Take That Michael Bay - McG Fires Back at Transformers!

January 12, 2009
Source: Comcast


Last Friday, we published a quote from Michael Bay where he had made fun of "certain movies coming out" that were "trying to duplicate Transformer size robots in their ads." Bay's quipped, "Please, come on." Obviously he was taking a shot at McG and his giant Terminators. Well, now it's McG's turn to fire back! The director recently moderated a special presentation in New York City of Terminator Salvation footage. He was asked about Bay's statement and what he thought of the Transformers comparison. We weren't in attendance, but Sara from Comcast was and has published McG's response for us to read.

"It bothers me to tell you the truth. Ultimately, our large robots have nothing to do with the Transformers robots," McG said. "I say with respect, giant robots have been the theme of film for a real long time. So we want to do everything we can to create separation. Our film's about T-800s and the Marcus character and the Connor character, and this, that, and the other. So, to have people have a problem with that wouldn't be working for us so we want to make sure there's separation."

Not the kind of bold statement we were hoping to see, but then again, McG was surrounded by members of the press and he did his best to remain calm and collected. I'm not trying to start a war between these two, because that's completely unnecessary. As Sara asks: "Is this just a case of a few Hollywood boys fighting over their extremely explosive toys?" Probably, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to sit back and watch, right? We're obviously going to be judging these two movies in May and June (respectively) when they hit theaters anyway. Plus it's fun to rile up fans and give them something to fight for in the end.

