Sound Off: Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno - What Did You Think?

July 10, 2009


Now that you've seen it, what did you think? The wacky Sacha Baron Cohen is back once again after three whole years since introducing us to Borat with yet another crazy character who is out to trick people into believe he's actually real. How does it live up to that last hilarious movie? Is it an improvement over Borat or just more of the same? Does Bruno push the limits as much as it did last time? Is it even funny to watch or is Cohan just annoyingly unbearable? And is the story in this actually any good or just a bland addition to the comedy? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of Bruno!

To fuel the fire, while I did laugh a lot during Bruno, which is to say I did enjoy it, I'm not sure if it was as good as Borat, to be honest. Cohen really did push the boundaries in this further than we've ever seen them pushed before, which I applaud him for doing, but I never really felt as shocked or as amused as I did while watching Borat. The wrestling scene was certainly the pinnacle, but it didn't top Pamela Anderson. I can't even figure out why I didn't like this as much. Maybe I've been exposed to it so much and seen so many of the gags already that it just wasn't as shocking. I certainly do think it's a good movie, just not a great one.

What did you think of Bruno? An improvement of Borat or the same thing all over again?

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  • Alec Doherty
    Amazing. As good as Borat. Best comedy so far this year (hopefully, Funny People will come through.)
  • How can I donwload the Song?
  • Avidan Pell
    This movie was insanely funny. I dont think anyone can top this film in its insanity. It absolutely crosses the line and Im just waiting until there are protests outside of theatres trying to ban this movie in the next few days. This is the second movie I have fell on the floor laughing so hard to, the first being jackass 2. And of course, a great plot too.
  • billybob
    The scene with Paula Abdul was ridiculous! I can't believe she actually sat down.
  • Underscore
    It was funny, but not laugh out loud funny. The only parts where I laughed out loud were the Paula Abdul interview (funniest part of the movie) and a bit during the interviews with the "pray the gay away" converter(s). Unfortunately a lot of it looks very staged. And you can tell that he obviously had a baby doll with him on the motor bike for the drive-off shot. Borat really tested peoples' behavior and intolerance towards people like that, whereas in this one, apart from the trash talk show, its only the last scene which really displays that--and even then, we don't know if it wasn't just a crew member who threw the chair into the cage. Everything he does is stuff that is socially unacceptable even if it were performed by straight people. It's fun to view it as shock factor and watching people get 'punked' but their response to Bruno's behavior is absolutely justified.
  • He tries so hard…
    Maybe because it's been done so many times it's old. If anyone ever watches non-American reality prank shows, they know Sasha is just idiot doing nothing but acting like so many others out there that have done this way longer than he has.
  • john the movie is so insanly funny i never laughed so much during a movie everybody was screaming, laughing and moving because he really pushed the limits! go watch and see it! its so funny 😀
  • Alex Towers
    Yeah, although not as good as Borat it was certainly original and hilarious. The trailers played beforehand (The Ugly Truth, All about Steve, I Love You Beth Cooper) really made me appreciate it all the more. That said I was really laughing at Baron Cohen and not so much at the people he was interviewing( whereas Borat had a bit of both)
  • cheryl
    hysterical, I laughed and laughed and laughed, I had tears in my eyes from laughing. I will go see it again....Genius! Applause at the end.
  • Farris
    Borat was a million times better. Bruno was too much shock humor. Penises aren't that funny.
  • Primus
    I laughed quite a bit but I thought Borat was better. This one did push the line but not in the direction that I would have liked.
