Two New Concept Art Pieces from James Cameron's Avatar

May 28, 2009
Source: MarketSaw

Avatar Concept Art

More goodies from Avatar! Our friends at MarketSaw have scored two new official concept art pieces from James Cameron's Avatar, revealing a full shot of the powersuit / mech that we got a glimpse of earlier this week. There's also another concept art piece with some sort of futuristic helicopter being chased by, presumably, the Na'vi on their planet (riding some of their creatures). These are official, as MarketSaw confirmed them with Fox and got their approval to run both of them. These pieces apparently come from the pages of the forthcoming The Art of Avatar book that is due out on shelves in December. Check these out!

Avatar Concept Art

Avatar Concept Art

The first piece above was drawn by concept artist Dylan Cole. Don't forget that since these are just concept art images, they most likely not at all representative of what Cameron's vision of Avatar actually looks like. Obviously the design for the powersuit seemed to remain intact, but as for the rest of what is seen in either of these, who knows? I definitely love the look of the world and all the machines in it and I can't wait to see this completely visualized on the big screen. We keep getting more and more tidbits from Avatar like this, so hopefully that means we'll have a teaser poster or something official sometime soon? Like the look?

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  • m4st4
    NO. 1 Movie of this year...Can't fucking wait no more...
  • m4st4
    I know it's not the topic, but please, anyone - isn't THE ABBYS one of the greatest SciFi movies, like...ever? Jim is so so so great, I missed him!
  • Timothy
    These kinds of images are great for firing up one's imagination. Looking forward to actually, you know, seeing the movie.
  • joe
    holy shit this is gonna be one of the best action films of this year i can"t wait for this movie to come out in december and watch it in 3d and been blown away this shit is awesome thanks alex
  • @2... When I watch The Abyss I see so many story elements that other film makers have since copied to create a guide book for successful sci fi. It's a masterpiece and the technology still holds up today when I watch it.
  • Matthew
    If I could combine sex while watching this movie, oh ya
  • m4st4
    #5 Actually, I think it has a better technology then T2 (not to be confused with: better movie) 😉
  • yeah...this is SO unique and unlike ANYTHING we've seen before. Who could have come up with people in mech suits and space ships? ....
  • Voice of reason
    they look awesome!!! Its good to finally start seeing glimpses of what we can expect after hearing all the hype!!!
  • m4st4
    Easter egg: On the flying creature (second pic), you can see Na'Vi, riding it :) And, do I have to mention how cool it looked in the scriptment? Na'Vi's are using these creatures for hunting...Also, totally sick: they have this nerve sinapses (sort of like: bio plug-ins) so they can connect with every living being and feel what they feel - basically, they can control them (sort of like riding a horse with actually being a horse) P.S. Sorry, my English is not top notch, but you get it...I hope 😉
  • Gabriël
    I don't know why everyone is so excited about this movie :/ We've barely seen anything of it and everyone is already calling it the No. 1 movie of the year.. Please enlighten me
  • zeldaprimed
    I don't like the mech...a good sniper shot could take whatever retard would even sit in that... the flying thingy looks like one of the hornets from the halo videogame... i know its concept art, and I really don't put down any movie efforts from anyone, but everyone is hyping this up so much, and then they release these pics.... i really dont know anymore...hopefully the way it is being filmed will contradict my thoughts...
  • donmega
    #12, I agree 100%
  • This is going to be the best movie ever made. Fuck!
  • So the Harvester and Hunter/Killer from Terminator are making an appearance? Kidding! It looks cool. Hopefully the film lives up to all the hype. We don't need this to turn into another Waterworld. :)
  • jerms
    Give me a trailer before I begin to feel anything towards this movie.
  • Scott McHenry
    It's about time someone makes a movie like this.
  • sumonesumtime
    Ok now we're talkin.
  • Cat
  • JP
    Calm down people! Need I remind you that the company behind this is Fox? They have a history of messing up movies. I'm sure Fox will find a way to F this movie up also!
  • Farris
    That looks like the Wookiee home world in Star Wars Episode III.
  • Dan W
