Sound Off: Ruben Fleischer's Zombieland - Your Thoughts?

October 2, 2009


Now that you've seen it, what did you think? This is a movie that most of us have been waiting to see ever since we first heard about it a year or more ago. Ruben Fleischer's Zombieland hits theaters this weekend and it deserves to be seen! But is it as good as Shaun of the Dead? Or are these two movies even comparable? Does it live up to the hype? Does it stand on its own as a great zombie comedy or not? Does it have big story flaws and not enough zombie kills or even laughs? Or is it a hilarious comedy with plenty of zombie mayhem? Sound off below, leave a comment, and let us know what you thought of Zombieland!

To fuel the fire, I really enjoyed Zombieland quite a bit. I've seen it twice now and it definitely gets better upon a second viewing, but it's not necessarily one of my favorites of the year. It's much less of a movie about zombies and killing them than it is about the relationship of the four leads. The appearance by Bill Murray was downright hilarious and will go down as one of the best cameos of the decade. It has a few slow spots during the middle, but everything at Pacific Playland at the end was great. It's no Shaun of the Dead but it's not far behind, which is a fine achievement for Ruben and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

What did you think of Zombieland? One of the best zombie comedies or not enough comedy?

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  • James
    One of the funniest movies ive seen in a very long time. BM's cameo was freaking awesome. Right up there with Will Ferrel in wedding crashers (MOM! MEATLOAF!!). Anyone else think this is one of Harrelson's best movies?
  • pocketdweller
    I thought the movie was incredible. One of the most memorable opening scenes I have witnessed in a long while. This is more of a Road movie than anything else. What can you say about Woody's character. I saw this at a screening with a bunch of zombies who finished a zombie walk in San Diego and the atmosphere was electric. It lived to the hype and now I see it is certified fresh on RT. An instant classic and seeing it again this weekend!
  • Loved it! Thought it was hilarious, awesome and one of the best zombie movies in years. Also one of the funniest movies of the year. Bill Murray was priceless.
  • Jon Purkis
    I thought the movie was brilliant from start to finish. Funny as hell, Jesse Eisenberg was just incredible. I can't understand why it's getting such lukewarm reviews from critics, it was such an enjoyable film. I'd recommend anyone to go see it. It's funny, sweet and bad-ass all at the same time.
  • M-Cat
    The movie is a frickin riot!
  • Lana
    Saw it last night in a great crowd, with a couple friends. I haven't laughed so much since seeing Pixar's UP. (I nearly cried from laughing the first time you hear the Doberman's voice.) Zombieland had a fantastic script, great choices in music and pop culture references, and I've wanted to see more of Woody Harrelson since No Country For Old Men. Already knew he was funny from watching Cheers reruns as a kid, but DAMN. The most I've laughed at a movie in years, and damn if it isn't a near perfect movie. The Bill Murray cameo was so awesome. I love that man.
  • Dan
  • Jay Selis
    was very funny. the theatre could not stop laughing. Alex- why must you compare zombieland to shaun of the dead. they are nothing the same except that they have zombies.
  • Dan, that's between 8 and 10 words.
  • Gavin
    It was just plain awesome.
  • Dumbace
    I was planning on going to see it, was even at the theater but left when I found out they were "fast" zombies. So lame, next.
  • lego
    u mean 1?
  • Doug
    I loved it as well. Obviously not some deep movie with an amazing plot, but movies like this are why I pay to go to the theater. I saw it at midnight on a a college campus and everyone was going crazy. Such a great time.
  • I thought it was amazing, it was incredibly funny and Bill Murray was great. The pacing of the movie was great too because it wasn't funny all the way through but just when you thought the movie was in a lull it picked back up and kept on killing zombies. Great film.
  • Dan
  • Shit Dick
    Thanks for ruining the fact that Bill Murray makes a surprise cameo in the film you fucker, I hadn't seen it yet!
  • @ "Shit Dick" Beware "Now that you've seen it, what did you think?" posts if ye be seeking spoiler-free treasure. Here thar be dragons.
  • DoomCanoe
    funnest movie I've seen all year. The entire midnight crowd just ate up Zombie land. I had a ball and recommend it to everyone!
  • Django
    This movie was SO good - I saw it for free, and am going to pay to see it again & bring as many friends as I can. Everyone should see this movie. It's THAT good~!
  • Mel
    Woody Harrelson looked like he was having fun, something I ain't seen since Natural Born Killers. The zombies were great, the Murry cameo was off the chain! I do have to admit, it was too short for my tastebuds. Sequels ...are welcome!!! And most of the film showed zombies in a flashback scene, except for the few seen in the trailer and the climax of the film. Great film... 3 1/2 out of 5 stars!
  • Felix
    Definitely the funniest movie I have seen in a couple of years. It was that good. Bill Murray's cameo was absolutely great in every aspect.
  • #11 get off yourself. Seriously Zombies aren't even real so how can you complain about them being "Fast" or "Slow" zombies!? You have no reference to judge. Now if this was a movie about sharks and they were walking around eating peoples brains and such than Yeah I could see your problem.
  • Dan
    you're a riot dRailer!!
  • beavis
    BLT called this movie "forgettable". what the hell was he smoking when he saw this? i loved it. ZL was funny as hell. i'm buying on bluray as soon as possible.
