Stallone is Going to Make Rocky 7 After Finishing Rambo 5

October 24, 2009


Damn you Sly Stallone! There's a story making its way around the web right now that features a few new quotes from Sylvester Stallone that say that he just announced that he'll be going back to playing Rocky Balboa yet again in Rocky 7. Apparently Stallone was talking with Tele 5 in Germany and the quotes ended up online at places like (via SlashFilm). We already know that Sly is now finishing up The Expendables, due for release next August, and got a greenlight from Nu Image to make Rambo 5 next year. If all this is to be believed, then he'll follow that up yet with Rocky 7, presumably in late 2010 or early 2011.

"I know I'll probably make a fool of myself if I make another 'Rocky' film after turning 60."

"I also know there's gonna be a lot of criticism. Even my wife says, 'Don't do it. You're embarrassing the kids'. But I told her, 'If I don't try I'll be a really unhappy man.'"

"You have to do it. Artists like me have to go through the dark over and over again."

Sounds admirable, especially for someone as accomplished (and still pretty badass) as Sylvester Stallone. I actually really enjoyed Rocky VI, or just Rocky Balboa as it was titled. It was actually a damn good film and I think he did a great job bringing back the legendary boxer for one more fight. But that's the thing, it was supposed to be only one more time. It even ends basically saying "this is it," he got his chance to fight again, and now it's time for him to retire, he's just too old. But you know what, even if that's the case, just like Sly, I want to see another one. As long as he's writing, directing, and starring, I'll watch new Rocky films forever.

