The Fallen from Transformers 2 Makes His Appearance!

February 11, 2009
Source: TFW2005

The Fallen from Transformers 2 Makes His Appearance!

Why hello there, Mr. The Fallen, you're looking badass today! Earlier this week, some photos of the toy version of The Fallen hit the web, but I refused to run them, primarily because it was a toy and I didn't want to ruin the movie because of some toy photos. But alas, a much cleaner, better version of the Transformers villain known as The Fallen from the upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has hit this morning and it is purely badass. So much so that I've decide to go against my own better judgment and feature it here, though you've been warned not to look if you want to save this reveal for the actual movie.

Don't forget, the new teaser trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen shows this weekend in theaters in front of Friday the 13th. We'll also have it online by next Monday, so stay tuned for more!

The Fallen from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

This very impressive photo comes from the Transformers fans over at TFW2005. They also posted an awesome photo of Devastator, but it looks more like some concept art and I'm a bit more unsure of its legitimacy compared to this. For those who might be skeptical, I don't know how this kind of photo could be faked. And I highly doubt this is some other robot unrelated to Transformers. So with those two thoughts in mind, it's pretty much certain that this is The Fallen from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is again directed by action film superstar Michael Bay of Bad Boys, The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, The Island, and Transformers previously. The story and screenplay for the sequel was written by Transformers writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci as well as Ehren Kruger (The Ring, The Brothers Grimm, Blood and Chocolate). Paramount is unleashing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in both IMAX and regular theaters on June 26th this summer. We'll be there!