  • phil
    #17 your an idiot
  • Al
    solid flick. gave it a "B." The Tallahasse standoff against the zombies near the end, as well as Bill Murray's awesome cameo really made the film.
  • -Peter-
    fucking awesome. great great great. 9/10
  • branden
    original, funny, exciting, good acting, good story, good ending, AWESOME!
  • risk
    Every last frame was absolutely brilliant.
  • Eli
    @16 reading comments in a "What did you think?" article, ha!
  • Joey
    It was the PERFECT action-comedy.... In a genre that usually disappoints, this movie balanced exciting zombie-killing action with great humor and laughs... it really did everything it needed to do it was like a roller coaster in movie form. i loved it 5 stars
  • Ray
    It was a great movie! We LOVED it!
  • Audioout
    Wow, except for the one guy that DIDN'T see it (#11), everyone is in agreement that this movie was awesome. Count me among the many that loved it.
  • alex
    #11 if u didnt see it why are u leaving a comment.this movie was ballin
  • dee
    #11 , ahhh man. No slow Zombies wahhhhhh! I am not going to see this movie because I like my zombies slow and non athletic!
  • Pete
    It was great. I loved Bill Murray's regret. Hilarious! Traditional zombies would have been better though.
  • Primo1
    Thought it was awesome...didnt see it opening night but I was there last night. It was a great movie...and for those looking for slow and "traditional" zombies....Rule#1 Cardio!!!.....Looks like some of your f*cks are gonna be fresh pickins let the zombie apocalypse come to fruition lmfao...
  • Da Man
    I too am a fan of the more traditional slow zombies, but who cares? They were fast zombies in slow motion most of the time anyway. The Hostess truck scene was priceless ("Snowballs!") and Bill Murray's cameo was too awesome. It only makes sense that one of the last people alive on earth would be Bill Murray. And that zombie that was ripped in half in the last scene was the zombie kill of the decade!
  • midnightlight
    awesome, awesome movie, just real good entertainment, people were dying laughing in my theater, and the character of Tallahassee was awesome.
  • vic
    For whom the bell tolls?!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kris
    #8: That's the point they both have Zombies and are Comedies. -_- #11: Lol, you do realize this is not a REAL serious Zombie Movie right? Sheesh, talk about Nerds...
  • Loved it. Finally something to hold me over till 28 Months Later and or World War Z. Woody is back to fun actor status & BM is the man.
  • Jonathan Kemp
    Wow, everybody seemed to love this film. I thought it was quite good, but I couldn't get over the 2-d characters and the budget Michael Cera character. Compare how real the characters in Shaun of the dead feel with Zombieland! It was cool, but not outstanding. Bill Murray was great though.
  • Lando
    Hey Jonathen Kemp, Jesse Eisenberg was playing the awkward Jew before Michael Cera even stepped foot on Arrested Development's first set. I love Michael Cera (pause) but unbunch your panties a bit and do your homework.
  • Jon
    Yeah, Jesse Eisenberg was incredible, and far outshines what Michael Cera has given us recently. I can't wait to see him star in more stuff. For me, Eisenberg was geeky, shy and bad-ass, something I've never seen Cera pull off. Having said that, before I saw Zombieland, I did love Michael Cera. I just now love Jesse Eisenberg even more.
  • dubbed
    number 29 are you trying to show everyone that your cool enough to own a blue ray player? cause your a bitch. anyway the movie kicked ass very solid, and funny as shit, prolly the most gruesome shit Ive seen in a long time.
  • I was definitely down, Woody's character smashed it! Super funny zombie crushing!
  • Syphous
    I agree with 16, you really ruined that cameo for me. I try to avoid reading anything other than the bit where you say "To fuel the fire I -BLANKED- it.." but this page had BILL MURRAY in bold. Fuck!
  • Logan
    This movie was awesome!!! No, it isn't some deep, socio-political look at society, but a genuinely fun, unforgettable ride! I'm STILL thinking about this movie! 10/10!
  • Dmars
    Everyone who are calling them fast zombies I think are a bit off, if you consider 28 days to be the base for the standard fast zombie then you can see they sprint like maniacs and the movie portrayed it to be very terrifying. In this Jesse Eisenberg's character was able to run away from them in circles at a jogs pace. How is that a fast zombie? They aren't as slow as night of the living dead style, but I wouldn't say they are fast zombies, more like the overweight fat kid that has some trouble keeping up with the rest of the group. @16 and 48 You took that chance by reading an article that is discussing the movie with those that have seen it(the headline should have made that obvious) so that would be your fail. Oh and Bruce Willis's character is dead the whole movie in the Sixth Sense just in case you haven't seen that either
  • hpp
    why does Tallahassee make a reference to 6 people when there were only 5? "six people left alive and one of them is Bill Fucking Murray"
  • Daveq
    What does the "Jew" thing have to do with "dork"? Michael Cera isn't Jewish at all, and none of Eisenberg's characters were explicitly Jewish.
  • dee
    Another gratuitous, random reference to Jesse Eisenberg being Jewish? I'm pretty sure that, at this point in the game, every such reference should be accompanied by a mention of the fact that Natalie Portman, Logan Lerman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Paul Rudd and Mila Kunis are also all Jewish. That's for starters.




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