Twilight's Taylor Lautner Will Return in New Moon

January 8, 2009

Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black in Twilight

Even though Twilight released to a tidal wave of fans and box office bliss, all was not right in the burgeoning franchise. Summit Entertainment didn't like director Catherine Hardwicke and claimed she was a pain to work with on set, so she was quickly replaced by Chris Weitz (of The Golden Compass). On the chopping block next was Taylor Lautner who starred as the Native American Jacob Black, and whom the studio felt was too weak to carry the rather important character into the sequels. Maybe they should have thought of that in the beginning? Unlike Hardwicke's departure, fans really didn't want Lautner to go, and it looks like Summit has caved to their whims. As of today, Lautner will officially return as Jacob in New Moon.

New director Weitz says that Lautner is "emotionally right" for the role, but the 16-year-old's physicality is the larger question. Larger being the operative word, since Lautner needs muscle up in order to support the role of Jacob in the sequel. Imagined as taller, bulkier and older, Jacob moves into a central role in New Moon as Bella discovers more about the werewolves that have long been the enemy of the vampires. If you've seen the first film, read any of the books, or took a wild guess, you'd know that Jacob is one such lycan, and therefore certainly needs to work on his presence. I didn't really care much for the original, but I thought Lautner delivered a level performance. However, I'm sure the fans are quite happy.

Summit Entertainment has already set a November 20th release date this year for New Moon, which means they've got to get the whole production moving at a break-neck pace to actually make that date.

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  • ewilson131
    Wow. Not sure how I feel about this. Taylor is a cute kid who I think would be perfect for Jacob at the start of the movie prior to the transformation. After that I think Steven Strait would have made a great Jacob (not Michael Copon). I'm worried now the budget will go towards making Jacob look older and bulkier when it should be used to make sure the Volturi look authentic and that the vampires skin actually sparkles like a diamond this time around. I'm terrified that the wolves will look like dogs :) But we'll see how this goes. Hopefully with this new director, we'll get a more sophisticated compilation rather than teenybopper cringe worthy scenes. Anyone know if the writer has been replaced? That would be a great first step.
  • Scott McHenry
    Who cares
  • julieblues
    If you don't, why'd u read the article? I'm impartial either way...but I agree about the meadow scene. Water and glitter does not equal diamonds.
  • Shoshana
    With the possibilities of camera tricks and special effects these days, I don't see why it would be so difficult to make Jacob appear taller (most big Hollywood actors are short and never appear that way in films), and he can spend these next few months before production chugging protein shakes and working with the top trainers in the nation. I think he definitely has the face to be Jacob; he does NOT look so young to me. He's cute and smooth-faced, which makes him look young...but hey, even Leo DiCaprio is barely breaking his "I'm over 30" look. Maybe it's something about TL's eyes that make him look older...and certainly wolf-ish enough. I'm very interested to see how the phasing scenes will turn out...
  • janet
    Good. I'm not a fan of recasts. His performance was decent and I thought him and Kristen played well off of one another but it's hard to say how it will come out with their relationship changing so much for the second one. We'll see.
  • Vegavega Balrog
    I didn't know werewolves were crossdressers!!!
  • xCloudbox
    Hahaha, I agree with comment 2.
  • Daniel
    As much as I detest this book series, I'm glad that Michael Copon isn't in it. That douche needs his film career to slowly fizzle out.
  • NadaNuff
    Since Jacob has a "central role" in this movie, the pressure will be on for him to do well. They can't blame the fans for not recasting if he gives a weak performance. And the author is right--they should have thought of this before Twilight.
  • obsidianpunk
    Ummm ... This guy was the only actor who could actually act in Twilight. To let him go for someone who "looks" more the part reveals why Twilight had such godawful acting, especially from the actress who played Bella (who I feel really dampened the acting of the actor who played the lead vampire guy since most of his scenes included her. He is supposedly a decent actor but was so stiff in that film). So keeping this guy = good move. Changing the director = good move. Changing the director for the one who did the Golden Compass ... err ... I will hold my tongue. Golden Compass is a controversial book and I feel the director really wimped out with that movie despite the great vision. Twilight is not so controversial, so I think Weitz should not be as pressured to wimp out and actually make a decent film. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because when this movie comes out my younger sister is dragging me to see it with her teenage friends. For the sake of other movie goers in the theater with me, if it is bad a film I just will not be able to help my MST3000 raised, loud, ignorant mouth from dissing this movie hard and laughing my head off when everyone else is trying to take the mindless idiot drivel, poorly written and acted crap seriously. I can't help myself so they better make this film, er, better.
  • Team Edward
    Catherine Hradwicke is gone?! WTF?! She is the coolest director ever. but i am happy about Taylor Lautner. He truly is Jacob.
  • I'm really glad that they didn't replace Taylor. I really enjoyed his performance in Twilight. Also I hate recasts I think they would have lost many viewers to it. I know at least 10 people who claimed they wouldn't go see the movie if Taylor was replaced.
  • Sabrina
    Twilight is great! It is a beutiful stori lg
  • Brewster
    Personally, I find Taylor a bit more relaxing, and in a way - Sophisticated than the bulky, hardcore, badass Werewolves of Underworld, or movies as such. It's calming. It really shows the portrayal of a change that occurs when peaceful, indian boys turn into a werewolf that could give two shits if he killed you or not. My only hope is that this takes place, and it doesnt turn into another utterably failing low budget movie. Edward was cool, but didn't act. He stood there, and said lines. didn't take much effort from what i watched. Taylor, well he put emotion into his script, and you could tell his alterior motives from how he acted. So i know they should've kept him, like it or not. He was the only real actor in Twilight besides Edwards father.
  • Alex
    i am so happy that he is in the next movie so hot
  • cheerleader
    okay don't listen to ANYTHING this website says! Taylor is NOT going to be in New Moon! If u don't believe me, go on utube and type in New Moon trailer on the search bar and watch any video that says 'not fan made' and it is a real trailer with real clips from the movie. This one part says 'the cullens aren't the only ones with a secret' and then it shows like a bonfire and this one dude that really looks like he should be Jacob. Yeah, well he IS jacob in the movie and not ONCE in ANY of the trailors does Taylor Lautner appear. Just saying!
  • cheerleader
    oh, and by the way, I am happy Taylor isn't on New Moon because he really doesn't fit the part
  • To comment 16. Are you seriously that dumb? How can there be 'official' trailers for New Moon when they've just STARTED shooting it. So therefore, all of them are obviously made by fans claiming they're - seriously, you actually believe that crap?! Also, I'm unsure about Taylor being Jacob. To me, he wasn't Jacob in Twilight (not saying he's a bad actor or anything) but he just didn't come across as the Jacob from the books. Hopefully he'll step up to the part in New Moon and prove to everyone that he can live up to the expectation of the fans.
  • JACOB.BLACK.luver
  • is new moon going to come out this year
  • Matt
    Yep i like him as jacob and for the douche above he has bulked up and looks like he can do the part from where i sit! go go Taylor!
    I'm personaly happy. I don't want him to go. I don't care if he doesn't 'look' like he fits. Without him. It will be pretty damn hard for someone to convince me to go. Though, I would love to see Alice in a Yellow Porsche(spell check). Anyways, Kisten Stewert SUCKS. Emily Browning should replace her. For those of you who don't know her, watch the Uninvited. Or Lemony Snicket. If someone needs to be replaced, it's her. Tay pwns. I love him. =]
  • Comment 2 and 7 is so indifferent, if you really don't care, you needn't reading this post,and needn't waste your time and energy to type words.




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