  • A few weeks ago I was fortunate to attend the Dutch premiere of "Brüno" and as big Borat/ Sacha Baron Cohen-fan I was grateful to my ex-colleague which invited me; thanks again mate! Now on to the movie. It’s fantastic! If you liked "Borat" you will also like Brüno. If you didn’t find Borat funny, you’ll absolutely hate Brüno. Personally I found Borat a bit better, as what we see in Brüno has already been done in a way by Borat; the only difference is that Brüno does it in a more perverse, embarrassing, extreme and over-the-top-way. I laughed my heart out with a lot of scenes, only to be bored to a halt with others. Borat was a more ongoing production of laughter and story; Brüno sometimes felt as a collage of loose experiences and therefore it was harder to attach yourself to the character and therefore to the story. The jokes are hilarious and this is for sure a 16 years and older movie because of the amount of nudity and rude jokes. If you don’t find yourself comfortable with (gay) sexuality it will be a difficult hour and a half to pass through. Nonetheless, it’s guaranteed entertainment, which could easily be seen on DVD. But as good stuff in cinemas is rare these days I recommend you to visit the cinema for this. You won’t regret it! My rating: 8 out of 10
  • Alex, I really don't like how you're doing these "sound off" articles instead of reviews now. I realize you're a busy guy, but the reviews were what I originally fell in love with at and I haven't seen one in a long time unless you're at a film festival. Why aren't you reviewing blockbusters anymore?
  • Boxoffice Marco
    I think people who liked the social commentary in Borat won't like Bruno. But those who liked the outrageous gags in Borat will LOVE Bruno. Because Bruno is basically outrageous gags right after each other with no narrative to tie them together. Didn't they shoot Prop 8 stuff last year? Where did it go? Another reason Bruno isn't testing as well as Borat: as a character Borat had a comic innocence as he pointed at our flaws as a society. Bruno is just an asshole who talks s***. :)
  • DoomCanoe
    hilarious. what people are willing to do to there babies! oh god that was sooo fucking funny not as good as borat though
  • Andrew
    The fact is, this was never going to be better than Borat, because from the start Bruno would be bereft of the advantage that Borat had: surprise. When Borat came out, no one had ever seen anything like it before, and because Sacha Baron Cohen wasn't anywhere near as famous as he is now, it was easier to actually trick people, meaning that Bruno would have a higher ratio of staged bits. Still, I laughed my ass off all the way through Bruno, probably as much as I did when I saw Borat in theaters. Plus it always helps when you see films like this on opening weekend, when there's bound to be a decent-sized crowd attending.
  • tterb
    Thank you Sacha Baron Cohen.
  • bltzie
    I enjoyed it... not as much as Borat, but it had some great scenes. The song at the ending calling north and south koreans to stop fighting cause basically they are both chinese had me laughing all the way home! That said I don't think another Sacha Baron Cohen movie about a new character would work all that good because it's starting to get old.
  • Brian
    I liked it, but .... I don't know what to say other than it was another version of Borat. The biggest difference was while watching Borat, it was all new, it felt spontaeous, you didn't know what to expect and you felt embarrassed for Borat and his victims. But with Bruno, it felt too scripted, like you've seen it before and you knew what was coming. Nothing really wrong with Bruno, but I left the theatre feeling ... Meh ... Been there, seen Bruno no desire to see it again ... I'd rather wartch Borat again.
  • I agree, it wasn't as good as Borat. Looking back, far too much material was shown in the trailer, which really detracted from the overall experience. As said, the wrestling scene was brilliant, but not a touch on some of the Borat scene's by far. It also, despite what they say, felt a lot more staged this time around.
  • Steven
    Remember The Simpsons episode where Bart became an overight media sensation with his 'I didn't do ' line and people quickly tire of him for repeating it over and over? Well, after seeing Bruno that's pretty well how I feel about Sacha Baron Cohen. ---Yaaawwwwnnn--- Cohen is so 2006.
  • Bubba Ramedass
    I thought it was hilarious. I mean, c'mon this isn't supposed to be art, it's supposed to be a comedy. Let's not over-analyze. I thought it was as funny as Borat (basically, same format) but more outrageous. Look, I went to film school ok? I've seen all the great masters of cinema, etc. yada yada yada. If you feel the need to analyze movies, compare and contrast, like it's some college paper - I guess you won't be very happy. But if you can just enjoy stupid movies AS stupid movies, and you just want to laugh, this is definitely worth seeing!
  • tterb
    #22 I agree. You either enjoyed it, or you didn't.