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  • sam
    go sly
    • Ty
      There is alway room for another rocky
  • Spider94
    i got the perfect idea for rocky 7- rocky trys to escape a group of deadly ninjas trying to destroy his career,rocky vs the deadly ninjas instant classic.
  • Bladerunner 2
    this guy is such a joke
  • whomoever
    Nothing but respect for Stallone. If he wants to make Rocky VII, then he damn well better. I will watch it.
  • klaus_komix
    I'm all for another Rambo because the last one was so bad-ass. In fact, so was the last Rocky and Stallone did an amazing job as writer/director and I think he is underrated in both of these areas. However, I don't think there should be another Rocky because the last one was a perfect ending. After a streak of Rocky films that didn't live up to the original this one went back to the feel of the first one and ended the way a career of fighter should.
  • rowdy
    i hope he goes in an origenal direction with it and not just another rocky 5 where hes the teacher or rocky 6 where he makes a come back
  • ed
    Rocky is fighting Ivan Drago!
  • krieg70
    There's no way I can see how they could bring Rocky back after a pretty much tightly closed ending without the reason for another fight being absolutely ridiculous. Not a good idea. It was 100% clear at the end of the movie that Rocky was DONE. "The beast is gone", was what he said if I recall correctly. Leave it alone Stallone!
  • risk
    No. Please. No more.
  • I have faith in Stallone and if he needs to do this as a passion project then I'll support him. I said the same exact things as the above comments when I heard of Rocky Balboa and that blew me away. Perhaps Rocky can be the trainer this time around?
  • beavis
    i think it's kind of sad........the guy just can't walk away.........nor can he adapt to roles more suited to his age. (a la clint eastwood) rocky 7???......this is madness.......and it's NOT's stallone.
  • Frame
    keep ringin that bell i cant concentrate
  • movie mike
  • Jake
    man. I really wish he wouldn't do this.
  • xerxex
    let me guess Rocky 7 in 3-D?
  • gplongwood
    Half way to the ROCKY XIV as predicted in Airplane II. I'm a sucker, I'll probably see it on DVD.
  • Buzz
    "Rocky 5 plus Rocky 2 ... Rocky 7! Adrien's Revenge!"
  • LMAO 17! That completely slipped my mind...
  • I admire his ambition, but dude, its better to hop out when you're on top. He modernized the story, made the duality between old and new and came out on top - I think you've achieved more than enough, what MORE could you honestly communicate without exhausting the franchise and character. hahaha #17 - isn't that a simpsons reference?
  • Big Red Moose
    This has Brett Favre written all over it. Rocky Balboa was decent, Rambo was awful in terms of substance. We'll see what happens with The Expendables.
  • Pickle
    Cool. We will all be there in line too!
  • Spider
    Stallone sure is on a roll. It would be awesome if he resurrected his "Cobra" character! Nonetheless, I'll still support him in any cinematic venture he chooses to take us!
  • Roderick
    rocky vs. rambo. all for it.
  • Dude
    In the past I would have considered this move a joke too, but sometimes you just have to do what you need to, to feel good inside. If he needs to make another Rocky because he really holds it that dear, and walking away from the challenge of becoming the character once more would really upset his psyche forever then I say GO FOR IT SLY! Do what you feel is right and what makes you happy, no matter what!
  • daywalker
    Rocky Balboa vs. Roberto Duran FTW!!!!!!
  • devils 2
    ça devient du grand n'importe quoi mais tant que ça marche il tire sur la corde malin le sly mais bon tous a une fin
  • Dirty Dutchman
    This story is false... That quote was taken over three years ago when he promoting "Rocky Balboa". He will make a sequel to Cliffhanger before he would ever make a Rocky film a again.
  • Nils
    DRAGO!!! DRAGO!!! DRAGO!!!
  • blue & orange ny
    Really Rocky, Really Rocky...... let it be
  • Cody
    Please no, the latest one sealed it perfectly...Ive always liked Stallone but come on.
  • I respect Stallone, but hopefully this is just hot air, and he isn't seriously considering this. Rocky Balboa sealed the series quite well, and it needs to just die a dignified death.
  • Al
    dont. push. your. luck. rocky 6 was a nice END to the series. I couldn't imagine where else things can go.
  • DoomCanoe
    I hope its as obvious to everyone else as it is to me. SLY is trying to take all of our money and he is doing it with the only 2 characters he ever had. want my opinion... make another Judge Dredd and steal our money that way you bastard
  • Mega Jet Jaguar
    Yo, Age-rian, I did it!
  • James
    Stallone is showing incredibly bad judgement by not letting these characters go and also signs of being addicted to the fuss that went with previous outings of Rocky, like a ham stage actor who keeps coming back for another encore even when everyone has ceased applauding.
  • Cory Morr
    If my hero and father icon Sylvester (Sly) Stallone wants to make a Rocky VII it should be based on his son Robert Balboa being trained by, Rocky, Pauly, Tony (Apollo's trainer) and getting a shot at the title. Rocky VII should be called,"Rocky Jr." Also Rocky Jr. should have the same music from Rocky 4 and 5. "No Easy Way Out" and,"Measure of a Man" should be in Rocky Jr.
  • sam
    he should make twelve rambo movies
  • Cory Morr
    Robert Balboa Vs. Barack Hussein Obama.
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    please stallone no more fucking rocky or rambo films,another cobra now that's idea.i would pay to see rocky vs rambo vs cobra.
  • Buggy166
    so long as he's not a teacher OR makes a comeback...maybe
  • NadaNuff
    Thanx Buss (#17), you made my day. Haven't watched The Simpsons in years, but I remember that line.
