Sound Off: Observe and Report - What Did You Think?

April 10, 2009

Observe and Report

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Hitting theaters this weekend is Observe and Report, the follow-up comedy from The Foot Fist Way director Jody Hill. The movie is about as shocking, crazy, and funny, as anything can ever get, but not everyone may have enjoyed it. We've seen a lot of good comedies recently, so how does Observe and Report stack up? Was Seth Rogen able to break out of his norm this time? Was the story too dark and unfunny? Or was it better that way, with a few unexpected twists and turns? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of Observe and Report!

To fuel the fire, I thought Observe and Report was frickin' awesome, despite what all the stuck up critics have been saying about it. It was easily the craziest movie I've seen in a long time, which admittedly can be both good and bad. Jody Hill threw in everything he could to make this as over-the-top and insane as any mall cop comedy ever could be, and I loved it for that. I wasn't turned off by the fact that it was a lot darker and a lot less comical than the trailer made it out to be, especially because I love some originality. And how about that crazy freakin' ending?! For that alone, this deserves endless amounts of praise in my book!

So what did you think of Observe and Report? A comedy classic or a pile of comedic crap?

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  • Rabs
    I can't believe WB allowed that last scene in there. My jaw was dropped the entire time. It was one of those where after I had time to think about what I had saw, it was funnier and I appreciated it more. Gonna see it again.
  • Jody Hill did a fantastic job IMO. I have to agree with you Alex regarding the originality. I loved the whole thing but was utterly shocked at times and at others was downright impressed with the depth that Hill put into it. Based on the trailer I think a lot of people were expecting (including myself) an R rated Paul Blart and instead got a brutal dark comedy that had some issues. As great as Seth Rogan was I think once again Anna Faris proved that she is one of the funniest women in Hollywood! Next thing you guys should do is have a sound off about Rogan's hair from the film...yikes.
  • Tebow
    i absoutely loved this movie. it goes into my top 5 of all time. the best part about this movie is how different is in than any other comedy and im so glad that seth rogan was the one for this part. there were soo many twists and turns and everything was so unexpected. i will definately see it again this weekend!
  • Chippy
    Saw it today on a discount. ( thank God) Horrible, just horrible movie. And Mr. Rogen was just as bad. I thought only what he wrote was very weak. I have to agree with the critics I have seen and read. Just terrible.
  • The Real Doc Brown
    Had Friday off, and as much as I enjoy Hill, This was just bad. Of course I am a mature film goer. The little kids were laughing, not as much as I. In that regard if your a young person under the age of 16, I guess you would enjoy it. Rogen was his usual tastless self which I for one am not a fan. This pretty much ruined a promising weekend. Please skip this piece.
  • truthbknown
    If Seth Rogen was not in this, I would give it a chance, however I must not waste money on a mororn like Rogen. My God Tebow, I wonder what your top 4 movies could possibly be. You are deranged.
  • Bryan Baca
    I thought it was really dark and unusual, and I enjoyed every second of it.
  • Itri
    Wow way to attack him like that truthbknown. You haven't even seen the movie. The certified moron here is obviously you. Anyways, OaR is beyond deranged. But that's both good and bad. I was certainly never bored and there were plenty of laughs, but I really do not know how I ultimately feel about the movie. I love Eastbound and Down and haven't seen Foot Fist Way but both seem so much more tame then this nightmarish...masterpiece? I don't know, but I applaud Hill for his originality here.
  • Jeremy Hyler
    Well today I saw 3 films, OnR Adventureland and Dragonball Evolution: This film was highly entertaining and I think a step in the right direction for Jody Hill (director of The Foot Fist Way). It was dark and strange; Seth Rogen's most different character he's played. He's messed up and pyshco and you have to root for him. Anna Faris was funny and the rest of the cast did there parts well. The Music was good especially loved the pixies at the end. Now will other "Rogenatic" enjoy this film from his previous work? I think so but it is the most different comedy to come out in the mainstream. It's like is the darkside of comedy put out by the apatow, inc. and ferrell boys since their comdey is what sells now... this film shows off jody writing and obscurity of it's character. the strangeness of the people are what you enjoy, not so much the story. Just like FFW, the character are way more interesting than the story and both kinda just end.. But I would watch this way more than the other. For Jody Hill, an NC alumi like I, it great to see work like this. I hope for the best and I hope this movie is what people want. I enjoyed it... The trailers do not do it justice. Lot of F BOMB btw..
  • Al
    very excellent film, funny and just plain old unusual. loved how they brought back the reference to Captain Olanders, im hoping this becomes a reference in all Hill films, much like Landis's See You Next Wednesday.
  • Andrew
