Wait, 50 Cent Not in Expendables, Terry Crews is Instead!

March 21, 2009
Source: Ain't It Cool News

Terry Crew

I really hate when casting like this changes so quickly. Earlier in the week we ran news from AICN that Forest Whitaker had been replaced by 50 Cent in Sylvester Stallone's upcoming The Expendables. I, unfortunately, thought it was a terrible idea, because I truly hate 50 Cent as an actor, and didn't want to see him ruin what I'm hoping will be a good movie. Well, Harry at AICN is saying that Stallone has called him up again and that 50 Cent is no longer taking the role, for unknown reasons, and instead the character of "Hale Caesar" will be played by Terry Crews. I hope this is finally who Stallone sticks with in the end.

Former San Diego Charger Terry Crews has been in everything from Idiocracy to White Chicks to Balls of Fury to Street Kings to Get Smart to Terminator Salvation. Besides that last one, not the greatest selection of films, but alas, still better than 50 Cent. Those of you that saw Get Smart should know that he's a actually good supporting actor and should hopefully be able to do a good job in The Expendables. At least he's big and strong, and can stand up to Stallone and Statham and Lundgren and Couture, who are also in this. Although most disagree, I'm relieved to know that 50 Cent won't come close to ruining The Expendables.

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  • Frank
  • Tom W
    i would rather him then 50 he is allot funnier then 50
  • Twanzel
    T Crews is the man. Always been a fan
  • Spider
    Better choice! Most definitely!
  • Blue Silver
    I guess there won't be any hip hop music in the soundtrack! Whew!!! See ya 50!
  • DinoChow
    I think Stallone's thoughts on casting right now go something like this..."Wait, no Forrest Whitaker? All right, grab me a black actor. No, I don't care which."
  • cmedina
    they should of gotten bill duke XD
  • movieboy1
    well done Terry Crews is much more better he should also play Luke Cage and Jax from Mortal Kombat reboot movie if they do it. also to 50 Cent G-G-G-G Unot going to be in The Expendables lol
  • movieboy1
    @8 yeah they should bring bill duke that would make sense to have him in this movie
  • Braveheart
    Yo Terry Crews has been in some good films, that list wasn't bad. He was cool in Harsh Times ( which was criminally under-rated) and Street Kings. He'll be good in this and love his character's name!! You're right Fif is a debatable actor, he mumbled a lot in the Get Rich film.
  • -Peter-
    better than 50 Cent, but still someone who is known for lame movies
  • Eric
    Terry Crews is a funny, funny guy. You might not like the movies he's in, but he steals every scene. The guy is a natural comedian. He's also freakin' huge and will fit right in with Stallone and crew.
  • PimpSlapStick
    Terry will do well in this role, but I gotta say with the 50 Cent hate I don't get it. It's not like Lundgren, Statham, Li et al are Oscar caliber, they're freakin' action heroes they could have made this movie with Vin Diesel, JCVD, Steven Segal and Carl Weathers and it wouldn't improve the quality of acting.
  • **wipes sweat from brow** fer sure best choice. God sly you almost fucked up the movie lol
  • Fisherr
    Phew! I LOVE Terry Crews and i totally agree with you Alex that this is a lot better that having Curtis ruining the movie. Terry Crews is a great actor form how i see it and i think he will do a great job.
  • Fred
    Man, if JCVD had accepted, and they couldve gotten Steven Segal, this movie would be ultimate in bad ass.
  • Chuck Norris
    Sly asked me to be in this. However, he quickly pulled the offer when he realized killing off all the villains in the first 30 seconds wouldn't be the best idea.
  • MrSammich
    Apology accepted Sly...
  • "I got the shakes that'll make you quake! I got the fries that'll cross your eyes! I got the burgers that'll... well, I just got burgers!" Now THIS is more like it! I love this guy. The Expendables should be a lot of fun.
  • Hey Ya
    This guy is hilarious! Awesome choice. So that means there will be some lightheartedness and comedy in the movie.
  • joe moms
    the picture up top says it all for my reaction to this. 50 is a McAsshole!!
  • TLee
    This site is full of dumb-asses!!
    #6 If that was Stallone's thoughts on casting, he would have just settled with "fidy sent" and been done with it. The fact that he hired, in my opinion, a far better actor like Terry Crewe shows that he cares about the story and is not going to let some rapper/second rate actor ruin it (though second rate is far to big of a compliment to give "fidy"). As sad as I am to see Whitaker leave this project, I am ultimately relieved to see Stallone pick somebody who meets both the physical and acting abilities that the movie needs, which I believe Crewe has.
  • ????
  • Caleb
    yes! crews it the shit!
    He is so great in Idiocracy! He'll fit right into this movie.
  • Branden
    HALLELUJAH! No more 50 Cent. Terry Crews is very good in "Everybody Hates Chris."
  • Alex
    @ 16 I'm with you
  • Joe Lotta
    Terry Crews is an incredible talent. And I'm sure he could do any role that was given to him. I will go see this movie just because Terry is in it. Finally, an action movie with Terry Crews. I can't wait!
  • Eric
    ANYWAY, Terry Crews is funny in everything he does.
  • Dae'Von Hairston
    Terry Crews is my favorite actor and I saw him in my dream and I've been looking for his Email address only I don't know what it is.




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