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  • Van Radical
    Yes!! Sweet dude!!
  • Nice but does it look like it's a combination of other transformers? i don't think so.
  • At least this one doesn't have a penis.
  • Fuelbot
    That Devastator pic looks legit. Bay stated that it would be seven or eight Construticons forming together.
  • Voice Of Reason
    Wheee. Another undecipherable jumble of mechanical bullshit we can expect to be a whirlwind of digital blur and disappointment come summertime.
  • Transmute
    I agree Voice of Reason, the mechanics are too busy, even though it still looks okay. I loved the first Transformers, but I was somewhat disappointed with how Megatron looked and now somewhat with Fallen. they look more like monsters, than robots. nonetheless, i will be there when it is released in theaters! I was hoping Unicron would have been in T2, dangit!!! lol
  • Voice Of Nonsense
    Well, it's an unrealistic setting this movie/series is based on. What do you expect?
  • i think it looks sweet. i was looking for him in the new trailer but he wasn't in it but there was a lot of the giant robot prime jumps on in the superbowl spot. i'm def liking the darker action so far
  • Nick Sears
    Is this the one that turns out to have a giant wheel under it? The head is reminiscent of the 'ALIEN' head. Nonetheless, extremely badass.
  • Movieraider321
    seriously if I saw this thing, instantly I would beg for my life, shit that is so awesome
  • Black Dynamite
    The Fallen looks soooooooooo tight it could had it's on movie. That Devastator pic looks legit and looks so wicked. I compared the video and the photo pic side by side and I'm pretty sure thats it. Awe man I'm so hype right now I'd pay $20/$40 to see it early!
  • Careful when playing with it, kids. You might cut yourself!
  • Lincoln Smith
    It looks like a Praying Mantis mixed with the head of an Egyptian God.
  • MajesticXIII
    Everyone!! Remind me..wasn't that Super Auteur Director, the hope of contemporary cinema, Michael Bay who said that McG stole his flower in Terminator Salvation? I think that was him..definitely him. So Michael what is this? Did you have an "Alien" wet dream? I am calling James and Ridley right now!!
  • R.
    I was at the AMC theater this weekend and the teaser posters were up and yes that IS The Fallen. Here's the URL for the teaser poster:
  • Fuelbot
    Not all of the Transformers are cars or military vehicles in this one. Some keep their Cybertronian form which would explain Megatron and The Fallen looking like weird jets and such. I don't think it looks bad at all.
  • Matt
    Can we not have Michael Bay ruin our childhood anymore?
  • 13
    it looks like they made a transformer out of the queen alien from Aliens...
  • Darrin
    alien fucked a robot and fallen came out
  • Reggie Mac
    No sir i don't like it. Looks like something from bionicle rather than transformers. One can only hope this is some false info.
  • djlethal
    Damm... I agree with Voice of Reason that this looks like "Another undecipherable jumble of mechanical bullshit". Yes I am one of those sad original fans, but the one thing that you love to this day about the originals (tv show and The Transformers Movie) that it was plausible to see the characters as robots that eventually would transform to a vehicle. Because they would transform and you could see the progression of robot to vehicle and also in reverse. But these characters are nothing but jumbled metal crap that just mraculously transforms to a vehicle or some sort. The other complaint I had of the movie was that for aliens, couldn't have they come up with different sound effect for the sounds they make when they are transforming, I mean, they are alien robots, why would they use chains and sounds that when we hear them it makes us think of some 3rd grade tech science project??
  • Dusty
    hmmm... um we will see.... not sure I know what I like about it... guess be interested to see what it is and why it is important to the storyline at all.
  • Farris
    Ridley Scott should call out Michael Bay like he did with McG.
  • bassbin
    it transforms into a giant toothbrush that glows in the dark ill buy it for a dollar$
  • Richard
    You guys should get out your science experiments from the 70s showing how it wouldn't be feasible for a giant robot to change into a car because of the science involved in the 70s, or you could STFU and enjoy this bad ass franchise, who the hell else would have 1, been able to leverage such a project 2, even bothered, I'm damn grateful and happy, I take that bad with a gain of salt and don't get caught up in the dumb shit. PS - The Fallen looks bad ass, why would an alien not look like a jumble of metal and instead resemble a car? Oh wait I'm getting caught up in the dumb shit.
  • It's mouth looks like a vagina. Looks stupid as a design too, like abstract mechanic nonsense. The first film had too much stuff going on in it to really see what was happening, this will be double that. But it's only Transformers, so who cares.
  • MajesticXIII
    I just wanted to add..i noticed the "Alien" Fallen's i'm going call George Lucas too..!! right now!! and the Jedi Council as well!! I have to inform them that General Grievous is still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Safi
    I think it looks pretty badass. People keep forgetting what the Autobots looked like when they first landed on earth and before they changed their outward appearances into vehicles from TF1. If you think along those lines then seeing this depiction of The Fallen makes a lot of sense and seems to be in line with one would expect for an ancient transformer.
  • Fisherr
    The Fallen looks...weird.
  • Emma Watson is so f***able
    Come on...looks nothing like it did in the comics. The Fallen is practically is so insanely bad ass and monstrous, you just give up when he shows up. He looks too sleek and sinister like if Starscream was based on his personality. We all know him to be mischievous. The Fallen is like the ultimate bouncer and rocks anyone in his way with huge ass guns. Bring him tot he screen. make Devastator look like a baby. Makes me wonder how much of the plot they'll screw up since the Fallen did not have an allegiance. He is above the Deceptions in his loyalty so...maybe it'll be a team up. If they're bringing in characters like this, maybe Primus and Unicron will appear later.
  • avoidz
    Doesn't even look anything like a Transformer. It's like some over-designed art piece (or a Bionicle, as someone else said). These Bay-bots are some of the worst robot designs in history.
  • Zach
    okay... you didn't want to run the photos from last week because they were of a toy? isn't this film a sequel to a movie based on a 20+ year old cartoon that was produced by a toy manufacturer? Making the movie, effectively, based on... A TOY?!? Also, I don't know why this thing is coming down here to Earth... In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream.