  • magickalone
    Loved it! Hilarious... a GOOD laugh but also meant to be an eye opener... SATIRE is a great vehicle... and for the guy that said Borat was not trying to be controversial... get a brain.... Cohen is genius in his satire. So good sometimes that no brainers don't GET IT.
  • I thought it was about as good as Borat, and really gay.
  • Buggy166
    half of it was really gay and funny the other half was forced/faked and crude but not funny. Seeing a bare penis do circles on the big screen is funny...seeing the people's reaction is funnier. A lot of it felt really fake though and not really good. Highlight of whole movie for me: when he ghost-jobs mili vanili
  • lardass hogan
    i thought it was stupid and forced. not clever at all like borat was. sure there were some funny parts (95% we seen over and over and over again in the trailer) but most the gags were staged and stupid and he was trying to hard to offend.
  • Not as good as Borat. Not even close. Borat was funny and clever, Bruno is all about shock, like Farris said (comment 10). Glorified Howard Stern/Jerry Springer. On a side note, even though Bruno and Borat have been at each other in the tabloids, I have solved it with a Photoshop bomb on my web site!!!
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    Borat was a million times better, plus most of the jokes in this movie was recycled over and over again. As #28 stated above, this movie was based on shock value, especially that one scene. And that scene where he imagines to give mili vanili a blow job was classic, i laughed so hard. But the rest of the film followed the same sexual path, making the film less creative. I also felt that the movie was too short, i swear the ending seemed more like the climax but it abruptly ended. Hell people were surprised when the credits pulled up, thinking that it was fake. Overall, its worth watching this film if you enjoyed Borat, itll surprise you.
  • Cody
    Hated it....just so forced and set up not even funny. I understand the type of humor so dont comment saying "you just dont get what hes doing" I get it and its old especially considering it just an extremely exaggerated version of jackass, except with one jackass instead of a bunch.
  • borat was better but the shock humor was disgusting but really funny. i almost threw up from laughter and soda when the penis kept rotating. The oral ghost sex was disgusting yet funny also. it was funny but i still liked borat better.
  • @22. Then, as a "Film Student" you will surely understand that when a piece of work comes out, you always compare to a relative piece, be it from the same writer or director to see the improvement. When Transformers 2 came out, you compare it to Transformers 1. When The Departed came out, you compared it to the other Scorcese' films. Its just the way it works. You can't be part of a movie website then get all whiney when people start comparing movies, if we didn't compare them, talk about them or anaylse them, then we wouldn't be movie geeks, we would be the regular movie goer. And if thats what you want us to be you may as well shut down ever movie website out there!
  • Neil
    I thought it was laugh out loud funny and how brilliant is Bruno LOL. He totally made us see how desperate people are to become famous today and how he made a mockery of it all I loved it pure genius.
  • wexwex
    best movie ever... even better than Michael mann's HEAT.
  • Christof
    I thought it had a few really funny bits, but for the most part the crowd was laughing and I wasnt, like the dildo scene with the karate instructor, i think this is probably the least funny of Cohen's stuff, I've been a fan for years too, seen ever ali g episode, US and UK, etc. Borat was better than this by far, I really wish he went back to the show's style rather than try and bother with a plot and all the scripted scenes, i mean this basically mirrored borat, his partner leaves, come back at the last minute, just like in borat. My wife likes some of his stuff, not as much as me, and the only scene she laughed out loud at was the beginning where he made fun of the model saying how hard it must be to put one leg first :)
  • elllo
    number 24 made my day,he nailed it!
  • Seductive Flamingo
    I Loved the movie and was shocked at myself for laughing at a lot of the humor. I agree it wasn't as great as Borat but I think Cohen was just trying to out-do his other movie. He did, but it was a little over the top. But hey! He's got the money to do rediculous scenes such as showing a penis for a tremendous amount of time on film. My favorite part was listening to the conversations outside of the theatre. Military boys saying they couldn't believe they got excited for this movie. The girls clinging to their side saying they wanted to pound their head against the sidewalk. Ok I think its a little rediculous that they didn't expect what was going to happen in this movie. Did they not watch the trailers at all? Obviously if they were getting excited about the movie they would have put some effort into looking up about the movie. Not putting down military people! Just saying those were the ones who didn't appriciate the humor and who were vocalizing it outside of the theatre. I just don't understand how you can go into a movie like this and not expect a level of shock.