  • Who knew that Airplane 2 would predict the future? But seriously, Sly has to come up with something else to do besides Rocky and Rambo...come on! Somebody give him some work, or he'll keep making his own!!
  • Welbanks
    @17 Damn you! Beat me to it, they should call the movie Adrien's Revenge 😛
  • As the fat cop in Beverly Hills cop said "Fuck Rambo"
  • Maik
    Just do a Rambo VS Predator VS Conan Now about a new Rocky film does any1 remember a scene on "Airplane II: The Sequel" where there was a porter for Rocky XIII with and old guy wearing Rocky's shorts???...that could be the plot....that would be something worth to watch
  • Ryan
    I kinda think he should drop his acting career and just be a director/writer since what he did with Rocky 5 and Rambo was good. I think Rocky and Rambo should just be left alone, but Stallone should create a new action franchise.
  • Cory Morr
    I think Sly should make "Over the Top 2." Bring back Lincoln Hawk and Michael Hawk. This time Lincoln Hawk teaches his son to become a good arm wrestler like his father. I remember from Spaceballs the newscaster said,"Rocky 5,000." LMAO.
  • Trip
    #46, BINGO!
  • Steve
    i dont think he should do this because look what happend when he made 5, it nearly wrecked the series and then he made 6 ( which was really good ) to end the series the way 5 should have done it. So i think he got away with the skin of his teeth so he should stay clear but i will still watch it lol BUT DONT DO IT PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  • guh
    maybe at the end of the movie, if we're lucky rocky could have a heart attack and pass on thus ending the annoying franchise known as Rocky
  • rocky! woo!
    Good on ya Rocky! As long as this movie doesn't end up as bad as Rocky 5. Actually there is a way they could make another Rocky film without Rocky actually fighting. It would be sad but it could make a very special movie. If Rocky died, then his Son could then become a boxer to become champ to make his dad proud. I could see this working. they could bring Mr.T back to be his trainer. lmao!!
  • digi
    jus go for it!!!!!!!!
  • dave
    this one can be about, him wanting his fight with dixon to be the last one to prove hes still got it, and wont back down weather he wins or not. then in the 7th movie he realizes he misses what he used to do for a living and a hobby, and wants to claim the title for himself to be the oldest man ever to earn a heavywieght title and challenges dixon for a rematch...
  • Hector McPeek
    I like that Idea.or Rocky was going to have a rematch with Mason Dixon,but Rocky finally dies from the damage he suffered from Ivan Drago(Rocky 4),and Rocky Jr. Decides to do the rematch Rocky was supposed do and dedicate the match in his father's honor which would create a whole new Rocky series.
  • joe
    quite sad really.. i mean after 33 years he has to keep going back to rocky and rambo cause in all fairness he doesnt have any other ideas.. what stallone should have done over the years instead of just "being rich" is set up a rocky balboa foundation to aid in the development of work from first time authors to give struggling writers the same shot he was given..
  • rocky7 (original)
    go ahead do it more power to you, but you have to pay me royalties, i don't mind at all!!!!!:-}
  • scott nagle
    i would love too see another rocky movie i would like too see rocky jr vr apallo son im a big stallone fan keep me posted for more stallone movie
  • i didnt hear no bell yet.
  • scott nagle
    go for it sly your number 1 in my book love to see a over the top 2 allso sly my hero
  • DanYouKnow
    I think he should make another rocky... shit sly go for it man
  • michael
    what is wrong with it i adore the rockys and the rambos and all is films make rocky 6 make a seven if its something you love stick to it go for it ill watch!!!!!!
  • michael
    they could make a good one say his son wants to box he decides to train him to win the belt or he could fight again making another film has alot of potensial
  • Dan
    Go For It SLY another Rocky would be amazing
  • scott nagle
    i cant wait for his new movie the extendable aug 13 this year lot of good actors in this one plus there a rambo sometime next year cant wait .
  • Hey, Stallone, read this message: everybody put it on Rocky Wiki, ok? Put Will Smith in Rocky 7! Then make Rocky 8 and sign on some more good actors. B Doof out.
  • Braden Buckborough
    If Stallone wants to do another Rambo and Rocky movie, then DO IT! I'ld go see it, and a lot of other people will want to see it. I believe he can make more of a perfect ending for both of the movies.
  • Dan scot
    if rocky 7 does happen sly has only one option that is not going to destroy the story , he has to now take a backseat as far as being the "fighter "in the movie and let the son robert find somekind of boxing glory but lets be honest the dude is far to small to be fighting for the heavyweight title it should be a welterweight fight , maybe just maybe sly could get floyd mayweather jr for the movie were robert could get the win against the unbeaten mayweather jr leading the movies to carry on 8 9 etc when rocky 6 thinned the line of realism by having tarver in the film , hbo,buffer ,cortez the realism bar has been set for this to happen lets see this happen the right way if sly does do 7
  • How about rocko training his son for the next fight....and the pure shadow of him arises as an opponent..well..the rocky thirst is over.i dont think there is any point for rocky7, but i want to see the italian stallion in action with some punches.....may be an opponent like drago can do that!!!!!!hehe.....we want rocky,rocky,rocky,rocky!!!!
