Trailers Galore During This Year's Super Bowl XLIII!

January 9, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

Ah yes, the Super Bowl, that time of the year where we gather ’round the television, more excited to watch the commercials than the game itself. Variety has ran an early report confirming a few of the new trailers we're going to see this year. Airing on February 1st on NBC, Super Bowl XLIII will feature trailers for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Star Trek, G.I. Joe, Monsters vs Aliens, Angels & Demons, Land of the Lost, Fast and Furious, Pixar's Up, and Wolverine. It's also likely we'll see trailers for Night at the Museum 2, Ice Age 3, Race to Witch Mountain, G-Force, and maybe even Terminator Salvation.

Duo to the rough economy, apparently NBC had to lower their prices (originally $3 million for 30 seconds) last minute in order to make sure they filled all the slots. That's why there seems to be an abundance of movie trailers this year, as the studios swept in last minute and bought up the premium spots. For those excited for Transformers 2, the Super Bowl is the first time we'll see any real footage, which should make for an exciting debut. And as we have all already heard, the 90 second Monsters vs Aliens trailer will be shown in 3-D. More than 125 million pairs of 3-D glasses are being distributed as part of the promo.

Obviously we suggest you tune in to the Super Bowl on February 1st to catch all these new trailers live with everyone else. And afterwards, you'll be able to find all of them available again right here on!

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  • werdnafaz
  • Chris W
    dude..... that is a LOT of Trailers. ahahaha, if it is digital 3-D, I still have like 3 pairs of glasses per family member from seeing Bolt
  • Kaiser
    Man I wish I was in the US for this! I have to sit up for most of the night to watch the superbowl live and we get no ads!!
  • Red's Green Buttons
  • HOLY SHIT Tuning in for sure.
  • LeeMan
    no public enemies or taking of pelham 123?! fuck!
  • Cody
    sweet finally a transformers trailer
  • darrin
    i'm with leeman. where are those trailers
  • Janny
    well i remember last year that adds in canada are different than in the US... so not much use here also... watching football for adds seems pointless as they will be on the internet the same day
  • jonathan :P
    Those 3D glasses are going to be in stores starting monday, so dont go try looking for them yet XD
  • Vegavega Balrog
    Totally watching the Superbowl this year.
  • BahHumbug
    I agree with #6 and #8. Do brilliant film match-ups (Depp vs. Bale and Washington vs. Travolta).... sounds like advertising gold.
  • Tom
    Speak for yourself, Billington. The Superbowl is 12 times better than the ads. Not to say that I'm not pumped for these trailers and the hilarious commercials we'll see, but the game is much more of a draw for me.
  • Bry from Chi
    Something to look forward to if the game stinks. Thanks Alex!
  • Eddy Fung
    can we still watch the trailers if we're watching superbowl on tv?
  • Ugg.. reading this just makes me totally annoyed at the fact that I'll probably never see them, as I live in Canada. Maybe I'll get lucky and see the super bowl at someones house that has some American channels (satellite as apposed to cable)
  • Fisherr
    Excited already.
  • I weep for my generation. There are no depths Hollywood will not sink to in order to strip mine my childhood for a buck. G.I. Joe? You got a dancer and the guy from 3rd Rock From the Sun as your two opposing stars. Besides, I’m sorry, but unless you have giant underground tube worms or an impromptu hockey game with a piece of the Weather Dominator, I’m thinking pass. Race to Witch Mountain? The whole mystery of the novel....yes I said novel, was that the kids didn't even know they were aliens. Now, we've replaced Eddie Albert (from Green Acres for those you not old enough to remember television shows prior to Power Rangers) with The Rock. Come on??!?! When's the Smurf's live action movie coming out? Cause, I'll gouge my smurfing eyes out!




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