  • Brüno's dick yelling LOL
  • Moviegimp
    Can't say it's the worst thing I've ever seen but it's close. Not so much a movie as a bunch of pieces of a movie that never came together. It really seemed unfinished. There was a girl in the theater laughing her ass off, me not so much. Liked Borat a whole lot more. I can see this being interesting when it comes to DVD if it has a good commentary to find out what was actually real and what wasn't. I'm just glad I didn't have to pay to see it.
  • Michael
    Bruno is definitely a must see. It is extremely laugh-out-loud funny. When he calls Mel Gibson Mein Fuhrer was hilarious. I believe the movie relied more on shock comedy as some have said rather than plot, which is perfectly fine. Still hilarious. haha swing swing swing stop. Bruno!
  • clover Big Pass!
  • i forgot my keys
  • Felt a little forced at times and I found myself more uncomfortable (not even at the gay stuff) than laughing. Still had some great moments.
  • Rorschach90
    It's just as funny as Borat, but not as quotable. Borat sparked a huge amount of one liners that everyone and their mother used. I don't see that happening with Bruno. Cause of that, Borat was better. Still loved Bruno
  • ricanman
    Too much Penis!!! Too much Penis!!! Too much Penis!!!! Other than that I thought it was great! The audience seemed reluctant to laugh but midway through the audience got comfortable and laughed it up. It was as though they felt bad for laughing at some scenes that were offensive. Two people got up and left and didn't return, I loved it!
  • jack
    number 34 must be a homosexual
  • Loved every second of it. Any movie that has two guys locked in S&M gear walking up to the Westboro Baptist Church nutjobs and asking "Can you unlock us?" is aces in my book. That, and Borat yelling about why he wasn't going to pay for "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium."
  • Angry Chief
    My favorite part was all of the flexors in the hallway after talking about how gay it was to their pumped up friends and too-tan skankatrons. I loved the movie!
  • Jaf
    It merely made me smile. Not even the test screening made me laugh (the Harrison Ford 'interview' was a keeper, though). I guess it's just not my cup of tea (same goes for British humor).
  • Ben
    They showed all the funny bits in the trailer, which is a Hollywood trend which needs to stop. I found the movie quite boring and not very funny either. And the cinema seemed to agree, it was packed and there was very little laughter. Shame really, I thought it had more potential then Borat.
  • DJ
    While the movie was funny as hell I still dont agree with the rating it really needs to be NC-17. The full frontal dick swinging to me was over the top and should have garnered it to keep the NC-17.. Not to mention the swingers party and such. I dont see how the blackout blobs were enough to get it back to R but the full frontal Swinging Dicks was ok as Rated R..
  • dee
    Too much dacing penis!
  • 51
    #51 grow up, ratings are for communists
  • tom
    Ratings are very important. Do you want a ten year old watching this. Grow up. Without rules this world could not exist.
  • tom
    I've seen bruno on hbo and utube. This was just not that good. As a man I find it digusting to have to watch cohens wang swinging. Didn't need that. Felt dirty after the movie. Needed a shower. Not because I was hot . Just bothered. Most of the guys in jackass were on drugs. Bruno the show was harmless and funny . Bruno the movie was desperateandesperate and alittle sad.
  • Paulo
  • Christof
    @54: if youre a parent bringing your 10 year old to a rated R movie let alone something this obviously adult oriented, chances are youre a crappy parent anyway @55: I doubt it was actually his junk and was probably stunt junk :)
  • JL
    FUCKING GENIUS, is all i can say. hilarious comedy mixed in a social experiment can't get any better. i love how sacha cohen pushes forward social issues. showing how disgusting people can really act, and forcing the audience to really think about how they act by putting it in your face, LITERALLY. my second fav scene was the richard bey show. me being black, i got the jokes (of course) and thought they were funny. but i also love how it shows that even though black folks/gays share the same sentiment in being treated ill, some black folks share the same disgusting opinions about gay couples. REALLY?!?! SAME SOCIAL CONFLICT PEOPLE. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS sexual preference vs skin color.... okay, i'm calm now. i may be over-analyzing this film but the comedy mixed w/ showing true opinions in america is great cinema. the focus group sequence was too much comedy for me. it's not an important line, but harrison ford's FUCK OFF was hilarious. does anyone know how sacha cohen is allowed to show this in his movie? he's using famous people in footage and so i always wonder if they have to sign a release, or are even told it's a joke afterward.