    One of the best comedies (dark or not) that I have seen in a long while. Seth Rogen gave an absolutely outstanding performance, proving he has serious acting chops. The crowd in the theater literally applauded at the end. It's a near-masterpiece, for certain. It was all the better having seen Dragonball: Evolution just an hour earlier (in a packed theater no less!). I will not comment on that movie.
  • Humbert Humbert
    truthbknown, Criticizing a film you haven't seen is retarded. By the way, when acting self-righteous, I would advise not misspelling your negative descriptor...moron.
  • kindbuddy
    The Real Doc Brown... I hate when ppl center something around an age. lol There are ppl over 16 that like the movie I guarantee it. Its your opinion when you don't like it but when you say little kids or ppl under 16 like the movie is when you are lying to yourself (to make the film seem bad). Just because you're "mature" doesn't mean ppl 17 and older (that are allowed to see the movie) are little kids.
  • -Peter-
    It wasn't like anything I've seen recently, and I LOVED IT SO MUCH 9/10
  • dylan
    i have no interest in seeing this movie in theaters, rogen lost me after pineapple express, but does someone wanna tell me the ending,who knows maybe it'll change my mind and ill end up seeing it
  • Al
    dylan, the ending is so shocking and 2 steps up from Borat, that i think its important that you dont know it before seeing.
  • AG
    You don't agree with my opinion, therefore you are a "stuck up critic".
  • harrison
    really though the critics liked paul blart, need a new batch of critics most of them are washed out and unreliable
  • Shane
    I really enjoyed it. I've always loved Rogen, and this should shut up the clowns who like to spew the crap about how Rogen "only plays one character: himself" and etc. -- He played the bi-polar nutcase very well. Lots of outrageous moments and big laughs.
  • it was fkcin horrible,except the last 8 minutes of the movie. thats it literally the last like 8 minutes was the best. and aziz
  • Court
    Why would i blow of Chik Fil A its delicious! So funny. Thought it was a great unusual comedy. Was not expecting that ending at all. The whole cast did an excellent job. Pena's accent kept changing throughout the film which was a little strange but overall loved it!
  • I thought this movie was unoriginal, vulgar for the sake of being vulgar, distasteful, a waste of talent, and one of the worst movie I've seen since "Zohan." How is everyone laughing at this stuff? The Marx Brothers are rolling in their grave. Go see Adventureland if you want a movie with actual thought put into it.
  • Enough has been said of this movie already so I'll try to keep it short. I agree with #19, Shane, the most. This is NOT a Seth Rogen movie. It is a film about someone who has bipolar disorder, and Seth Rogen nails it. One of my very good friends has suffered from manic and depressive episodes like Rogen's character in this movie, and I can say that this movie nails it. The writing and directing was phenomenal in that aspect. Just because this movie wasn't what you expected does NOT make it a bad film. Also, to all the people who still can't seem to get over the whole "Well this movie just stars this person so I won't see it" disorder, please grow up. You're right, I should never have seen Philadelphia, because it was just another Tom Hanks "Bachelor Party. You're right, I should never have seen Taxi Driver, because it was just another Robert De Niro role of crazy badass. You're right, I should never have seen Man of the Year, because it was just another Robin Williams does crazy voices movie. If you go into an experience expecting something, you will inevitably walk out unsatisfied.
  • This movie was two scoops of awesome.
  • Adam
    I mean, I don't think this an objectively great comedy. But it definitely made alot of people laugh and I think its a much deeper movie than you'd originally gather. I personally loved it and thought it was much funnier than say, Adventureland. It's not as "deep" as Adventureland was, but I dont think that movie was necessarily a pure comedy. But on its own, I think it definitely delivers. I can easily imagine why some people will get turned off, but I don't think its something to do with the movie itself, rather with the style of humor it uses.
  • rogendespiser
    HATED IT!!!!
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    Good for you Carter #23. Well said! The waste of talent has to be the director, it is obvious not the "star".
  • Kevin Baughman
    I think this movie will be a case of Cable Guy-itis. I remember all of these Jim Carrey fans were stoked about that movie and then they saw it and hated it more than anything they have ever seen before. I for one LOVED Cable Guy. It was dark, it was complex, it was very much NOT Ace Ventura or Dumb and Dumber. This is the same thing... only WAY darker and WAY more over-the-top. Still, people are going to go in expecting one thing and getting something TOTALLY different, hence the bad critical reviews.
  • 9001
    I liked it, but the end was a bit much. Why doesn't he do or use something else to subdue him? I mean that imagery alone probably got its R rating and it was a totally unnecessary thing that disrupted the flow.
  • LoveGun
    I think it was a lot like the comedy "Falling Down" (1994) with Michael Douglas. Observe and Report had kind of the same dark comedy.
  • LoveGun
    And I really like them both!!!
  • Film Fan
    Hilarious! Not for everyone. But the perfect double feature with "Bad Santa". Thumbs way up! My rating, 8.5/10
  • tehstaton
