Taraji P. Henson to Play Mom in The Karate Kid Remake

June 3, 2009
Source: MTV

Taraji P. Henson

We all probably know her best as Queenie from Benjamin Button, a role that got her an Oscar nomination, but she's back to play another mom. Actress Taraji P. Henson told MTV that "I'm off to Beijing [soon] to work on" the new Karate Kid remake, known actually as The Kung Fu Kid. We all already know that Will Smith's son Jaden Smith will be the new "karate kid" and that Jackie Chan will be playing Mr. Miyagi - though Henson says his character's name is actually Mr. Han in this. And, well, she is going to play his mom, a single mother named Sherry who is forced to move with her son to China in order to keep her job.

I really like how Peter over at SlashFilm phrases this - "Does An Oscar-Nominated Actress Give The Karate Kid Remake Any Credibility?" To be honest, I don't think it's just about her bringing any clout to this movie, per se, but it's more about just casting a good actress in an important role for a remake that has a lot riding on it. In the original Karate Kid, Randee Heller played his mother, but she wasn't really the greatest actress around. Production is still moving forward on The Kung Fu Kid in China and we will very likely see some big developments on it by the end of the year. Who else besides Taraji P. Henson might also be joining the cast?

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  • Papichulo
    Halle Berry was an Oscar WINNING actress and her movie after that was crap. I have high hopes for this one. Love Henson and love kung fu. My daughters will certainly want to go when they see Jaden Smith. LOL
  • xerxex
    Really? okay. Will there be a Macchio cameo? will Jaden's character be as annoying as his character in The Day The Earth Stood Still? probably not but damn that character was annoying! And will Jackie Chan be able to pull off Wax on Wax off? And who will play the bully that Karate kid will face in the end?
  • Dan W
    This movie will be as bad as Dragon Ball
  • KenDoll
    I agree with #3. Like really? who keeps coming up with these "LET'S GIVE IT AN AFRICAN AMERICAN SPIN GUISE, THAT'LL RREAALLLYY BRING IN THE MONIES". Sometimes I think it's monkeys working @ the casting department.
  • Blue Silver
    I sense a huge stinker! They should hold off on this. There's no way they could outdo the original "Karate Kid". And an African American spin???? Like "Wild Wild West"?? Not good! No wonder Beyonce wants to be "Wonder Woman" and Jamie Fox wants to be the 1st black James Bond. LOL! Some things are just not meant to go!
  • Papichulo
    #5 Just because YOU don't want to see a black person act in a white role doesn't mean America doesn't. Isn't the point of a remake to re-imagine? The President was played by a white dude since 1789, now it's our turn.
  • Blue Silver
    #6 I never mentioned that I didn't want to see a black person in a white role. Read my post again. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, or whatever, a new "Karate Kid" movie will not recapture the success nor uniqueness of the original. Therefore, a stinker! There are so many peeps out there who fondly remember Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita and the pop culture phenomenon that the film became. Few, VERY FEW movies capture and RE-MAGINE the original source material like "Star Trek". So don't go making an issue out of race, it's un called for! (It's our turn)! Having said that, Jaden Smith is annoying as hell!
  • JimD
    Time to be politically correct and remake Karate kid as black kid. This has nothing to with race, I'm just sick of these remakes. Its a really sad state in Hollywood.
  • Stan 'The Viewers Choice' Morrow (Facebook me!)
    I like it, it gives it a MILF apeal...
  • SlashBeast
    It's the post-Oscar curse!
  • Andy
    Once again, Holywood manges a way to rape my childhood.
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  • John
    1st of all let me say that I am a black man, and I agree wit Blue Silver that this remake will will crumble straight to hell once it's released. The Karate Kid, and Karate Kid II were 2 of the most exciting movies for me as a child, and I don't wanna see them tarnished like so many other remakes, and it has nothin to do wit race, or OUR turn to play white roles! Let's get off that!!!!
  • lakeview
    I think this should be interesting.




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