  • JL
    oh, and anyone who has a problem w/ the dick in the movie, you have to imagine how women feel. the new friday the 13th i'm sure made teen girls feel kinda awkward. again, genius on cohen's part for bringing out that double standard that's placed on nudity in film.
  • P nut
    Every scene with a celebrity was most likely pre scripted, to answer post #58.
  • David Banner
    It was funny, but Borat was better. What Bruno has, is a scene so fantastic, its worth thr ticket alone. Talking about the 'MMA scene'.
  • Emma
    Why are some people uncomfortable with a bare penis being shown throughout half the movie? If those same people (I'm guessing men), were shown a naked woman in the movie, their opinions would probably be totally different. What a double standard. I, as a woman, did not feel uncomfortable with the penis scenes. If you are so afraid of sexuality in films, then don't see "R-rated" films. This movie wasn't meant for people under 18 anyway, so like the other person said, if your ten year old is watching it, then you're probably a crappy parent.
  • Fred
    Did someone say this wasn't laugh-out-loud funny? I haven't laughed out loud this much in the theater since... well, Borat. The movie's climax was PERFECT.
  • Alan
    I've never scene so many people walk out of the theater before. Once the ridiculous/uncomfortable sex scenes with his 18 year boy toy was over, things seemed to settle down and it was enjoyable. I watched in Chula Vista, CA which is a bit more conservative than other parts of San Diego county so i guess if I was in a different part of the city, I would've been hilarious.
  • D-9
    The last time I saw this many people walk out of a movie was "Observe and Report". Both of these films were incredibly bad.
  • Petoria
    You know, everyone's talking about the film as though there was tons of nudity. There really wasn't though. There were some boobs in the swinger scene and the infamous penis shot. But I wish the latter wasn't in the film (or maybe they could've put the black bar over it and people would've still gotten the joke of what the focus group was watching), because this was a really clever film (the talk show scene and finale were hilarious), but I'm afraid a lot of people took a hike after dick the shot. It was funny, but I understand, for better or worse, that makes some people really uncomfortable. And people don't watch films that make them feel that way.
  • RStewie
    This movie was not funny to me at. all. It was just stupid. I walked out. I could actually FEEL my brain cells dying as I attempted to watch it. I only hope this new "genre" of "comedy" will distinguish itself in the future as "as funny as Borat!" or "if you liked Bruno!" so I can avoid it like the plague. Some will see this and make fun of me for "not getting it" or for being "uptight" but this was about as funny as watching a badly made porno. Beyond stupid, with no redeeming value whatsoever.
  • xCloudbox
    I loved this movie. It was everything I hoped for. I can't wait for the DVD so I can see all the scenes that I'm sure were cut out. It is a stupid movie, I agree, but that's what it's supposed to be. It's supposed to be mindless humor, nudity, shocking things just to get a laugh. Sure I love movies that make me think or really get my emotions going, but sometimes I get tired of that and just need to have some laughs. This did the trick. Do you think he'll come up with a new character to make another movie about?
  • tom
    I saw this in a cinaplex with young children being able to walk in and out. Should have been rated nc17. Are society is down the tubes. If a pervert makes you laugh you are a follower. I don't think sasha would have watched this crap if it wasn't his own piece of crap. Morons. Get a life .
  • tom
    I. have too much class and morals to have found this film anything but perverese and sad. If you like this movie I feel soory for you. You are low class . You think farting and waving genitals is comedy. Losers. Do you know that sasha thinks you are a moron for liking this crap and he is right. Scum of the earth.
