Spielberg Says Transformers 2 is Michael Bay's Best Movie?

April 15, 2009
Source: Official Forums

Michael Bay

Laugh all you want, I'm fuckin' excited for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen! Michael Bay just posted a "60 Day" update on his official forums and talked briefly about showing the movie to executive producer Steven Spielberg for the first time. "[He] sat next to me in a big 100 person theater at Sony today. There were 98 empty seats. The lights came up after we just watched my cut of Revenge of the Fallen. He turned to me and said 'It's awesome'. He felt this movie was better then the first - and probably my best, who knows - at this point in a movie you start to lose your objectivity. I just hope the fans like it."

Bay added that with 60 days left, they're racing to finish. "It's 12 at night and we are still working here in the edit room. Everyone at ILM and [Digital Domain] are killing themselves right now, they are doing a stellar job on the effects." He also mentions that the next full trailer will be on X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so make sure you head to theaters on May 1st, if at least just to see the new trailer, which we're sure is going to be awesome. As for Spielberg's statement, well, this is only Michael Bay's eighth movie, so maybe it could be his best? I think before we agree, we need to figure out what his best movie is right now. Thoughts?

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  • JoeG
    THE ROCK directed by Michael Bay.
  • Smiffy1
    Spot on #1 The Rock was the tits!
  • 1-7
    Considering Michael Bay's track record, that's not much of a compliment.
  • Darrin
    i agree the rock was the best, but i also loved the island.
  • big r
    The Rock was awesome! #3 cmon, give the guy a break. I dont see you directing any movies. The numbers don't lie. Transformers did big numbers and it is still talked about. Give credit where credit is due. I know you didn't say that Transformers was bad for that matter, but he has a decent track record. Not every director will be the best everyone makes mistakes and they dont always make amazing movies. But he makes alot of money for a reason and he has a BIG name in Hollywood for a reason. Anyway im PUMPED for ROTF!!
  • zetsu
    i didn't expect to hear that from the executive producer of the film,i hope it is his fucking best film,it's the blockbuster of the year,sorry wolverine & the rest of you but this film is going to rape all of you(apart from the watchmen & maybe avatar.)
  • Ramone
    I cant wait! I reckon we're gonna experience a piece of cinema history when we go watch it! I've enjoyed everyone of Bay's movies! I just wish he would stick with the 80's cartoon revival thing and do: "Thundercats" That would be awesomenessness!!!!!
  • penyuwan
    60 days for Michael Bay and for us to watch his best yet. I'm hyped especially for Transformers. I've read that this movie has deeper plot that coincide with the 1st one on why or why did the Cube landed on Earth. or yes 'Thundercats' is in motion of being made right at this moment, all in CGI directed by the guy who made 'Gears of War 2'.
  • Mathieu
    I'd have to agree, The Rock is the best thing he's done so far. But the Spielberg compliment is encouraging...
  • Trey
    Bay makes a certain genre of movie and is GOOD at it...stop the complaining
  • That's a BIG compliment coming from Spielberg. I don't think he throws that out often. I'm not laughing at ya, I can't wait til this comes out.
  • BahHumbug
    Spielberg loves popcorn movies and Michael Bay makes some good ones. I'm not a huge supporter of Bay but I still see his work nevertheless. Transformers was highly entertaining. Okay, okay, I'm really in it for Megan Fox.
  • Chris
  • Allen Reeve
    Bad boys /Bad boys 2 /pearl harbour/the Rock/ armageddon they all have there good points and bad points what you can say about michael bay film is visuals and plenty of action and explosions.
  • Mike
    That ain't say much.
  • d1rEct
    #3 i am kicking myself now that I didn't come up with that myself and post it before you did.
  • Al
    16,15,3 and whoever i missed, glad to see im not the only bay hater. Although i did enjoy the Rock, the guy has some bland actioneers. And can people please stop saying things like "i dont see you directing any films" thats just stupid. If a doctor messes up my heart transplant, and i die, he cant tell my family, "I dont see you doing any surgerys"
  • Okay Steven relax buddy. We know you have money at stake here but lets just go making your Lincoln film.
  • Holden Caufield
    Hmmm.. So speilberg says this is Michael Bay's best movie. That's not saying a whole lot..
  • Blake
    People give Bay a hard time - and for what? The guy makes some of THE most commercial movies around. All his films are financial goldmines. This is what Bay does, and he does it well. He's one of the most technically proficient directors around.
  • StevenP
  • I think Steven Spielberg is (or rather has become) the Ellsworth Toohey of Hollywood.
  • I would take that with a grain of salt. Steven has financial interests at stake and of course it going to say that. The next movie he will say is the best too.
