Townsend, Stevenson, & Asano Are Thor's Warrior's Three

November 16, 2009

Stuart Townsend, Ray Stevenson, Tadanobu Asano

Marvel's movie about the winged-helmet clad hero Thor is shaping up to be quite an intriguing flick. While I don't particularly have an invested interest in the character himself, I'm mystified by the assembly of talent from Kenneth Branagh directing his first comic book movie to up-and-comer Chris Hemsworth picking up the hammer as Thor and most recently Anthony Hopkins in negotiations to play Thor's father Odin. Now even more intrigue builds as Variety reports that Stuart Townsend, Ray Stevenson, and Tadanobu Asano (Mongol) will play the Warriors Three, a trio of Asgardian adventurers who fight alongside Thor.

Warriors Three is made up of Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg, who are original characters created by Marvel and not based on Norse mythology like most characters in the Thor series. This must mean those rumors about Robert De Niro and Jude Law joining Thor (as the Warriors Three) weren't true after all. These three, however, are formidable alternatives. Of course we'll have to wait quite awhile to see the Warriors Three in action anyway, as Branagh's Thor won't hit theaters until 2011. This also stars Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Jaimie Alexander, Stellan Skarsgård, and Samuel L. Jackson. We'll keep you posted on updates.

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  • xerxex
    great casting move, I think its safe to say Thor is in good hands.
  • whomever
    Tadanobu Asano is a God.
    Stevenson played the Punisher in Warzone.....Why do they keep doing this crap.....Halle Berry was Storm and Catwoman......Ryan Reynolds played Hannibal King in Blade 3, Wade Wilson in Wolverine, and is cast as Green Lantern.....STICK TO ONE ACTOR PLAYING ONE COMIC CHARACTER, NOT MULTIPLE BULLSHIT PARTS IN DIFFERENT COMIC BOOK MOVIES....Ughh
  • Phil
    Asano as a Norse character. Leave it to the modern day British to make such a casting. (I will be really excited to see James Woods as Martin Luther King Jr.) The modern day British actors cannot play Germanic warriors. The modern day Brits are some of the most self-hating people on the planet. Will this be a story about the Germanic warriors trying to be multiculturalists, appeasing foreign tribes and commiting ethnic suicide? That is modern day U.K.-and the british actors reflect that kind of attitude. The Germanic people and their gods were proud and strong. Not some wimpy Hugh Grant type men. Surprised to see Charlize Theron gave Stuart Townsend permission to leave her side. First ancient Greek gods and now Norse gods speak with an English accent. Isn't that amazing! I wonder what all of the Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Icelandic actors think of this?
  • tazz
    @4 Phil shut the hell up Phil first of you dont know nothing about us British people. plus look how many white American actors been playing Asian characters on film. what the hell the film 21 was based on Asian-American people instead they made them been played by white actors. also Angelina Jolie even played a black woman on film. the film was called "A Mighty Heart" it was based on Mariane Pearl true story. i never have attacked Americans about the casting i attack Hollywood studio bosses. also Tadanobu Asano is going to play Hogun the Grim. his from An unnamed land in the Asgardian dimension. Hogun the Grim looks like a mongolian warrior his basically look like Genghis Khan.
  • Linkfx
    Tadanobu Asano is one of the great current actors out there...I really hope the film plays to his strengths and avoids tokening him...that being said Ill watch anything with him in it...i bet a lot of people didn't even know he is the gangster kakihara in ichihara the killer...he disappears so seamlessly into the role...besides that he was great in caffe lumiere, vital and of course mongol.
  • Corran Horn
    Amen, tazz. I didn't know who Tadanobu Asano was initially, but I checked IMDb and found out he was none other than Genghis Khan in MONGOL. That alone makes me think he's perfect for this role. While I know little about The Warriors Three (or Thor in general), I have seen pictures of them and he fits in perfectly. Linkfx: With Branagh at the helm, there is small chance of that. I think this make Tadanobu the next Ken Watanabe--i.e. a great Japanese actor who achieves acclaim and success abroad. This reminds me, Ray Stevenson has that Irishman film coming up. I should keep an eye out for that.
  • M-Cat
    Awesome. I like when they use actors who aren't "big names".
  • tazz
    @#7 Corran Horn yeah actor Tadanobu Asano played Genghis Khan in Mongol. the casting is perfect for him since Hogun the Grim looks like him in Mongol.
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    the punisher is one is of the warrior three,fucking sweet.NOW HURRY UP WITH THAT FUCKING DEADPOOL MOVIE.
  • Welbanks
    Something tells me that cornboy just likes to complain....
  • Nuika
    I love Stuart Townsend, I cannot wait! :) I love the casting so far though, I remember movies that all of the rumored actors have been on, I hope the movie brings out everyone's strengths
  • xerxex
    How about we keep the USA and UK fued at a minium?
  • xerxex
    sorry feud.
  • tazz
    @ 14 xerxex ill keep it to a minium but when Phil said "The modern day Brits are some of the most self-hating people on the planet" im going to respone to that idiot.
  • Chris H
    So much for Punisher showing up in the avengers movie 😛 Stevenson is the man.
  • xerxex
    fair enough tazz.




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