Twilight Updates: New Moon Wolves, Another Eclipse Director

April 22, 2009
Source: USA Today, Nikki Finke

Twilight Updates: New Moon Wolves

I'm packing all of the Twilight news into one post today, so that those who don't really care about the franchise can skip over it easily. Let's get down to it. That cringe-inducing photo you see above is of the "wolf pack" from the upcoming The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Seen shirtless are actors Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Bronson Pelletier, all with Native American heritage, who are joining Taylor Lautner as werewolves in the film. Thanks to USA Today for the photo. In other Twilight news, apparently the report that Juan Antonio Bayona would direct the third film was actually wrong.

Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood is instead reporting that Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night director David Slade is now Summit's top choice for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. I haven't been reporting most of the Eclipse rumors because almost every week we hear about a new director, then the following week we hear about how he/she is not really attached. Finke says that he's met with author Stephenie Meyer and Summit's president Erik Feig, but that there's still no deal. While Slade does have vampire experience, the truth of the matter is that his vampires were awesome, whereas the vampires in Twilight were not.

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  • L
    This banner/poster looks like an add for a gay nightclub.
  • C x
    I think the Director who was resposible for the CBS Series - Moonlight should be approached for Eclipse! Sixteen episodes of pure class!
  • That "cringe-inducing photo" is marketing genius. Chris Weitz and Summit are no fools. They know how to enlarge the fanbase. I happen to love the casting of Jacob's fellow wolf pack...these guys will only be "cringe-inducing" when Hot Topic gets ahold of their images and further cheapens this beloved series of books.
  • Gangsta Geek
    @1 I lol, "This banner/poster looks like an add for a gay nightclub."
  • mrmr
    i got dragged to see twilight. halfway through i tried to kill myself, but it was too late. that movie sucked. and if this poster represents the next movie, lots of creepers will be at the theater
  • Hey Ya
    I watched rather drunk and a if you will. I'm not sure why I was laughing a lot but I was. Then I cried. Then I'm pretty sure I streaked through my neighborhood because as Alec Baldwin says on the Hulu commercial, it turned my brain to mush. Theaters should be destroyed opening night of this to rid the world of these people. Seriously. It's worse than Harry Potter or F&F people. *shivers*
  • Keith
    30 Days of Night was absolutely terrible. I haven't seen Hard Candy, but I don't have much hope for the third film now. The books are not good, but they can at least be made into respectable films.
  • ?????
    "While Slade does have vampire experience, the truth of the matter is that his vampires were awesome, whereas the vampires in Twilight were not." I second that!
  • Its true that next 24.April the new und first NEW MOON Trailer will be online?
  • lalafrog2003
    hahahahah twilight is dumb. and this poster doesnt help.
  • Janet
    I don't know what to make of Slade seems like out of nowhere. I'm kind of surprised that he would even be interested in doing it. Hmm. As for the poster the photoshopping is gross.
  • Fisherr
    I don't like this movie, don't know why.
  • Dan
    No director can make this movie interesting for most guys. Not unless they change the story to where the vampire and werewolves fight like Underworld. My wife will be right in line to see New moon but I wont.
  • Janet
    Summit just announced that Slade is the director.
  • SillySil
    I really like how Summit chose actors with Native American heritage, but I hate how they are representing them. It's an insult to my culture.
  • Cameron
    I totally agree with #1 and think that this whole series it just ridiculous and annoying.
  • Maria
    i think all of you Twilight haters must still be in tune with the Brady Bunch or something. how can you watch it and not like it or at least like the books.
  • Heather
    I think that those who do not enjoy and appreciate the romance of the saga of the twilight must not have read romeo and juliet. It, more than anything else is about 2 star-crossed lovers and her best friend whom she also loves. When you are in your teens emotions run high enough. I can see how the teens can relate. Anyone who has ever ben truly in love can relate to the books and the movie(s).
  • flipdwun
    and now for the truth of it all, ever single one of you guys that has a girlfriend( all 3 of you) will be seeing this movie with them. its a fact, deal with it. this is a movie based off a book geared for women and the fact that all these guys are bashing it makes me laugh. they got you silly fools to talk about it and waste your time to write about it. so i guess they are doing theor jobs in the marketing department. but on the plus side, all the single guys can go to a showing and meet some new female friends, which is what you guys need. it took my woman about a week to convince me that everything i watch doesnt have to have explosions in it. which is good because it means shes not gonna leave because i act like and infant with an infatuation for boobs. grow up boys and you might get your wiener played with by someone besides you.
  • Whats-her-face.
    OMG! ECLIPSE?! FREAKING SERIOUSLY?! OH MY GOSH!...if your joking, i'll need to kick someone's ass.
  • Whats-her-face.
    oh. i went to another one and it said ECLIPSE. not new moon. oh well, now im gonna have to kick someone's ass. im excided about both those films but i agree with the first comment, the poster does look like an ad for a gay night club. i love twilight the twilight saga books and movie(s) though! can't wait to see shirtless taylor lautner! mmm...(:
  • caution
    When the f**k is the trailer coming out i want to watch it
  • Ariel
    @13. In the third book there is a Vampire/Werewolf Battle Royale. Limbs being ripped off and the such. I'm waiting for that movie.
  • some fucken bitch
    ha i agree with 23 let there be some ass whoopin!
  • Natalie
    I love twilight i dont care what people say about I love it
  • Bella
    TWILIGHT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • KC
    People has the right to their own opinions. I did not like the Twilight movie, to be honest; but New Moon gave the saga a redemption it needs. I really LOVE New Moon. ^_^




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