Sound Off: Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox - Your Thoughts?

November 26, 2009

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Indie filmmaker Wes Anderson returns this week with his latest adventure, Fantastic Mr. Fox, based on the beloved Roald Dahl short story. And this time he's using stop-motion animation. So how does it live up to his past films? Is it as entertaining and adventurous as the critics say it is? How do the voices sound? How does the animation look? Is it a good story to watch or is it completely boring? How is Anderson's directing? Is it better than Coraline or Pixar's Up? If you've seen it already, then sound off below, leave a comment, and let us know what you thought of Fantastic Mr. Fox!

To fuel the fire, I really loved Fantastic Mr. Fox. I've seen it two times and it only got better the second time I saw it. It's such a fun movie with so much life and energy. It's one of those family movies that really can be enjoyed by everyone in your family. Initially I wasn't sure if I'd like the animation style Anderson uses (it's not as smooth as Henry Selick's work) or the voices (because he recorded them in unconventional ways), but within a few minutes I got sucked into that world and didn't want to leave when it was over. It truly feels like a Roald Dahl story wrapped up in a Wes Anderson film with all of his usual amusing quirks. So much fun!

What did you think of Fantastic Mr. Fox? Best animated movie of the year or not even close?

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  • shadow
    Flawlessly edited, It was entertaining from beginning to end without a single dull moment. The writing is very funny, if maybe a little to adult. My favorite Wes Anderson film now.
  • Createme
    So entertaining. Favorite Wes Anderson film so far and I'm only anticipating even greater work from him. Stop motion in this film is beautiful and a one of a kind. Lastly, the highest love for Wes Anderson films for me is the comedy; and Fantastic Mr. Fox truly exceeded all expectations. Personally, I give the movie a 10/10. Don't miss out on seeing it in theaters!
  • Brian Barajas
    unbelievably hands down super awesome, my one and only complaint is the cuss joke got a little old, but thats my one and only complaint, my most complaint free movie of the year!
  • N
    Frickin' fantastic!
  • Mondo Jay
    ... Meh, it was ok... I think the overpriced actors actually detracted from the movie, and they definitely pulled me out of the experience. don't get me wrong, I love Clooney, Streep, Murray and esspecially Schwartzman, but I couldn't get past them and see the actual characters. .. More of my thoughts: ...
  • xerxex
    glad to see you brought "To fuel the fire" back, Alex! Happy Thanksgiving.
  • usonnychiba1
    to add fuel to fire I too thought it was fantastic.
  • joshuaryankelly
    It was an amazing film. It had flaws like every film, but the flaws built the film. It made it what it was a piece of art work that is enjoyable countless times around. Wes Anderson is truly a great director.
  • chris
    Playful with a great message and perfect for the holidays. Just relax and enjoy some of Wes Anderson's witty, graphical style . yo!
  • I saw it in Italy at Torino Film Festival. Very pretty, even I don't like animated muppets. This is my post:
  • dex
    Refreshing, Full of Life and truly faithful to the author's vision. However, i think it would be wrong to compare with Up.
  • William S.
    This was the best movie of the year. I loved it. I am huge Pixar fan, but since one of the two has to win the Oscar for best animated feature, then I think I have to put my vote in for Wes Anderson's animated masterpiece!
  • Brian Barajas
    wow mondo jay, your a pretty easily distracted guy
  • Eric
    I dont usually leave comments,but i have to now. I dont know what to say that already hasnt been said by basically everyone else. My only concern going into the movie were the voice actors,because i'm usually annoyed hearing movie stars in animated movies.Aside from Clooney,i had no problem seeing the animals for who they were and forgetting that humans were supplying the voices.And im not saying Clooney did a bad job.I was just aware that it was him most of the time. The sad part about this experience was that I tried to get my little cousin to come with me,but she's already been sucked in by the twilight movies and i'm afraid she'll be stuck there forever. But on a brighter note,i plan on seeing this as many times as she sees that stupid vampire movie. It was Fantastic. My favorite movie of the year. It gives me hope for the future of movies.
  • Rebecca
    Loved it! Wes Anderson is a favorite director of mine, and Roald Dahl was my favorite author as a kid, so the two together sounded like heaven. And it was. I thought the voices were perfect, the animation was so impressive. That must have taken so long, but it was definitely worth it. It is a great cussing movie.
  • reggiebot
    I loved this movie!! It shouldn't be compared to Pixar, Disney or Dreamworks stuff.This film stands on its' own. The animation was nolstaligic for me. I reminded me of childhood. The actors voiced it beautifully and I was nicely surprised by some of the characters, Willem DaFoe was an great rat! Very Funny and Entertaining film!
  • bpo
    I had Thanksgiving with my family in Michigan and brought them to see it. I kept telling my mom she probably wouldn't like it, (she sees mostly big-budget movies, and at that, very few), but she went anyway. I'm a Wes Anderson fan and couldn't wait, but I wasn't blown away by the trailers, neither was my wife, who is no dummy on good films. To my pleasant surprise it was a great, great movie. The animation and design, shots, music, everything, just gorgeous, and the story so sad and funny and it took, I felt, a lot of risks in avoiding some real pedestrian slips in execution. Very heartfelt, truthful and unpretentious. The third act held up and it was a great ending. At risk of sounding like a d-bag, I think this will be a movie that will be loved for generations. My mom, by the way, loved it, as did everyone else. I've loved Anderson since the Bottle Rocket short, and I think this is his best film, bar none. Going to take my daughter this weekend, (who opted to see Twilight a 2nd time and make fun of it).
  • DoomCanoe
    movie was perfect its getting the Oscar for best animated and! I've seen it 3 times since Wednesday night
  • Peter
    Loved it! Outstanding! It is so refreshing with so much CGI crap out there.
  • tnd065
    I'm sorry....but I absolutely HATED IT! :-( I was sorely disappointed considering I had looked forward to seeing this all month long. It was so incredibly boring and the ONLY reason I stayed was hoping that it would get better. I feel everyone in the theater felt the same since it was completely silent throughout the entire film. It had a poor storyline, lacked vital background music/noise for most scenes, and failed to keep my attention beyond the beauty of stop-motion animation. Since everyone seemed to loooovvvveee this......LET THE BASHING BEGIN!




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