  • Rebecca
    Tom, lighten up! It's a satirical, adult humored movie for crying out loud! Your judgmental attitude towards those of us who found this movie absolutely hysterical makes me feel quite sorry for you. Comedy is subjective and has absolutely nothing to do with class. This movie definitely pushed boundaries to the limits and exceeded my expectations. I haven't laughed this constant and hard during a movie in quite a long time. Sacha Baron Cohen is pure comedic genius. The true morons are the parents who allow their young children to walk in and out of this film. Our society is definitely going down the tubes with the evidence of the spelling and grammatical errors in posts #69 & #70. But what do I know? I'm just a "classless, scum of the earth" primary public school teacher. 😉
  • tom
    Rebecca. Not concern about spelling . Morals are more important to me. Men having sex with boys . Ungodly behavior. Spreading aids . its not funny. It was nasty and digusting. You probably find someone eating a bloody tampon funny. Shitting on someone is funny too right! Sick. You have no morals and no ethics or class. Would not want someone like you teaching my child. look children wasn't that funny when the man was screwing that liitle boy . Let's laugh at mexicans being used as chairs. Please tell your children why that is funny rebecca. Why is it funny? A penis . That is so fuuny. Why? Grow up and get some standards and morals. I'm typing on a blackberry so there might be a spelling or grammer error. Grow up and take a stand at filth. Why do we need more of this because it mad you laugh. Sad
  • tom
    It takes a genius to take a dildo and attach it to a machine. It takes a genius to shove a champange bottle up his ass and pour someone a drink. Hey rebecca.I will make a movie and you cand star in it . You can sit with yopur legs spread open and shove a bottle up your privates. its a comedy and someone wil crap on your head. I'm a genius. This is hilarous to the immorals. There's some real comedy and then there rebeeca kind. Feel sorry that you can't open your eyes and see what is going on in the word .
  • tom
    God creatd you. Ask yourselve would god want me laughing at this filth. Do I laugh at people suffering. Many children have seen this movie. Lots of parents who find this funny and have no moral standards and are raising thwere kids in the same way. This world needs to start having standard. I do. Do you?
  • rich
    You can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig.
  • sue
    worst movie ever. Was sitting in the theater when I saw a family bring in 3 children . All under 10. I was so disturb that children were being exposed to this . Should have been rated nc17 .
  • sue
    Crap movie. Lots of so called educated people have not a moral fiber in there entire being. Hello! Politicians. why is this movie not rated nc17.
  • Mollyfrom OZ
    Bruno was a filthy, digusting, waste of time. I cannot believe I was stupid enough to not read a review about it first. It is blatant homosexual pornography, anti-christian, and has child-abuse connotations. It was 60 minutes of vile filth, and a total utter waste of $17. If CHILD ABUSE offends you, if HOMOSEXUAL PORNOGRAPHY offends you (just a straight porn would offend someone - no Im not homophobic) and If watching COUPLES Have SEX offends you, then PLEASE DO NOT SEE THIS SHOCKING MOVIE. For me who has a high tolerance to "unique" movies, I found this INHUMANE and PUTRID. It was an ASSAULT to my senses, my ears and my eyes. My only regret is that I never walked out like so many good, courageous, intelligent people did. JUST DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY
  • Rebecca
    Well, Tom, I see your views are purely based on religious morals with your numerous mention of God. I don't fault you that at all. I am an agnostic (which in your eyes would make me a heathen) and am unable to see things from your religious point of view. Yes, agnostics and atheists are public school teachers! Run for the hills! I, too, do not laugh at suffering in this world. And I've got more moral fiber than most people of faith, but people like you cannot comprehend that one can have morals without a fundamental belief in God. This movie clearly did not display suffering or any type of child abuse, and anyone claiming otherwise needs to have their head examined. Anyone having sex with "boys" displays despicable behavior. But this movie is about a man that enjoys having sex with men. You would find that "ungodly" based upon your religious beliefs. I don't. So this is a futile debate with you. Besides, your moral superiority complex is most unbecoming of a "godly" person. Over and out.
  • tom
    Amen !!!