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  • Well its good to see that he had a cool head for his response to that question. But its also mildly disappointing, because a press feud between them would have been publicity for both movies; and as well all know, there is no longer such a thing as bad publicity anymore. Also I'm using IE7 and the "email required" text doesn't go away when it has my email or the cursor in the field. Not sure if you see that bug on the browser your using.
  • I'm all for Transformers! I'm not really sure why there's even a Terminator movie being made. And there expecting to do 2 more after this one... And as for Giant F'n Robots. I think Bay's CGI is better.
  • Matt Suhu
    i do love Bay and i've always backed his movies and i rooted for him since day one when spielberg chose him to direct transformers...but i have to say that Bay's cockiness is a bit unnecessary when he's bashing a movie such as terminator. although a bit weak, from what i gather, i think McG is right in saying that there's some obvious separation and therefore comparisons shouldn't be made between the two. i really don't think McG is trying to copy Transformers or tap into its "big giant robot" genre at all. they're just two really different movies in tone and atmosphere. for one thing, and this is a stretch...i think the terminator timeline is a bit more realistic than the transformers timeline. i think it's a bit more easier for our own minds to wrap itself around a possible future of metal robots trying to exterminate mankind (minus the time travel), as opposed to trying to believe that there are giant, transforming, AI alien robots out in space waging a million year war. i know this is very far out and sort of a tangent, but my point is that transformers and terminator are two ENTIRELY different stories that have very little to do with each other, aside from robots, and therefore Bay's comments were unwarranted and just boy talk. *and i was one who absolutely did not want McG to direct Salvation, but after the trailers...i'm sold.
  • Christopher M
    I think Bay wanted Terminator but was looked over for McG and it's his way of getting his digs in
  • Michael
    C'mon McG! Have some fun with it. This could be the greatest "viral marketing" opportunity ever! (transformers +1)
  • Matt Suhu
    @4 i was thinking something along those lines too...wouldn't it have been extremely cool if bay also directed Salvation? but that's totally unrealistic cause Bay's movies always have a comedy element to them and Salvation surely does not look comedic at all, but rather serious.
  • joe
    Nice to see he didn't stoop to Bay's childish level.
  • The Child
    Can't wait to see what Bay will reply....
  • this
    the only reason Transformers looked good (superficially) was because the vfx by ILM was amazing, also the stunts and pyros. the storytelling/filmmaking was dumb. a film student could have done better. if you take away michael bay and replace him with jon favreau (iron man) now that would really be something. as for the new terminator, let's just wait and see mcg.
  • Richard
    Yes, terminator has a way better story, Transformers, tho I love it, is really for the kid in all of us, Terminator is more serious, thus more intriguing to me.
  • Black Guy
    Goodness, Alex, I already knew you didn't have any integrity, but fanning tabloid flames? Really?
  • Richard
    You know I just remembered that I saw a trailer for the new season of Knightrider, never watched it because it looked really stupid, but there was a huge transforming car robot thing, maybe he was talking about that because actually heh when I saw that I was like, Please, cmon.
  • Hungry T-800
    Michael Bay, I WILL EAT YOU!!!!!!
  • Andrew
    This article should be titled "McG calmy responds to transformers". Another win for quality journalism. (McG peaked with "Ghostfacers" - Season 3, Supernatural)
  • avi
    T4 will be the better movie,big robots or not!
  • Fox
    This debate is silly. It's not like Bay (nor McG, for that matter) invented the giant robot genre, did he? 😉 Just to name a very few anime series with giant robot's... - Gundam (since 1979) - Macross / Robotech (since 1982) - PatLabor (since 1988) - Neon Genesis Evangelion - Ghost in the Shell - Eureka 7 - Gurren Lagann
  • fanboy d
    don't try and steal the bay's thunder, unless you wanna be caught in a shitstorm
  • Nate Mac
    Its all a matter of what you want... Do you want giant robots smashing the hell out of each other? Or Giant robots stepping on poeple like they're ants?? I'm with the people smashing....
  • Although I'm not a fan of Bay nor did I find his comments about Terminator: Salvation warranted, I do think he's right. To me, introducing giant robots into the Terminator franchise reeks of desperation. "If all else fails, make the robots bigger!" It signals to me a lack of imagination that I believe someone who insists others call him "McG" is capible of.
  • Tom
    awesome. the war of words between to utterly talentless hacks rages on. i can't wait until they go head to head again in the future while promoting bad boys 3 and charlie's angels 3. the bon mots will be flying!
  • ryderup
    Terminator 1 and 2 has giant robots/machines... so... yeah...
  • milk
    i don't see how bay can even suggest that mcg is copying the giant robot thing... there are giant robots in the "flash forwards" in the first terminator. who cares anyway
  • Spider
    There's nothing here to suggest that an all out argument/discussion is actually taking, or about to, take place. I am a "Transformers" fan and am looking forward to "Revenge of the Fallen'. I am also a huge fan of the "Terminator" franchise an will be checkin' out "Terminator:Salvation" when it opens nationwide. My respect to both but I can't help to think that this is something cooked up either by them or the media to generate more buzz for both flicks! :)
  • Doesn't everyone remember how shitty Transformers was? Fucking Shiloh Beef over here taking up the first act with a bunch of puppy dog expressions and Optimus Prime hiding behind a tree. Why is this even a big deal?
  • Red Sun
    Transformers is not that great a movie anyways. The only people who actually love the Transformers movie are kids who thinks that Bay invented the giant robots genre and thinks Megan Fox can act.
  • WhatISmynameanyway?
    Bay shouldn't started up this crap in the first place since the character Alice (played by Isabel Lucas) in Transformers 2 is a complete rippoff of the character T-X from Terminator: Rise of the Machines. Talk about hypocritical. Terminator Salvation having giant robots after Transformers is nowhere near as bold of a similarity as Transformers 2 having a battle-ready killing machine in-hiding as a sexy blonde after T3 to begin with.
  • Shane
    Admirably chill response, McG. Sure, he's done some less than stellar movies, but I have total confidence in this man. Cannot wait for the film.
  • j money
    Bay's a goober. All of his movies look and sound the same. Not saying his formula doesn't work but I was watching "The Rock" a few weekends back and my Girlfriend thought I was watching Transformers because The 'background music was the same from the other room.' We proceeded to pop in Bad boys 1 & 2, Armageddon and Pearl Harbor laughing hysterically at how remarkably similar they all were. ...I know they've worked together but if anything Bay needs to come down on Jerry Bruckheimer (Not McG) because ALL of their movies are interchangeable. They might as well be the same person. Of course I say that in jest, but Bay seriously needs to back the hell off. He was doing story boards for Lucas while the original Terminator (and transformers Toys & cartoon) were wreckin shop. They were both around and going strong waaay before he ever was.
  • Cody
    Cant understand why some ppl dont want to see terminator get rebooted, I mean really? After all 3 films building up the war for mankind you dont actually wanna see the war. It cant just stop at the nukes we have to see why john connor is so important. But yeah dont rly care for this dumb versus crap there both gonna be sick.
  • darrin
    i don't car what mcg says, this terminator film and part 3 shouldn't even been made
  • Um, wasn't TERMINATOR here first?
  • Joe
    Don't forget Gigantor!
  • Zach
    Michael Bay can say all the ridiculous things he wants to say about Terminator: Salvation anytime he's within screaming distance of casting Christian Bale to star in one of his movies.
  • Sure there is a difference. Transformers is for kids
  • Bry from Chi
    Well the big Terminator robot didn't have a head..there's a difference. Hehehee! Either way, I think there's a smart publicist or marketing person behind the whole thing to drum up interest in both movies. Nah....just fun gab. 😀
  • Jimbo Slims
    Here's the difference: Giant Robots that Kill People VS Giant Robots that Protect People and Fight Other Robots. Say what you will, McG's involved in anything but making something McPG.
  • Scott
    What is best about this whole thing is that Michael Bay used the Terminator theme during the freeway fight in Transformers. Have you seen the Transformers 2 teaser poster? Looks like a Terminator at first glance with the red eyes. Having 1 big robot in the movie isn't a sign of a lack of imagination. If you know a little about the movie there are multiple sizes and designs that are completely different from one another. I'm just glad he isn't doing a retread of T1.
  • Daniel Walimaa
    My opinion is that Transformers 2 is going to sell lots and lots of tickets, many more tickets than Terminator 4 will. I loved the first 2 Terminator movies, and saw them in the theater when they were originally released, but, it is a "Been there, done that" kind of concept that has pretty much run it's course, especially after the 3rd movie, in my opinion. While both movies this summer will involve a lot of running, and action scenes, and explosions etcetera, the Transformers idea is a much more fresh concept that is only just beginning it's potential for future story ideas. The Terminator movies will always be about Skynet trying to build better robots to rid mankind from existing, and the Human survivors struggling to survive against technology run amuk, yada, yada, yada. Nowadays, If I'm going to pay to see robots on the big screen interacting with Humans, I want to see them transform into cool-looking jets and cars and things, and battle each other big-time. On the other hand, I can wait to rent out T4.
  • john
    Why don't we let the movies do the talking and not the directors?
  • Burg
    Bay is an idiot.




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