  • Smiffy1
    This is the same Spielberg that produced the Flintstones so the man gets it wrong on occasion. I bet Bay uses the same soundtrack as all his other movies.
  • K
    Best Bay flick... for me... Bad Boys or Armageddon.
    Bad Boys II was by far his best film. It was like the cinematic version of Grand Theft Auto
  • @17 That was the dumbest analogy I've ever heard. They are basically saying what have you ever accomplished! Nothing... You just sit down on your computers and complain about movies.
  • Fisherr
    The Rock,Armageddon & Transformers. It's hard to choose which one is the best because all of them are the best for me.
  • Anything Bay has done thus far with Bruckheimer has been great. The Rock is by far his best though. I also have to say that Bad Boys II was redunk. Two and a half hours of constant comedy and action. Not HIS best but it showcases what he is THE best at...blowing shit up.
  • Spider
    Im' pretty much with ya #28! That would be my list too!
  • Armageddon would be my favorite of's on my top film list. One of the greatest ensemble casts of all time if you ask me.
  • hoohah
    "... i did enjoy the Rock, the guy has some bland actioneers." Doesn't make you much of a "bay hater" now since you at least enjoyed something from him, doesn't it?
  • RICK
  • Voice of Reason
    Pfffttt. Spielberg made one of the worst movies EVER: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. By doing so he's proven to the world that he has no longer has any idea what the hell makes a DECENT sequel anymore. Endorsement: FAIL.
  • L1A
    Bad boys bad boys
  • ActionjunkiE
    I don't understand why people hate Bay so much, I for one enjoyed all of his movies. One thing I can say about his movies is that I've never been bored watching a Michael Bay flick. If I pay $8 to see an action flick, that's exactly what I get from Bay. What do you expect, if you want Shakespeare then you're in the wrong place and you shouldn't be allowed to complain and make dumbass comments.
  • Whut choo gonna do?
  • geneguru
    whatya gonna do when they come for u?
  • Rabican
    What an exciting yawn.
  • Al
    27, i know its saying What Have You Accomplished. But what im trying to say is Bay hasnt accomplished much in the way of a decent film. He is bad at what he does. Plain and simple. The man makes bland films that only get credit for their effects, which is the effect departments job, not his. The acting that transpires from his films are cardboard, and thats on a good day. And thats what my analogy was about, its the fact that he tried and failed. And idiots always say, if you dont like it dont watch, this makes sense, the original Transformers was when i vowed to watch no more, but see, its not the films that get me ticked off, its the people who think Bay is a cinematic genius.
  • Al
    32, accidently left this out of my rant above, i enjoyed ONE of his films, and 2 of his films are some of my most hated films ever. The rest are just bad, not horrible, just bad. One movie can't save the man, unless he magically preforms a turn around and returns to his roots from The Rock, he will essentially be Uwe Boll with a big budget.
  • Conrad
    That was quite the headline while Steven Speilberg's mention of Michael Bay's work is barely mentioned in the article at all - what a misleading headline!
  • Kevin Baughman
    The first one licked my taint... I don't expect anything other than more taint-licking out of this one.
  • Zach
    the term 'michael bay's best movie' reads a lot like 'danny devito's best nude photo'.
  • I feel bad that Spielberg had to sit next to Michael Bay for an entire movie.
  • Cody
    I like his movies but if he would just stop having his lameass soundtrack going THE ENTIRE DURATION OF HIS FILMS! I would respect him a lot more. O an action scene so lets have fast paced music all he time o hey some romance kick in the violins. I mean fuck come on have one scene with total background silence and i will like it. and hahahahahah at 44
  • Cody
    Btw for those of you that say The rock was his best work how the fuck were the fast zooming camera angles and horrid cheesy soundtrack and different than any other bay movie.
  • I dunno... I really like his filming style. And I think he has accomplished a lot. Have you ever seen his special feature on making movies. He puts a lot of hard work in. And he should totally get credit for the visual effects cause there based of his ideas and he tells the Visual Effects artist what he wants them to create. And I don't think the general audience find his movies bland. But I do get some points you are trying to say.
  • alan
    hey look at that more reasons to watch x men origins wolverine
  • Governor
    Lol. Telling Bay "this is your best movie!" is like telling a surgeon that "this is your least botched up surgery yet!".
  • ROTFL @44
  • werdnafaz
    lol #44
  • I have to agree, hands down "THE ROCK" is his best movie. I wish to see new shots and not the same ones he keeps using again and again. He is being more safe now and not taking chances, that is what I don't like about his directing now days.




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