  • This is for you and Sly. “Son Of Rocky” was a concept of Stallone’s , since the making of Rocky in 1976. I remember reading about it, shortly after the Original Rocky was made. Now aside from script, first and foremost what really needs to be paid attention to is environement, scenery, locations, and style of shooting. So much of the magic of the Original Rocky is in that, and lost to hollywood in other films. “Son Of Rocky” , needs the Grit, Needs the Streets, Needs the Philly Italian Neighborhood, hard times struggle, in the visuals (not mentioning the script). Rocky has it, and you know how to do it (just as well as Scorsese !). Don’t water anything down. From the Heart to the Heart ! The relationship, and edge that Gazo (Mafia loan shark) and characters like him brought to Rocky , made it. Gino’s Steaks, The Italian Market, Under the El, jogging with bricks in hand, coming across neighborhood tough guys, Some Italian spoken in Neighborhood , relationshipe with Priest. You made the world smell the scents of the neighborhood through the screen. Rocky was all or nothing sell for you. You know how they wanted to offer other actors the part, but you refused (while living in Garage size place).Stallone, I am speaking directly to you.This near depression the western world is facing, understands hard times to well for comfort ! This recession is no joke ! So many lost jobs, and crime is an easy way out. I’m writing this with inspiration from above, and believe you will find inspiration in it for your “Son Of Rocky” series of films. The next films to come, are not (only) Rocky sequels, but a new series of films for the next and future generations. Where the tree falls, the seed(s) begin. The world needs to know, easy way out is not the way, and goes nowhere in the end. It’s rising to the occasion, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. The real hero’s are the ones who make it, fighting through all the wrong, and being right to the end. You had the dream from the beginning sly. The world is waiting for “Son Of Rocky”. From a Brooklyn Dreamer ! Now for basic script idea. Son Of Rocky discovers how corrupt the company he works for is. He tries to bring it to the boss’s attention, and finds that are the main players in the corruption. He questions his ethics, and remembers how his Dad Rocky taught him to be honest through it all. He is let go from his job, for bringing the truth to liars,cheats,theives (heads of his company). He looses apt he had with good income, and is now unemployed (like many others in the neighborhood and city). His Dad, with only Rest as income, can only do so much income wise, and Son Of Rocky (Robert), is forced to face hard times and new reality ! From there it begins. Get in touch. Where the neihgborhood tough guys (Gazo like) come into it are, they know Robert (and Rocky) are down. They come in offering funds, loans.. (with Port scenes, like Rocky , while Rocky is down picking up fish for the restaurant) Robert (and Rocky) refuse their offer, and finds fighting (Boxing) is the way he can make it through. The tough guys, though they don’t like his decision of not accepting their hand, they respect it (like Gazo did with Rocky), and come to consider goodness and honesty through his decisions, gestures, and choices (Goodness winning over dis honesty). Different levels of Depth to the story. Get in touch
  • Stinson Leppla
    I think its good that sly is doing another rocky, i see no reason why not you know, all the rocky movies have been a hit, except 5, but i think there is unfinished business with the rocky trilogy so go sly!
  • Joell
    Sly your the man! My Favourite actor. The rocky trilogy is just legendary. I have an idea for Rocky 7. Sylvester Stallone vs Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hell Yeah!
    coming up next..Pongo's review of Rocky 5.......THOUSAND..
  • john gibbins
    i love sly,all his stuff is brilliant,i believe maybe another rambo yes,but rocky was ended in such a perfect way ithink i would be ruined by doing another one,that said i would still go watch it and would still love it no doubt,and the expendables was fuckin awesome,i think it has the possibility of bein bigger than the rambo franchise. more expendables please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tony
    Hell yea make another rocky but he should teach his son to fight sly is to old.......
  • Bo
    What about clubbed Lang comming back for revenge
  • Jamie
    BRING ON ROCKY 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • John
    There is a big clue in Rocky 6 to know what's gonna happen in Rokcy 7. The young guy "Steps", is gonna start boxing under the guidance of Rocky as a Trainer. Endless stories can be made based on this argument. Boxers and athletes need these kind of movies for inspiration. Stallone should be intelligent and continue the saga, but him as a trainer.
  • Zaid Chalabi
  • Paul
    my name is paul and im gonna say go for it
  • FAIL
  • Silverskull80
    Son Of Rocky
  • Larry Albert
    the sassin
  • Larry Albert
    a rocky 7 hell yeah. i would love to see it. c'mon sly you have to do it i did'nt hear no bell.
  • Mozartbenedict
    ooohh yeh Rocky 7...... I always wanted to tell u that u should make this film... Go for it.... ROCKY! ROCKY! ROCKY! ROCKY!
  • someone
    I can't wait to see more Stallone movies, I'll watch them as fast as he can make them!!! Never stop making Rambo movies, the last one was the best, can't wait to see the next one!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Salah_chater
  • Jake
    do it!!!!!!!!
    Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!!!- Sly- love to have dinner with you one time so you can pass on a little of your motivation to me as a teacher!
    Rocky 7- Sylvester Stallone versus the winner of the brother KlitschKO brothers fight (MULTI-million dollars!). Training with Paulie & Duke in the barn while 3 feet of snow outside! Nothing better than a return to the former Soviet Union (Ukraine) area... with Ivan Drago as the referee! (Kind of Rocky 4 nostalgia!)




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