Timur Bekmambetov Prepping Wanted 2 to Shoot This Year

June 13, 2009
Source: Russia-IC

Timur Bekmambetov - Wanted

I guess we won't see Moby Dick anytime soon. Russian director Timur Bekmambetov spoke to the Russian outlet RIA Novosti (translated via Russia-IC) recently and told them that he's starting prep on Wanted 2 soon. "In July we will start preparation for the film. I think in the late autumn or winter shooting will be performed," he says. "The shooting will take place in America, India and Russia." We last heard about the sequel back in April when it was announced that Pooh's Heffalump Movie writer Evan Spiliotopoulos had been hired to write a script based off of a story by Wanted writer Chris Morgan.

Apparently Bekmambetov said that he will bring back Angelina Jolie, which doesn't make sense considering what happened in Wanted. He also wants to bring back the character named The Exterminator played by Russian actor Konstantin Khabenskiy (he was the guy who ran the healing room). They also report that the budget for the sequel will be $150 million, which is double the $75 million budget of the first. Even if some of this is inaccurate, I'm still interested to know what the story will be about and how they'll make it bigger. I'm not really excited right now, but I know I certainly will be by the time it's released.

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  • usonnychiba1
    It'll be interesting to see how they bring Jolie back. Can't see how you do it without it being stupid. I'd like to see the giant shit man from the comics. Won't hold my breath for that one!
  • Bry from Chi
    Oey vey. Well, let's see what they come up with.
  • Dan W
    Hopefully they have more corvettes flipping through the air and landing on buses then driving off the bus and landing into a pool of kittens.......
  • Ryan
    In the Wanted video game, the badguys in it go to the Loom room after Wesley cleaned house and you hear them say they never found Fox's body. (Jolie) The game is canon I think to (Even if it was bad)
  • zach
    agreed with number 3 lmao... well this shall be fun
  • germs
    Bringing back Jolie kinda ruins the ending of the first one. I hope the filmmakers take a course in physics before they start production on this one.
  • Treeger
    Maybe a prequel? (without james mcavoy)
  • Darrin
    i loved that film. it wasn't the best film of last year but for me it was the most fun.
    @7 My thoughts exactly.
  • I'd like to see a prequel... but I'd also like to see a good sequel... hell I'm in either way!
  • Fisherr
    I would love to see a good sequel too, Alex. Not sure about a prequel for this movie.
  • Brian
    I don't see what the big mystery is on how Jolie's character will return. The only other character announced is guy who ran the healing room ... Hmmm, let's see....Jolie and the guy who can heal her in a story based on a comic book ... Did we see anyone check her pulse at the end of the first movie? Gee, I wonder how the movie will begin.
  • eric
    dude sweet loved the first one
  • Fa
    If they can curve bullets, they can bring Angelina Jolie back! Maybe with amnesia but she must be there if they want the big box office. Yeah, I want to see Wanted 2!
  • Dexter
    Yes! this is a very worthy news instead of that fat ugly moore.
  • You know, it's a little known fact, but there was actually a really awesome comic book series with an incredibly unique premise that also happened to be called "Wanted". Instead of making a sequel to that PoS cliche action movie, they should find someone willing to make a movie based on that. /self-righteous rant
  • Cody
    Kinda agree with the above, really didnt like it all and I love action was just trying TOO hard to be bad ass instead of just naturally being bad ass like say 300. The horrid CGI gore didnt help either but guessing thats the graphic novel side of it.
  • As a pretty huge car geek , I thought I should point out that it was a Dodge Viper flipping around with Jolie drapped over the bonnet. I haven't seen the movie in the while, so I could be wrong and there may well be flipping corvettes elsewhere in the movie.
  • Dan W
    18, yea I'm not sure either. I only saw it once, I know it was red though. And when I think of red cars I think corvettes for some reason. I did really enjoy the scene where he cracks his friend across the face with that keyboard. That made up for the pool full of kittens scene.
  • Darunia
    It is true that Universal is giving them a lot of money to work with, that much i know.
  • I have anxiety
    I guess nothing is what it seems in Wanted. This was one of those movies I thought would suck but was actually pretty cool. I'm in.
  • Tim
    They must refer to her in they past tense some how in the movie. Maybe her origin? Who knows?
  • RandyG
    #18 & #19: A Corvette was used to get Wesley into the air above a limo so he could dispatch a crime lord with a shot through the sun roof. Yes, Wanted was definitely the most fun film of last year. It's also an interesting take on conservatism vs. liberalism.
  • Chris
    the first was nothing compared to the comic... in other words it sucked and the story was ruined... must they pound it even more into the ground? when will hollywood learn...
  • RandyG
    #24: "the first was nothing compared to the comic". What a whiny bitch. Just so you know, people perpetually in a snit comparing comic books to films will be the first to be rendered into human tallow in the upcoming Apocalypse, at which point I will show you the respect you deserve by devoting my next 10,000 years to singing, "You are the grease beneath my wings".
  • Robert
    Didn't the guy who ran the healing room also die? Didn't Wesley kill him when they were going after Cross?




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