Three New 2012 Banners - Will Destruction Sell Audiences?

August 27, 2009
Source: Empire

New 2012 Banners

Yesterday we featured a brand new Japanese trailer for Roland Emmerich's 2012, which seems to have more death and destruction than we've ever seen before. Today Empire has three new display banners for 2012 designed to be displayed in movie theater lobbies around the country. At first I was just going to say they look pretty detailed, but then I started wondering, will destruction really sell this movie? All of the advertising for 2012 (which was heavily designed by Emmerich himself) has pretty much been all about the destruction - we haven't seen John Cusack or Amanda Peet's face anywhere. But will that sell audiences?

2012 Banner2012 Banner

An academic researcher leads a group of people in a fight to counteract the apocalyptic events that were predicted by the ancient Mayan calendar. Cast includes John Cusack, Amanda Peet, & Chiwetel Ejiofor.

2012 is directed and co-written by epic German filmmaker Roland Emmerich, of films like Stargate, Independence Day, Godzilla, The Patriot, The Day After Tomorrow, and 10,000 B.C. previosuly. It was also co-written by Harald Kloser, of The Thirteenth Floor, The Day After Tomorrow, Alien vs Predator, and 10,000 B.C. as well. Sony Pictures is bringing 2012 to theaters everywhere on November 13th this year!

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  • The first banner is the best one.
  • Al
    Death and Destruction or John there really a difference?
  • I think a movie with a 'whole world goes to hell' kind of vibe, people aren't really going for the actors, its for the special effects so, I don't think they'd really succeed that much more if their faces were on it. I like both actors, but I wouldn't say that's why I'm going... that is.. IF I'm going. Emmerich sure likes his measures of Time - 2012 year - July 4 - 10,000 BC - Day After Tomorrow I'm still waiting for his sci-fi thriller involving daylight savings - its gonna be sick!
  • Trey
    #2-LMAO...Im gonna go see it...but im not amped about it..I go see anything just about anything
  • Ryan
    I wont being sure it for the fact it looks way to Religious and preechy. They even have a Noahs Ark in it. Come on. How stupid. Christians should love it though.
  • Ryan
    Seeing it*
  • Otacon
    @Ryan Christians will love it because it has Noah's Ark in it? really now? If anything, it'd probably be offensive being associated with an Emmerich film.
  • Curious about the proportion of the carrier to the White House.
  • MIke
    I like the One with the aircraft carrier. However in light of Ted Kennedy's death will they change to appease those who claim it to be politically incorrect?
  • pipo
    Proportions seem ok for me. Size does matters!
  • Xerxex
    So yet again the worst of the end of the world takes place in America, seesh don't we always see America die, why not Europe? or Australia? Hell I'd pay to the see The Land Down Under put under water, then fire, then ice! Or we can just stick to the same old formula and kill off The Good ole States again...don't care really.
  • Mark
    I'm gonna go see this one just for a laugh. Roland's films are comedy gold.
  • finch
    pretty alright looking posters. is it me or does it look like there's a face in the water of the 2nd poster in the lower left hand corner? (the one with the tidal wave on the white house).
  • Chris
    @12: It's on the same continent but I wouldn't exactly call Brazil part of the United States. And did you not notice the Vatican? Fairly sure that they haven't moved that to the US. There was also a smattering of edits of people from other cultures flicking past... could have sworn I spotted a Tibetan monk flailing around.
  • Xerxex
    I know, but the majority of the film takes place in America, American father, mother, children...end of the world about an American family surviving, come on! I wanna see something else added!
  • Sabes
    Though the posters look alright, I have no desire to see this movie. Not only because I'm tired of the "omg we're gonna die in 2012!!" on the internet, but because I don't like John Cusack. Is this director trying to say something about America? The Day After Tomorrow was terrible, and I pretty much summed it up to my friends like this..."Effin America always effing things up! *Earth roflstomps us*" Though I will say I liked Stargate and Independence Day. @11, I see something in the corner that kind of looks like a face. Almost looks like a monkey face. O.o
  • Kris
    #13, your such a loser, you should go out more, fucking nerd.
  • Sister Jasmine Noxema Tapioca
    I'm gonna see this only because I love apocalypse movies. Am I missing something or where's the third banner?
  • Xerxex
    Ha! I see it too, its looks like a gorilla! Maybe after mankind is dead, Apes will inherit the earth, and evolve into a genius race, forming their own government and the surviving humans will be slaves forced to serve the apes, then a stranger will arrive from another dimension and lead a revolt against the damn dirty apes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait...didn't that already happen?
  • Alex T.
    @17. Kris he is going out, hes going to see a movie. Maybe you like Emmerich's movies and you found Mark's comment offensive. That doesnt give you the right to put anybody down. Now that that's been said. #17 you're such a little bitch, you should grow up, fucking child.
  • sleepykid
    This is a terrible looking film with awful CGI. How on earth could James Cam- Oh, hang on... My mistake. Sorry.
  • ?????
    Maybe they are focusing on the destruction because Amanda Peet and John Cusack aren't the biggest draws for a movie, so why not focus on the astonishing effects and great scope of disaster in the movie?
  • Colin
    #4 you need a job
  • Dave
    Die Earth DIE!!!!!!
  • Jason
    The Air Craft Carrier one is wrong!!!! In real life, the Atlantic Ocean is to the Right hand side of the White house.... why the heck is it coming from the left??? Screw up by the designer!!!
  • phonehome
    Yawn. I hate these CGI "blockbusters". Boring. More story, please.
  • Lando
    Roland makes some great belly laugh popcorn eating entertainment...thats about it..his stories fall short but his visuals always soar. Im going to see this and have no expectations for a good storyline or sturdy character development, that way I wont be surprised at how underdeveloped his characters are and can enjoy the mindless entertainment that I expect from him and bay and all the other masturbatory visualists!!!
    Hey you said there are three posters, where is the other one, the Brazil Jesus one, foolio?!?!?!
  • Clover
    good job # 27! I will not see this. The only thing missing is freak'n Nick Cage!
  • Not a MovieGoer
    Just going to hear Adam Lambert on soundtrack, Cusack & Peet are bonus.




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