  • Movieraider321
    26, apparently you just can't see the screen then
  • Movieraider321
    and 26, what vagina's have you been looking at?
  • luke
    wait... IS MEGATRON GOING TO BE IN THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • CSpuppydog
    I was worried by looking at the oy that he wasn't going to look as... well.. evil as he should but this got my hopes back up! and at #35 Yes.. allegedly.. Bay keeps saying "No" yet we have seen toys of him and in the trailer it looks an awful lot like his hand that holds down Sam. But this time around he is going to be a tank.
  • luke
    hey your right about the hand..i just skipped through the megatron/starscream meeting in the dam..the hand's look the same to whoever held down sam in the teaser you got my hope's up!!!!
  • CSpuppydog
    lol and yeah if you look at that scene you can see what looks like a Transformers leg with tank treads on it.. and the new Megatron toy design has tank treads on his legs.. so.. hmmm lol
  • Joe C.
    I looks like S**T!!! I was expecting something bigger or thick-build. This look like some anorexic robot. Anyhow, I never like the new design anyway. OMG, what happen to the face of Devastator?!! Why they have to make them look like "alien. He needs to look like this
  • Okay Movieraider321, your excited, you love Michael Bay or Transformers or both I get it, someone else already pointed out it looked like Giger's alien head, which surprisingly enough was based on, you got it a vagina, well and a penis at the same time, but Giger is a strange man and is a little sex obsessed. Someone mentioned the same thing when the early poster was put up a while back. This movie is pushed by modern technology, so they are just grabbing from graphic elements and pushing them to the limits, but sometimes, the original idea is good enough, robots that can turn into vehicles, that's enough, watching them spin 360 degrees from 50 thousand camera angles whilst the whole world is exploding isn't necessary, but that's Michael Bay. As I said it looks like a mechanical vagina, not one I personally have seen or would like to go near, but with all the jizz-bombing that goes on whenever fanboys see these machines, I reckon an orderly line could be formed of people that would.
  • luke
    so is megatron n fallen allies?
  • Jaf
    It has that ancient-futuristic look to it But I'm sick of things turning to jets So hopefully, it turns to something more
  • James
    This pic is definetly legit, u can tell by comparing the face of this transformer with the face on the teaser poster.
  • Conrad
    Not impressed at all. Its too busy. i can't even tell the details of the face (if one). I agree with the voice of reason btw
  • christian
    is megatron coming back?
  • Merc
    Apparently Megatron is coming back, yeah... But the Teaser left me so confused about which bot is what.
  • Jeep Fu
    Looks like one of Lego Bionicle toys...does one of the other Decepticons transform into its mask? Does it shoot marbles? And what the fudge is this thing supposed to transform into? Oh yeah and that Devastator drawing looks horrible. Looks nothing like the original and it doesn't need a night light for a head. Don't get me wrong I love Transformers, I loved the first movie and I will see this one opening day. ...but...blech.
  • Aucklander
    Looks like Amy Winehouse made with mechanical parts ... I know nothing about the Fallen character but ive seen pictures of the character that was drawn for a comic book and that one looks 1000x more bad ass than this thing. i see some people mentioning that this is what he may look like before it finds something to reformat its self with like the other robots ... which i really hope is the case ... looks like a giant orange Frenzy. WTF!!! is that piece of shit labeled as devastator on that other site??? his head looks like a slug ... I hope that isnt what he realy looks like ... G1 Devastator will whoop this Devastators ass. I hope that its just some false information Michael Bay just threw out there to keep people talking about. i love transformers 1 and will most likely love Transformers 2 aswell ... But seriously, the G1 designs of the transformers are 10x better than any of the new designs that have come out in the last movie and recent cartoons.
  • Jimbo Slims
    I like how the shot in the Superbowl trailer is basically a shot of Optimus Prime climbing on top of the Fallen's crotch. He looks like a gigantic Cockroach, w/ human attributes. Freaky!
  • Savana
    He looks EPIC!
  • Savana
    Can u bring the movie out now please :)
  • Savana
    jeeb fu... i dont like U!!!
  • mr Freeze
    why the hell would i want to go see a Bay transformer movie where megatron isnt the bad guy? tottaly lame and just piss ass stupid! so megatron is just going to sleep happy at bottom of trench, frag off BS. i want MEGS kicking ass not some obscure Fallen bitch who didnt even exist in 80s nor much re launch lore
  • Reggie Mac
    50 - Not EPIC, but EPIC FAIL
  • xact
    so i saw the Jason movie and there was no transformers trailer!
  • Killer
    Please for the love of god will people stop say the g1 designs were good they was in humanly bad a box bot isn't cool or realistic why would a super advanced alien robot a) look human b) have boxes for limbs
  • mr Freeze
    Fallen can look like whatever the hell it wants and be "badass" as some people say or "vagina faced" as others say, but who cares? the real Die Hard fans are the kids from the beginning and we want what we want which is robots to cars and cars to robots, theres alot of markets to hit and people to please but fact is no matter what these "movie transformers" look like, the true hellass, die hard, toon owning fans look optimus as a big red truck with a useless hauler and megatron as a gray gun and thats that. if i wasnt in a transformer forum and was shown the red black alien looking "fallen" never in a million years even having seen first film woul i guess it was a transformer and i actually liked the big, jet, silver, jawed, new movie megatron too
  • avoidz
    @56 - the G1 designs were great, and if you've ever bothered to check out the stylised Dreamwave art you'd see they would look terrific in a movie compared to the extremely vague spiky insect-like Bay-bots.
  • Matt
    did you guys forget that the autobots and deceptacons scanned vehicles to turn into their vehicle forms. They didn't look too different from the fallen before then. They were introduced as alien lifeforms, not cars and planes.
  • I have been looking for pictures of Transformers to add to my article on how to design and build a T2 robot (see name link) and ran across your aticle. OH MY GOODNESS that is some wowsers of a Transformer. I do agree with #21 though about how originally you could see the possibility of the transformation. To me this guy looks kind of skinny but there is a wow factor about him nevertheless. @alrady40




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