    I love the look of it. Before seeing the first glimpse of the powered armor suit I was envisioning this to be really flashy and bright and things along those lines, but it seems like he is keeping it in the same feel as aliens which I am much happier about.
  • cody
    @12....Bulletproof glass maybe? See your point practically bullseye on that guys head but also pretty sure this movie was being thought up like years and years before the 1st halo. Also everythings been fucking done when it comes to Scifi shit like this theres always going to be similarities "o that creature looks like the thing from starship troopers, and that mech looks like the matrix" honestly only so much you can think up but like 12 said I hope the cinematography and the script make up for the same old formula...but hey it is Cameron. Also if you zoom in on the top one you can see a whole battle raging in the skies behind the mech.
  • Shige
    What is so good about this ? It is concept art. Nothing else. Any mecha from any japanese anime looks better. Give me some trailer or some actual movie stills....
  • chrisUK
    i was expecting something fresh, unique, or at least exciting. instead there is nothing we haven't seen done in countless sci-fi games, artwork and movies over the years, and the mech looks like a scaled down Mechwarrior...even Robot Jox had better mechs! :op I don't know, all the fan boy hype and the mech concept isn't even a step up from the power loader or the ones from the Matrix...come on Cameron where are our awesome looking suits of badass armour with ultra futuristic HUDs and so forth (Appleseed this aint!). The world looks pretty good at least, with flying dinosaurs and everything! Just as the hype mongers are proclaiming that it's going to be the best movie ever, everyone else is allowed to shoot them down until something vaguely exciting or interesting pops up... I'm calling it, this is the next Speedracer. As i've said before, i hope to god it IS a good film as hollywood can't take many more huge budget flops until they stop listening to 'new' ideas altogether.
  • LOL @#6
  • tinman
    Excuse my ignorance, but what the hell is AVATAR?? Is it a game made to a movie or something??
  • SS
    DUNE ... but in a Jungle....
  • cody
    What 27 said is this adapted from something or is it purely original?
  • af
    they clearly hired the dudes who were working on the halo movie...
  • LSP
    Concept art generally always looks good. This means nothing and only turns me off more and more. Just the fact they keep releasing crap. Release something or nothing at all. Especially since this looks like something from Alien vs Predator Duel comics.
  • Last Son
    #11; The Reason people are so excitied to see this film could be put into two catagories! 1. Cameron has created a new 3-D camera which will change the face of cinema like the original Star Wars film did back in 1977. The backgrounds & visuals are going to be so groundbreaking that alot of other filmmakers will be adapting what Cameron has created here. 2. The return of James Cameron to the sci-fi genre. From 1984-1991 he made some of the greatest Sci-fi films ever (The Terminator/Aliens/The Abyss/Terminator 2). I am also waiting like Alex with anticipation for this film. This will be a film where the hype will actually be paid off with a great flick. Cameron will not let us down.
  • JimD
    I assume the Fusion camera stuff is going to do for film/effects what Star Wars did for audio. Can't wait.
  • michael
    the chopper reminds me of G.I. Joe.
  • tig
    is just like the game halo
  • Angry Chief
    That vehicle looks EXACTLY like a Hornet from Halo 3.
  • Fisherr
    James Cameron is a visionary director. *Respect*
  • werdnafaz
    Man is it just me or does anyone else think the Mech just doesn't quite hit the spot. Unless off coarse a big arse missile array flips up from the back and then it will look like Mad Cat from mech warrior but who cares eiy i want some missiles damn it.. Ok im done also lol @#6
    I heard that James Cameron Showed of some film from AVATAR to Five Directors and they said it was the most amazing thing in films history. I will watch it just because there responses.............................
  • John J
    #20 even though Fox is behind it they know better than to fuck around with Cameron. The studio tried to pull the same stunt on titanic. They sent a suit down to the set and tried to tell him on what to do. Cameron walked and left them with a unfinished film. Within days they were at his mercy.
  • waikee186
    don't those look like the hornet and cyclops off halo 3 and halo wars




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