesome. Didn't think they'd make another, but i like surprises. I doubt they'll bring back roha mitra considering her character died in the last one. I'm guessing they'll bring back beckinsale though considering her husband directs the films. As for the 3D, i think that great as well. 3D definitely adds to the immersion factor. If you don't like 3D they'll probably be showing it in standard 2D as well in select theaters, like with final destination.
  • RStewie
    I'm not big on 3D, My Bloody Valentine made me nausous, and not from the gore. But I like these movies, and I'd love to see another one. I'd rather they made a follow-on to the present day ones, though, and not to the prequel. They're better than that Tween Crap out there, and I live vampires!
  • Naima
    I love all of the Underworld movies! I missed Selene in part 3, but I loved the story of Lucian. I think if they gather the original cast this has LEGS and I'd pay. I always want to see more after I watch any of these movies. Go Les do ur thang!!!
  • The Goodfella
    Kate better be in this I got the 1st one on blu ray the other day and you can hear every sqeak of her tight leather suit YUM YUM lol




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