  • tom
    Rebecca. I really wish you had god in your life. He opens up your eye to be able to see the truth. You can be forgiven for all of your sins. god created you. You know that little voice in your head that says I should be doing this or this wrong. That is your soul. Right from wrong. You were made for a purpose. I learned the truth 8 years ago and it is awesome. I see the damage these movies have. Child abue in the move. 1. Taking a baby and riding reckless on a moped into 2. Putting a baby in a suitcase. 3. Sex with the young boy. Lots of boys are being abused right now. Just saw a documentary . Guys travel over seas to sleep with little boys. If you could not see that bruno was playing on the young boy fetish .I'm soory for you but lots of people have and its digusting. Godbless
  • Mollyfrom OZ
    Tom and I are doing the Cleveland Steamer in hell with MJ.
  • Mark
    It was HILARIOUS! "Yes my fuhrer.." xD when I saw Bono in the song at the end I just couldn't stop laughing ;o
  • Jay Casagrande
    Walked out... Movie was garbage, it was demoralizing and filthy. im ashamed our society is this far gone that you all think it was so funny. In the fifty's it was a shock for elvis to gyrate his hips on the ed sullivan show, now look what is acceptable and even enjoyable. i hope you all find god.
  • Not Tom the preacher
    hey tom, really???? where is that?
  • Luis Bezerra
    I love Bruno and Borat cause they expose the American prejudice. Sascha Baron Cohen has tried pulling his pranks in Europe, with some success but he had to apply inteligent humor as Ali G interviewing. Then he got famous and he had to go to a place where people were completely uninformed. Out of touch with culture. He couldnt go to south America either, cause here people watch a lot of Europe TV and are higly informed. As with both Borat and Bruno, USA was the place to pull good laughs. (besides being the source of money and empty-headed hollywood movies) A moment in the movie deserves quite a lot of psicotherapy: Harrison Ford it just shows that americans are such embarassed by baron cohen showing again (like in Borat) how stupid and full of prejudice the americanism "way" is that in every youtube movie about Bruno some american posters will be quick to say they LOVED Harrison Ford´s comment. They? adore it. Its a whole America´s population that wish to say it to Bruno. Thats why they loved it. Borat/Bruno shows the world how Americans are...and they hate that. American audiences react with pleasure to Ford´s comment, the same pleasure and grin shown by the "actor´s agent" who was the victim of the prank. That "agent" IS the Usa audience, do you understand the relation? Cohen is showing you your face through that agent. Clever!
  • Jean
  • Movies are supposed to be entertaining and unique and something out of the ordinary (at times not always). There is nothing wrong with a movie like this. Of course not everyone has to see it, but I think its a big stretch to say that a movie, which is mostly fiction and a fun way to spend 2 hours to escape from things for a bit.. is not the ruining of America or any other high standards you seem to have for our nation that aren't realistic. Not every movie is going to be G rated, family based, kid friendly and warm and sweet and ooey gooey inside. That's why we have options in life. Some will dig this and some won't. That's all. Not your thing, so be it. But when all is said and done its just a silly movie. Nothing more.
  • Borat, the second Film from him, was better und funnier!
  • bptr
    I loved it and think Cohen is a comedy genius. Hoewever I didn't realize that until I watched the deleted scenes of Bruno. This was the best stuff!!! The reason it is a little flat and not quite up to Borat must be the editing. I laughed my ass off watching the deleted scenes! People are morons in this country !!!!!! HAHAHA
  • bijan
    Forget borat. To enjoy Bruno you have to like Ali G. If you're not a fan of Ali G you're not going to like Bruno. The focus group was my favorite part.




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2. Paterson
3. Arrival
4. Captain Fantastic
5. 20th Cent. Women
6. Pete's Dragon
7. Jackie
8. Kubo & Two Strings
9. Everybody Wants
10. Wilderpeople
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Jeremy's Top 10 - 2016
1. Moonlight
2. The Handmaiden
3. High-Rise
4. Elle
5. Arrival
6. Kubo & Two Strings
7. 13th
8. Jackie
9. Toni Erdmann
10. The Witch
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