    Many laugh out loud moments, cool plot, Anna Farris & Rogen? We have a winnah!
  • GCC
    Great movie! Hilarious the whole time.
  • dylan
    Al, you convinced me, fine, ill see it, thank you for the suggestion
  • Clay
    I loved this movie, this dark style of comedy is up my ally. Has alot of big labowski type comedy.
  • Ben
    I thought it had some good, hillarious parts, but on the whole, it wasn't amazing. I didn't find Rogen that funny a majority of the time. I felt the side characters (The Indian salesman) got bigger laughs. But, that last 10 min. was awesome! haha
  • Richard
    LOVEGUN Falling Down isn't classified as a comedy. If you laughed at it, I'm sure it was at the racial slurs and bigotry. Which means you have a problem. But don't worry, I laughed too.
  • Andrew 3000
    Absolutely terrific. Terrifying, disturbing, brutal, hilarious, complex, subversive.... I wanna watch it again. And again.
  • Sandi
    I am a huge Rogen fan (except for Superbad!), but I wasn't really looking forward to this one because I thought is was going to be too much like Blart, which I enjoyed but didn't want to see another movie just like it. Was I ever wrong about that! Rogen was brilliant and the more I watched the more I felt for the character. His drunk, but loving mother was a fabulous and the broken legged counter girl added a depth I wasn't expecting. Part of what I like about the movies these guys do is that there is usually some twists or story lines I'm not expecting... come on, who really thought Pineapple Express would have a good plot?, but I enjoyed that one, too. I am kinda curious about how they get some of the ratings at an R though, between the f word all the time and the unusually high amounts of nudity (yes I loved Zack and Miri, too) R seems soft to me. Anyway, this movie was a beautiful blend of mindless no brainer jokes and thought provoking darkness and characters. Only fans should see it for $10 at the theater, but everyone should try it once when it hits video.
  • D-9
    With out a doubt, the worst film I have ever seen. ( I average 3 films a week at the Cinema for the last 15 years.)
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    I am sorry Number 22, I ment YOUR post was the best and the TRUTH Carter. Number 23, your comment is plain CRAZY TALK! YOu have the motivation to see a film based on many aspects. The Actors are one of them to influnce attendance. If you despise the star, i.e. Rogen, Stiller, Cage for example YOU DON"T GO OR RENT the film! Christ, so easy to understand. However, I have to admit....the one time I broke the rule was the 3 Spiderman films. Besides Julia Roberts, Dunst is the WORST actress in Hollywood. I will never understand, with all the great and TRUE talent out there, why some actors and films are regared as good, or funny....and why some would waste their time and money on mindless dribble. And number 13, kbuddy? Brown has a perfect point and could not be more correct. An adult will find this film lacking in every area, so why in the hell would an adult be drawn to tastless, crude and idiotic humor with a less than average star that cannot go back to stand up because he was just so very , very bad ? And LG, Falling Down was a good film and cannot be compared to this weak attempt. And the obvious, there was a real actor in the lead. And 28, the reviews are bad because the film is bad. The logic is so simple, and the math is easier to understand. UGH!
  • wishtorich
    Got talked into seeing this Sunday. What a mistake. I asked for my money back and even the Manager agreed to give me a free pass for another show because she was discusted by it. I saw maybe 10 people walk out and never come back. Kinda like Semi-Pro. Everyone walked out. 41 says it best, but I would have to say Bad Santa is the worst movie ever, then this piece of shit.
  • FIlmFAn2
    Was does this site support Rogen and his trash. No other movie site does this.
  • JayDog
    took my girlfriend to see this movie last night and was very disappointed. At least 20% of the audience left before the movie ended. At no time during the movie you define what the actual plot is and there are too many unrelated and underdeveloped characters. The full male nudity was not necessary and even if it did serve to get a few laughs (which was desperately needed at that point in time,) there was no need for it to run on as long as it did. This one falls far short of funny. Save your money for something else. But this time Rogen played himself in a different manner. Worse.
  • I liked it but did not love it. I thought Rogen was in better comedies recently although I did like the dark and twisted aspects to this movie. I thought Anna Faris would be in the movie more and have a more comedic role.
  • Great movie.
  • modeman
    One of the worst movies of the year. The plot was all over the place and the writers went for every cheap joke in the book. In this day and age to we really need to use the word faggot to get a laugh?
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    This tripe made a mere 11 Mil this weekend ( which has not even payed for the marketing) and Hanna Montana made over 34 Mil. Hmmmm.. Makes you think does it not? The little kids have spoken. ( and so have the ADULTS!)
  • I didn't like it. I was sorta expecting a comedy and instead it was a blood bath. I don't goto movies to be shocked. I do think Rogan and Farris did a good job acting.
  • makeminereal
    This terrible film will make the "Top 10 Worst of 2009."




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